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  1. No new signings in the january transfer window. Faisal figured out that we are doing quite well with the current players so he’s rather not shake the apple cart by bringing new players in. He has however signed up 2 players that will join us at the end of the season when their contracts run out: Croatian 22yo DC Nenad Obsivac from NK Maribor Slovenian 22yo AMC Andraz Kocar from Olimpija Lublana. Maybe he links up with Kranjec better as they are both from the same country. So the 4th cup qualif. round was good and we beat Ascoli over a penalty shootout a
  2. Not sure. I usually buy the game in pre-order but only really start playing it around Xmas. By that time the new version has gone through a few patches. So I'm expecting something similar this time around.
  3. We got money! Faisal can’t believe how much income was generated last season! We’re in the black by +€ 30M. Faisal never expected that, and it meant that our financial status has now gone to “Secure”, we got money to spend on wages and we got a transfer budget of € 12.2M! Our increase in reputation by playing in the Serie A also attracts interest from players that are at a decent Serie A level (or good Serie B at least, with room to grow). So Faisal decided to go shopping and strengthen the team in key places. Signing Gallardo on a free in goals looks like a very good deal, and he’ll be
  4. We’re still on the lookout for players in the January transfer window. Faisal thought he had secured the services of Brazilian/Italian DC Arthur in January, but it turns out his transfer will go through at the end of the season. Faisal must have not checked the “as soon as possible” option. To save on transfer fees, Faisal decides to look for players with 6 months to go on their contract. There is a bit of wage budget left to play with so that may work well. It just means that we don’t have any new players now, but that may be ok as we’re doing alright at the moment. Pos
  5. The promotion from last season is still being celebrated in the town of Ispica, weeks after the title was won. Virtus Ispica is now amongst the big clubs in Italy and by far the best club in Sicily. We do have a few problems compared to other clubs in the Serie A: Problem 1: Finances Financially we are not in a great position. We have however received a nice bonus from winning the Serie B which brought our numbers almost back on the positive side, but the big news in this departement is that we now make about € 3M in TV revenue per month! Two months of TV revenue will basically wipe
  6. Faisal is in two minds at the moment. Do we keep playing with a narrow formation and only sign players that suit the system? Or do we sign any good players we can find (and want to play for us) and change the system to suit the new star player(s)? Faisal had the mindset at the start of the season to phase out attacking wingers as he wanted to play with a narrow formation. Although since we are a small club with no cash reserves, it feels like we can’t be picky with who we sign and we almost have to sign whoever got some talent and want to play for the wage we can offer. The reason for thi
  7. Thanks for the feedback. That did seem to be the issue. Solved in my next update below.
  8. And did he score? Not like this guy last weekend I hope:
  9. No screenshot, but this just happened to me: Hey club, I'll offer you 2.4M euro for your player.... Club rejects Ok, how about 3.5M?... Club rejects Will 4.4M change you opinion?.... Club rejects Ok, how about 4.4M + 1.1M in installments (total 5.5M).... Club rejects Ok, let me enquire. So what do you actually want? Club responds 4.5M.... I accept Really? You want less to what I had offered previously?
  10. As our best striker has now left us, Faisal needs to make a decision about what to do up front. Mattia Conforti was initially signed as a backup to our main striker Kayembe, but he has failed to impress. Does Faisal give him a chance this season, or do we find a new striker? Looking at our current strike force: Mattia Conforti: should be able to claim the main striker role, but failed to impress so far. Guđjón Rafn Róbertsson: not a natural finisher. His role is mostly pressing forward in support to the main striker. Only has scored a handfull of goals every season.
  11. What Faisal was worried about has happened unfortunately. One of our best players got offered a contract and it was accepted. Even though the fans and club don’t seem to list this players as a legend, for Faisal he is: Louis Kayembe signed a contract to go and play for FC Groningen in Holland next season. As there is no money for us to play with during the transfer window, no one got signed and no one was offered a contract to join us in July either. It looks like a few people will have to leave so Faisal can offer contracts again. Hopefully it’s not starting from zero and we can retain
  12. I used an edited database. I'm in season 20, you can read about it here: https://community.sigames.com/topic/519798-fm20-a-migrant-story-in-sicily/ Do you know the club?
  13. No, but we often do the crossbar challenge at training.
  14. Faisal is starting his 20th season at Virtus Ispica! He’s gone well past the “interim” status he had in his very first season and has become the one and only club legend! Fans are curious where the rise of the club will end, and Faisal has already let them know that he won’t stop until the club wins the Champions League. This gets a lot of frowns from the fans as they know this would be hard to achieve, but then again nobody expected the club to be in serie B after 20 seasons either. Faisal does hope he’ll get there before he’ll retire. He was thinking to retire at 65yo, but may extend it to 7
  15. 7 CCC's and 10x hitting the woodwork.... guess what the score was? Yep... 1-1....
  16. Quit football and register him for the army instead?
  17. Yeah, maybe a few more seasons. I do think I'll need a better striker as I don't think Kayembe is going to do anything special ins Serie A. On the lookout for some talent up front at the moment.
  18. Faisal was re-capping the performance of the first half of the season and there was one result that he got really annoyed at that we must not repeat again. That result was a 1-1 against Siena. He didn't care about the loss of points, he was more looking for potential improvements so we can be a bit more targeted in training and potentially recruitement. What he found was that we actually create a lot of chances, but we lack the finishing. In this particular game, we had 7 CCC's and 10 balls hitting the woodwork, but we only scored 1 goal. The goal was the typical long-range assist from Þ
  19. At least you would be the most entertaining club in the league! The neutrals would have loved it.
  20. Faisal feels bad. “I’ll be leaving now, because you never got my name right” were the last words Maldonado shouted as he walked out of the meeting room with a new contract to go and play at Deportivo de La Coruña in his back pocket. Faisal kept pronouncing his name Maldona-L-do, but it turns out there is no second “L” in his name. Faisal was surprised that he never corrected him though, but maybe that’s because he has a lot of respect for Faisal and didn’t want to be on his bad side. So Maldona-do was sold for € 450K to Deportivo de La Coruña who are now playing in the 2nd division in Spa
  21. Thanks for reading! Yeah I have an affinity for the club and town now! When the new stadium was announced, I was looking at google maps and imagining the location of the new stadium. Close to major roads or trainstations, but also from walking distance from the town centre. I was imagining it being built here: The blue line would indicate a new road extending from the big roundabout towards the stadium. The idea is that the stadium would use the rock face as part of the home supporters stands and they could just walk from the town to the stadium and enter the grounds from the t
  22. Nobody left or joined over the January transfer window. When we’re playing above expectation, there is no need for new players, unless they are development players. There were a few players that could have been signed as development players but Faisal decided not to sign them as their personality may limit their growth. Looking at our transfer history, we haven’t sold a player in the last 5 seasons. Faisal thinks this is because the quality of our players is not at a level so they would be bought by Serie A clubs. When we were playing in Serie C, a lot of Serie B clubs were interested in
  23. Faisal is a bit annoyed at himself as he played for most part of the previous season with a wingerless formation. While the results were ok with this formation, he felt he should have changed it a bit more often as this has upset AMR Alberto Croce as he is furious about the lack of playing time. Especially as he was told that he is an inportant player for the team. Croce decided to not renew his contract and he was happy to jump to our rivals Palermo when they offered a contract. That sucks as he is one of our best players. There are still a few players who could be positioned on the righ
  24. Yeah, that's really amazing. And you can't say it was a fluke either as they really played well against Bulgaria and it could have gone either way. It could potentially be because I have the Swiss league loaded and they have FC Vaduz (Liechtenstein club) in their 2nd division. I can also count 6 Liechtensteiners in the 1st division in Switzerland and about the same playing at decent clubs throughout Europe. They bombed out in the European Championships though. Pity they didn't score a goal. See how they go for World Cup qualification. They're in a group with Belgium, Russ
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