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  1. The promotion from last season is still being celebrated in the town of Ispica, weeks after the title was won. Virtus Ispica is now amongst the big clubs in Italy and by far the best club in Sicily. We do have a few problems compared to other clubs in the Serie A: Problem 1: Finances Financially we are not in a great position. We have however received a nice bonus from winning the Serie B which brought our numbers almost back on the positive side, but the big news in this departement is that we now make about € 3M in TV revenue per month! Two months of TV revenue will basically wipe out our loan debt. So it is not really a problem anymore, but it is something Faisal was worried about the day after we secured promotion. Our turnover is the lowest in the league, but at least we’re running a profit! Problem 2: Sponsorship It is great to get extra money from TV revenue, but our sponsorships we receive are quite low compared to other clubs in the league. We’re not entirely last in the sponsorship ranking but there is a bit of a gap between bottom 6 and the rest. Our current main kit deal runs for another 4 years and is “only” € 1.7M per annum. This won’t change until the sponsorship deal runs out. We just have 2 other general sponsorship deals that bring in € 75K and € 185K per annum. Not much at all. Problem 3: Stadium & ticket sales We only have a capacity of 4000, of which only 1000 are seated. This is by far the smallest stadium in the Serie A. The next smallest is stadium is “Paolo Mazza” of SPAL. They are about 4x as big as our stadium. It also means that our match day revenue is quite small: Luckily, Faisal was able to negotiate an upgrade to the stadium now that we have a positive balance: A capacity of 5252 is better, but still way below the status for a Serie A club. Faisal understands that the changes to the club are not going to happen overnight, so this is already a step in the right direction. He just hopes we can continue expanding the facilities and growing the club to become an established Serie A club. Ticket sales is also linked to the capacity of the stadium. As we only have 4000 spaces in the stadium, we’ll get sell-outs every game. We only charge € 20.50 per ticket, which is also the lowest in the league. Faisal would have thought that we can increase the ticket price considering we’ll likely get sell-outs every game and people would be happy to pay more to get a spot in the stadium. Even our season ticket prices are the lowest: Problem 4: Facilities Speaking of facilities, we have by far the worst facilities as well. Our facilities have never been upgraded and are still the same from 20 years ago. Similar to the stadium issue, a gradual expansion would be welcome. This is exactly what the chairman believes as well and he approved an upgrade to both youth and training facilities. Faisal is quite happy with the changes and loves that the club is slowly becoming a big club. Problem 5: Salary As you can tell, we have also the least amount of wage budget available. AC Milan for instance has 10x more wage budget available. This is ok for now as our players are on relatively low wages considering we just got promoted. Pretty much everyone is asking for an increase in salary, but Faisal is picky with who he is giving more salary. Players who would struggle to perform at Serie A level will have to be happy with what they currently got. Problem 6: Player Quality Survival in the Serie A is not going to be an easy task. The quality of our players is quite low so we’ll have to be quite diligent in who we sign up this season. Relying on free players is not going to be possible anymore as most clubs would keep their prospects who can play at Serie A level (in the future). Luckily we have a transfer budget again: € 2.15M! That’s not much, but at least we can buy players again. Which brings us to the squad changes: As Mantovani has now returned to Lazio, we are still missing a striker to compete at Serie A level. Faisal tried to buy Mantovani but Lazio wanted too much money for him so he looked elsewhere. Luckily we hired a few new scouts and searched like crazy for a new striker. The best strikers are too expensive for us, but Faisal managed to find 19yo Slovenian Mario Kranjec. We paid € 775K in transfer fees which we’re quite happy about. He’s not the fastest so he’ll likely have to make way for players like Seck when we need to play long ball counter plays. However, Faisal wants Kranjec to grow so he’ll get lots of play time to prove his worth. He’s not as brave as Faisal would have liked to, but maybe that gets developed as the season progresses. Hopefully he is the right choice of striker to help us survive in the Serie A. He did score an average of 10 goals in the past 2 seasons for Aluminij Kidricevo in the Slovenian Premier League past two seasons. So he does know how to find the net. Another player joining us is 19yo Dimitri Mercatelli. We got him for a fee of € 135K from Lazio. Good playmaker, which is something we can use in the middle of the field. We only have Kalyvas as a playmaker in midfield and he only did 4 assists last season. That is not much for a playmaker so Kalyvas will likely be dropped to the bench in favour of Mercatelli. That’s all the players we could find within the transfer period. Hopefully we can find some more to strengthen the squad for survival in January. We also said goodbye to our back-up right back Alessio Cacciatori and striker Mattia Conforti. Conforti was actually playing well in the shadow striker position when we switched to that formation in February. Faisal didn’t extend his contract as he was struggling in Serie B, so it will be even harder for him in Serie A. Unfortunately he broke his leg in March last season and will be injured until October. Harsh as it sounds, the fact that he broke his leg made the decision to let him go even easier. Luckily he found a new club and he is now playing for Winterthur in Switzerland. On to the games! The cup was not too bad this time, A 2-0 win vs. Foggia and a penalty shootout win over Benevento in the 4th Qualif. Rd of the Cup. We draw Juventus away in the First Round of the Italian Cup (played in Jan). Our first game of the season was away against SPAL. We were faced with a 3-0 loss straigth away which didn’t help the dressing room atmosphere. We all know it’s going to be a long season with lots of losses, but the key is to stay motivated and learn from the losses we had. Next game was a lot better and we managed to beat Ascoli 2-0 at home. Kranjec scored his first goal for Ispica which will hopefully give him a confidence boost (even though it was a penalty goal). We were the better team and deserved the win. Faisal is hoping that we can beat our direct competitors to avoid relegation. This means that wins against fellow promoted teams Pascara and Hellas Verona are a must, and hopefully get wins here and there against other low ranked teams such as Parma, Ascoli or Benevento. We already ticked off Ascoli so hopefully there is more to come against other relegation candidates. And we did exactly that: In the first half of the season we gathered 3 points against Ascoli, Benevento and Parma, but also had a surprise win over Sassuolo. We also had a surprise draw at Genoa and further draws against Hellas Verona and Pescara. We would have loved to win those last two but it just wasn’t to be. Everything else was as expected. Lost all the other games. So we’re actually doing ok in the league and we’re positioned 16th at the Xmas break. That’s not bad, but it is good for us that the teams below us seem to draw more than they win. If they get a few wins, then we’ll be in a lot of trouble. But so far so good! Faisal hopes the new extension to the stadium will be there soon as all our home games are sell-outs and we’re missing out on more match day revenue.
  2. Faisal is in two minds at the moment. Do we keep playing with a narrow formation and only sign players that suit the system? Or do we sign any good players we can find (and want to play for us) and change the system to suit the new star player(s)? Faisal had the mindset at the start of the season to phase out attacking wingers as he wanted to play with a narrow formation. Although since we are a small club with no cash reserves, it feels like we can’t be picky with who we sign and we almost have to sign whoever got some talent and want to play for the wage we can offer. The reason for this change of mindset is the availability of Dutch/Georgian AMR Thijs van Assema. Thijs got scouted and is actually on a free at the moment after having played all of his young life in Georgia (but born in Volendam, Holland). If Thijs was signed, he would be by far our best player and we would have to change our system. So Faisal had a look to see if it would work with our current squad. Luckily our loanee Mantovani is quite skilled to play on the opposite wing so this could work out well. Even Torra who was going to be released at the end of the season can now play again on the left wing. Result was that Thijs was signed and we are bringing back the 4-2-3-1 system. The idea is that the attacks will be built up from the right flank, while our main finisher is positioned on the left wing (Mantovani or Torra). Conforti now slides into a shadow striker AMC position and the lone striker will be a deep lying forward (Seck or Robertsson), mostly bringing Mantovani and Conforti in shooting positions, or even creating chances for himself if possible. Giuffrè in midfield is a DLP, which is slightly annoying as he’s got a good long range shot which he wouldn’t use much in a DLP position. Gallo is a BWM and will mainly keep position in the midfield. We also said goodbye to Gunnar Már Þrándarson. He was asking a lot more money than we could afford and he is on his final 6 months. So Faisal made the decision to sell him as we wouldn’t be able to cash in on him at the end of the season. He was sold for € 400K to Spanish club Elche. The new tactic worked quite well as you see from our results in Jan/Feb: All games in Jan were still with a narrow formation, but from Feb onwards, we switched to the new system. Even though we lost 2 games in Feb, we played quite well and they were title contenders anyway. The 5-0 victory against Bari was impressive and our strikers actually started to score. The mood of the players lifted with and Thijs in the squad, we played very well. A great month of March where Mantovani claimed the AML position and scored a hattrick against Empoli. We suddenly seem to have found how to score again! April was sensational as well: Great scores! Even against the stronger teams we managed to win (Except Padova unfortunately). We jumped to 2nd place and are in a real position to get promoted to the serie A! The game vs Hellas Verona was a critical result. The reason being is because before the game, we were 2nd and they were first! It was a title match! We had never dreamed to be in this position at the start of the season, yet here we are, and we’ve (luckily) beaten them 1-0 with a penalty goal! We are now 1st and there are only 2 games to be played. The next two games are Perugia (16th) away and the last game is Siena (11th) at home. We’re on 67 pts, Hellas Verona on 66 pts and Pescara in third on 63. We travel to Perugia with what would be the biggest game in the club’s history. We’re all a bit nervous when we enter the Renato Curi Stadium. The kick off whistle blows and off we go for a nailbiting game: We dominate the stats in both possession and shots on target. A couple of chances here and there but no CCC’s for either team in the first 40 mins… until this…. Balestra moved out wide to chase a lost ball, van Assema runs inwards and receives the cross from Balestra. Van Assema doesn’t even control it and unleashes a volley towards goalI The ball fizzes in between the defenders and only has the keeper to beat But the ball is out of reach from the goalie and hits the back of the net! 0-1! What a goal! Half-time and we’re 0-1 up. Looking at the Hellas Verona game, they are 0-1 behind against Torino. So that would be a 4 point difference and bring Hellas Verona out of the title race. Pescara on the other hand is winning 1-0 at home vs Palermo and they are still in reach of the title. The second half was quite good as Perugia didn’t create any shots that went on target. We had a few more but none of them resulted in a goal: 1-0 end result which keeps us in front of the other teams for now. Hellas Verona ended up losing 1-3 and Pescara won 2-0. Both Hellas Verona and Pescara are now 4 points behind which means: Yes, we clinch the title and head to Serie A! The final game against Siena will be a massive celebration as this is an important milestone in the club’s history. Nobody expected this around Xmas when were 7th in the league, but the acquisition of van Assema and the change in system made all the difference. This final game was a goalfest where we end up winning 4-3, finishing off a fantastic season. Faisal got carried around the ground at the end of the game and everyone was cheering his name! This wasn’t the only fantastic event this season. We can also be proud that Omar Seck is our first academy player that got selected for the national team (Senegal)! He even got his first cap in a friendly against Saudi Arabia, but didn’t score. He is also our first academy player to score a goal in a professional league Faisal also negotiated the following: Youth Intake Girolamo Emanuele is our top pick of this year’s youth intake. He has a long way to go if he was to ever feature in the first team squad. No Libyan player again. Libya Check Libya is 97th. They had a great 2-0 win against Kenya in the African Nations Qualifiers, and are currently in 2nd place. Burkina Faso and DR Congo are the other teams in the group. End of Season Details Competitions League Serie B (level 2) 1st Cup Coppa Italia 3rd Qual Rd Players Top Goal Scorer (all competitions) Marco Mantovani 14 Highest Avg. Rating (all competitions) Mario Giuffrè 7.11 Most Assists (all competitions) Stefano Ronzani 9 Best Pass Completion Antonello Gallo 90% Most PoM’s Stefano Ronzani 4 Most Yellow Cards Mario Giuffrè 12 Most Red Cards Stefano Ronzani Alessandro Andreani 1 Highest Value Player Thijs van Assema € 625K Highest Paid Player (Monthly) Thijs van Assema € 20K Manager Reputation Continental 6102 Qualifications Continental A Licence Wage (Monthly) € 25K Performance this season A Club Reputation National 4925 Stadium Virtus Ispica Stadium 4000 Corporate Facilities Adequate Training Facilities Poor Data Analysis Facilities None Youth Facilities Basic Junior Coaching Basic Youth Recruitment Basic Awards Fan’s Player of The Year Mario Giuffrè Goal of The Season Alessio Cacciatori See Below Singing of The Season Mario Giuffrè - Young Player of The Season Mario Giuffrè 22 Finances Turnover (June) € 1,813,152 Balance (June) - € 988,424 Avg. Ticket Price € 15 Avg. Season Ticket Price € 161 Season Ticket Holders 701 Sponsors Main kit (Annually) € 1.7M General (Annually) € 24.5K Libya FIFA Ranking (June) 97 Libyan players from manager’s club - Goal of The Season Player of the Season Team of The Season This really should have been the new tactic used since February, but I guess we played most games with this lineup. Legends
  3. Thanks for the feedback. That did seem to be the issue. Solved in my next update below.
  4. And did he score? Not like this guy last weekend I hope:
  5. No screenshot, but this just happened to me: Hey club, I'll offer you 2.4M euro for your player.... Club rejects Ok, how about 3.5M?... Club rejects Will 4.4M change you opinion?.... Club rejects Ok, how about 4.4M + 1.1M in installments (total 5.5M).... Club rejects Ok, let me enquire. So what do you actually want? Club responds 4.5M.... I accept Really? You want less to what I had offered previously?
  6. As our best striker has now left us, Faisal needs to make a decision about what to do up front. Mattia Conforti was initially signed as a backup to our main striker Kayembe, but he has failed to impress. Does Faisal give him a chance this season, or do we find a new striker? Looking at our current strike force: Mattia Conforti: should be able to claim the main striker role, but failed to impress so far. Guđjón Rafn Róbertsson: not a natural finisher. His role is mostly pressing forward in support to the main striker. Only has scored a handfull of goals every season. Magnús Már Guđlaugsson: Not entirely first squad material yet. Lacks finishing and is also considered in a more supportive role. Scored a little more than Róbertsson but not enough to be a main striker. Omar Seck: Is really still a youth prospect and may benefit more from a loan. Also lacks finishing but is being trained as Advanced Forward. So it looks like Conforti is really the only one who can take up that role, but because Faisal is not confident that he will do well, he is on the lookout for a new main striker. As finances are tight, there is no money for buying a player so we have to sign them on a free where possible. As we are now in Serie B, it is getting harder to find free talented players. Faisal has been focussing on released youth prospects from big serie A clubs, but most of them were released for a reason (being that they are likely not good enough for Serie A). This means that most of them would be ok for Serie B, but may not grow into a player suitable for Serie A which is where we want to be. Faisal decides to look into which strikers are listed for loan as that may be the solution for our striker issue. If we can get a quality finisher for just one season, then hopefully Conforti and/or Seck would have developed more to become the main striker next season. Faisal found and signed Marco Mantovani on loan from Lazio. Mantovani is not super fast, but he has great finishing skills, knows how to make himself available and has a great aerial presence. We score a lot of goals from set pieces so he is able to help in that departement as well. Other players joining us on a free are: Mario Giuffrè: will most likely play in the Mezzala position. Faisal loves his long range and technique, and will train him to take more long shots. Luca Balestra: signed to play in the AMC position behind the strikers, mostly as an advanced playmaker Diego Riccobono: Also to be played in the AMC position, but Riccobono seems to be able to dribble his way into a shooting position, or be able to give a key pass to a striker. Faisal thinks he’ll be able to supply lots of assists. He’s a bit more versatile compared to Balestra. Gabriele Galatioto: strengthening the defence with his aerial presence. Seems to be at his prime and hopefully we can rely on him for at least 4 seasons. Fabio Spallanzani: Faisal sees him connecting with Galatioto in defence. Spallanzani is a bit faster and has good positioning and tackling. He’ll be the “fast” defender in the “fast-tall defender combo”. Aside from Kayembe leaving us, a lot of players didn’t get a new contract as there was little wage budget that Faisal could offer. Other players leaving on a free are: DC Simone Fattori, DC Jacopo Francalanci, AMR/S Rosario Gemelli, AMC Alessandro Filippi, MC Luca Locatelli. The intent is to focus on a narrow 4-3-1-2 formation, which is why Faisal is phasing out attacking wingers. Players like Gemelli didn’t get a new contract and didn’t get replaced in the squad. On to the games: Similar to last years, we win the first cup game, but lose the second (3rd Qualif. Rd) against a Serie A outfit. This time we lost against Sampdoria with a dry 0-3 score. Our first seven games were fantastic! Sure we have a loss against Ternana, but the victories against Pescara, Frosinone and Chievo Verona were heartwarming as those three clubs are predicted to finish in the top 5 in the league. It gives us great confidence and hope that we may actually qualify for a playoff spot this season! We’re actually 3rd on the ladder after the first seven games. Faisal realises that not many goals in these games come from actually well set-up plays. They are either from set-pieces or from the opposition making a mistake leading to a goal. So the results may be fantastic, the way we achieved them is not. Faisal was right to be worried about the fantastic results. Sure the mood goes up, but it can come down quickly after a few bad results, and the bad results came: A positive result against our fellow Sicilians Palermo, but we failed to make the difference against “weaker” opponents such as Foggia, Lecce, Cremonese, Crotone. We must find a way to score more goals aside from set pieces. Mantovani has performed ok in the squad. He is currently our top scorer with 7 goals while Conforti’s tally is at 2. Faisal is favouring Mantovani as he still hasn’t seen enough from Conforti to warrant a starting position. We’re currently ranked 9th in the league.
  7. What Faisal was worried about has happened unfortunately. One of our best players got offered a contract and it was accepted. Even though the fans and club don’t seem to list this players as a legend, for Faisal he is: Louis Kayembe signed a contract to go and play for FC Groningen in Holland next season. As there is no money for us to play with during the transfer window, no one got signed and no one was offered a contract to join us in July either. It looks like a few people will have to leave so Faisal can offer contracts again. Hopefully it’s not starting from zero and we can retain some of our better players. We play really well in January and February and didn’t lose a single game! A few vistories with small margins, but we’ll take it as it secures our mid table position in the league. We even climb to 9th position and started to dream about qualifying for the promotion playoffs! But then, our dream of playing promotion playoffs just crashlanded on the floor and scattered in a million pieces. From march onwards we just stopped playing and had a really hard time finding the back of the net. 8 goals in the last 12 games of the season is not going to keep us mid-table and we dropped to a 13th position where we finished. That was unexpected! Even against teams the we usually beat (like Siena) we lose quite convincingly. We end up 13th in the league: On a more positive note, Faisal was at least able to sign some players on new contracts: DR Alessandro Andreani, DC Fabio Favaro, DC Massimo Russo, SC Magnús Már Gudlaugsson, MC Gunnar Már Þrándarson and DL Stefano Ronzani. So 6 players are leaving us at the end of the season. So it’s not as bad a initially feared. Kayembe finished his season as top scorer again with 17 goals for the club, but he only came 7th in the league top scorer’s rankings. This is why he is our best striker (and we’re sad to see him go): Hopefully either Conforti can take over his position, or we find a really good striker on a free who is willing to come and play for little pay in the Serie B. Conforti didn’t play terribly well, but he didn’t have that much playing time either as Kayembe plays when he is fit. He had his chance when Kayembe was at the Africa Nations Cup with DR Congo, but only scored 1 goal all season. Even in the games where Conforti did get the nod from kick-off, he barely got a 6.7 avg rating for those games. Not very good so Faisal is worried he might not be good enough to make the difference for our team. Gunnar Már Þrándarson also had an ok season. After such a fantastic season last year, everybody was expecting a lot from him, buthe never really found the same form this season. Five goals and four assists is not bad though, but not great either. Youth Intake Do we even need to highlight this? Again no Libyan and again our main prospect is too far away from ever getting to the first team of Ispica. Giulio Marsiglione: Libya Check 95th! Not too bad but still hovering around the 100th spot. Didn’t qualify for the African Nations Cup this year but did have a great 2-2 result at home against Nigeria. End of Season Details Competitions League Serie B (level 2) 13th Cup Coppa Italia 4th Qual Rd Players Top Goal Scorer (all competitions) Louis Kayembe 17 Highest Avg. Rating (all competitions) Louis Kayembe 7.13 Most Assists (all competitions) Stefano Ronzani 8 Best Pass Completion Stratos Kalyvas 89% Most PoM’s Louis Kayembe 5 Most Yellow Cards Stefano Ronzani 14 Most Red Cards Gunnar Már Þrándarson Massimo Russo 1 Highest Value Player Gunnar Már Þrándarson € 450K Highest Paid Player (Monthly) Gunnar Már Þrándarson Antonello Gallo € 13,750 Manager Reputation National 5304 Qualifications Continental B Licence Wage (Monthly) € 25K Performance this season B- Club Reputation Regional 4381 Stadium Virtus Ispica Stadium 4000 Corporate Facilities Adequate Training Facilities Poor Data Analysis Facilities None Youth Facilities Basic Junior Coaching Basic Youth Recruitment Basic Awards Fan’s Player of The Year Louis Kayembe Goal of The Season Stefano Ronzani See Below Singing of The Season Ismael Salvador - Young Player of The Season Stefano Ronzani 22 Finances Turnover (June) - € 9,463 Balance (June) - € 2,529,327 Avg. Ticket Price € 15 Avg. Season Ticket Price € 157 Season Ticket Holders 701 Sponsors Main kit (Annually) € 875K General (Annually) € 24.5K Libya FIFA Ranking (June) 95 Libyan players from manager’s club - Goal of The Season Player of the Season Team of The Season Legends
  8. I used an edited database. I'm in season 20, you can read about it here: https://community.sigames.com/topic/519798-fm20-a-migrant-story-in-sicily/ Do you know the club?
  9. No, but we often do the crossbar challenge at training.
  10. Faisal is starting his 20th season at Virtus Ispica! He’s gone well past the “interim” status he had in his very first season and has become the one and only club legend! Fans are curious where the rise of the club will end, and Faisal has already let them know that he won’t stop until the club wins the Champions League. This gets a lot of frowns from the fans as they know this would be hard to achieve, but then again nobody expected the club to be in serie B after 20 seasons either. Faisal does hope he’ll get there before he’ll retire. He was thinking to retire at 65yo, but may extend it to 70yo if the targets haven’t been met yet. Faisal is 52yo so he’s about halfway his managerial career. His attributes have gone up nicely and he could feature as a manager for a top club with those attributes: Unfortunately, a lot of players left on a free at the end of previous season for various reasons: MC Samuele Rabitti (pushing 30 and only wanted a min. 3 year contract), DMC Joel Artigas (not good enough for first team), Cameroonian AMC Rodrigue Nlend (wanted too much wage), Albanian DC Arbnor Marku (hasn’t developed much) and Nigerian MC Femi Godwin (not renewed as underperformed over the past 2 seasons). As Faisal wanted to sign a striker with high finishing skills, he found what he wanted in the form of 19yo Belgian/Italian Mattia Conforti: Mattia is fast, good finishing, off the ball and good composure. He’s got the right attributes in the right places to become a good striker. The only negative items Faisal is a tad worried about: Bravery and decisions could be better, and he’s quite short. We usually don’t rely on the main striker to score headers so that may be ok. Interestingly, Conforti comes from the same Belgian club that Kayembe is from (although they never played together), K. Lyra Lierse Berlaar in the 3rd division in Belgium. Sounds like they are becoming the feeder club for Virtus Ispica. They don't have a particularly good youth recruitment either so it's a bit odd they produce good players for the Serie B. Having said that, both Kayembe and Conforti were released on a free and they were already free players before we signed them. Lyra actually merged with the formerly successful club Lierse SK that went bankrupt in 2018. Lierse SK has won 4 championship titles and 2 belgian cups. Romelu Lukaku actually played for Lierse SK in the youth series as well. So maybe not that surprising they produce good players. We were also short on ball winning midfielders. Most of our midfielders are of the creative type, but lack a bit of physical presence to steal balls away from opponents. Luckily Faisal found Antonello Gallo who would be a great BWM in a midfield position. Again he is quite short so he probably won’t be able to intercept high balls as well, but that may be ok in a central midfield position with two other (taller) midfielders around him. Two other players were signed, but they are more back-ups to broaden the squad and will occasionally feature in the line-up: Spanish DC Ismael Salvador and DR Alessio Cacciatori What do you know, we finally get past the 3rd Qualif. Stage of the Italian Cup. We beat Fano in the 2nd Qualif. Stage first, and beat Udinese after! We weren’t the best team in that game but scored twice on the counter giving us the 0-2 final score. Next up is Sampdoria in the 4th Qualif. Stage. The winner of that game qualifies for the first round of the cup. That would be a milestone in the club’s history, but unfortunately Sampdoria was too strong and easily beat us 3-1. Good effort though and the qualification for the Italian Cup is creeper closer every year. The good run in the cup was also extended in the league. Two wins, followed by one loss and a whole series of draws (again). Nothing really spectacular happened up until the end of October where we met a few title contenders to which we lost three games in a row. Confidence was starting to drop at that stage. Draws against Parma, Torino and Palermo were not too bad as they are also high up the ranking at the moment. Palermo is going up and down a lot these days. A couple of seasons ago we were battling it out with them in the Serie C and now we seem to have grown together in the Serie B as well. This is actually an interesting graph if you compare the progress of both clubs. We were hopeing we left them behind in Serie C when we got promoted but they have slowly followed us and are playing better than we are. A little better again in November-December as we win a few more games. Great wins in particular against Empoli and Pescara as they are supposed to be good team and challenge for a top 5, but they are rather down the ladder more on par with us. We’re 10th at the Xmas break and can hopefully get close to 8th position so we can qualify for a playoff spot. Then something unexpected happened. The board announced that they were reducing the amount of wage buget available, basically $30K under the amount we are currently spending. This means that we are struggling to renew contracts, and there is a whole list of players that need a new contract. Aside from Paolo Mosele, Faisal couldn’t extend any other contracts due to the lack of wage budget available. This puts us in a pretty bad situation as we are potentially going to lose a whole bunch of players that will either be poached by other clubs, or leave on a free if we can’t renew their contracts. The list of players potentially leaving us is impressive: SC Louis Kayembe, DC Simone Fattori, DC Jacopo Francalanci, DR Alessandro Andreani, AMR/SC Rosario Gemelli, DC Fabio Favaro, DC Massimo Russo, AMC Alessandro Filippi, SC Magnus Mar Gudlaugsson, MC Gunnar Mar Prandarson, DL Stefano Ronzani, AMC Luca Locatelli. That’s 12 first team players! Faisal is not happy about this and hopes we can find some budget to give at least a few key players a new contract….
  11. 7 CCC's and 10x hitting the woodwork.... guess what the score was? Yep... 1-1....
  12. Quit football and register him for the army instead?
  13. Yeah, maybe a few more seasons. I do think I'll need a better striker as I don't think Kayembe is going to do anything special ins Serie A. On the lookout for some talent up front at the moment.
  14. Faisal was re-capping the performance of the first half of the season and there was one result that he got really annoyed at that we must not repeat again. That result was a 1-1 against Siena. He didn't care about the loss of points, he was more looking for potential improvements so we can be a bit more targeted in training and potentially recruitement. What he found was that we actually create a lot of chances, but we lack the finishing. In this particular game, we had 7 CCC's and 10 balls hitting the woodwork, but we only scored 1 goal. The goal was the typical long-range assist from Þrándarson, passing it into Kayembe's run who finished it off. Looking at our current players finishing skills, Kayembe is really the only one with good finishing attributes. Faisal knows you can't detach this from other attributes such as composure, decisions, technique or bravery, but it is interesting to see that 14 is the highest finishing in our group of players. Maybe we need find some players who do well in this departement as well. The finishing attributes from other attacking minded players: Gudlaugsson 7, Robertsson 7, Gemelli 7, Nlend 13, Þrándarson 7, Seck 6. So maybe this is the issue with our lack of goals and the draws we get. Maybe we are over-relying on Kayembe up front? If he has a bad day, then the club has a bad day. Faisal decided that we need to be a bit more thorough with our striker transfers. A finisher is what is on our wish list now as we have way too many supporting strikers. It's probably also a good time to look for a new promising striker as Kayembe has a few more years in him before he starts to deteriorate (he's 27 now), and he'll miss games becasue of international duties. Unfortuntely Faisal couldn't find a good one in January, but he is sending his scouts out to find some youngsters that have decent to good finishing skills already. He even engaged 3 new scouts so we have a total of 5 scouts. Between January and March, we won a fair few games. Mostly with 1 goal difference but that still gets you 3 points! We lose against the top teams still but that’s ok. As long as we lift our spirits against the lower ranked teams and avoid big defeats we should be fine for a mid-table finish. Our attendances are also going up slightly. No sell-outs yet, but the numbers are creeping close to our 4000 max capacity. We may have to expand in the next few seasons. We were safe from relegation since early April, but we were actually in contention for a promotion playoff spot! We just have to be 8th or above in the league. Unfortunately we didn’t play that well near the end of April and missed out on the playoff’s by 2 points! If only one of those draws could have been converted to a win. The game against Siena comes to mind where we gave the woodwork a good workout… So we end in a 9th spot, just behind Lecce. Great postion to be in, but it could have just a tad better if we converted more draws in wins. Kayembe is listed 10th in the top scorer list, so not the best striker in the league this season. But a few players made it in the top 3 of the Serie B players: We also have 2 players that are represented at the upcoming World Cup in South Africa! It's a pity Iceland didn't qualify as otherwise we'd have a few more. Youth Intake Local boy Cristian Pace is listed as best youth prospect. As his name suggests, he is ok in the speed departement and can develop to be faster, but in his position this is not really a requirement. His trait is actually quite abt as he sets the pace! Faisal is starting to wonder if there are ever going to be Libyan players coming through the academy? It’s been 19 seasons and still nothing…. Libya Check 101 on the ranking. Lots of wins but they were all friendlies. Only 2 official games played and they were for the African Nations Qualification. 0-2 loss to Nigeria and a 3-0 win to Mauritius. End of Season Details Competitions League Serie B (level 2) 9th Cup Coppa Italia 3rd Qual Rd Players Top Goal Scorer (all competitions) Louis Kayembe 13 Highest Avg. Rating (all competitions) Gunnar Már Þrándarson 7.23 Most Assists (all competitions) Gunnar Már Þrándarson 9 Best Pass Completion Fabio Favaro 89% Most PoM’s Gunnar Már Þrándarson 5 Most Yellow Cards Gunnar Már Þrándarson Stefano Ronzani 10 Most Red Cards Gunnar Már Þrándarson 2 Highest Value Player Louis Kayembe Gunnar Már Þrándarson € 215K Highest Paid Player (Monthly) Rosario Gemelli € 13K Manager Reputation National 5303 Qualifications Continental B Licence Wage (Monthly) € 25K Performance this season B Club Reputation Regional 4165 Stadium Virtus Ispica Stadium 4000 Corporate Facilities Adequate Training Facilities Poor Data Analysis Facilities None Youth Facilities Basic Junior Coaching Basic Youth Recruitment Basic Awards Fan’s Player of The Year Gunnar Már Þrándarson Goal of The Season Gunnar Már Þrándarson See Below Singing of The Season Stefano Ronzani - Young Player of The Season Gunnar Már Þrándarson 23 Finances Turnover (June) - € 1,435,656 Balance (June) - € 2,542,952 Avg. Ticket Price € 14 Avg. Season Ticket Price € 151 Season Ticket Holders 644 Sponsors Main kit (Annually) € 875K General (Annually) € 24.5K Libya FIFA Ranking (June) 101 Libyan players from manager’s club - Goal of The Season https://youtu.be/8O3zVBSDOyI Player of the Season Team of The Season Legends Faisal thinks this may be broken. Kayembe and Þrándarson should have at least favoured personnel by now.
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