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  1. This guy is psycho! High aggression and argues with officials... Very abtly named...
  2. 26 seasons so far, but going a bit slower at the moment due to work commitments and the fact I also play some other games in between.
  3. Our first season playing in a European competition! Faisal is proud we’ve made it this far, but hopes to one day win the Champions League with the club. We needed to strengthen the squad a bit as we’re up to some though teams in Europe and we don’t want to get smashed by the big clubs in Europe. We got a nice €30M transfer budget to play with so we should be able to buy a few good players. We also sold/released a few players including Aleksander Zikic (€1.2M to Cukaricki Stankom), Mario Kranjec (€800K to Udinese), Antonello Gallo (released on a free) and Dimitri Mercatelli (
  4. Anyone want to have a go at pronouncing his name?
  5. Great stuff Dan! Appreaciate all the hard work you put into this database every year. Looking forward to it.
  6. Good luck with the new save, I'll be following! I have some fond memories in Turkey with Tokatspor first and BB Erzurumspor later a couple of FM's ago. Great to see the LLM style of playing is not dead. I love playing the exact same way (aside from "no naming" policy) and usually use an edited database that adds a few lower levels to the existing database. Never understood the "no naming" policy as the players were all regens by the time I reach the top flight so shouldn't really matter anymore. However, I get that LLaMa's stick with the rule, especially in the first 10-15 seasons.
  7. Faisal had to let go of two players on a free: Italian DR Alessandro Andreani who lost his spot to Leninho last season and prolific Dutch winger Thijs van Assema. Thijs was a great servant to our club and was integral part of promotion to the Serie A. He’s still a decent player for the club, but he was asking for a wage higher than what Faisal wanted to give so Faisal made the decision to let him go. Alessandro however was let go as he is now 2nd choice on the DR position and he wanted a new contract of 4 years, which Faisal didn’t want to give. Surely he can find someone better to be a backup
  8. Not sure, quite relying on the speed of the forwards at the moment and pressing a fair bit, but not as much as Klopp. So not the full blown heavy metal football, but rather a soft rock approach with subtle, yet effective guitar riffs.
  9. As the 4-2-3-1 system works quite well with Prasti leading the line up front, Faisal decided to stay with this formation, and find better players to suit this system. Key positions that were (arguably) in need for improvement are: · Central Midfield – BWM · Central Midfield – DLP or AP · Right back – WB · Backup Goalie, unless Faisal can find someone better than Gallardo We already highlighted Nenad Obsivac (DC) and Andraz Kocar (AMC) joining us, other acquisitions are: Right wing back 24yo Brazilian/Italian Leninho.
  10. In case people are wondering: this save is still progressing. I just haven't found the time to write updates as work/life are quite demanding past two months. If I have some free time, it is directed to playing the game as opposed to writing about it. I am thinking however to pick this up again, but I might change the format a little and skim over the next couple of seasons in less detail. I'm currently at the end of the 2047 season and have some great news stories. Stay tuned....
  11. Totally agree. Can you honestly say about yourself right now how fit you feel in percentages? Maybe in increments of 10% you potentially could, but definitely not to a 1% accuracy. The way it is set up now is more realistic.
  12. No new signings in the january transfer window. Faisal figured out that we are doing quite well with the current players so he’s rather not shake the apple cart by bringing new players in. He has however signed up 2 players that will join us at the end of the season when their contracts run out: Croatian 22yo DC Nenad Obsivac from NK Maribor Slovenian 22yo AMC Andraz Kocar from Olimpija Lublana. Maybe he links up with Kranjec better as they are both from the same country. So the 4th cup qualif. round was good and we beat Ascoli over a penalty shootout a
  13. Not sure. I usually buy the game in pre-order but only really start playing it around Xmas. By that time the new version has gone through a few patches. So I'm expecting something similar this time around.
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