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  1. A testimonial for a player who only played 1 game in his entire career? That must have been some clean sheet!
  2. Are you sure? Because when starting a new game, the club is called Juventus.
  3. I don't know if this is a bug, or is this something that happened along the way, but Juventus is re-named "Zebre" in my savegame? I thought it had to do with the skin that I was using but when I changed the skin to the default it still remained "Zebre". I also cleared the cache on my hard drive but that didn't work either. I started off with only loading the asian leagues as I wanted to make my way to Europe via Asia. I stayed in Malaysia for 5 seasons before I loaded some European leagues including the Italian league. I'm now in 2033. I also have the paid version of FMRTE20 and can't modify in there either. Any ideas? Suggestions?
  4. I'm not sure if this is a bug but it doesn't sound very logical to me: Why is there travel time included for a Champions League game at home, but there is no travel time included for a home game against a team from my own division? They are both home games! Sure the CL game is against a team from another country but that shouldn't make a difference, right? I'm playing as Club Brugge in the Belgian Pro League.
  5. Shows how accurate FM is! Remember Alexis Sanchez?
  6. 4-5 days? I'm self employed though and FM is on my second screen during work. Having said that, there are times that work is demanding and I don't get time to play. But when it's a bit quieter, I can do a season in 3 days.
  7. Get him! Try to modify your tactic to suit him. If it doesn't work out, sell him for a profit. That's what I would do. Unless you need the money to buy some other players that are more urgent.
  8. Turn based games are the best to play when you play FM on the other screen. I tend to play Xcom2 or Slay the spire while FM is running. I sometimes even do work!
  9. Maybe SI can add a "quarantine" option alongside the "sending home" option?
  10. Stop doing the crossbar challenge at training!
  11. His parents should have called him "Alotta"
  12. https://youtu.be/PQxhH21uqyg My South Korean player scoring 4 amazing long range goals in 1 game, all from a similar spot and all without controlling the ball first. Goal 4 is the nicest! And the interesting part is that his technique is average.
  13. Interesting... I only check the stadium once I move to a new club, just to see where we play and train. It gets a bit tricky when a new stadium has been built. What I have done once or twice before as well is going through a real estate website and search for a property on sale in the area. Based on the wage I am earning at the club, I assess what I can afford and pretend to buy the property.
  14. Just wondering how people play the game and what habits they have when playing. Mine is giving the number 18 to the player who's got the best chance of scoring a header from a set piece (Usually a defender). This habit came from the 2d match engine in the FM Live days where my best player was a huge Brazilian defender who scored header from set pieces like no tomorrow. He almost outscored my top striker! I don't exactly remember his name (Luis something...), but he had number 18. It was always a joy seeing the set piece going towards number 18 to the point I already started cheering before the goal was even scored. Anyone else got a habit you want to share?
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