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  1. For me, it's one of my best runs ever on FM19: Just over a year now without defeat (and counting)!
  2. Absolute legend mate! Every year I'm waiting to start a save until your database is released. Keep up the good work!
  3. First African nation to win a World Cup! You'd probably expect Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon or any of the stronger nations in Africa to win a first World Cup for Africa.... but Mali... and in 2022??
  4. Euuhhmm.... Maybe he'll be great assistant manager when he retires?
  5. I don't think it's unrealistic at the moment. Managing Real Madrid in 2040 at the moment and they have dropped in standing compared to what they are today IRL. Top notch facilities and I'd get 1 player on average per season that can grow into a starting player for the first team. Occasionally this 1 player is Iniesta level, but more often than not, they are decent to good first team players. And I'm ok with that. The point is that a superstar player can come from anywhere, with great facilities you just increase your chances that player comes through your academy. But it is still slim.
  6. Similar to what I do. I always start at the very bottom with an edited database. Usually by the time i turn 70, I would have made it and won a few top leagues, world cup and champions leagues. The fun is a bit missing then so I retire my manager and create a new manager as "the son of the retired manager". It allows me to give this new manager a better reputation from the start so I don't have to start from the bottom. I then try to beat the amount of league wins of the retired manager. Keeps you going for a little while.
  7. I tend to agree with the OP. My career started at level12 with an edited database. I got promoted 1st season and struggled a bit after that to get promoted again. You have to know that my playing fm is simultaneously to my work. Loading times take a lot longer with a db to level12 so I usually click on fm, work for 10min, fm again, work, click fm,.... You get the picture. So there are lots of games being played in the background while I'm working where I didn't do a sub or a shout because I wasn't even looking. Anyway, back to my career. I got a job at Blyth and improved their squad and position on the ladder, and I moved on.... to Wrexham. Same thing again, moved to Brentford, same thing again, moved to "cash loaded" Southampton. Won the Epl 3x out of 4 seasons with them. Moved to Spain and became World Cup winners. Now at Real Madrid and haven't conceded in the first 12 games. What I had experienced with other versions of fm, is that if you don't pay attention, you lose. With fm19, i can just set up the tactics once, and let the team play while I'm working and still come out on top. More often than not, I check fm and go like "oh, we're 2-0 up at half time" and press continue before I go back to work. So what I am saying is that I have to do less effort to get good results compared to previous versions. While this is great while I'm working, it also takes the fun out of the game if it becomes all too easy.
  8. And your players moaning that you've sold one of your best players....
  9. Interesting read. I had a look at my 18+ in det, amb, prof in my savegame in 2039 and I got 6 players in total. 2 of them have a CA over 150 so the rest would probably not be transferred to Chelsea... ever. I'll keep my eye on this guy to see how he develops over time. He's not at my club and in an inactive league so I don't know how much this affects him.
  10. That is a possibility. Luckily I have a backup save from December 2022, so I checked what the squad looked like (using FMRTE). Not a single newgen player in the squad and all their highest CA is 153. Interestingly enough, they also won the African Nations Cup in 2021. They were ranked 62nd before the African Nations Cup, 36th before the World Cup and 14th after winning the World Cup. So they're not really a one hit wonder as they also managed to win the African Nations Cup. I'm now in 2039 and they stayed around 12-16th for quite some time, but now they have dropped again to 35th. They have also won the African Nations Cup again in 2033, and runners-up in 2023 and 2029. They got to the third round in the WC in 2030 and didn't get past the group stage in 2034. Their current team's CA/PA is very similar to the squad that won the World Cup.
  11. This was the road to victory for Mali: I guess it helped they were in Qatar's group.
  12. No, only loaded a modified English League down to level 12. Also, this just happened in the current World Cup I'm playing. Argentina as host nation losing against Scotland and Tunisia and not progressing to the Knockout Phase! I don't know what's worse, this one, or Brazil at home losing massively to Germany in the Semi Final in 2014?
  13. Anyone had an unexpected World Cup winner in their save game? Mine is one I really was surprised by. First African nation to win a World Cup! You'd probably expect Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon or any of the stronger nations in Africa to win a first World Cup for Africa.... but Mali... and in 2022??
  14. Managing England and reaching the Semi-Finals of the world cup. We play against Holland who are by far the nr. 1 nation in the world. We're down 1-0 and it becomes obvious during the game that it is going to take something special to win this game. And then it happens... two own goals scored by the same Dutch defender. Sure, I was happy to win, but not the way we did it. We beat Spain afterwards in the final. This was my first and only world cup win so far.
  15. Hey SI, I'm an architect and I'd be happy to design a few stadiums for the next couple of fm's. I got heaps of 3d modelling experience and I know the construction code which would help making them as realistic as possible! What do you think?
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