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  1. Indeed, I used to get obsessed with trying to get players with full capability in a role so a nice full green circle as it would be now. Of course when you actually look more into the attributes needed for a role, player traits, key mental attributes etc you can have players performing really well in a role that if you just looked at the capability circle (whatever it is called) they wouldn't seem to be the best choice. A case in point been Stuart Dallas playing in the right wing back role in my Leeds save, capability wise he doesn't look suited. However, he played so well for me there Luke Ayling struggled to get back in the team when he was fit and capability wise he of course looks to be perfect for the role.
  2. I like the idea of been able to generate your own history in the game. So who you played for etc. You could have a choice to either do this yourself or for those that don't want to it is just randomly generated. So you could be a club legend who has come back to manage and the fans are onside from the get go. Or you could have played for a rival so it takes time to win the fans over. That type of thing.
  3. I find in lower league management pace can make the difference between a striker with lower key attributes scoring more than a striker with higher typical striker type attributes but lower pace. Probably because they end up with more chances.
  4. I made the mistake years ago of always just looking primarily at finishing... it wasn't until I started coming on this forum and reading some of the really good contributions made by the community that things like composure, off the ball, anticipation etc. were just as important. Seems obvious once you are told
  5. I use stars as a guide when looking at players I might want to sign. Are they better than what I already have? What are the areas of the team I need to strengthen? Which positions have lower star rating players? This is all done in combination with scout reports, so taking into consideration attributes, pros and cons etc. I recently entered the realm of lower league management and have a five star striker and a couple of four star midfielders but this is all relative to the club I'm currently managing. They would not be four / five star rated if I was managing a club a couple of leagues above and hopefully as I move upwards with this club and bring in better players their star rating will gradually wain in comparison. What it does do though is give me some help in identifying where the strengths and weaknesses are when I have absolutely no idea who these players are and what they might be like in real life. Whereas when I normally manage Leeds United I have a very clear idea right from the start who are the good players. And as Rupal states above the star rating is based on your backroom staff feedback as well, so always treat with caution and look at all the other related stats available. As I say above it just gives me a quick visual to work from when taking over a team I don't know anything about.
  6. I'm pretty sure I will need to start a new save for the database update to be applied but will the other updates outside the DB be applied? So for example Improvements to game optimisation and increased performance both inside and outside of matches?
  7. So far, so good with the new ME... I was getting really fed up with the old one, it was really hard to score goals, full stop. Plus the play itself seemed to be slow despite me trying to play a high tempo, pressing game, I said on another thread it felt like my players were wading through treacle. The game was getting so frustrating that I was close to giving up. First few games on the new ME and it definitely has improved for me. Goals are starting to flow again, I'm seeing through balls for my forwards to run onto, plus some wing play and crosses. A fair balance of goals so far, from crosses, play through the middle and some set piece goals as well. Plus my strikers are scoring again!! The biggest thing for me though is that my team are playing with a high tempo again, some quick transitions and nice swift moves into the final third. I had one game where we completely outplayed the opposition but just couldn't score. Chance after chance spurned and we fell to a sucker punch, header from a free kick. Very annoying but these things do happen from time to time, in the previous ME it seemed to be happening all the time though and was driving me to distraction. In summary the game has got its fun back for me, I know it is early days but fingers crossed we are back on track. So a big thanks to the SI devs who have been working hard to make things better.
  8. Just to add to the above I'm doing OK in terms of results, so it isn't the fact that I'm always losing or anything. It just seems to be so difficult to score a goal and in some games you just know from early on it just won't happen. I know this can happen in real life from time to time, I am a Leeds fan so have experience of this, but it seems to be happening in the game now nearly all the time and it just isn't very enjoyable to endure. Now if I wasn't creating chances, or clear chances that would be different and I would be questioning my tactics. But these are quite often absolute sitters or at least a clear cut chance and either hit straight at the keeper, the keeper makes a wonder save (time and again) or it hits the woodwork.
  9. I'm thinking of taking a break for a while myself as the game is getting way too frustrating to want to play it. As noted above whilst the long balls over the top seems to have been sorted out actually been able to score goals at all now seems to be so difficult. Multiple and I mean multiple chances are been missed time and time again. Penalties constantly missed. Wingers just hitting the ball against an opponent. And of course the opposition seem to always take their chances. I'm at the point now when my striker is one on once or has a clear opportunity I'm resigned to them missing. I actually thought the ME was OK in one of the earlier versions but the last one and the latest Beta version are for me just not good enough. The game is just not enjoyable to play at the moment, the games are rather turgid to watch as despite trying to play an attacking free-flowing style the ME just doesn't seem able to replicate it. At least not in my games. The players seem to be wading through treacle at times. Ironically in the earlier version of the ME lots of people were complaining but I was really enjoying it, as were many others, it was almost like there were two versions out there. But for me anyway my team was playing some nice attractive attacking football and win, draw or lose it was enjoyable to play. Not sure what has happened, whether there have been too many changes which have had too many knock on effects elsewhere. Hopefully it can be sorted out as right now it's no fun playing this game. IMHO of course, I'm sure others are getting enjoyment.
  10. I suppose you could say practising penalties will help with technique and taking of the penalty itself. Actually taking a penalty in a game would be different and dependent on the situation how a player is predisposed to handling pressure. So increasing composure would depend more around some other training sessions focused more on mental improvement and maybe improving over time as a player just naturally develops.
  11. Yes, fully agreed. I also set the intensity setting for pressing to very high which you can do either through TIs and / or PIs. I tend to set it high on TIs and adjust PIs with my back 4 and DM to low so they don't step out of the defence too much. And also I setup attacking as wide as Bielsa likes to use the full width of the pitch when in possesion. After that though I leave everything as standard and just adjust where needed depending on what happens in the game. Mentality is also set game by game depending on opposition and I will change if required depending again on what happens in the game. Since I've been in the Prem I do tend to bottle it a bit and play a lower defensive line depending who I'm up against... I know Bielsa only has a Plan A so goes against his philosophy... To do a true Bielsa tactic is very difficult in FM. In fact it is very difficult to do in real life as Bielsa has found out over the years!! It was one of the things I wondered the devs might do and have a 'Bielsaball' option as a tactic
  12. I've seen somebody else say this but it is almost like there are two different MEs out there which people are experiencing... My own personal experience, I started with the 1st Beata release, has been very positive. The first release had way too many long shots flying in, which whilst enjoyable to see Klich smacking them in from 25 yards every game, was not very realistic and was quickly fixed. Whilst I didn't see an increase in penalties on one of the releases I did some very soft ones given. This seems to have gone away but that could be because I got promoted to the premiership, so better refs (in theory) and VAR. I've seen 1 v 1s scored and missed (FM19 I seem to remember nearly all were missed) Penatlies scored and missed (around 60% scored for my team which might be too low but might also be my players) Wingers and full backs hitting the side netting, yes I see this happening but I also see pull backs and crosses resulting in my attacking players with a scoring opportunity including some tap ins after some delightful approach play. I just think of this more as a failed cross rather than an impossible shot and don't get too upset about it. For sure though this would be one area which could be looked at to improve at least on the animation of it. I see a lot less of my defenders heading straight to the opposition when they have time on the ball, still happens on occasion as it does in real life, and I base that on decision making, composure etc. Way more goals scored now through good build up play with a pass into my forward or a cross from the wing, still get the occasional worldy long shot going in but balance to me seems to be about right. Do I still get games where I dominate the opposition and miss sitter after sitter and then they score with their first shot on target? Yes I do every now and again. Is it frustrating? Yes damn well right it is. Is it a game breaker? No because you only have to look at my avatar and know I've seen enough of that in real life over the last 12 months. And that is really frustrating... I'm sure Bielsa has felt like doing a rage quit every now and then...
  13. Exactly, I was too easily sucked into trying to do what I thought I needed to do in finding the miracle tactic. And for some people that might be fine, wanting to win and enjoying that which I'm cool with. I do use some TIs, so I set my line of engagement and defensive line as these are general instructions that make some sense for the style you might want to play. These can change depending on the opposition but at least I've got an understanding of what this will mean and why I am doing it. Same with offside trap or playing out from the back.
  14. Depends what year it is I suppose... clearly though if this was real life and Pepe was 19 points behind the current Man Utd team he would be sacked
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