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  1. Can you import or Extract Views? I don't know why, but I can't import or Extract views by right-clicking.
  2. Windows10 pro(×64) Windowed mode In memory, there was the same problem in the fm2020.
  3. @rabcp Hello, I am writing to ask you something. I thought I could turn off the options of hard-coded clubs by using the code "false"concate_next="true", but it didn't seem to work. I'd like to turn off the club's options and have the billboards light up along with the competition.
  4. Certain clubs seem to be hard-coded so that the led ad will appear unconditionally. Some competitions only use regular adboards. Like the Asian Champions League. So I want to know how to make the led ad not come out
  5. The faster loading speed of pre-game editor indicates that something has changed. However, the ctrl-c,v issue presented before the patch remains the same. Are you going to fix it in your next work? I don't want to suffer from this bug all year. I ask for a quick fix.
  6. About,club Asan Mugunghwa(136424) With the end of the 2019 season, Asan Mugunghwa Football Team has been disbanded and disappeared into the history of the National Police Agency. Since then, Asan FC of South Chungcheong Province will take part in the K League 2 in the 2020 season as the foundation was decided by succeeding Asan Mugunghwa. Strictly speaking, the two clubs are separate clubs. This part has not been reflected at all. What a disappointment. Asan FC should be newly added to the database. About, club Daejeon Citizen(130774) Daejeon Hana Citizen is a K League 2 professional football team based in Daejeon Metropolitan City. It will take over the rights and assets of its former citizen club Daejeon Citizen to join the K League 2 in the 2020 season. Among K-League soccer teams, a foundation established by a company is apparently running a soccer team. This is because it is impossible to acquire stocks directly from KEB Hana Bank from existing major shareholders of Daejeon Citizen because of Korea's 'policy of separating bank capital from industrial capital.' Therefore, Daejeon Citizen became the third Korean club in K League history to sell its soccer team business to a foundation corporation, after FC Anyang and Suwon FC. Unlike the former, the two clubs are the same. So you should change the name and ownership of the club. The new name is 대전 하나 시티즌(Daejeon Hana Citizen)
  7. 66043327 is not '정원 대학교' but '중원 대학교'. 66045526 is not '월 마운틴 FC(Wall Mountain FC)' but '벽산 FC(Byuksan Football Club)'. /official facebook(https://www.facebook.com/gobyucksan/?epa=SEARCH_BOX) /wiki(https://namu.wiki/w/서울 벽산 플레이어스 FC) 66045527 is not '용인 지역 클럽(Yongin Social Club)' but '용인 축구회(Yongin FC **It's different from the team that used to be in the database, 축구회 means an amateur soccer club. a friendly football team) This is the KFA's posting of them.(https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=16268891&memberNo=17035333) 66045528 is not '안산 타임 골 FC(Ansan Time Goal FC)' but '안산 각골 축구회(Ansan Gakgol 축구회)' The club is in 안산시(Ansan-si) 66045528 is not 'FC 동 파인 화학(FC East Fine Chemistry)' but 'FC 동우화인켐(FC DongWoo Fine-Chem)' The club is in 평택시(Pyeongtaek-si). This club is a soccer club that works for this company.(https://recruit.dwchem.co.kr/main/index.jsp) 66045530 is not '동 두천 FC(East Ducheon FC)' but '동두천시 ONE TEAM(Dongducheonsi ONE TEAM)' The club is in 동두천시(Dongducheon-si) 66045531 is not 'FC 인천 타워(FC Incheon Tower)' but '인천 송월 FC(Incheon Songwol FC) or 송월 FC(Songwol FC)' The club is in 중구(Jung-gu), 인천광역시(Incheon Metropolitan City) / wiki(https://namu.wiki/w/인천 송월 FC?from=인천중구송월FC) 66045532 is not '대전 대덕 스타즈(Daejeon Daeduk Stars)' but '대전 위너스타 FC(Daejeon Winner Star FC)' The club is in 대덕구(Daedeok-gu), 대전광역시(Daejeon Metropolitan City) / wiki(https://namu.wiki/w/대전 위너스타 FC?from=대전 대덕 위너스타 FC) 66045533 is not '북 광주 해군(North Gwangju Navy)' but '광주 북구 해병대 축구단(Gwangju Bukgu Navy FC)' The club is in 북구(Buk-gu), 광주광역시(Gwangju Metropolitan City) / This is the KFA's posting of them.(https://post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=18206529&memberNo=17035333) 66043326 is not 'CL Fire' but 'SL 라이팅 FC(SL Lighting FC)' The club is in 천안시(Cheonan-si) / This club is a football club that works for this company(https://www.slworld.com/Korea/Field/korea_01.asp) 66043322 is not '소아 비트리(SoAH BeTree)' but '세아베스틸(SeAH Besteel)' The club is in 군산시(Gunsan-si) / This club is a football club that works for this company(https://www.seahbesteel.co.kr/main.jsp) / It's an article about this team.(http://www.footballjournal.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=8060) 66043319 is not '대전 트라이앵글 코퍼레이션(Daejeon Triangle Corporation)' but '대전도시공사 둥글이(Daejeon City Corporation(DCCO) Dunggeuri)' The club is in 대전광역시(Daejeon Metropolitan City), It is a list of matches at that time.(https://m.blog.naver.com/dufmedia/221215172611) / This club is a soccer club that works for this company(http://www.dcco.kr/) 66040769 is not '무한 화학(Moohan Chemistry)' but '유한 화학(Yuhan Chemistry)' This club is a football club that works for this company(http://www.yuhanchem.co.kr/) / The club is in 안산시(Ansan-si) This is the KFA's posting of them.(https://post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=6794568&memberNo=17035333) 66040768 is not '고려 타이어(Koryo Tyre)' but '한국 타이어(Hankook Tire)'. This club is a football club that works for this company(https://www.hankooktire.com/global/), The club is in 대전광역시(Daejeon Metropolitan City)
  8. Scouting[at]sigames.com doesn't respond. It was just sending an automatic reply mail.
  9. I apologise for writing nervously. But really, this is an important issue. The question of whether it was reflected or not and to what extent it is applicable. Just upload it and make sure that each user is reflected in the next patch. The administrative section of Korea may provide necessary information if it is difficult for you to collect it. It's not that difficult. Because we're making our own rosters. I just hope we can communicate better with each other. I hope you think that writing here is also an expression of healthy interest. P.S. Is the data surveyor who provides information about South Korea not Korean or knows about this place? If so, please let me know how to give them information. Or give me a form to provide you with information.
  10. Thank you for your answer. Since I use a translator instead of English, there are many parts that do not fit grammatically and in sentences. Please at least provide us with the form and show us where to submit it. The problem with data threads is that they're just asking you to provide them, and there's no such thing as a form. So I leave the required unique number, contents to modify, and questions, but there is no answer. You say it's a formality that the Eye Research Institute sees it and delivers it, but it's frustrating to see that the same problem repeats every year. There are friends who are not perfect every year, but passionately producing rosters based on data. Rather, friends here want the roaster to come out. Since football manager is the best in soccer simulation game, I think I survived until now. Of course, I also think external expansion such as Google Steadia, Touch, and mobile games is also important. But the eyes of users are getting bigger and more and more affectionate towards you.I'm sorry. I don't know if it'll be delivered well, but I hope we can get it together in quality. P.S. Please let me know if there is any form provision or communicable research. Whether you succeed or fail, you'd better give it a try.
  11. Just one word, you parrot-like management. You don't think it's a problem that you're selling a game for $50 and even having an official license to give feedback like this? You can't post information that's wrong and not reflect it in the next patch. There are even years already. You might think it's nothing to others. But the only advantage of this game is the database. However, the wrong database and missing information are repeated every year, but the threads are left unattended without improvement. Once or twice a year the manager leaves a good note. But it doesn't tell you how, where, or how much it's been reflected. Then, he is working hard. Of course, I know that new movies come out and update every year because you worked hard. However, I think you should consider the quality of the database, not the speed and mannerism that is released on a regular basis. Shouldn't the Data Research Agency reside on the threads and reflect the information? Or should we at least raise the form, and if the data is uploaded accordingly, then we should introduce a way to check the authenticity and reflect it in the next update? There is still something I don't understand. More than 180 administrative districts in North Korea, which do not know whether the league is operating properly or how the country is operating, were added last year or not. However, the data on South Korean cities and administrative districts, where a league of its own is run in Asia, has not changed for years. Even about 80 cities are reflected. Is this normal? Even while the manager is advertising that he has a license for the South Korean K-League. If you need that information, leave a message to where and how to send it. Don't just answer what suits your taste like a child. At least if you're professionals, I hope you'll try to improve your mistakes.
  12. What's the use of my irritation with you? I wrote on the thread without a break. Have a nice day bro.
  13. Ki Sung Yueng 66000674 FA to RCD Mallorca (https://www.transfermarkt.com/sung-yong-ki/profil/spieler/81796) Lee Chung-Yong 5708979 VfL Bochum to Ulsan Hyndai (https://www.transfermarkt.com/chung-yong-lee/profil/spieler/81801) The transfer was not reflected.
  14. If you have a hand, go to the appropriate thread. It is not reflected when people raise data errors many times. Then, post the text that fits the thread, follow the rules. Just wait. Are you all kidding me here?
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