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  1. U mean just that or all of things in this thread?
  2. I don't know when, but I think the football manager supports animated images," (ex. gif files.) So I and my friends applied the gif file to the player's face. like below.. However, when I go to the team screen and come back to the player screen, my image breaks down as below. I wonder if there is a solution to this problem. If this problem can be solved, I wonder if you can support the Animated PNG file in addition.
  3. Why still do not check here?? @Freddie Sands
  4. The Korean team's roster for the 2019 AFC Champions League is strange. Perhaps, the results of the 2017 K-League combined with the results of the 2018 KFA Cup. (Jeonbuk, Jeju, Suwon+Daegu) However, the results of the 2018 K-League and the 2018 KFA Cup must be combined. (Jeonbuk, Gyeongnam, Ulsan+Daegu) Many Korean FM users are hoping for a quick fix. I hope this deadly problem can be solved before it is officially released.
  5. find the way to solve this problem. Extract 'comp editor.fmf' open comp editor\panels\list auto size.xml with notepad++ etc and find "<!-- description label -->" go to <widget class="table" id="tabl" fixed_size_rows="true" mode="select_multiple, select_rows, show_bullets, dont_allow_click_unselect_single" select_event="slit"> <flags id="auto_size" value="vertical" /> </widget> change like this <widget class="table" id="tabl" fixed_size_rows="true" auto_size_maximum_height="420" mode="select_multiple, select_rows, show_bullets, dont_allow_click_unselect_single" select_event="slit"> <flags id="auto_size" value="vertical" /> </widget> Compress 'comp editor.fmf' Overwrite \Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2019\data
  6. I saw ur roster by pre-editor19 and there is too many failed things. So i delete all failed things. If u need it ill send to u. And i suggest, if make some new player, ud better make by 'new' not 'copy'. also donot delete person, just change person type 'retired' cause if delete person u cant find him after when u need modifying sir :-) If u do like this, u can modify old records at data changes section.
  7. After Update, works great :-) coooooooooooooooolllllllll
  8. I have a problem making advanced rules. I made the same thing as I did in version 18 but the same problem keeps happening. I have touched Asia and I don't know why this error occurs. I attached the file for my brothers' help. Please check my file and help me. TY 000.K(19.1.0)e.fmf
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