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  1. Why haven't the problems of England, Italy and Spain been solved yet?
  2. I found a temporary expedient. Just use 18 versions of the Resource Archiver. It works well.
  3. find the way to solve this problem. Extract 'comp editor.fmf' open comp editor\panels\list auto size.xml with notepad++ etc and find "<!-- description label -->" go to <widget class="table" id="tabl" fixed_size_rows="true" mode="select_multiple, select_rows, show_bullets, dont_allow_click_unselect_single" select_event="slit"> <flags id="auto_size" value="vertical" /> </widget> change like this <widget class="table" id="tabl" fixed_size_rows="true" auto_size_maximum_height="420" mode="select_multiple, select_rows, show_bullets, dont_allow_click_unselect_single" select_event="slit"> <flags id="auto_size" value="vertical" /> </widget> Compress 'comp editor.fmf' Overwrite \Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2019\data
  4. I saw ur roster by pre-editor19 and there is too many failed things. So i delete all failed things. If u need it ill send to u. And i suggest, if make some new player, ud better make by 'new' not 'copy'. also donot delete person, just change person type 'retired' cause if delete person u cant find him after when u need modifying sir :-) If u do like this, u can modify old records at data changes section.
  5. After Update, works great :-) coooooooooooooooolllllllll
  6. I have a problem making advanced rules. I made the same thing as I did in version 18 but the same problem keeps happening. I have touched Asia and I don't know why this error occurs. I attached the file for my brothers' help. Please check my file and help me. TY 000.K(19.1.0)e.fmf
  7. That is the news that the interview failed.However, it is said that the right side decided to propose a position in the first row.It should be revised not to propose
  8. I hope they will become more loyal to their content in the time they make unnecessary YouTube videos. There's a typo on the panel or there's a phrase you need to leave behind.Users solve the bug, play the game,I really want them to wake up.
  9. extract it at \comp editor\skins editor.zip
  10. How to fix like this case.... 1. Extract 'comp editor.fmf' (\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2019\data) 2.goto and open comp editor\panels\database changes.xml 3.find <!-- table containing db changes --> ..... <list id="column_widget_properties"> 4.and change to <list id="column_display_properties"> 5.save and compression
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