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  1. got a long rest from the game, and trying to get back to it and learning the new functions. i do remember back in the day that the way you created your save could make or break how easy or hard the leagues/transfers could be, so i wanted to ask, how many leagues you feel its too much? and how bad leagues that i put as non playable are? because i wanted to try a very low end league first, so was thinking i could probably reach CL qualifiers early in the save, but would the teams from nation like denmark or belarus be too weak if they are not playable? i don't exactly want an unrealist
  2. That is exactly what im looking for, i was playing in gibraltar earlier and got that same mail. What i want is know who got out of UK in a save, since that actually affects some registrations rules for foreigners since say, wales now is not treated as non foreigner like pre brexit or a scenario where wales doesn't go out of UK
  3. Im a actually looking how to know who leaved UK in my save, in order to know what nations can i get u18 player from after brexit
  4. So i have an old save from fm17 that im playing again, found a promising 15 yo forward with a nice stat spread and very high PA in scotland I know that england teams can get UK players before 18yo like they were the same nation or EU, but since this save is at 2063 is obviously way past the brexit outcome I identified that this save has a normal brexit (registration with 17 non England trained players limit) Problem is, idk what nations leaved the UK, is there a way to identify this? As i don't want to sign this guy just so he gets stuck on a mid table scotland team with bad tr
  5. Well, low ranked leagues normally have little quantity of teams in the top flight so at most you'll get a 10ish teams playing 4 times in a season (croatian league like) or league changing to champions/relegation split (like scotland) for a 38 game season just look at the rules of any league with 20 teams and see if they play 2 games against each team but then again, most low ranked leagues have a low amount of teams in the top league so looking for one that plays more than twice against each team would be better
  6. While looking for 5 star coaches since 3 of my coaches got taken away from me in favor of a manager spot in a lower league i kind of had this idea. It is possible to identify future 5 star coaches? As in have national badge but very good stats for that badge? I could sign them and pay their badges and have them in my u18-23 as workload reducers and after they get the stats needed i could promote them to first team coach Until now i have found only one, one that somehow sticked with me since L2 football and now is a 5 star tactics coach
  7. @Novem9 Teams normally never show their finances to anyone outside of the club so no reason to show more. Now if we talk about say showing that x team's owner is a psg owner like the game could tell you, other than that we don't really know how much has say...newcastle, or city. we can estimate that city has a bunch of money, but bunch of money is still finite and has to use money to operate anyway so all that money is not even usable to begin with What the game really needs in this matter in my eyes is a more extense "finance status" spectrum like rich could be separeted i
  8. I never really retire, as i never reached that kind of age (i always start as a 20ish manager so 50 seasons is a lot) i guess i could do a lil role play and retire myself and create a manager with the name one of my clubs' legends and start there
  9. Thats what normally happens with that kind of players with low stats they can sometimes give you a lot of good games but once the first bad game appears its time to think about benching him happened to a youth player with 1.5 star played a superd game against a league 1 team, gave him a chance in the league against the second to last and performed greatly, i started to rotate him with my first team strikers he was near them in goal scored, after an awful 5.2 rating game from him near winter transfer window i loaned him, got a nice boost to 2.5 stars thanks to that performance but he wasn't qui
  10. Options open = wait if a better team is interested/wait for the team's final standing to make a decision Its never wise to let a contract go below 18 months if you are thinking of keeping him, if you can only offer 2 year contracts at most then you have to plan ahead in case this happens The only thing you can do is A) selling to the first one that comes with a decent offer (enough to afford at least near half of his replacement) you will get pocket change most of the time tho as they are in their last year B) wait and hope they don't get interest from teams with better re
  11. You could say he has been lucky then, try play another season if the guy isn't sold or made bench warmer by thay point and see if the performance stays, it could be his dream season, i mean i remember back in fm17 that somehow the forward from the 20th in premier league was the top scorer with a 2 star CA and a normal stat spread (good, but not amazing, could be a decent 3rd choice for me) beating my world class forward that was better is most stats and have a very good stats spread after that season that random player got the same amount of goals of that golden season in the next 3 seasons ad
  12. Don't mind it that much is just the game looking for something negative to put in the report, they are upset yeah, but they aren't the ones deciding your future in the team, if you have success its unimportant who you sold, they forget about it by the next season
  13. Thats why you see players performing on certain teams and not in others you could buy the ballon d'or winner and he could get a sub 7.0 rating on your team because you play with say, a F9 and the guy is a better playing as a target man for mid/low table team due to counter/defensive tactics that use the targetman better add that to a near max tall player with 20 at jumping and strength with decent stats in all other stats and boom! A top scorer
  14. I kind of support OP's point, i could see players from a mid-low table saying that of bournemouth or fulham, but not a player in the team leading the championship, heck even the leeds situation proves the "dream" move is a little extreme, dream move should be a team on mid table of the next tier, not a team fighting for relegation/mid low table i could see the "i want to play in the premiership" moan, but not a "dream" same happened to one of my players wanting to go to madrid, he was gone on a free since madrid was behind him a 3 whole years and couldn't renew his contract. After he was
  15. Loan only if you can't affort to use him at least as rotation (as a sub/playing him to rest a first teamer) leave him available to play U23 so he keeps a good shape U23 does makes the player progress but not as much as playing 20ish games for you or a full season for a mid table/top team Follow Snorks' rules, if no team meets that criteria for a loan then try to play him in cups/non strong teams to not stagnate him
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