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  1. Kinda, i don't know if Germany has a u18/u23 league like in england, but normally u18 plays with other u18 teams, so your prospects will play better football as my u18 team has mostly Championship/L1 level players i guess it is better to get them on u18 with 2nd and 3rd tier players around than make them play on 4th-5th tier of the league system, im comparing to england system so idk if the comparison is accurate or not
  2. i go for a 1 week fine if is a 2 yellow sent off, 2 weeks for straight red, i only give warnings for first low perfomance game, 1 week fine for the second, then a warning everytime it goes below 6.3 and teams loses, 1 week fine for consecutive 6.3, i give a 2 week fine if below 5.5 that how i work, there are some special cases like messing up a important game or being at fault for the team being eliminated by a lower league team where i hand a 2 week fine, if all team plays badly, is a 1 week for all 6.1 or below and warnings for 6.3 and 6.2
  3. by the name of the stadium i guess is named after your manager? if thats so then thats the only real way of getting a new stadium before the 20 years rule
  4. either a typo or a bug in database i guess is supposed to be trained by your team
  5. 9-1 to MK Dons while i was a 6th tier team in fm17, having a relegation struggler in the 3rd round of FA cup was an good thing so im not that sad about that result
  6. Morale is not the same as motivation, u can have low morale but be motivated to do it better, he got angry due to "le gasp! how dare u saying i play poorly! i'll show u you are wrong in the next match" +motivation due to challenging himself to do it better -morale due to being angry/down by your words then again, motivation is not really a stat, i'll say it just makes a player get out of a slump earlier
  7. nope, the spot would go to another league afaik, that only happens with europa league if the champions of FA cup and EFL cup qualify to any of the 2 continental competitions via league, giving the spots to 6th and 7th
  8. exchanges are normally successful if the team u are offering wants to leave, and the team u are offering think it can give him a contract he would accept, i managed to get a player offering a player as a loan (the player wanted to leave and wasn't asking for much in wages, and was fine to go a lvl down the ladder) could lower a counter offer of 20m bid to 19 + loan
  9. if rules state that it should be from club them don't, if rules state that is from nation loan only in local teams
  10. i don't use Dof since 17, i mostly use him for staff (if he mess up there is not big deal) for players i do it myself to remove release clauses, salary raises, highest earner and automatic renew after x games
  11. im aware that DoF can get u better deals with the player, the problem is that he likes to add bonuses or Clauses that can crush you transfer/Salary Budget after a season or 2
  12. FM 17, 9-1 against Arsenal in the 4th round of FA cup replay while i was a 4th division team, to think i was 1-0 in minute 95 in the first game...damn referee...
  13. that league is more 2 sided than the past decade Laliga
  14. say that to good old generous me giving high bonuses every year and getting at least United/City/Arsenal in one of the first 3 rounds every year
  15. yeah there, just like players and staff the icon will appear there, sometimes press will say that certain team is interested but it will not appear, most likely cuz it had interest for less than a week
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