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  1. Tried tahitian team AS dragoon, won the league the triple in my first season and somehow won the OFC Champions league and being pouched by the same team from new zealand that i beated.
  2. Once i got to the premier i started to imptive all the facilities when i have the chance, but somehow, after reaching PL with average facilities they are now below average after 2 upgrades, its just way too weird, isn't there a way to increase the facilities faster? My team has the money but they only invest 1M now...
  3. WorcesterLegend

    Marketing affiliate

    Thanks for the replies, i choosed the aussie team, it wasn't, since i hve the australia team captain i guess im better with it, i have a chinese team already, so i guess the next link will be japan or try to get my hands on a reputable team in the usa later on
  4. Im trying to get a marketing affiliate as a mid/low table team in the premier, the board finds some low table australian teams and "2nd division" usa teams, im guessing the australian teams the logical target in this situation, but the difference between usa and australia in term of population is huge, so i don't know what to pick
  5. as of now i have found that only mid table or below england teams that promote to the premier can have a monthly income...also gibraltar Amateur teams if you exploit morocco's clubs friendlies
  6. i want to run a final save for FM18 in england, i want to make a team from conference to PL as fast as possible with Halifax, i have read before that you can reach at least to championship in back to back promotions, but i don't see a way of doing it other than exploiting the loan system, but is only 5 players and the team will still have difficulties its finances to be in those levels, any tip for doing that before FM18 "dies"?
  7. WorcesterLegend

    Dilemmas in Football Manager

    he was an inside forward, since i always look for Pace and Acc i guess he got a lot? he is retired now, and the only one active is gareth lewis who was on the other side, he has as a 32 YO 15 Pace and 12 Acc, Lewis was more pacey, but the acc was on par with gareth, i gues a 17 and 13? he could win some GPs with those stats lol
  8. WorcesterLegend

    New stadium - FM17

    its a single player game, so you do what you want really, im stuck right now with a 18K in PL and it was build at 2023, being at 2032 i have to swallow 11 years to build another, if i don't get a stadium with my name after 5 more season i will do the same as you, is not cheating if you aren't playing online anyway, on top of that it would be realistic for leicester to build a 50K stadium if they had won another 2 PL trophies lol
  9. WorcesterLegend

    Loan Player Morale

    the only things that come to my mind is that they don't like their loan experience, or as you said, their true team performance, i guess someone with more info on the function of the code of the game can clarify this.
  10. WorcesterLegend

    England Leagues not available to select

    as formeuss said, if you mess with a league and there is something wrong the league will not be playable, for example, leaving 19 teams in premier league.
  11. i overviewed the teams that are inelegible, and most of them are teams that normally qualify to the champions league due to league position, so they are inelegible and i guess the spot goes to the runner up or to your nation league? i guess that how it works, i never saw that page with that much info, since the only times i got a run on a team that could get to european continental tournaments either i was out in the first qualifying round or didn't play to see this kind of screens (i guess that is after the season is over right?)
  12. WorcesterLegend

    Scouting help for LLM

    first off, the stats of the scouts are important, also the number of them, you have to set the scouts to scout until they know all about the player, also, remember that since you are in lower leagues the scouts will have more difficulties to get info about say, a north team if you are a south team, on top of that is best to scout by league/region/nation that looking for first teamers because they will narrow the search for "better" players in the star ratings, leaving those 2.5 stars players that have a good stats spread out of the report. also the most important is, you are giving 2 scouts the work of scouting 50 players, most likely in at least 10 different cities, that just way too much work if you ask me.
  13. they are playing games, but in their player profile is shown as "league" instead of say, Gabonese premier league
  14. WorcesterLegend

    Whats up with the goalkeeping?

    or players lying down before a player tackles him or players jumping before a hard tackle is made and start running at the same speed as Bolt at the end of a 100m race in just 0.01 secs of acceleration, just make it part of the game, remember that this is not FIFA or PES so the 3D won't be so good and this thing WILL happen
  15. this is normally the reason, FM saves normally takes up to 200MB if the save runs for more than 10 years, imagine if you have autosave running 10 slots, and also if you have a lot of leagues loaded the save can be bigger in to even reach a GB...