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  1. WorcesterLegend

    What happens in the future?

    i play with fake names, but i did identify fake named messi, he is right now a under 18 coach for America (MEX)...i don't get why he would go there xD i mean, i understand if this kind of players go to say their home nation or the nation they played most of his career, not going randomly to Mexico xD
  2. you offer a pre-contract, not an actual one
  3. WorcesterLegend

    New stadium - FM17

    you can still hope for a stadium with your name...right? xD
  4. WorcesterLegend

    Player signs for less wages

    i once signed on accident a league 2 player with the same name as one wonderkid i was trying to sign, he was on a 2K wage more or less and he wanted around 10K, while my worst payed player that is not on a youth contract or has a contract when i was in the championship was at 12K, so i guess is more of a "you have your pockets full pal, gimme some more"
  5. WorcesterLegend

    New stadium - FM17

    20 years, unless you get lucky and the team builds a new one with your name
  6. WorcesterLegend

    oyun hakkında

    if you post in english you can get a faster response...
  7. he is your boss, what do you do when you don't agree with your boss?...suck down your pride or tell him he is the worst and leave
  8. WorcesterLegend

    single goal match?

    as Phnompenhandy said, any combination that has a 0 and 1 in a football match.
  9. WorcesterLegend

    Stop players retiring so soon

    well, SI can't predict when does a player will retire or where do, a trend? maybe, but there are still player that retire early to leave in a high level, for South americans maybe, there are A LOT of ex elite player playing in brazil and argentina because they want to retire in their nation, as for the china/japan ones, those are normally to get a last paycheck so they don't run out of money if they can't/don't want to get a manager or coach job, and those are normally the ones that were VERY injury prone in there high 30s Zlatan comes to mind...
  10. WorcesterLegend

    Ironman in FM 19 for tryhards.

    you can always set autosave every day and make it roll just one save. im guessing you got that idea from Xcom? it can be made a real thing, an actual tick box before starting a save so the temtation is not there, i mean, i try to play without reloading, but man...i just can't seem to accept that as a Premier side i lose against a 5th tier team in the fa cup...i guess one thing is wanting to and other is actually imposing it to yourself, is like doing diet, we want to lose fat, but you still want to eat a cookie or a fried chicken daily
  11. WorcesterLegend

    Dilemmas in Football Manager

    i once had, while managing in non league, 4 Lewis playing the first team, Greg Lewis, Mark Lewis, Lewis Hamilton (not to confuse with the F1 driver lol) and a Welsh called Gareth Lewis, is so funny how in a database of over 30K players you can get so many with the same name or surname.
  12. WorcesterLegend

    Dubbed the new Paul Gascoigne

    i have a AML labeled like that, does the press rate him as a wonderkid, if not, once he gets some playing time he will get that label, funny how the interest just changed from, mid table teams want to sign him to even R.Madrid wanting him
  13. WorcesterLegend

    Managable Nations

    if you want to do it club wise, Classen has a League pack with leagues of all the nation you don't even know about if nation wise then you can go to advance settings of the database before starting a save and configure that nation players to appear, its best to pair that with the league pack since idk if players for that nation will be keep generating after the start of the game
  14. i like to think that instead of a Email it is a phone call from the president/owner of the team that is offering you the interview, that way you have to be polite and answer "sorry, im not interested, im happy here in Worcester"
  15. WorcesterLegend

    Stupid sacking!

    well...is like players crying for not taking all the penalties even though they had a broken leg, anything that you promise is a right now stuff, unless you promise a player play time after x seasons of development.