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  1. WorcesterLegend

    Impact of a large database size

    larger database (read load lots of players) and 1 or 2 league can end up with teams rarely buying players from other teams since there will be better players in lower leagues/free agency lowering transfers fees in the process. having less player can make the price of the players skyrocketing to Neymar's fee since good players will be rare, i prefer going for the less players since i prefer seeing teams moving a lot in the transfer windows is up to u and what league are u playing, if u will play as united a good setup would be a medium-small database, adding all top 7 leagues, some good youth nations like netherlands, belgium, turkey, Croatia, etc. add brazil and argetina is a must, maybe add colombia in there, mexico, Japan and South Korea are good options too, remember to add nations that are near your nation too, like for england you could add scotland and both irelands, maybe Wales this are recomendations, i like to add say bolivian and venezuelan leagues just for the lols to see if those two can somehow qualify to world cup or generate a decent regen
  2. WorcesterLegend

    Fifa membership (Tuvalu, Micronesia)

    i think only if the nation is in some kind of progress of doing that, i think it was serbia the most noticeable that after like 5 seasons in they could enter EU, but i don't think of any nation is trying to get to fifa right now, Tuvalu and Kiribati kind of have the requeriments but i don't think they are even at the starting phase of integrating to fifa, micronesia is not even in the OFC for starters, heck Greenland is a more close to getting to the FIFA than any Oceanian nation.
  3. WorcesterLegend

    Financial fair play

    yeah, psg could have spend 1000M but if they somehow build a good profit or sells players to low that front in a season it doesn't really matter
  4. WorcesterLegend

    Work Permit (Post-Brexit)

    US guy as i said could get a past with those rules with no problems, chinese guy WILL get rejected unless u paid big money for him and give a rotation status like salary for the argentinian and the dutch is a little tricky tho for the argentinian the appeal could get u a pass if u pay more than 10M (if he plays in argentina or brazil top flight that is) For the dutch its the same as the argentinian, but changing the league point for salary point, that is if his salary is one of the 23 best salaries (at least that how i think it works) for the last two i need info on their transfer to see whats wrong, if u paid less than 10M for each one u will not get wp for then, (especially the dutch since eredivisie not a top league in europe and im guessing u pay more than 40K to most of your first team and rotation players so less points for him)
  5. WorcesterLegend

    Work Permit (Post-Brexit)

    read the rules section of the league, not all brexits are the same, u could have gotten one where there is no minimum salary and on top of that the US kid has 4 caps and the others only once or twice, normally having 4 caps in a row is good enough if the kid have potential and the nation team didn't have much activity in the last 2 years (non continental cup/world cup year)
  6. i myself have economics knowledge and budgets have nothing to do with your balance, that why when u say "oh i want that ps4 so badly, but my budget for a new console is only 250$" that doesn't mean u have 250$ in your bank, since u have to buy food, the bills, etc, nor is that out your bank since when u buy a console with that 250$ u will have to use the money in your bank, even if its in another bank account, isolated from the rest of your money, since for the treasury thats still counts as your money in short, the board with the budgets tells u how much money the team can afford in wages/transfers so the team actually don't go bankrupt or have a very bad shape finance wise for next season if u don't spend the whole thing, unless the team gets a finance boost like reaching the top flight, getting qualified to CL or a tycoon take over it will be the same for next year, team may or may not "renew" the transfer budget depending on how much transfer budget is left and how much money they can afford to use on top of that any money from players sold goes directly to transfer budget in a percentage the board defines, for top teams is normally 100%, since they need to reinvest anyway to be at the top, for lower table or lower league the teams can vary from 100% to 0% depending on financial situation hope that isn't confusing
  7. if they are on the radar of a good european team that can offer big bucks they will want the same kind of money, actually the unrealistic part is that good players could end up playing all their career in brazil if offered enough money
  8. WorcesterLegend

    International B Teams

    is kind of a placeholder really, the only B teams that actually do something are USA and mexico, and some Central america nations and japan that go to the copa america
  9. WorcesterLegend

    Gibraltar league issue

    most of the teams u will play in that round are in the same shape so all are in the same problem if the level of the league raised (can advance to the late qualifying rounds ) treat this as pre season, if not, treat those games as pre season games, is almost the same, u just don't get 12 players in bench nor 12 subs and u get prize money out of them
  10. just reject, if player is unhappy u just try to fix it with the "minimun offer" option, if the team really wants the player, he can leave no problem. i had a situation were a player was getting offers around 30M for a value of 50M player, the player gets unhappy because city vs mid high table team, i proposed to the player that if city comes with a 100M offer i will let him leave. 2 Transfers windows later i got city to offer 80M (including future fees) and negotiated to 95M + 30M fees
  11. lol thats weird to see but not imposible i guess a germany's regen a defender too, got a 3.9 in a game germany lost 8-0 all goal where his fault lol (my player..for good thing it wasn't in my team anyway xD) germany are at a heavy reestructuring process due to rngod to not generate good enough german players like 5 seasons in a row, that have seem them to fall to 30th in fifa ranking back on topic, yeah normally those awful ratings are for defenders and GK, except for extreme cases like palermo's case where he failed 3 penalty shots in a single game...
  12. WorcesterLegend

    From low league to CL champion

    yeah the most hardcore managers are still trying to catch the top PL teams at best, someone will have done it by now, but maybe didn't posted it/recorded it
  13. WorcesterLegend

    So whats new ? (nothing)

    that what i wanted to get at, we as Managers shouldn't know that stat anyway, the reason we are using is to actually have some number for the potential of a player, because you can't know how good a player can be, you don't know how bad he can be either, so PA is like a physical/mental/Technical limitation for the player so that he can't reach more, that players do overachive form time to time, yes, maybe a modifier for say 3 outperfoming seasons, and a very limited one that is say 5 points, lets be honest, Vardy is like one of the few exceptions, and as noted earlier, overachieving is normal in all sport, players can have 5 good seasons (with good im saying a Stuani like) and still be...regular...because he reached that ceiling and unless he gets better players around him he won't perform any better, is like the idea of Bolt actually going even faster, Humans have limitation, science says that human only use like less than half of their brain, so in other words, anyone can be Einstein, but here i am using my brain in a football game
  14. WorcesterLegend

    So whats new ? (nothing)

    my bad, i was refering to PPA
  15. WorcesterLegend

    So whats new ? (nothing)

    the game will randomly fill the players stats, using his position and favorite role for prefered stats Edit: is like generating a Regen with 200 CA