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  1. Irl the most common scores are 1-0 and 0-0 Perhaps the game is simulating it that way when not in full detail when the teams are equal in quality, normally a league could be off by say 15 to 10 goals total in difference when most teams are equal, unless somehow the more defensive teams got in one league and the offensive ones in the other is there seems to be something off... I do remember that once in the premier, somehow the bottom 3 teams had players in the top 10 goals scorers that season all teams got so many goals that the top 3 had +40 so maybe its just a coincidence?
  2. WorcesterLegend

    Ridiculous scorelines

    It also is unrealistic for a team going down 4-0 in the first leg to win the 2nd at 5-0 but it can happen from time to time, its also unrealistic for someone to win the lottery twice but it happens, you happened to be lucky(?) Enough to that result with the same teams in different saves 2 or 3 times,
  3. Irl is normal for teams to have a hard time finding a good non central left footed player, even in the AML/R Positions, thats why is harder, there are say...15 world class Wing backs on all the database, 12 of them are right footed, so 3 left footed, then those will normally find their way to madrid, barcelona, juventus or any top 5 in england so you either buy at 120M+ or try to find the next one faster than those teams the other point is that some world class players can have their stats badly distributed, for wingbacks it is to have too much defensive stats or having say, finishing at 14 or heading at 18 when they are 155 cm tall Also remember that around 75% of the kids in the world want to be forwards, a messi/ronaldo like player or a goalie
  4. WorcesterLegend

    Under 18/23 getting stadium?

    I guess any expert from SI can clarify this, but irl its a fact that a bad pitch can be bad for playing just about any sport
  5. WorcesterLegend

    Under 18/23 getting stadium?

    Sorry if don't get most of the terms, english is not my native language, but i guess you get my point right?
  6. WorcesterLegend

    Under 18/23 getting stadium?

    You can see the condition of the pitch just by searching for your stadium in the search bar, as for injuries related to this, the game normally tells you a explanation of how that happened, a bump with other player, a hard tackle, etc. I always say that if they get stuck is because of the pitch, i guess there are more but when i feel like looking at the reason that the one i mostly see
  7. And most of them are high profile north american teams, and japan...qatar is participating for the first time...i guess to try themselves against teams from south america before the world cup?...i guess they will eat up 15+ goals if they and up in a tough group
  8. Centenario was an special copa america played in The USA for the 100 years of the copa america, it was played out of the 4 years cycle, if you see the last winners tab you can see that chile won it twice one year after another
  9. WorcesterLegend

    Can we get a customizable role in AML/R

    Well, most of the irl AMR/L are fancy in technique, now, for lower leagues es actually a problem, since i don't think a AMR/L in those leagues does the same as the tops leagues A Winger on support could be the answer, but its the same as a Winger on wide midfield, so maybe an AM wide?...the name does give a IF like style of play...maybe less dribbling into the box and more open to give crosses instead?
  10. Japan did participate in copa america, can't remember the year but i know it was in the previous decade B teams participate there because i think there is another competition where the A team is playing, afaik mexico played last official copa america (not centenario) with mostly under 23 so maybe thats why the B play it
  11. WorcesterLegend

    Can we get a customizable role in AML/R

    By free you mean free movement? Like messi does in barcelona? That he moves from the side to play as AM when he feels/has to? Becuase i always have seem ramdaunter as this, also inside forward kind of does the same If by free you mean something like the regular midfielder role then i don't think it exists
  12. WorcesterLegend

    Under 18/23 getting stadium?

    Oh...and in game?
  13. WorcesterLegend

    Level of Discipline Attribute

    Heh at least you aren't stuck in 1 as me, anyway, thats one of the hardest stats to increase, you habe to be a mourinho like manager and on top of that be a ogre in like all, want a new contract? NO!, you played at 6.7? 2 WEEKS FINE!, you want to play for barcelona? GO TRAIN WITH THE YOUNG GUYS!! You promised to be in champions league next season? IT WAS A LIE! After all of that and after half of the squad make pressure and you are now unemployed, congratulations! You have increased your level of discipline by 1 point c: ...or at least that the only way i have seem on the forums, i don' have the balls to try that and get sacked and throw 20 seasons to the trash
  14. WorcesterLegend

    Under 18/23 getting stadium?

    In other word there will be a time where the under 18/23 will play in other ground when the pitch get a very bad condition?
  15. Right now im one of the most powerful teams in england, im starting to try to set up a good "youth academy" with players from all over the world, right now i have links with belgium (mouscron) holland (twente) japan (okayama) and australia (adelaide), im looking for a link in brasil, argentina and maybe another top nation in europe, but after so much i only have got 1 good player from all those teams (mouscron) so i guess that the nations youth rating alone is not enough to get good players from those affiliates, does the popularity/facilities/coaching of the team matters because i could get better results from FFA COE from australia instead of adelaide (i have a comercial deal too, but i don't really care for that) on top of that mouscron is in pro B league, so i don't know LONG STORY SHORT What are the factors that determinate the players that the teams "give" me in the youth intake? Or is just an change of name/nationality for the players i get?