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  1. Finances on its own don't really matter, its like getting a new credit card, you get funds, but you don't have money to pay the credit, just be below the budgets and your job is secured, president of the team will either add some funds from his pocket or sell the team
  2. Decisions itself not, but i guess it can motivate/angry your players more depending on the situation, i guess it can also intimidate the referee or if it was a bad call it will make the same bad call for the other team if it happens, at least thats the application of that irl, idk if all of that apply to in game or just a way of simulating the times when referees book 3 or 4 during a heated up discution in the middle of the game
  3. Well its kind of doable, my highest wage in the first time i tried to get a team from conference to premier when i got to champions league final was 180k/w it wasn't even a first team regular, was more of first choise rotation for my aml, amr and striker my first teamer with highest wage was a center back at 135k so its doable, problem being what to do with players wanting new contracts
  4. Perhaps a situational bug, so many games, so many variables it could happen, maybe u played a replay that forced you to play that game on that date
  5. Were the games friendlies? You can request the players to not go to those if they are not official games
  6. A lot of things it really depends of what kind of link you have with that team, you can use for work permits, for marketing purposes, for youth intake purposes, for loaning I normally use then to get youth, i like japanese and hispanic names so seeing one or two in my intakes brings me a smile You can get a link in the league below for "homegrown" purposes you sign a 16 year old wonderkid, you loan him to that feeder club for 3 years, and you now have that striker with 19 years, is a homegrown for the nation and developed quite a bit
  7. Plot twist for vaduz: it can't go to champions league via league so only way of qualifying to it its the europa league, on top of that elimination in champions league at any level will result in top players wanting to leave because they want to play champions league As to teams that should be rich i guess any scandinavian capital will do as that region is rather rich on its own Arabic nations are a place for that too, a lot of people with money there, Tokyo would be a good pick too U could try to make Caracas or Zulia in venezuela as those are their biggest cities and those where were the oil wealth in venezuela once was, there are a lot of teams in Rio for brazil too, maybe buenos aires
  8. Well, the game is rather vague as to how that work, heck i have never knew who pays the transportation of a player once is getting a transfer to another team, im guessing the buying team, but trials for people abroad are 0 or almost 0 the only one i have read about was the history of how messi got to la macia, and even then in FM standards he was in a youth intake
  9. That could be a way to attract a lil more of people to the game, problem is that after playing 3 or 4 games with the same liverpool vs tottenham or man u vs man c it gets old, FM works on a league structure with transfers and tactics in the middle, u could say "use the team from one of your saves" who can stop someone from putting 18 players with 200 CA on a team with the editor? I get bored of fifa/pes after 3 or 4 friendlies with my friends, even if they are as good as me playing i enjoy more the day to day of a manager and i guess more than half of player base is the same be it on the tactic side or the DoF side or both
  10. Im aware that top flight of northern ireland is as low as 6th tier in england so i'd say it would equal to 10-12th tier more or less? Maybe looking at the database in pre game editor for looking at rep will net a better understanding of how low the game can get?
  11. If somehow ajax made it to the semifinals then u can make bets with FM as data provider lol
  12. I would say trials are kinda free, perhaps one or two extra ticket for the bus that would cost the same as a ticket for a match in that level
  13. I have played the very low level database before, noticed the fact that amateur teams in say 22th tier can sign players of the 9th tier in england, that got me thinking, since that database goes for the sussex side of the low tiers and those tier are not really that low due the problem i mentioned then how low do u think the game can handle in england? For example, players don't go down leagues unless 1. They want more playtime, 2. They will earn big money (meanless after 8th tier or so) 3. Personal reason (not aplicable to fm as players won't go down a tier or 2 for playing for a manager they like) or 4. They know they are decaying due to age (even then there are 35+ players that won't like to earn less than 10K even for playing at 3th or 4th tier so there is that too...) What i like to know is, how low points 1 and 4 apply in fm for this kind of database i'd like to start a save as low as possible for FM20 once the database is released for it but is a drag to play 10 seasons or so destroying the opposition because i have players 5+ tiers above the level of the league without getting them poached
  14. A "realistic" game world would be a medium database with ALL leagues in the world activated (even the tonga football league) but since that would require a rather big pc for it to process at a decent speed, i'd say the big 5 leagues with all its lower leagues in the vanilla database, some middle tier leagues like portuguese, russian, netherlands, belgium and ukraine (add other UK nations if playing in england, scotland could be a must add too) and their 2nd tier for those leagues to dump their non talented players, brazil and argentina go in for south america, add colombian league for them to dump/get talent if u feel like adding more add uruguay, for the north USA and Mexico will do, the level of the other leagues there is not worth it for dumping non talent, africa is tricky, leagues there aren't great but they can generate more talent if added as those league don't really buy players outside of their continent so add the one u feel adding for having more non dual nationality africans around, then add chinese, japanese and australian leagues for marketing and some money leagues from asia like saudi, qatar or similars, oceania is a 0 in football world, only thing u could do for that continent is adding new zealand for australia to dump non talented players That would be my ideal FM world if my PC wasn't a potato Medium size would work, maybe a small one so u don't get too many new Ronaldos and Messis then again, there was only 1 world class goalie in a save with a large database...so anything can happen with any size after u load so many leagues and nations
  15. Remember that FM in the end is a business, thats why japanese game makers lowers the difficulty of their games for the american/european releases, same thing happens with FM right now, most of the "elite" of this game is either hooked up with the game or bored and just plays a few seasons per new game to see whats new and if by chance is more difficult, they are looking for more sales, so they have to go looking for the casual player, if the game is too difficult (is overwhelming for new player to learn all the stuff anyway, my brother had a go to fm and tried to use the same tactic he uses in fifa/pes, a 4-1-2-3 with 2 amc and a mc...that didn't end well for him) they will not comeback for the next release
  16. I remember a season where fulham's striker got 42 goals, 2 more than my ballon d'or winner striker...and fulham somehow finish dead bottom of the the league!, that player was a mid table player so is most likely that fulham was using a suicidal tactic where they score 3 and receive 5 lol As for AI as whole, back in fm17 boston united reached premier league by 2045 after 2 shock promotions from league 1 and championship they gone as the worse team in history of premier getting only 10 points and 1 lone win they got back to league 1 as fast as they reached premier and have been yo yoing league 1 and 2 for the 10 seasons
  17. You can get a new stadium before the 20 year rule if board decides to build one on your name
  18. There is no way of doing that, either go with it or pray that u get a stadium with your name which is the only way to get around the 20 year requeriment
  19. Team should go full pro after reaching that level, is like semi pro teams in 5th tier in england after they promote to 4th tier they are kinda forced/need to go full pro so they have minimal chances of signing decent enough players not sure if league 2 has a rule for that or not but teams at that level (and by equivalence any league with similar level will be a full pro or 50-50
  20. Playing away is always difficult even irl, and against a top team is even harder How may were on target? How many where one on one against the goalie? How many where blocked by one of the 20+ legs on the box? The other teams is just defending against the leader of the league, they are, as the football community say, parking the bus, something that gave chelsea his CL a lot of seasons back you just need a tactic that can break those parking the bus tactics Edit: there is no tactic that will work 100% of the times so start accepting that a unbeaten season in fm is as hard as irl
  21. I suffer from this myself, don't fear using loans for the young ones, also if they aren't playing then they are no good for a 3 man line, 2 backup players are enough, i use a 4123 wide and i always end up with 5 mc, one is normally converted to dm and the other 4 just rotate, one of them having a game a month at most he normally has the or hot prospect role, only the backup one will demand play time, and only if he isn't used at all or rarely in a...say 3 month period, if i don't use is normally because the hot prospect has surpased him and he needs to leave, leaving myself with 3 mc and the converted dm to rotate both positions The only problem i see is that your formation doesn't allow players to convert to rotate 2 positions
  22. First off, are you officially in the championship? (After reset date i mean) if u aren't then wait for it in onder to get the reputation boost from winning the league, if still no good enough try to endure the season, get some good player that can destroy the 3rd tier, most of the times low table teams got half squad just good enough for the league below, after winter market opens you should have some 2nd tier level players available as some players have inflated egos until they realise they have gotten half a season doing nothing waiting for a premiership team Also there is also the problem that most 2nd tier divisions have this huge gap between mid top and mid low table so most low table teams have few options, if brexit hasn't happened or got a soft brexit u could try and look for a good player outside of UK im sure players from say, low table/2nd tier in east europe would be happy to play for a 2nd tier team in scotland, only bad thing about this is the high bid they will most likely want
  23. I would say is not liverpool itself but a combination of ai tactic that works plus players that make thay tactic work as a charm For instances that what happened with mourinho in 17 and 18, in my save in 17 (which im playing while 20 arrives) i just couldn't beat mourinho in total matches in a single season until 2041 where i beated him in comm shield, 1 win and a draw in league and 2 wins in champions There is always a manager with a tactic and team to destroy all europe in each iteration of the game
  24. Phnompenhandy is right, normally, your tactics will most of the times be better so u will play better anyway, a tip i can give u for players in that level is going for full physical players, tall, strong and pacey players will dominate most of the time
  25. Some details are needed, are u playing in a top league? Was that "won everything" season a league + champions + cup? Or league + cup? Also is normal for players to request better contracts according to team/league level for instance u can keep a world class player at 200-240k per week but after champions league win those will want a better wage
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