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  1. Is it possible to edit a staff role with the in-game editor, for example, if I want to make a general manager a scout instead?
  2. Well back to the drawing board it is, fell victim to a corrupt save game. Definitely going to fire up another Italian save, but was enjoying the game I was playing. But do I fire one up immediately or wait until the transfer window update gets released?
  3. Made it through to the end of the season with the Biancocelesti, and set about overhauling the team. The biggest problem with Lazio in the summer of 2020 is that the majority of their key players are the wrong side of 30, and the squad requires a major overhaul. But before I began that process I had to factor in the club philosophies that I had agreed to. Club Philosophies Play attacking football Develop players using the youth system Milinković-Savić had already been moved on prior to me taking over with the too best assets remaining being Luis Alberto and Ciro Immobile. With interest in both, I decided to sacrifice one of them. In the end it was Luis Alberto who secured a potential $50million move to Juventus. The rest of my efforts have been centered around trimming as many of the over-30s as possible. Dusan Basta retired and joined the U-18s coaching staff. Most of the others have been listed or moved on already, with the exceptions of Senad Lulic and Stefan Radu who given 1 year extensions so they would be available as mentors, as was Lucas Leiva. Francesco Acerbi is the only player who has raised any hell about being listed and there was some minor dissent that was quelled during a team meeting. So far only players have been brought in. Mateo Musacchio and Santiago Arias from Milan and Atletico Madrid respectively arrived on pre-arranged deals that were part of their loan agreements. Both fit the general mould of what I look for in every signing, (strong Determination, Teamwork, and Workrate) so they'll suffice in the short term. I also brought in Thiago's brother Rafinha on a free from Barcelona, which was a steal. The board have kept up their end of the bargain in regards to the Youth Development by funding improvements to youth facilities, increasing the junior coaching budget, and expanding youth recruitment so it's up to me to begin introducing some of the better prospects into the first team. The following showed a lot of promise in pre-season, so it will be interesting to see what some competitive exposure will do for them. Alessio Furlanetto Nicolo Armini Donatello Borghi Giuseppe Castagna The two newgens have me particularly excited so it will be interesting to see how they develop. I still have a few of the old timers to offload, and am not too hopeful of getting that done prior to the end of the transfer window, but we'll see, also hoping to bring in a centerback and a striker as we're a bit light in that department.
  4. My career at Genoa was shortlived resigned in Dec 2019 just shy of a year in charge. Chairman made it clear leave of be pushed so I chose to bow out gracefully. It's April 2020, and I'm almost a month into my new role at Lazio. Sitting 10th and unbeaten my first 3 games. Riding out the rest of the season as best I can so I can overhaul the squad, which is resembling an old folks home at the moment. Hopefully some of the youth prospects are worth bringing through.
  5. 9 months into my Italian career save, tried something different this time and started off unemployed to see what jobs came up, bided my time until January 2019 and eventually took over at Genoa, with them hovering one place above the relegation zone. Managed to finish the season in 11th, and including wins over Lazio and Milan. 4 games into the 19/20 season and 2 wins and 2 defeats after 4 games
  6. Just started of a save to keep me going through the Christmas break, took over a relegation threatened Genoa in mid January, so far, 2 wins from 2, including a derby win over Sampdoria.
  7. So what you re saying is they are not playable, but there for increased accuracy
  8. Not sure if this is by design because of the beta, but in both Norway and France, if I load up all the leagues, when selecting a team the lowest league is greyed out. I've attached a screenshot, same behavior for Norwegian third division
  9. I've been playing FM for the longest time, but over the past few iterations I have struggled to hold an interest in the game in the long term. I can put together the foundations of a well organized club, with strong recruitment and development plans, but where I struggle with is with tactics. So what I need to do is get back to basics, to rebuild my understanding of tactics from the ground up again, beginning with some fundamentals. So with that in mind can anyone point me in the direction of a good place to start. There are many bright minds on these forums I know, I just need a good starting point.
  10. Began a new one with Recreativo here if you are interested, the first few post will admittedly be rehashing a lot of what I have here
  11. Choosing the Club Full disclosure before we go any further, I began a similar post about a week ago in the Good Player and Team Guide for a save I was running with Venezia, the save got corrupted so this is an effort to start over with the same approach and goal in mind. Following that save I was hesitant to begin a new save in Italy, looking for a fresh approach. A brief discussion with zlatanera led me to Spain, at first looking at clubs in the Basque region that were not Athletic Bilbao. After briefly considering Real Sociedad, I decided to look for something lower down the divisions for something less established. I will admit my knowledge of Spanish football outside of the top half of La Primera is not what it should be, however I did read Phil Ball’s Morbo about the game in Spain and recalled a chapter on Spain’s oldest club, a little bit of research refreshed the memory that the club was Recreativo Huelva, and despite a long history they had not really achieved anything of note outside of being the losing finalist in the Copa Del Rey in the early 2000s. Now they are languishing in the basement of the Spanish professional game. In other words, they were perfect. I will have to fish out Phil Balls book and review the chapter on Recreativo here, as I feel it will be of more value than recycling a wiki post.
  12. My days of getting lost in a good FM save are not what they used to be, or at least don’t happen as often as they used too. Several reasons for that, two young kids, a demanding job, life in general. I’ve been playing Football Manager for over 20 years now, but still admit to struggling from time to time, particularly on the tactical side, as the game has gotten more in depth. Up until relatively recently, my playing patterns were predictable. I’d fire up a game and start a save as one of my three favorite teams, Aston Villa, D.C. United, or A.C. Milan. Over the last few years that pattern hasn’t been as enjoyable, partly because despite their real-world struggles, these teams were relatively easy to resurrect and make successful. I wanted a different type of challenge. Shortly after the release of FM16, I started a save with Italian Serie C side, A.C. Pavia, and got them promoted to Serie B at the first attempt. It was the most enjoyment I got out of a save in years, then not long into my second season, my laptop died, and that was that. One of the facets that interests me most is club building, not building a team, building a club, for me this means shaping a club from top to bottom. This takes time of course. I finally got around to replacing that laptop and here I am with FM18, suffering from the same predictability pattern. So, I’m giving Spain a try. I have two aims here: Find a team that has never enjoyed success at the highest level Make them my club The first aim easy to achieve, there are an abundance of such teams in any nation. The second aim, well that’s a little more obscure. But here’s what I want to do, build the club along a predetermined set of philosophies that are not necessarily outlined or guided by the board. Essentially, I want to shape the DNA of a club, or perhaps reshape it, like Arsene Wenger did with Arsenal in the first decade of his reign. And I see this being defined in 3 ways: Youth Development Tactical Philosophy Recruitment Policy How do I hope to achieve these defining features of the club’s DNA? I have some basic ideas which I expect to evolve over time but here it is Youth Development Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Athletic Bilbao, each provide an excellent blueprint for strong youth development programs. I see this as having two main facets, strong youth recruitment network, which would include scouting and youth intake development program that will hopefully include both feeder and parent clubs, but also internal mentoring If my aim is to choose a club on the lower end of economic scale implementing these plans is not going to be immediate, but that is the long-term goal. Tactical Philosophy The part I expect to struggle with most, mostly because I am not as tactically proficient as I should be. I favor an attacking approach and that will be the approach I take from the onset, for better or worse. Recruitment Policy Someone once said, ‘You can’t win anything with kids’, although he was proved wrong, the youth focus does need to be tempered with experience to aid their development. But I want the players at the club to have certain traits in common. With that in mind strong ratings in the following will be a must. Determination Work rate Teamwork Composure Concentration All essential mental stats, that will become the backbone of the club’s DNA. Regardless of the other talents that a player may have, if they are lacking in these they are not going to fit, as a result my player search will use these as filters. The rest, well we’ll figure out as we go. But, not in such a haphazard way, I will refer to some of the best the forums has to offer on all subjects as well as some of the best in Football writing, Inverting the Pyramid, Soccernomics, etc., I have a healthy book budget so if there are any other recommendations feel free to share. I don’t have all the answers, but the game would be pretty boring if I did. Lastly, I don’t know for sure how long this experiment will continue, but my intention is to run it until the release of the next edition, presumably FM 19, but I will see how far I get and commit to that at least. In the next post I will share the club I chose to be the subject of this journey. As always, any feedback is welcome.
  13. ok, slight change of plan, Sociedad were a little big for what I hoped to achieve here, looked at Oviedo and almost went with them, but finally decided on Recreativo Huelva, who's only claim to fame is that they are Spain's oldest club. So Recreativo it is. Now do I continue this thread or begin a new one in the Career Updates forum
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