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  1. Yes, I put limits on local regions and it was very rare to teams to pull out regions. Not 100% but worked very well last year
  2. Yes, I'm not using advanced rules because it's very difficult to change that on Portugal. But in FM18 I did it almost perfectly by regular rules. It's discouraging to have teams from Porto in the Azores Region, for example. It's not realistic
  3. Yes, I know this is a problem each year but in FM18 I did it. I remember I had the same problem but I reduce significantly this situations by putting the limits on the regions. But now it didn't work. I will still try maybe with another method. P.S.: I can't play FM without Portuguese lower leagues
  4. I'm trying to create Portuguese lower leagues in FM19. Over the seasons I simulated on Editor, the teams go (through promotion/delegation) to the wrong district. I tried to delimit the margins of each district but still doesn't work. Can you help me with that? How do I eliminate this error?
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