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  1. Ah, but this is a rather fundamental issue. Let's say you have a game that features and historical period and, on the same period, allows you play as a Roman Caesar or a Celt Chieftain. Now, what would you say if that same represented those two leaders options as the same, their form of government as essentially the same, the feedback from their advisors as the same, they way they procure strategic options as the same and their people's reactions as the same? Would that be a correct way of portraying these two leaders? In what concerns football cultures, that's what we get at present in FM. I've pointed in another thread, the issue here was expanding massively the game (to attract sales) but never allowing for what was needed to make this expansion work correctly. Yes you get rules, of course you get mostly correct rules, but since people are hammering about 'experience' and 'immersion' , in there it fails big time. Of course, the correct answer to this is to just point me to the Steam sales ranks, so I'll just shut up.
  2. If we are revising the inbox, can we have folders inside it where messages go to? Just separate them as 'press clips' 'internal' , 'board', etc and make them automatically arrive there. That would reduce the clutter ten-fold. I also have a sneaky feeling that, with folders, the inbox / social media could somehow be combined into a single entity thus reducing the screen maze effect by a bit. But hey, that's what I would like, I'm fully certain someone else will hate this as a concept.
  3. I think, on that front, the current delegation mechanic actually is the answer. You can delegate virtually everything and that's the right way to approach this. Yes, things can get horrendously screwy with delegation, but that's an accurate reflection of what delegation looks like...
  4. We'll have to agree to disagree on that one. What you feel immersive does not necessarily reflect what I feel as immersive. Computer gaming simulations are all about suspension of disbelief and, to be quite honest, on that front Championship Manager '93 did it as well as FM 2021. But this is for me. I'm not assuming for one second this is true for everyone or that I have the only possible take on what an 'immersive simulation' game is. Just to prevent the next question (so why do you play FM 2021 and not CM 93 if it was that great?) well, like prob +90% of FM buyers, for the updated database.
  5. This could be the topic of an entire thread, but immersion / experience, whatever is called is not a one-stop shop that is the same for every situation and for everyone. In some football environments what the manager does is train and deal with the match-day. That's it, that's your 100% experience there. In others, they have to deal with the plethora of interviews, chasing players from clubs in the middle of the night and all the crap associated with it, again, that's your 100% experience. A simulator is only as good as your ability to simulate what it intends to do, that's the issue right here, it tries to simulate everything, from amateur football to the champion's league final in the same way. To achieve the effect we want, we all use different approaches, take some-shortcuts, create some home rules, but that's actually a good thing.
  6. In this particular case, this is made worse since SI have a monopoly position. They could very literally put the same game out with a revised database and they would still sell roughly the same numbers. Largely, the majority of people paying for the updated database. It's much to SI's credit that they still try to change anything at all.
  7. Same with Paradox and selling incomplete base games and then reaping the profits via DLC.
  8. We're now on version 22 of FM, if in 18 years getting something fundamental like set-pieces, or basic interactions right is not achieved, then... Having said that, I can sympathize, when they entered 3d mode, this opened a brand new can of worms on many fronts, which just competes with resources for other stuff and some of the other stuff (staff interactions being the case) have been tweaked several times and they are still essentially a organigram flow and nothing else, so not sure there is a lot of mileage for ground-breaking changes.
  9. This is not going to be pleasant to hear but, why should they? People still buy the game is massive amounts.
  10. I actually found that the most bearable experience was to holiday between match days, bypassing all of this bloated 'experiences', also leaving all of the press stuff for someone else to deal with. The game is actually quite ok like that, it goes back to the old days when the focus was on the pitch.
  11. Yeah, about that, modern European top level club football is all about the 'obsession for intense pressing' (and possession). There's a reason why players these days are (on average) massively fitter than their 80s counter-parts. In fact, the superiority of pressing systems in the game is probably something that it does well. It's a bit ridiculous, but on the smaller championships you even see teams that do not have the players for it still using these intense pressing / possession systems (explained by the fact that poor managers copy, not create).
  12. This. This is probably one of the biggest single failure of the series. There's a total and utter failure to differentiate between different football cultures. In the game, every single country's logic is the same, quite simply, there's zero reflection of the fact that different countries, even different clubs inside the same country but at different league levels operate in total different ways relating to fundamental aspects of the games (scouting, transfer policy and methodology being the biggest culprits). In fact, over the years this only got worse, the introduction of press conferences and their stereotypical patterns is another quite visible aspect of this. 3D also made us painfully aware of this as a stadium looks made out of the same building blocks irrespective of it being in the Brazilian lower leagues or in the English Premier League. The largest problem here is the introduction of new features without allowing for the massive work involved in making them work well for all of the leagues that ship with the game (for this commentary I'm ignoring third party league mods). I mean, if we are looking areas of improvement, whilst sticking to the game's core mission, then scouting, set pieces, tactics and intra-staff role relations would be the areas to tackle. After that you would go after league procedural and cultural differences, including the in-game match experience (again, zero difference between a Italian lower league game and the final of the Libertadores). Having said this, SI have zero incentive to do any of this. In fact, I'm surprised they still put some effort into anything other than updated databases and a new skin to make it look 'fresh'. Given the sales numbers, I probably wouldn't and would just maximize profits so, kudos to SI for still bothering with anything new and change some features here and there.
  13. Not sure if anyone can help, but worth a try. There is a 95-96 database available for FM17 (it works with the original database for this game). I started editing it to re-create the Portuguese league structure at that time and now the game crashes when I try to start a new game using my edited file. There are no issues creating a new game using the original 95-96 file but with mine, the game always crashes when starting. I've used standard rules, converted to advanced rules, verified and re-verified in the editor, it does not report any issues, but the game still crashes every time I try to start a new game. (file is too big for sharing, so anyone interested in helping please drop a note here and I'll send a link to download the file) Thanks for any help!
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