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  1. yeah, i've basically made a new skin which probably no one else does
  2. Even the light skin is combined with the dark one lol
  3. Even the light skin is combined with the dark one lol
  4. After loading my save today I realised the normal purple skin had been combined with the FM Dark skin. How can I get the normal skin back? I've tried clearing the cache and reloading the skin in game. I've tried deleting the cache and preferences folder from my pc. Still nothing.
  5. Anyone else able to help me? I wouldn't want to delete and reinstall the game..
  6. I tried it, still didn't fix it. I deleted both preferences and caches.
  7. I've cleared the cache and reloaded the skin and when i went into my save, the Football Manager and the Football Manager Dark skins were combined. I'm so confused. I restarted the game, cleared the cache and tried changing the skins, but it's the same issue. Any idea why?
  8. No. I had to reload. Tried everything on that screen, but still nothing. Unfortunate.
  9. Anyone please? I don't want to lose the progress.
  10. Why are the buttons greyed out? What am I supposed to change in order to advance?!
  11. If someone joins me the day before he becomes 19, so at the age of 18 and 364 days, can he still become homegrown? do players still get homegrown between 21 and 22?
  12. I need all versions of the logo. Normal, Small, alt back etc.
  13. Hello, I want to move Hashtag United to a playable league, but the fact that they don't have a logo in the logo pack that I've downloaded really bugs me off. Can anyone give me a link where I can download the Hashtag logo?
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