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  1. But that's not what it says in my screenshot. 8 players trained by a club in Belgium 6 players trained by a club in Belgium lol
  2. the difference is that this game is only meant to last a year. The game is 4 months in and so many leagues are still broken. France had a rule that's been fixed only last week. 4 months in and we're talking about a top 4 european league. Seriously, this isn't PUBG or Fortnite. The rules are written wrong. It's not like there are bugs with the match engine or something that could possibly be equivalent to games like PUBG/Fortnite. This game relies on the text and the menu screen and the rules of the leagues.
  3. So, basically you're saying that people working at SI are incapable of delivering a working game at the release date?
  4. anyone? I want to know if it's worth starting a save in Belgium or the rules are broken, therefore, I'm wasting my time?
  5. Are you really not bothered by the fact that every single country has had their rules wrong at the beginning of the game? There are leagues that have been unplayable until January. I'm a snowflake for wanting the SI departments that are responsible for creating the leagues' rules to do their god damn job? There are things that I've reported at the beginning of december and moderators told me that it's been reviewed and that it would be fixed in an upcoming update. It's been 2 months since then. I'm a snowflake?
  6. This seriously needs to be adressed. Does no one care about this game? The game is full of bugs and broken rules. I don't think there's been a league at the beginning of the game that was working properly. Seriously now, what are those freaking departments doing?
  7. Aren't the first 2 rules the same? Am I missing something? lol
  8. Maybe I'm the one who missunderstood, but, I don't have a problem with sharing everything, but the players are both at Partizan U19 and Teleoptik U19 at the same time? How are they gonna play 2 games/weekend or whenever the youth games are scheduled? I can't have different players in the Partizan U19 and Teleoptik U19. For example Sehovic will play both Teleoptik and Partizan's U19 games.
  9. I started a new save with Partizan and I have the same players in the U19 team as I have in the Teleoptik U19? Is this right? Also, the Teleoptik U19 can't be clicked, it takes me to that screen, but on the left the blue highlight is still on the senior Teleoptik team? Are the Partizan U19 and Teleoptik U19 the same team? If I move players from Partizan U19 they disappear from the Teleoptik U19 too. Don't tell me this is another bug, it's the biggest club in Serbia, how can you get such a big thing so wrong?
  10. Only 3 responses to this thread in one day. Well, I guess we deserve it.
  11. This is a huge issue. This year the leagues' rules were absolutely broken. Poland, Romania, France, England and for sure many others had a lot of rules broken. Updates fixing these rules came as late as yesterday (France). How are you supposed to have a long save when you need a new one in order to have these rules fixed. This is hilariously stupid. I'm 2 years in my french save and I have to start again because the game needed 3 months to fix the god damn rules? I started my romanian save 3 times, every time because of a new update "fixing" the issues, but guess what, the rules weren't fixed. This needs to change. There are other single player games, offline games, that when updated, you don't require a new god damn save to have the issues fixed. Why can you not change the rules in the middle of a save? What's so hard? Lol. This game is so broken it's sad. Either have all the rules RIGHT when the game is out, or have it so rules change in the middle of the save, otherwise what the hell is the point of this game? Edit: I've seen Atletico Madrid register 4 foreign players when the spanish rules are maximum 3 foreigners, so spanish league was broken too alongside Poland, Romania, France and England.
  12. I'm gutted. And now my job security is very insecure. Promised them that I'd win the title just so I can get 10 mil more in the transfer budget. Â Â
  13. Light is the best. that means they have more time to train players. the more workload the less time they spend with players.
  14. the benefit is you don't have to pay yearly rent. you can see how much you pay on the facilities screen
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