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  1. I wanted to know if you can create the Mitropa Cup or if someone had already done it? Many thanks https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitropa_Cup
  2. I wanted to know if you could create the Mitropa Cup or if someone had already done it? Many thanks https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitropa_Cup
  3. Hi I found your database really very good, I tried too in this attempt but I could not even get close to your excellent work, the idea of starting from scratch for everyone is excellent. There is only the embarrassment of the choice on the team to choose ... the determination of Celtic, the total football of the Ajax, the Nottingham Forest of Brian Clough, the Red Star as we call it (Crvena Zvezda), the Borussia Moenchengladbach by Vogts, Netzer, Simonsen and Wimmer or the Schalke by Kuzorra and Klaus Fischer, or with the Grande Torino by Valentino Mazzola or the Steaua by Helmuth Duckadam. It was another football, no long benches, two gearboxes in Italy, only one in England, no shin guards, so much talent, full stadiums to burst, the football of The Damned United. Keep in mind that my assessment is subjective but your work is really interesting. I saw that you really entered so many champions, I checked among the goalkeepers among the top 111 included in the wfhc blog list, there are very few athletes missing: Karoly Zsak, a Hungarian of a minor team that cannot be found on Football Manager and which I have to recreate and of which I struggle a lot to find news, Hans Jakob, German of the Jahn Regenburg; Treasurer Americo of Boca Juniors, Brazilian Julio Cesar, German Heel Immel seems to me of koln, Samuel Hardy, Elisha Scott and Leigh Richmond Roose ..... keep in mind that mine is absolutely not a criticism, in fact it is mathematically impossible to place in a team all these goalkeepers ... for example Boca should have three / four goalkeepers of the highest level with Hugo Gatti, Antonio Roma and Treasurer Americo and then Abbondanzieri .... same speech for CA Penarol with Marzukiewicz, Maspoli and Maidana .. .Palme iras with Leao, Oberdan Cattani and Marcos. Some idea: As for Italy, the names you entered in the LR Vicenza controls 77-78 players such as the coach GB Fabbri, and the players Roberto Filippi, Giancarlo Salvi, the free Carrera Massimo, the full-back Marangon Luciano, the median Guidetti. Other players of Jewish origin such as the Germans of Karlsruher FV Gottfried Fuchs, Julius Hirsch; and Eddy Hamel, an American from Ajax and many others like Arpad Weisz, Jozsef Braun, Jozef Klotz, Leon Sperling ... but maybe mine is a subjective thing and I let myself be carried away by emotions in my choices. I go freewheeling ... check out Atvidabergs FF which wins two Allsvenskans with Edstrom, Sandberg, Conny Torstensson, Benno Magnusson, Jan Olsson, Karl Karlsson and Jorgen Augustsson all at WM1974. Czerniatinsky for Edstrom in the Standard and Benny Wendt for Roland Sandberg in the Kaiserslautern. I am an admirer of whimsical players (Cassano, Gascoigne, George) but technically very strong as Stan Bowles of QPR, Robin Friday of Reading, Gianfranco Zigoni of Verona, Ezio Vendrame of LR VIcenza, Pedro Calomino, the inventor of the Boca Juniors bicicleta. Or of emblematic figures like Scottish John Harley of CA Penarol, Colin Veitch of the Newcastle United first utility player, or Sarosi player that you played very well and was not easy. I did some research and discovered that the first black player in England was Wharton Arthur of Ghana, and then there was the gigantic Sheffield United goalkeeper Faulke WH. Teams like LR Vicenza, Pro Vercelli (won seven championships and with the White Jerseys played Silvio Piola, Virginio Rosetta and Pietro Ferraris, all world champions and Eusebio Castigliano), Atvidabergs FF, Karlsruher FV (Platz an der telegrafenkaserne with 35,000 seats ) or the QPR (mavericks) that loses the English First Division in the 75-76 season on the last day ..... https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v = MFpSBBLGy50 looks at 3.21 minutes with 29,000 spectators at Loftus Road in London, but maybe even here I let myself be carried away by the emotions of when I was young, and who knows how many other strong teams that have passed through the various championships I don't know well ... like Once Caldas, winner of the Libertadores in 2004, like the Hungarian teams Ferencvaros and Vasas. I had put all this on your FM2018 database with over 450 players but I lost all the data due to a computer virus. I started a career with Boca and I bought Diego Armando Maradona, then went on with Santos, CA Penarol (the Equadorian Spencer is very strong, I knew very little about him) and finally with Milan. The Crvena Zvezda with the purchase of Matateu from the Belenenses started to dominate in Europe, even if on paper it was already a very strong team with extraordinary players ... like Savicevic whom I admired in Milan or Dragan Dzajic whom I saw on television or various Sekularac, Kostic, Vidic, Mitic, Stojkovic .... Belodedici I am wrong or he also played in Crvena Zvezda. Then I saw your new database for FM2019 and I saw that you had included so many players that I had entered too and I told myself that we are on the same wavelength, like: Tarantini, Serna, Mifflin, Cabanas, Fanna , Doni, Domenghini, Miccoli, Redin, Di Natale, Mark Bresciano, Toni, Perrotta, Guivarc'h, Vahirua, Woodburn etc. Thank you because I thought I knew the champions of the past but it wasn't like that, you made me know great teams like Red Star Paris, Racing Club Paris and extraordinary players like Joya, Kubala, Stuhlfauth, Mateteu and Espirito Santo .... the five violins of lisbon Sporting or Hibernian's famous five. Who's not there? the white South Africans Riley, Hodgson and Geldenhuys, Renato Cesarini (see zone C esarini), Albert Johansson, McGonagle of Celtic, Derek Johnstone, Fairclough the 12th strongest ever, Steve Heighway, the Irish winger of Liverpool, Craig Johnstone of Australia Liverpool, Ajax's Tschen La-Ling, Oscar Damiani, Florian Maurice, strong Norwegian Erik Nevland in a CM 97/98, unfortunate Francesco Rocca Roma fullback, Francesco Coco, Lanus Emilio Reuben of Dynamo Kyiv, Andryi Bal of Dynamo Kiev Tarnawsky .....ending with the Indian Salim, also from Celtic ... I was very long and in the end I could not resist and I told you who is missing and who I would have put ... sorry. A bit of clarification ... Cozzi is Argentine or Colombian ... and with the natives how do you behave like Libonatti, Guaita, Maschio? ... Langara was very strong? ... how do you manage total players like Cruijff, Madeley, Sarosi ... Luis Enrique, Leonardo or Andrade del Nacional median but also fluidizing back? However you have made balanced teams and all the championships are fun nothing is left to chance and who knows how long this job has cost you, hello marcolmo
  4. Hello, what is the most realistic weather conditions for Greenland?
  5. Davvero molto bravo, l'edizione del ritorno delle leggende dell'amico davidvcz, ha superato l'altra edizione.
  6. Many thanks for the valuable information. I'll download your file, thanks again. marcolmo
  7. Is it possible to move Australia from Asia and put it back to Oceania?
  8. I've already played with this database with FM2018 and I recommend it to everyone ... really well done
  9. Great job ... very detailed and competent, really very good and surprising for accuracy. There is the true knowledge of world football, a huge job.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, Patrice Evra played in the youth academy of Paris Saint Germain... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrice_Evra
  11. Hello Fenech, It seems to me, looking at the screenshots that you have done a great job, congratulations. "If God had wanted us to play football in the clouds, he'd have put grass up there" Un ciao dall'Italia marcolmo
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