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  1. marcolmo

    Legends Database

    There is a DB?
  2. I try to explain myself better, I'm creating a database of legends and I find myself with these results. Santos and Flamengo 30 players in the first team (probably because there are the state championships), Boca 23, Liverpool 23 and Benfica 20 (because there is a team B. There is a way to decide how many players put in the first team. Thank you
  3. The teacher is back. Thanks Claassen.
  4. Thanks, but I did not apologize. I can see the mini stadium, but I can not see the large backgrounds like 1600x900 etc ..
  5. Hi, I can not see the stadium backgrounds how can I do?
  6. Congratulations because you are very competent. Hello I sent you photos of Calomino
  7. Hi Fenech, how's your job ? A question that Pedro Bleo Fournol said that Calomino, 13.3.1982, of Boca Juniors will be part of your database? He is the inventor of "bicicleta". http://www.informexeneize.com.ar/biografia_pedro_calomino.htm Ciao
  8. marcolmo

    Regen Facepacks

    Hi kad38 My PC is KO. Ciao