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  1. Regen Facepacks

    The regen facepacks (250) by Barry Hulshoff http://www.mediafire.com/file/0r2e6cc4884cop8/250+regens+by+barry+hulshoff.rar
  2. I wanted to know if you can add nations external to the database such ...bolivia,ecuador ecc.
  3. Great work, Congratulations for the excellent work, if interested I attach my facepacks legends ...your facepacks is very good, maybe you can find some better images. http://www.mediafire.com/file/tmvthtm998hfobo/marcolmo+pack+legends.rar Ciao marcolmo
  4. [Africa] (Official) Data Issues

    The name Fatawu Adulman UID 13194878, is mistakenly reported with 'O'
  5. [Oceania] (Official) Data Issues

    Travis Nicklaw are two UID 20045148 and 23192894.
  6. Italian serie D, dutch lower leagues, polish six levels, and brazilian full pyramid (all works published on FM scout) are compatible with the work of claassen?
  7. 201nations, 241 league....with 253 updates (editor data file) no bugs ...great work by claassen...
  8. ottimo lavoro ... claassen every year you overcome it, your work is impressive
  9. The Somali team Elman FC has been included in the Malì nation. Hello, and many compliments for your work ... is not a second Nigerian division possible?
  10. [Africa] (Official) Data Issues

    Kenya - AFC Leopards Sporting Club Gilbert Fiamenyoh (id 13112948) and Fiamenyo Gilbert (id 13194792) are duplicated.
  11. Ultimate Legends 1880 - 2017

    Ciao fenech Fammi sapere quali squadre hai bisogno ... marcolmo
  12. Ultimate Legends 1880 - 2017

    If you need other facepacks you just have to ask for good work yet.
  13. Ultimate Legends 1880 - 2017

    Ciao Fenech As promised a few pictures and players from Grande Torino for your great work: I decided to publish the link Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wcwibfmbf9v2y29/marcolmo-grande+torino.rar