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    From Barnsley, Now live in Doncaster. Love football, TV and my dog. Home owner... not that, that matters. but still. I'm very open, need to talk or want to know something, i really don't mind you PM'ing me :) I actually enjoy my job, which many people probably cant say!


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  1. I've decided to move to Hull, i started the save unemployed and did say to myself i'd do it like a real manager, so that's whats made me do it. a week before the January transfer market aswell so i can do what i need to do. Thanks for the help/advice everyone
  2. This is so hard to deal with haha. I switch quite a bit, the 3 mains ones are 3-4-3 and 4-3-3 i can always send you the tactics if you want them. I'm a Barnsley fan, but i did want a challenge and i kinda went for a low club who was expecting relegation. but i still do feel a emotaional feeling to the club, even though though i've never watch a match or been near the area of the club. (the magic of football manager)
  3. I don't and thats generally because at some point, it will end and its as simple as that, one loss is not the end of the world, as long as you do the right team talking with your team, they normally bounce right back!
  4. Hey guys, not posted for quite a while but in need of some advice! So i'm currently the manager or Woking and currently top of the league by 10 points after 26 games, so it looks like league one is looking likely, but i was offered the job at Hull, so its a 2 league jump and offer so much more money in terms of transfers and wage, i'll go from a 6k wage and 3k transfer budget, to 42k wage and 4.9m transfer budget. This sounds like a no brainer to most people but i'm sure you understand when you bring a club from the lowest league i can, to gain promotion 2 seasons on the bounce, well looking like 3, you almost feel like your part of the furniture. when i was offered an interview i did it due to me thinking i'd not be offered the job, due to been in league 2, just want to know what you guys think and what you'd do before i make a decision.
  5. If your a newbie or a pro at FM i'm just wanting to set up an online game with a few people, its always better when there's some player to player competition! if you interested add me on steam which you can find in the picture below, UK based players would be best as that's where i'm base, thanks.
  6. Are these pure playing hours? Or days of just leaving it on?
  7. So i'm i just wanted to ask and share myself how many hours have people put into FM? If you buy this via steam it tells you how long you've played the game. Thought this would be interesting with FM 18 soon been realised, i must admit though, i'm not going to be able to buy the game for a while due to financial problems, i'm sure like many others. I'll soon be on the band wagon again though as soon as possible! Here's what i've got. So, since FM 10 to FM17 I've spend 2,477 hours of my life playing FM. When i stand back at that its a hell of a long time. That's around 103 days off my life. Anyone gonna show me up now?
  8. Completely agree, this is about newgens, not about who can jump the highest! Still, bet no one could jump higher than Randy.... 21 Jumping reach easy.
  9. So many good players. I'm honestly scared every time i get a worldie i'm going to destroy him haha.
  10. As though you have Ronaldo and Messi hahaa that's amazing, bet there stats are still amazing. Yeah that was the aim, alot of there players i bought young and given them game time together and they've all become amazing. I've never tried a strikerless tactic? Might have to look them up. i've just told 2 players aswell and made 200m from selling them. one i sold for 85m wasn't even getting in my team haha. the other i sold for 110m and he just sits on PSG's bench now! Sounds like you have a worldie on your hands! Yeah if he's doing the business don't sell him man! I'm in my 8th season in the premier league and this is what its looking like cup wise.
  11. He sounds like a beast aswell! I can't wait to check him out! as though you got Messi hahaa. This is my first team at the moment playing 4231 ST AML CAM AMR CM CM LB CB CB RB GK
  12. Sounds like a plan. you got any worldies you wanna share?
  13. I've been playing him as inside forward. I've already got a striker that's better than him so i'm not wanting to upset the other player. He's abit of a beast tbh. Think i'll just carry on with the same training and just change Sho.
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