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  1. If I was looking to buy a desktop for around £800, for playing FM mainly, and potentially some FIFA. Would I be better off building one via PCSpecialist, etc?
  2. Is this any better? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fierce-MR-X-Gaming-PC-Compatible/dp/B07DLB4TPK?th=1 Looks to be the same processer & graphics card as the £700 one above, but with 16GB RAM.
  3. Are desktops generally better value than laptops? I've had a Asus ZX553VD-DM997T (recommended by Smurf back in July 2018) which has served me pretty well. Since then I've started working from home, and ended up with a monitor for my work laptop, and due to COVID elongating homeworking, I've bought a desk and a second monitor (for my work laptop). My personal laptop doesn't work on two monitors and is probably quite outdated now. Could I pick up a good spec desktop for around £700? Generally just used for FM and internet usage, YouTube, etc..
  4. Thanks for pointing this out. @Dean Gripton any thoughts on this? I've just checked and the global ban is set until 2022, he is eligible to sign (which I suppose is fine) but he is also eligible to play competitive games in England, in my test.
  5. Well, I didn't do it on purpose, I gave it my best shot, but we stayed down. Lost 1-0 against Watford, so QPR pipped us to 2nd place on the final day. We comfortably beat Forest over two legs (4-1) to get to the play-off final. The final didn't go as well - we took the lead and then threw it away in extra-time. Every cloud has a sliver lining, an all that..
  6. Is it acceptable to intentionally bottle promotion? I'm currently managing Preston, took over midway through the first season after starting unemployed. We're now into the second season and the league looks like the below image, surprisingly. Loanees Rhian Brewster and Morgan Gibbs-White aside, we're not ready for the top flight, at all.
  7. Excellent - thanks for that. Will it revert to four relegation spots in League One?
  8. Does anybody have advanced rules, for England, that mirror what is in the game? I want to put 24 teams in League One, without going through all the advanced rules.
  9. Not quite sure how I managed it, but the second half of the season we were fantastic - managed a few good home wins against Liverpool and Man Utd, and even a win that resulted in Guardiola getting the sack at City. Probably going to struggle to keep hold of my star player. I turned down a bid of £35m from PSG last summer, but this season he's managed 12 goals and 14 assists in the league. Not bad for a £1.1m signing from Lech. The board have announced plans for a new stadium. They had originally planned on extending (by a measly 1,000 seats) but have seemingly chang
  10. Things you love to see: We're doing better than I thought we would be so far. We're making the most of games against teams around us in the league, but as always in FM, I seem to end up with a three game run of fixtures against the big sides, and the inevitable drop in morale follows. I've around £20M of my budget remaining (net spend so far around minus £20M) and a decent amount of wages now, thanks to the above.
  11. I had a few issues with the game crashing, so decided to re-download all facepacks, logos, kits, etc, and also move my data location in the process. Since then I have been having issues with the dark skin - the facepack shows, but logos/kits don't (even original logos don't appear). When using the standard or light skins everything works succesfully, but I don't like using either of these skins. Any advice?
  12. Overall I'm struggling with my transfer business going into the Premier League season, but I've managed to bring in Amine Gouiri, Fedde de Jong and a steady looking regen goalkeeper from Benfica on free transfers.
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