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  1. Not quite sure how I managed it, but the second half of the season we were fantastic - managed a few good home wins against Liverpool and Man Utd, and even a win that resulted in Guardiola getting the sack at City. Probably going to struggle to keep hold of my star player. I turned down a bid of £35m from PSG last summer, but this season he's managed 12 goals and 14 assists in the league. Not bad for a £1.1m signing from Lech. The board have announced plans for a new stadium. They had originally planned on extending (by a measly 1,000 seats) but have seemingly changed their mind. I've requested the training & youth facilities to be upgraded every year, but somehow they're still only deemed 'average' A very positive looking set of figures to play with next season. I had a negative net spend this season of £25M, so I'll be throwing some cash around during the summer, and hopefully establish in the Premier League.
  2. Things you love to see: We're doing better than I thought we would be so far. We're making the most of games against teams around us in the league, but as always in FM, I seem to end up with a three game run of fixtures against the big sides, and the inevitable drop in morale follows. I've around £20M of my budget remaining (net spend so far around minus £20M) and a decent amount of wages now, thanks to the above.
  3. I had a few issues with the game crashing, so decided to re-download all facepacks, logos, kits, etc, and also move my data location in the process. Since then I have been having issues with the dark skin - the facepack shows, but logos/kits don't (even original logos don't appear). When using the standard or light skins everything works succesfully, but I don't like using either of these skins. Any advice?
  4. Overall I'm struggling with my transfer business going into the Premier League season, but I've managed to bring in Amine Gouiri, Fedde de Jong and a steady looking regen goalkeeper from Benfica on free transfers.
  5. Promotion to the Premier League for Notts County. Absolutely no idea how we'll cope in the top division, but we'll give it a crack.
  6. Received the following crash dump: FM 2020 v20.4.1.1363262 (2020.05.23 21.09.52).dmp DxDiag.txt
  7. Are you going for the realistic approach of overloading on central midfield players too? Give Oduor plenty of game time, and you'll sell him for a fortune.
  8. Secured back-to-back promotions with Notts County, after winning the league again. We're now into League One, which I'm expecting to be a lot tougher than the past two seasons. I received a healthy transfer budget of around £1M, but I've mainly opted for free transfers. The pick of the bunch being Matt Smith and Josh Knight who took some persuading (and relatively low release clauses). We've started the season well - currently sat 6th in the table. Also pulled of an upset by beating Everton in the Carabao Cup, and we now have a favourable home tie against Portsmouth in the fourth round. Finally managed to get the board to part with some cash to upgrade the woeful training facilities. Despite the awful youth facilities, we've produced a bit of a gem. Impressive beard for 17 too,
  9. I finished my first season with Notts County, comfortably top of the league. I haven't managed at this level for years, so I wasn't sure if I should adapt from my usual possession based style. I stuck to what I knew best, and despite some early doubts, it worked very well. Enzio Boldewijn was the star player, as expected, with 16 goals from the right wing. Plenty of interest in him, but no bids ever came in. Ricardo Campos was probably the pick of the signings in the first season, along with Issam Ben Khemis, who I've now sold to Southend. Campos is proving a steady back-up for a few positions in League Two. I've had a clear out out in the summer, in preparation for League Two - accepted any reasonable bids that came in, and released all that were out of contract. I've mainly tried to sign players under 25, with the odd exceptions, to sell on for a profit in future. With the exception of Jordan Boon (£90k from Bolton) all my signings have been free transfers or loans. I brought in Alex Jakubiak on a free transfer. He's been on fire with 12 goals in the first 15 league games, but he's just picked up a bit of injury. Not convinced his understudy will be good enough to carry on that form, but hopefully he'll be back for a second half of the season promotion push. The board want us to avoid a relegation battle, but I fancy our chances of a play-off finish. We're certainly strong enough.. (not sure why Boldewijn appears again down here)
  10. Looks like he was some player for League Two, but when did David Luiz become a no-nonsense centre back?!
  11. Managed to take Sunderland to a replay in the second round of the FA Cup, and then beat them 1-0. Ended up with this..
  12. Try Barnsley - restrictions on signing players over the age of 23, although in the same league as Blackburn and Boro. I'm enjoying my Notts County save, so far.
  13. I was actually thinking of Notts County whilst walking the dog. I'll give them a go.
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