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  1. Surely Walker in the back three? He's played there a few times under Southgate. I reckon we'll go: Pickford, Trippier, Walker, Stones, Maguire, Shaw, Rice, Phillips, Foden, Kane, Sterling.
  2. Thanks for your recent recommendation from PC Specialist - it runs like a dream. Could you please suggest a laptop for a relative? Budget of around £500. It'll be used for general web browsing and some basic graphic design (cards, crafty stuff, etc).
  3. If we finish 2nd don't we avoid France/Portugal/Germany in the next round? I don't like Southgate but maybe he has a plan. We didn't look interested in winning that one today.
  4. The service to him has been awful to be fair.
  5. If Maguire isn’t fit, do we think Walker would play alongside Stones in a back four?
  6. If Maguire isn’t fit it’s concerning. Mings and Coady don’t fill me with confidence.
  7. Thanks. The original Dell one has come back in stock, but I'm likely to order the PC Specialist one today. Is it worth upping the cooler?
  8. How does this compare for £1,000 ish: https://www.dell.com/en-uk/shop/gaming-and-games/new-g5-gaming-desktop/spd/g-series-5000-desktop/cd500005 My discount is only around 10% now, and the one mentioned yesterday has sold out completely.
  9. Is there much value in Dell gaming desktops? I can get this for around £1,050: https://www.dell.com/en-uk/shop/gaming-and-games/new-g5-gaming-desktop/spd/g-series-5000-desktop/cd500015 I’ll mainly be playing FM, but also FIFA if it’s capable, and some other simulation games (Planet Coaster etc).
  10. If I was looking to buy a desktop for around £800, for playing FM mainly, and potentially some FIFA. Would I be better off building one via PCSpecialist, etc?
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