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  1. How's the pre-season going? The data update is around the corner, I've changes in mind, but if you've any comments regarding the data, feel free to PM me. Genuinely would like the feedback. @Jamesbfc1887 @kiwityke1983 @silcock69
  2. You’re making us wait for this final game @Jamesbfc1887
  3. Good luck with the run-in @Jamesbfc1887 How is Mowatt doing for you?
  4. Looking for a laptop for a relative. It'll be mainly for internet use, maybe some word processing/spreadsheets and occassional Netflix viewing. A light (in weight) laptop would be ideal. Budget around £400, up to £500.
  5. I cashed in on Mads when I could, I was amazed anybody offered a decent sum for him. Sorry to hijack your thread but I've had some strange (lucky) transfers. In the pre-season of the second season I brought in Vittorio Parigini on a free transfer. Decent attributes, but nobody else seemed to show any interest in him. I played him in the second game of the season, then the day after he announced that he wanted to leave as he couldn't settle in the country. I ended up letting him go on loan for a monthly fee of £500k, and I've now just sold him for £4.3M going into the third season. I also signed Jordan Boon, from Bolton, for around £100k. He spent the season on loan at Oxford, and I was about to send him out again for a second season before Leicester came in with a deal worth £10M. Also managed to cash in heavily on Callum Styles (£9M to Newcastle) and Dimi Cavare (£3.4M to RC Lens). The money becomes available to rebuild if you persist!
  6. I played a high tempo, high press 4-3-3, sometimes with a DM or AM instead of one of the midfield 3. Ive altered it in my second season, noticed we conceded a lot due to balls over the top, and full-backs being out of position (realistic I must say). Currently sitting around 9th after ten games.
  7. Don’t have the list to hand but generally decreases for most with obvious exceptions being Mowatt and Woodrow. Halme and Collins had slight increases.
  8. I've done the unthinkable and signed a couple of 30 year olds on one-year contracts too.
  9. Keep us updated on your new save @Jamesbfc1887 I finished 5th in my first season. I was comfortably top of the league until the end of January, then I struggled to win many games after that and fell down the table. Lost in the play-off semi final to Wigan. I brought in Harry Toffolo from Lincoln (£400k), and both Aaron Connolly and Curtis Jones on loan. Sold Thiam for £750k, and let Pinilos leave on loan. I did bring in Herbie Kane in January for £900k, but he probably wasn't worth it. I'm really struggling to find any Championship standard players on wages we can afford.
  10. Which of his attributes would you say aren't accurate? These are what dictate his CA, which currently make him our fourth choice central defender, and second choice right-back, on par with Jordan Williams. His PA is set as -7, as I genuinely don't know what to expect with him. It's a bit harsh to criticise him too much, after a third of a season in the Championship, he's only 20 years old. It's more likely to be his reputation that has caused him to be called up to the under-21s, and that will have increased if he's been playing regular football in the Championship. If you've any comments on any of the Barnsley data in FM20 feel free to PM me and I'll take it on board. The data in the full release is slightly updated from what was in the beta.
  11. In League Two you were paying an average of over £2k p/w. Two promotions later, I'd imagine most players have had wage increases, due to promotion and/or appearances, or even signed new contracts on better wages. Not to mention new signings made at League One and Championship level will have been on wages more befitting of the division they were signed to play in. Football has changed a lot since the last time you were in the Championship, and that includes the average wage. You still have the lowest wage budget in the league on FM20, although I would be surpised if you were paying so much of Izzy Brown's wage.
  12. You have finished in the top six in every single one of my tests, even winning the league on a couple of occassions. Peter Etebo seems to score at least 12 league goals, which stands out as he doesn't seem to be such a goalscorer in real life. I don't envy your role, you've clearly got a very talented squad that just aren't performing. On a positive note you keep appointing big Sam.
  13. Sponsorship income in the division seems very distorted. Four clubs have sponsorship income over £10M, twelve others are between £1M - £10M, and then the remaining ten are below £1M. Leeds' income of £925k stands out the most. Their recent accounts show commercial income of over £9M, which won't all be sponsorship, but given their stature and fanbase I would expect them to be one of the top earners in this aspect. I appreciate it's a bit petty, but I'm an accountant. Happy to go through other club's accounts if neccesary.
  14. Bolton, or hopefully Bury if they’re saved. Major rebuilding job required and point deductions for both.
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