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  1. Bolton, or hopefully Bury if they’re saved. Major rebuilding job required and point deductions for both.
  2. Arsenal always seem to win the league in any of my saves. Has been that way for a few years too.
  3. I had already tried that, as mentioned in the opening post, but have still received one crash since. Should I remain in the public beta, or revert back?
  4. I'm getting regular crashes in my game, mostly when saving, but also at random points. I have tried changing my power management in the Nvidia Control Panel, to no success. I'm using the public beta. Any help welcome. Cheers. FM 2019 v19.3.4.1204427 (2019.04.01 09.24.55).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.4.1204427 (2019.03.31 21.00.49).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.03.23 14.04.41).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.03.23 13.51.11).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.03.23 13.40.12).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.03.23 13.05.27).dmp
  5. Very fair comment regarding Cavare, and thanks for the feedback. Thiam is quite comfortable with both feet. I’m not entirely confident that I can say which is his strongest foot as every aspect of his game is inconsistent. All of his goals have come from his right foot, so I will change that.
  6. Thanks for the feedback all. Any further comments are more than welcome. Moncur will be transfer listed due to the abundance of central midfield players we have at the club, nothing intentional. I’ll have a look at his positions and see if it can be solved, as he is quite important to us, at the minute. Woodrow wasn’t injured at the start of the season, so his recent injury won’t come into play. Regarding the signing younger players, this was in previously but is associated with the owner/chairman and hasn’t been updated since the change of ownership. This will be sorted.
  7. Ordered this last night at £699, and it’s gone up to £840 today!
  8. Can anyone the ideal laptop for £700(ish)? As before, used for general internet use, and plenty of leagues/large database loaded in FM. I know I asked recently, but I’ve lowered my budget slightly.
  9. Thanks Smurf. Can you provide a smaller screen alternative please?
  10. Looking for a new laptop to play FM with 20+ leagues loaded, and a large database. Will also be used for studying and the occasional bit of spreadsheet work. Looking to spend around £700, £800 at a push. Can anybody recommend? Also, I’d prefer a larger screen, but does this come at a cost, whether it be in the form of £ or spec?
  11. How many leagues would that laptop cope with at a comfortable level?
  12. I was 3-0 down against West Brom (I'm Everton, in the third season, and currently top). I used this tactic from half-time, and went on to win 7-4.
  13. I brought in Santiago Ascacíbar, from Stuttgart, for around £18M. He's been fantastic and plays well in front of the back four, or in a midfield two. Worth a look. If it's a straight shoot-out between the two you've mentioned, then I'd sway towards Stark. He's still young, and will improve more.
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