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  1. Definitely not a fair sacking. I think if this were a real world situation the board would probably let your contract run out if they didn't agree with how you were implementing their vision, not sack you mid season when you're winning the league.
  2. I second this. Even if the new FM doesn't change some of the things I'd want the amount of hours I put into it makes the £30 I paid a bargain anyway.
  3. I am having that problem, has anyone got a fix?
  4. I've been getting one or maybe two injuries most games so it's good to hear its been recognised and dealt with I haven't been on since the update so hoping it will be resolved
  5. Don't get me wrong I'm never gutted when I start a new game and I have a decent kitty to play with As well as that I think having a small budget adds a different element If you can only make one or two signings you have to really make sure you're signing the right player for your team
  6. I had this mentality when I played FM I was younger There's much more to FM than just signing players, I love making do with the squad a club already has (maybe with one new addition) f you think you can't achieve the targets set by the board with the players they have you could pick a different team, or failing that wait for the editor as previously suggested Not trying to have a go but it just seems simplistic to say FM is boring just because you can't sign loads of expensive players
  7. Wouldn't use it at all I forget it's in Fifa I don't give it a second thought Personally I'm not interested in womens football and I find it annoying when people try shoving it down my throat If the womens game is increasing in profile I say it should happen organically, and surely, when that happens it will appear in FM
  8. I got mine today from 2game It's £31.99 but if you google '2 game discount code' you get another 10% off I paid just under £28 100% safe I bought FM from them last year too
  9. I would say pick a mid table prem team, you should have a decent enough squad to form a tactic and you can also afford to lose a fair share of games. Also I started a save as Fulham where I'm sure the expectation were either top half or playoffs and they have a very good team by championship standards.
  10. Whilst this is probably true, there could be a tickbox or something like that if you wanted full control or to play it the way it is IRL? Just a thought
  11. Sorry if I wasn't clear in my original post I wasn't suggesting we accept whatever SI put out, far from it I enjoy reading debate about certain features and how other users think they could be improved My original point was mainly aimed at the 'super negative' who seem to bash the game due to their own shortcomings Anything can be improved but for the amount of hours everyone puts into FM I'd say SI are doing a great job
  12. I can't say I've noticed too many long shots either Compared to a series like COD which has completely gone off the rails for me FM still delivers every time FM is easily my favourite game that I always find myself going back to
  13. Strange topic of a thread but I've noticed lots of people seem to be complaining lately so thought I'd break it up I've had every FM since 2009 and I've always loved playing it It's frustrating when things aren't going your way and sometimes it's hard to get back on track Instead of complaining about some sort of 'gamebreaking' error I spend a while looking at the tactic forums and youtube videos to further my understanding of the game Yes some things are a bit tedious like press conferences and player interaction but on the whole I think SI always come through with a fanta
  14. I always find FMlife quite informative Doesn't put out too many videos but they're all quality
  15. That's what my original point was Teams might be playing differently against you due to your high league position which makes your tactic not as effective as it was at the beginning of the season Try slowing down your temp maybe or ask your playing to roam from positions if you're penning them in
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