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  1. The game, as always, has me hooked. I think that after you find a way to provide longevity to your save, it becomes far more enjoyable. I like to start with tiny clubs and give myself a 20-30 season plan. Within 10 seasons - Get my club to the Premier League. Within 15 seasons - Find stability within the Premier League. Within 20 seasons - Become established within European competition. Within 30 seasons - Become a 5 star club. At the moment I'm in season 11 with Great Yarmouth Town and we've just made it to the Premier League. It's good to have longevity. Because the game becomes far more interesting when all of the well known players have retired and you''re left with a game full of New Gens.
  2. Colombia, Croatia & Cote d'ivoire always seem to produce the goods.
  3. I asked about Lim because there was an attempted takeover after I had a message stating that Lim was winding down his involvement in the running of the club. This happened in League 2, but the takeover collapsed. I'm now in League 1 and Lim is still in charge. Curiously, the owner status is still set at "Loves the club". I noticed that they classed the rebuild as a new stadium too. But I only noticed after I'd already started the save. I suppose I could buy the editor and extend the stadium capacity through the editor and then keep on asking the board to expand. I don't see using the editor for things like you stated as cheating. I see it as rectifying a mistake.
  4. Wow!!! I would never have expected that much cash. Before reaching the Premier League, did the board allow you to expand the stadium? is Lim still your club's owner?
  5. Cheers for the info. At least now I know that I'm not wasting my time with Salford. I wouldn't want to carry on with them if youth progression was stunted by this. To be honest, I won't even think about youth until I get to the Premier League anyway, because money is non-existent. So far I've manged to progress through the leagues with free transfers.
  6. I'm managing Salford and so far we are ridding high in League 1. I took over the club when they were in the National League North, and as such they had no Under 23 squad. By this, I mean that the Under 23 squad wasn't even available to select. Now I'm in League 1, and the Under 23 squad is still non-existent. There is also no option to ask the board to implement an Under 23 squad. Will Salford be forever without an Under 23 squad or will the squad be available at a later date, perhaps when and if I get promoted to a higher league?
  7. He won't activate the international appearance clause as a German national. But, he could activate the clause if he takes-up duel nationality and plays for his adoptive country.
  8. I see what you mean. But, If I really wanted a certain player and I knew exactly what he was offered by a rival for his signature, I could pretty much make sure that I can entice him to my club. Whether that means I pay him 100% or 200% more than the rival club is neither here nor there. knowing what the rival club is offering will give me the information I need to pretty much make sure that I have his signature.
  9. Personally, I like that I don't know what the other club is offering the player in terms of contract. Because it adds to the hustle-and-bustle of the transfer market. If I knew what other clubs where offering, I'll be able to sign the players that I want almost 100% of the time. It's a good thing that I can't. Missing out on one player can lead to me signing a different player who turns out to be a goal scoring machine. Does anyone really want to sign every player that they want all of the time? Won't it take somthing away from the game?
  10. The entire game I'm afraid. I'm getting one of the IT guys at work to have a peek at it. Hopfully he can find what's wrong. Night shift without FM is hell. Ha!
  11. The game played fine before the update. But since the update it wouldn't load. http://http://www.megafileupload.com/ilN6/20151229_220905.jpg
  12. I think that your situation is what the game is all about... Getting out of sticky situations even if it takes a few seasons and dropping down a division or two. In my opinion constantly winning trophies year after year can get a bit samey. But, each to thier own I suppose. I'd suggest carrying on with your save though. Try it, you might like it. Or if it really doesn't appeal to you, why not jump ship and continue your save at another club? I don't mean to tell you how to play your game, but to me, editing is tantamount to cheating. But like I said, each to their own.
  13. Why not? The situation that you're in sounds like a good challenge to undertake.
  14. Vincent Aboubakar - He joined Chelsea at the start of the 2015/16 season and he's been banging them in against me ever since. Usually at a rate of at least 2 goals a game.
  15. I was thinking the same about playing him further back (in the position pictured on the OP) because it's "more defensively stable". Besides, I don't want to change my tactic for the benifit of one player. Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.
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