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  1. Why are we only allowed 3 subs from 7 during the second leg of the first season champions league? THIS IS SUCH AN OBVIOUS BUG AND IS SIMPLY RIDICULOUS IT IS STILL IN THE GAME sorry for the rant but this really annoys me
  2. This is a political issue and I think SI deliberately did this
  3. Is injury history removed for optimisation of the game? In the beginning of my Real Madrid save, I checked Hazard and he only had a six week injury in 2017. Pretty sure he was injured at least half of 2020
  4. In some games the opposition have 0 shots at all. Courtois had absolutely nothing to do but score 6.1 Just wondering does inactivity in game result in lower ratings
  5. Did wing play really improve? I am starting to see a lot more narrow angle shots that hit the side netting again. The same problem that plagued a large part of fm20
  6. My keeper (Courtois) is constantly getting very low ratings (6.3 or below). I thought it was a bug but it seems like I am the only one having this problem. Can someone explain what I'm doing wrong with him? He concedes very little btw
  7. Yup. This was an issue in the beta and somehow it is still not fixed.
  8. In the knockout stage of the first season champions league, 12 subs are allowed in the first leg but only 7 allowed in the second leg. Pretty sure this is not the case in real life.
  9. Ok constructive feedback The bugs have to be sorted out asap. I still see a lot of bugs in the beta not fixed and even new bugs appeared. It is really affecting my experience with the game The match engine also feel like it went backwards. I understand that some find it too easy and si have to fix it but the balance isn't quite right. It feels a bit like fm20 where I score a lot less than I should given the quality of the chance (reflected by xg)
  10. Although the match engine is good, this has to be the fm with the most bugs
  11. Will he be in the game at any point this season?
  12. Ok I appreciate the efforts of the SI team have put in to improve the game, especially in a pandemic. The match engine is really a big tick this year. However the amount of bugs I experienced after the full release is kind of ridiculous. From league registration issues to my backroom staff not doing what I asked them to do and most ridiculously having 12 subs in the first leg of the champions league but only 7 in the second leg. Am I just unlucky or everyone else finding similar amounts of bugs?
  13. Got the same bug. How the hell have they not fixed this lol
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