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  1. Also has anyone seen someone's jumping increased significantly?
  2. I don't really agree with your about arnautovic. Even though he prefers not to compete aerially, he should still be decent in the air when he decides to. Shouldn't this be represented by ppm instead? I understand there isn't an exact margin,but a 189cm player having the same jumping reach as messi definitely crossed the line of realism. That was in fm17 but I doubt the mechanism changed in 18
  3. The thing is that the game still thinks he is a decent player. To be fair his technical side is pretty solid but his physicals declined significantly. Playing someone with pace and acceleration of 6 at full back is like suicide
  4. Ok it seems like their stats are somewhat unrealistic. I remember having someone in FM17 who is 189cm tall but 6 jumping, same as messi!! That is simply ridiculous.
  5. Marcelo had drastically declined. Also if you ever played in Spain you'll notice that even youngsters have to be registered in the league and that leaves me no space to keep him
  6. The season hasn't started yet. I did that to a highly influential player in one of my other saves and almost the entire squad became unhappy. Marcelo is a team leader and the reaction could only be worse. About winning games I still got more than a month till my first competitive match…
  7. Yeah I understand that. The part I don't understand is when a tall player has a very low jumping reach. It's quite unrealistic and is it possible to considerably improve him in this area? He's already 23 btw
  8. Can anyone advice me on how to sell a team leader without causing a dressing room meltdown? I'm into the fourth year of my real Madrid save and I want to get rid of marcelo. At the moment nobody wants him and I'm wary of transfer listing him or offering him to other clubs. I already bought in a replacement and with the strict registration rules in Spain, I have no space left for him. Any suggestions?
  9. Does anyone find the jumping reach of regens quite odd? One of my regens had a height of 183cm but a jumping reach of 7 while another had a height of 175 and jumping 12. Did that ever happened to you guys and is it possible to improve it drastically?
  10. I tried making a maximum offer with all the additional clauses added but got flat out rejected by madrid again. Seems like he's untouchable
  11. No I haven't used an editor. I'm man city and I sold a few players as well. There's no way anyone can ever have a 600M budget without cheating, I was just randomly putting that amount in and realise there's a limit.
  12. I'm willing to pay whatever it takes to get him, the problem is that real is having none of it. I tried making a maximum 300M bid and got flat out rejected. Is there anyway to meet that monstrous release clause?
  13. Hi guys, I am into my second year of my man city save and I want to get isco from real Madrid. However they are not willing to do business with me and isco have a release clause of 600 million. Does that mean it is impossible to get him as the game only let me bid for 300 million max?
  14. Front three of griezmann, Costa and dybala. They are lethal
  15. Hi I am looking for a keeper and spotted 2 regens with almost identical stats. However one has 19 reflex, 15 1v1 while the other has 15 reflex, 19 1v1. Who should I go for and also which attribute is more important.
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