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  1. So ive read on the builds page there are no faces in the beta for regens, wondering on full release will they be assigned a face ?or will they be blank portraits forever?
  2. im mid table as newcastle after 15 games i win my home games and loose my away games after around 20 years of experience playing the game im very disheartened with the consistency of what im seeing tactically. after saving before certain games and replaying them with diff players and postions the results are the same ,i have even micro'd it and praised players for there conduct/ of training well just to increase morale on the day of games, this does nothing at all from what i can see.
  3. i have moments when am just skimming through screens like tactics and player profiles and the game just freezes for 5-10 seconds, mayb its my computer was wondering if any other beta players experienced it?
  4. im looking at the premier league and clubs have there full names but when i checked out the brzilian naitonal 1st division all the clubs dont have there full names they are just the first 3 letters in capitals eg. GRE - gremio
  5. i have exhausted my board requests asking for financial boosts so maybe thats why the option is not currently available, but thankyou
  6. i have started with 0 coaching badges and earlier i saw an option to start a coaching course at the expense of losing some focus on training, searching for some time i cannot find where this option has gone can anyone help?
  7. i have started with newcastle as a sunday league footballer with zero coaching badges and determination 1/20 ( this affects how you can persuade the board into requests) shockingly the first things i did was request 2 things and they were both accepted - increase scouting range and larger wage budget, thanks to big mike ashley!
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