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  1. playing fm19 is just rock paper scissors you win loose or draw. learning from results and past matches is irrelevant the game code is random.
  2. Hi , have been wondering about flair for a while so wanted some clarification if possible on the circumstances that "flair" comes into play ( in the match engine) examples when a player strikes a shot/volley? when a player hits dead ball / corner? when a player beats men repeatedly ( im pretty sure this is where flair equation comes in) basically im wondering how many different scenarios flair comes into play, i guess it's mostly seen as a luxury attribute and not something people focus/ build a team around ( i am doing this right now) thanks in advance if anyone understands the mechanics behind this fascinating attribute
  3. signed under the agreement he would be assigned penalty taker and has missed 5/5 all in premier league games not shootouts , his stats are decent, whats happening here? #scripts
  4. for the record, incase you want to complain this is a cry, its my players constantly scoring against there previous clubs, multiple goals in most occasions.
  5. this is far too heavily scripted in. ps dont tell me things arent hard coded/scripted to happen its obvious and not up for discussion, thanks.
  6. ive currently got a 17 year old out for 3 months with a blood clot, hes not jamaican either , ear me now as they say?
  7. i have never won more than 3 games in a row, but when your trying hard to win its really easy to loose 6/7/8/9 games in a row, for me anyway, man i suck i guess, **** sake :/
  8. can someone from SI confirm if you must be a certain age or if you must be at club for 20 years?
  9. 1st season fresh and hungry to play - singed benassi willian jose and cutrone among what i believe some high profile signings for newcastle , lost 23 games in the 1st season had to reload a few games to not get sacked, came 17th, i knew at this point, 246 hours ago IN that first season i could never go far with this save because im very disciplined with this game and will not allow and cheating at all, but the game was in a laughable state when the save began. willian sose kieran tierney benassi and cutrone all only signed if we made europe in our 3rd season, realistic and i was happy to agree. halfway through the first season i bought in Hakan Canaloghu, nasri and balotelli, on paper the squad pretty decent, i will say now fm got dubravka spot on he is solid keeper! at 2nd season beginning i brought in Shaqueri from pool Bruno fernandes Julian draxler, djibril sidibe, rafinha from barce and michael keane from everton, couple with some youth signings i didn't mention and some top top regens 2nd season was 15 wins 15 losses and 8 draws, a season where lost nearly every away game certainly didn't get many points. going into away games was hard because there was little progression in any department of the team. ok so remember for me any loads up or saving before signing players or looking at ca/pa is a massive no no for me and i wont accept that people who use fm scout and real fm players at all. i knew this save was to be deleted but i went for it, thinking i could steady the ship and build towards something, the last 100ish games (2 seasons) was not fun with random rng more than the squad getting familiar and building etc so 3rd season, i must get europe to repay my top players for coming to the lowly toon, 1st game manu away Loss 2nd game liverpool at home, horrid to watch had all the stats in my favour but stats dont win games 1nil loss, 3rd game arsneal loss,4th game it was a big team i cant remember who but this was the point where i just couldn't be bothered anymore and that feels sad. dynamics were ***** team was beaten down, i feel about this thread now how i feel about that save there no drive to finish it
  10. gary neville mentioned in this morning on sky sports, could you imagine the wage bill on fm with that many, some of my top scouts are on 6-10k each! whats the most scouts ya'll ever reached in fm? i got to 18 or 22 on older versions im sure
  11. try to play football through the middle with short passing, not with a big team where even poor tactics can work. then come back and tell me your experiences please
  12. can i ask......i was on the beta do i need to change anything??
  13. to stop conceding 30 yard screamers, goals from crosses , when im away from home these leak in 2/3 per game, at home just as much to be honest.
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