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  1. 1. workrate 2.decisions 3.determination 4.natural fitness 5.technique/flair
  2. thanks for posting, this theory is very interesting would like to know its its true!
  3. in my 6th season as toon manager after spending 20-30mil upgrading youth facilities and level i got an exiting message about a golden generation of players, its december now so i cant sse the players yet but in march i should see what the so called golden regens are like, is this rare i havnt seen it before?
  4. possibly helps that one of my cbs is either footed and the other is probably the best mexican ball playing defender on the game, i do see rare errors which is to be expected.
  5. i have to say i have my goal keeper on short kicks play ball to CB, i have both my CBs set up as ball playing defenders, with strong attributes they very rarely make errors i have this set up for 3 seasons now it has been veru solid/reliable
  6. tactics make so much difference my first one got me sacked after 17 games my 2nd one i survived 1 season, then restarted a new save with a basic 442, high pressing really just basics only thing i did was set up corners to near post put the stiker on the keeper and the dc on the near post ( 5-8 goals a season) came 3rd and was in the final of both cups, won one, second season 4th won community sheild and now the 3rd season 10 games left looks like ill get 3rd again. im still paranoid about tweaking it haha
  7. if you wanna be a scum bag around the 13th December you will get an update on youth intake, save the game around the 10th and reload until you get a decent intake,,,urgh dirty. then around the 10th march save the game AGAIN you get another chance to slightly buff the youth intake as they will physically arrive around the 13th. save scumming has always been a thing but fm 20 has made it, sadly easier to cheese it.
  8. +1 to this cant believe i haven't posted myself i have thought about it during play time often, var always gives the penalty or chalks off the goal for offside,and im 5/6 seasons deep
  9. u can have the AI do it if you go into responsibility tab but i prefer to sign the newgens each year personally.
  10. you need to sign them when the youth intake comes in then within a month make sure you offer the better players another contract that kicks in when they hit 17yrs
  11. very interesting post OP i have often wondered about performance of players and which is more significant CA or attributes. obviously there are many many other factors, day night morale, form, fitness, condition etc....will be keeping an eye on this thread
  12. thanks for posting i enjoy reading other people fm storys i day dream my own 24/7 aha
  13. i stay away from players unless they have decent workrate and determination. there are exceptions eg special flair/fast players like hatem ben arfa
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