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  1. as a long term fan and player i would personally like to see the take over left out, what do other toon army mains think?
  2. already mentione but Kerlon, 07/08 era? same time as this kid called lukaku?
  3. ahhhh this only appears when the players are either footed, or are natural in both postions. very cool
  4. i cant seem to find this? have not played in a few weeks can someone help? thanks in advance!
  5. star ratings are abit iffy if you will accept that and change constantly as your players change. im a weirdo i will always have an ass man with 20/20 vision or at least 20 on judging potential. and i will cycle him every 6 months to a year, briig in someone new to see the stars change hehe
  6. I dont think the game it too easy as such but certain tactics are very potent, i won the league in my third season with Newcastle buying only Brazilian players between aged 18-23. inside forwards and wingers with instructions to swap potion for me is phenomenal but i have made sure players have 5/6 of these attributes 16+ . dribbling flair technique pace acceleration or agility. already having st maxim inspired me to build this tactic i have sold him now 70million straight cash was enough for me.
  7. Took me about 5-6 months I guess abit depends on club finances and chairmen’s ambition I only get feeder team to squire foreign regens at my toon academy done it many years now
  8. Remember only 3 players over 23 can actually play .....
  9. Work permits are harder to get in this version than other previous
  10. just to update you bro i now have my keeper on pens because the guys who are professional with good compsoure and finishing miss 9 (should even have 9 pens? i doplay with 5/6 players dribbling and flair 18 s)
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