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  1. bought it from cd keys about a week ago for £27 , after 100 hours of play i would of said £10 is a fair price for this years version
  2. honestly man just completely ignore star ratings the way they work in my opinion is a combination on broken and confusing. if you wanna know whos good and whos bad look at average rating and player value.
  3. 99/100 people would of shot, and i am one of the 99.
  4. i do my own tactics which has got me the sack after 17 games.
  5. Had interesting take over no money injected but new chairmen came in early October and brought with him Victor Tsygancov and Ajer from Celtic obviously i wont get them till Jan 2020 but he paid a exactly 25.5mil for each of them out of his own pocket too no finances affected, ive never had such a thing happen i feel like ive cheated but its just luck of the takeover :) what are others experiences in fm20?? With it coded in Newcastle are for sale it makes for interesting opportunities....
  6. ah sorry i didnt do my homework properly i just saw on fm he is signed from a brazilian club for 6mil with 0 caps, apologies all.
  7. try to sign a 18 year old Brazilian from south america ( to the premier league ) with 0 caps 0 goals and the only way to get enough points for a work permit is to pay nearly 20mil, offer a strong role in the team and pay 30-50k p/w. how did arsenal do this in r/l or is fm totally different rule set?
  8. i have accepted the vinicius juniour signing and will be carrying on with this save
  9. just to clarify i singed him in the first hour of my intended long term save not even played half my friendly's its barely July. as for clauses theres nothing champions league related which ive never seen before anyway is it new? only clause is a 94mil release clause to clubs in the champions league.
  10. went back to contract negotiations and his agent mentioned he was very happy with the amount of first team football. i still dont see this as realistic its not like messi signs for norwich levels of crazy by any means but i think we can all rethink certain signings, those of us who play mid tier teams anyway, should you really be able to have that guy?
  11. seriously though can i accept this signing as legit and continue? i cant see it ever happening
  12. 45mil and 50% of next fee. shocking thing is he agreed to sign a contract for 70k a week, whats going on here i feel like ive cheated 10mins into my intended long term save? anyone got more examples? or am i missing something with this lad?
  13. i had good success with this in the demo, admist the chaos in the me with strikers and 1v1s this seems to work effectivly
  14. thank you for testing this, i was kind of hoping they had weened it out i myself i guilty of save scumming and down the line staying at 1 club for a long career its pretty hardcore cheating.
  15. i have found alot of agents clubs and players themselves are more savvy and impatient when it comes to negotiation, i like this it because i could manipulate offers and contracts before, paying out minimal fee's now its more exiting when you can lure a player to your club...
  16. playing fm19 is just rock paper scissors you win loose or draw. learning from results and past matches is irrelevant the game code is random.
  17. Hi , have been wondering about flair for a while so wanted some clarification if possible on the circumstances that "flair" comes into play ( in the match engine) examples when a player strikes a shot/volley? when a player hits dead ball / corner? when a player beats men repeatedly ( im pretty sure this is where flair equation comes in) basically im wondering how many different scenarios flair comes into play, i guess it's mostly seen as a luxury attribute and not something people focus/ build a team around ( i am doing this right now) thanks in advance if anyon
  18. signed under the agreement he would be assigned penalty taker and has missed 5/5 all in premier league games not shootouts , his stats are decent, whats happening here? #scripts
  19. for the record, incase you want to complain this is a cry, its my players constantly scoring against there previous clubs, multiple goals in most occasions.
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