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  1. i got the same hard ass brexit as my beta save basically cant sign any foreign players arghhh, english scout mode activated
  2. as above, gutted was in only in December but the save had 25+ hours into it it is what it is we move on, wondering how others are getting on with toon takeovers? i had 3 inside 1 year (during beta)
  3. In the beta I was signing loads of young without work permit the a week later allowed and accepted, havnt tested full release yet and they don’t show change list from beta to live
  4. If you like signing young players under 22 don’t play in England and see all or any of my posts in this thread ✅
  5. I just found the version I had was more restrictive than that I wish I could sign 17 foreign layers of my choice hehe
  6. I’ve read all reply’s so far can anyone tell me if the hard brexit is still so extreme in full release?? Might aswell keep a smaller database and have a faster game???
  7. Surprised it took 9 days, need to fix the wp bug although it’s an interesting fix to my hard brexit 😇
  8. This make me hopeful, but for now we can all enjoy signing all foreign talent to Germany I think 🤔
  9. For the average player this beta is a fantastic version, even the hardcore players who says it’s too easy should appreciate it.
  10. The thing with permits getting automatically accepted after 120 days that’s seems like a bug instead of the game code working out if the player has enough points it just accepts.
  11. I nervously await confirmation on this also thanks for posting
  12. im staying away from gengen press i dont enjoy op tactics so much zzzzzzzzzzz
  13. as my save goes on im starting to grieve massively at all the talent in the shop window (but the windows locked and its bulletproof glass)
  14. It’s beta I been messing around a lot but strange things click sometimes,
  15. you got the same hard brexit i did, can make playing in england very boring if you like signing players outside of our little island. i dont wanna agree the save is ruined it just means your massively restricted player/staff wise , grrr lol.
  16. Guys this is not a salty post at all I been here longer than you chill 😂
  17. negotiate exiting feeder team is bugged nothing happens upon request tried with mutiple teams edit: made post in bugs forum......
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