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  1. I thought it would be good to show how the new ryzen processors perform: Type: Laptop Model: Lenovo Ideapad 14 5 CPU Model: AMD Ryzen 7 4700u CPU Base Frequency: 2.0 GHz CPU Turbo Frequency: 4.1 GHz RAM: 16GB RAM Clockspeed: 3200Mhz GPU: Vega 7 (Integrated) Storage Type: SSD Benchmark A: 1 min 30 Sec Benchmark B: 11 min 37 Sec Benchmark C: 10 min 28 Sec
  2. Don't worry this has been a problem for a while now, I have mentioned this and it was briefly fixed before the issue came back again. Honestly now I highly doubt they will fix it.
  3. I have posted about this issue a number of times, yet there has still been no fix, not even a response from anyone at SI. What makes this worse is that the timer was functioning correctly at one point last year and became broken once more and has remained so, it is so frustrating to have to manually click continue at times, even though I have set the timer to continue automatically after 2 seconds. This was also an issues in last years game which waas fixed and also broken again at a later point, why does this always keep getting broken?
  4. I apologise for the double post/bump but this still hasn't been addressed, the continue game timer always seems to be broken after every update/patch. Bump still no change Dissapointing from SI to still not have addressed this after braking it a few patches ago.
  5. Basically as I have reported in the past the continue game timer still dosen't function correctly. There are still times where it's enabled but then stops and then I have to manually click continue. Now I did mention this in the beta and it seemed to be addressed after the full games release, but now it is having the same issue again. Why does this seem to keep getting broken after every update?
  6. Not a great sugar daddy to be honest, as he gives small budgets even after winning the top league (which I did in season two, I think I got about £5m to spend) I'm surprised that Dan N'Doye hasn't even been mentioned in the first post he's the best young talent in that team, was my top scorer in the two seasons I have played so far and I have just sold him for £30m to Aston Villa.
  7. Indian League super league has been confirmed by AFC to be the new top tier league for India, taking the I-league's AFC Champions league place: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/football/indian-super-league/top-stories/afc-approves-isl-as-top-league/articleshow/71782409.cms when will it be added to FM?
  8. I'm aware of that but this thread was not originally in the bugs forum (infact I didn't even make this thread), besides I have found a similiar thread in the bugs forum and have also bumped that as I feel this issue needs to be addressed as really this keeps coming back after every patch.
  9. Feel this should be bumped as it seems to not be working correctly once more.
  10. Quite a lot, my record win was 15-0 against Carrick in the league and I haven't lost a league game in over six seasons, it's gotten to the point where I have tried to help the other teams by loaning them players and releasing some reasonable players in hope they will sign them. I don't see much point in giving the other teams money as even when they do get money they don't seem to spend it. The values are very flawed I think the game can't handle the reputation increase at the rate I am doing it at. The top clubs have been showing interest in a great deal of my top players, but I've found that when you either list a players value very high you don't get many offers, however if it's very low (ie £0-1) clubs offer but you can reject and most of the time the players don't get too upset (doesn't always work though, in which case if I have given them a long enough contract then I just ride it out until they drop it. Quite an exploit I know but it stops players like the player in the screenshot leaving for very low valuations).
  11. Good to see people playing as these, I started a save with them before the 19.3 patch and well it's been quite a ride, since being promoted in the first season I have won trophy after trophy in Northern Ireland, developed the facilities and youth setup to the absolute max and have even managed to get a new stadium built, all the while being fortunate enough to keep the sugar daddy. In terms of Europe we had a strong record progressing year on year, then we had a breakthrough year reaching the Europa league final in 2025, however years later we did one better... And if anyone wants to know my best player in the team is actually from our youth academy and he is listed as world class: It is however getting very difficult to progress as the league is now up to three star reputation, but the rest of the league is far off the standard we are at, only five other teams are professional and pretty much every win we now win every game in the league, I may be hitting a glass ceiling soon.
  12. Hard to say, a better count would be how many players can it handle for example on my current save I have about 60k players and about 8 nations. As the 2700u on that laptop is of roughly the same level as my laptops processor I would suggest to actually run leas (maybe 40k players and 6 nations for example).
  13. For FM it should run the 3d on medium smoothly, the cpu however will play fm itself ok as it meets the requirements and is quite a capable cpu. However as its amd I have no idea if that cpu would throttle. For reference I have a mx150 which is about 40% better and plays 3d on high settings and a processor clocked at 1.8ghz (with 4ghz boost) and that runs FM pretty well.
  14. Well to be fair they are not half wrong the gpu on that is the best integrated gpu you can get on a laptop and nearly matches a gtx 950m so that will handle 3d fine. The processor is ok and the boost will do a good job. Honestly its actually not bad for 500, although if you can afford it I would get the one listed at 650 by the poster above.
  15. While I wouldn't normally reccomend this as it's a ulv and it's base clock is only 1.8ghz (but boosts up to 4ghz), the i7 8550u is actually suprisingly capable with FM 19 on my new laptop as it is able to hold the turbo for hours, I even did a 3-4 hour session the other night and ran a tool to track the clock speed and it did fluctuate but it never went below 2.4ghz (on battery however it went down to 2ghz even so it still was higher than 2.4ghz most of the time on battery) and in general was usually over 3ghz during the session. It probably helps that I have a 15 inch laptop that has good cooling as in an ultrabook there would be extreme throttling, I got this as I needed a convertible for certain things that I have to do, I would say in the right laptop with the right cooling fm should run pretty smoothly, however that dosen't mean I would reccomend this over a HQ or H processor for FM, but if you need better battery, portability or a certain form factor then the i7 8550u is not a bad thing to play FM on. If anyone wants to know what I have its called the HP Spectre x360 15.
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