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  1. Ahh sorry just checked again it was just my youth manager not selecting them for some reason but they can play after I put them in the match day squad
  2. True but they can't play even in friendlies so there aren't any "try outs" in the end that's what I mean so they isn't any point in having the trials then
  3. Why aren't players you bring in on trial from other countries not given work permits for the duration of the trial? It doesn't make sense because you bring them in on trial and they can't even play not even for your youth team.
  4. I think it would be a good way to maybe get better development from players just like fines for pour games do. It could increase determination and work rate in the same way and increase their overall progress.
  5. Yeah they fixed the goalkeeper ratings but fullbacks are abysmal now
  6. Has Haaland's release clause been removed or does it get activated in 2022 like the real life rumors say?
  7. I'm just mentioning it because in fm20 he was taller and transfermarkt also says he taller
  8. Does anyone have any tips on how to get the best out of De Bruyne as in goals, assists, chances created and key passes? He's been good for me but not as impactful as I would like
  9. Is there a reason why, in the premier league at least, we can't differentiate youth League Games and actual friendly game? I started to realise this since FM19 and for me it helped to see who was performing well instead seeing all games as friendly games when looking at a player's stats.
  10. Mine said withdrawn and there's no story about falling out with the manager or the player being disapointed about not being called up like De Bruyne hasn't been called up for the last 3 international breaks in my save and there hasn't been a reaction from him or the press
  11. And some of the players have the status withdrawn from international duty when I haven't withdrawn them
  12. I know but the best players don't normally get left out in the game I know in real life its different
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