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  1. Hi Knap! Not been on this is years, but your Oxford 104pts tactic is the best I've ever used from back in 2008! whats the best tactic you have made for this FM as I'm thinking of getting FM17?
  2. Good to hear there are no OI's Hopefully the rest of ur testing goes well.
  3. Mr H - is your new tactic going to be dependant on OI's or can it be played in Classic mode?
  4. I'm not criticising him for reporting it, I just feel he should not of mentioned it on this thread when people are looking for a plug and play tactic.
  5. The thing is, why mention on this thread that you have found an exploit then not bother to tell any of us??? I know you said you were going to post it in the bugs forum, but I just thought it was strange that you bragged about finding this miraculous exploit then never bother with it. Also I have tried all you tactics here and non of them have worked for me. Started a new game with Man City and used Total Annihilation and the new V2, and with both I was conceding around 2 goals on average a game, drawing with the likes of Norwich 3-3 and getting battered by Chelsea 3-2 and Man UTD 3-1. Sorry to say that none of the tactics worked for Man City, but then I haven't found a single tactic this year that you can plug and plug successfully with.
  6. Steaton - will there be much of a difference between this V2 and the original Total Annihilation? The reason I ask is because I have used TA for about 10 matches with Man City and the results were pretty bad! Also the right centre mid in the new tactic is now an AP, is this correct?
  7. Its just not working so well for me, not so much the results that concern me, its the amount of CCC against that i'm getting.
  8. Tactic not working well for me at Real Madrid so far! Played 4 league games so far against Real Betis, Villarreal, Granada and Athletic Bilboa and have only won 2 and drawn 2. Also noticing that the opposition have at least 3-4 clear cut chances against me every game. Not impressed at all so far.
  9. At least if you make a new thread it will maybe get more people checking it out.
  10. Well good luck with it. I hope it's not some funny formation, like 2 centre backs with pushed up wingbacks and forwards on the left and right! This is the best time to release a tactic, more people off playing FM at the weekend than through the week, so you would get more feedback.
  11. How's the possession with the new tactic? Still want to see this formation so I know what i'm doing. Got a Sparta Prague game on the go and they have some really decent players, hoping this will fit ok?
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