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  1. I just followed what RDF mentioned, e.g. left back takes left throw, right back takes right throw and left wing takes left corner and right wing takes right corner.
  2. Full season using RDF tweak, all Plug and Play:
  3. Champs League Quarter Final, I get my RB sent off in 51st minute when it is 2-2.... again RDF thanks for the amazing tactic:
  4. First result using Reaving by RDF, I totally dominated biggest rivals: I will use this next season and see how it progresses.
  5. Knap would you say sympathy 108pts is the best tactic currently or the Leipzig tactic?
  6. Here is some Regens from my PSG save:
  7. Knap do you think the new Sympathy has what it takes to beat Sicilian in other tests?
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