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  1. Thanks for the tip. I hadn’t actually used this tactic as was using 4231 and 4411, but this 442 is amazing! Been getting some great results, and is a very consistent tactic!
  2. Knap, which tactic would you consider the best for a top team to plug and play, the new Holy Ghost Fire 4411?
  3. I'm still managing my PSG game. So the VOL3 MM version would be better for a strong top team?
  4. Knap with the new Holy Ghost 4231, would you recommend the one with MM or the one with MM and EG for a big team?
  5. Im getting some really good results with this tactic. Knap what changes did you make with this compared with original tactic?
  6. Would you say fire and water VOL2 was the current best plug and play tactic for FMT?
  7. Excellent work Knap! Really like that you have added a SUS tactic with it, cracking idea.
  8. It looks amazing! Those possessions stats along with chances created... also good to see a 3 at the back formation doing so well!
  9. Knap, what is the difference between the 103pts and 105pts Fire and Water tactics you posted?
  10. Did you use this plug and play? also what kind of possessions stats did you have?
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