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  1. I think you have to change every now and then to keep the AI guessing. I used Crusho as my main for 5 solid seasons, love it! It works so well. I feel both tactics are very strong it s just a choice of 1/2 strikers. Personally, i like an active number 10. I do find the 424 works better against the big teams. Between them both, amazing!
  2. @knap Something is wrong with this 424 tactic. I'm in my 5th year and, of course, have a strong team BUT Liverpool ALWAYS cause me trouble every game, it's always very close between us. That is until i used said 424. Ive been using it in conjunction with 4231 crusho (my personal favorite) for half a season anf this just happened............ Note my Red Card on the 35th minuet. Remarkable tactic As always, i appreciate your hard work. PS I play every game, micro manage is the only way
  3. @knap Errrrrmmmmmm This just happened after a first game plug and play!
  4. A mess? Use the Google Doc, Sort the column to suit what you are looking for, simple!
  5. Can you see how he posted? I don't think he's lazy, just doesn't read/write English too good thus finds it hard to search. How about we be a helpful community and just help a few people out 1768411304_(FM20)CerberV5byTFF.fmf
  6. @xSynyster Just click the arrow in the top right bud, it'll take you straight to it
  7. Hiya pal. Can't see this in the file, do you have a link. Love this formation
  8. @knap I always find holiday/IR to give better results that's why i asked, i only fully play the game. I'm not as good as you though so your results will be better than mine
  9. @marksmithlfc1234 Looks good BUT have you played a full season actually playing the game with the tactic? Curious to see how it does. No shade, people can play the game how they like, i just dont use holiday OR IR mode and find the tactic changes when you play the game fully.
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