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  1. yes. Sounds like that long ball my defender doesn't like to win and lead to conceding a goal will happen much less, winner!
  2. I just downloaded the skin and loaded as usual and this is how it looks for me
  3. any idea why i don't have as many panels?
  4. Can you link me the site please. I Google it and get a guy from a few hundred years ago
  5. @knap Im liking to KASHMIR so far, do you have a SUS tactic to play alongside it? One where i dont have to make 3 subs to fit
  6. Wasn't having a dig mate, i know you put the work in, just wanted to make sure i was looking in the right places thats all. I just sometimes see a tactic and can't find it anywhere.
  7. i look on the google doc, FM scout and FM base and Youtube Why do i not see the tactics you talk about? The only Kashmir is a 451. What am i missing
  8. Ive looked in the usually places and the only Kashmir is a different formation, is this yet to be released? Still haven't found a consistent 4231
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