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  1. It got me to the prem and to a 4th place finish. I found it conceded to many goals though so i changed to ECHOES TH92 now im second 12 poins clear of 3rd and joint with Liverpool in first
  2. Never play holiday mode, ever! I play/micro manage every game, It's the only way i enjoy the game. I currently have 1700 hours in this years game.
  3. 862308742_ME21.7!FM21.5HOLYGHOSTFIREKnap41212THPLP90DHP124P479.fmf Straight from the non-league to The Champions League!
  4. I'm always up for trying new things. I wonder if my CM gets nervous when the ball gets turned over
  5. @Macgreg This is @knap thread my dude. It's a little rude to post tactics of other peoples in here without his consent. Saying that, Im still going to check it out
  6. I just use the best i have regardless of what foot he is, doesn't seam to make much of a difference. I'm getting good results from the wide players, score and assist enough for me. I do change tactics often though, to keep the AI guessing but this 4231 is very solid.
  7. @knap Do you recommend a tactic with IF/IW like a 4231? I've enjoyed the 4321/striker-less ect but i now want to go back to my favorite 4231 making the most of Rashford from the right and Demir from the left. Any advise? Thanks
  8. yes. Sounds like that long ball my defender doesn't like to win and lead to conceding a goal will happen much less, winner!
  9. I just downloaded the skin and loaded as usual and this is how it looks for me
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