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  1. Yes, it's happened to me many times - and it's usually my own players that miss the goal.
  2. Anybody? Surely there must be a link to the FM 2016 game manual somewhere about the forums?
  3. Quick question - is there a link to the Football Manager 201 manual? When I click on the in-game manual tab it takes me to the FM 2017 manual and I was wondering where the official FM 2016 manual is. Thanks.
  4. All of the UK and Ireland, plus the big European and South American nations, plus a few from Eastern Europe, I'd say around 14 nations and perhaps 30 leagues. Runs nice and smooth too.
  5. Thanks for the info. And can I turn on/off leagues at any time once I've started a game? Sorry to ask but this is my first FM game on PC - the last footy management game I had was LMA Manager 2006 on the PS2...
  6. This is my first time playing a FM game (FM2016) and I have what you all think is a really stupid question - which leagues should I load and what difference does it make? I've just started with Wolves in the Championship so I've started with all the English leagues and most of the continental European leagues, but would it be worth loading the South American leagues too? As well as this, I'd also like to know if I don't load a certain league would I still be able to sign players from that league? Would it have any direct impact on the game I'm playing? Like I said, these are probably pretty dumb questions to you but this is the first Football Manager game I've played. Thank you for your patience. My PC specs: CPU intel i7 3610QM @ 2.3ghz GPU nVidia GT650M 6GB RAM Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
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