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  1. Where is the #1 tactics in this testing .I cant find it in knap folders as well .
  2. It was a paid only skin uploaded by a guy ,but a lot of backlash from people made him took it down
  3. Just started a new season with Brighton.Sold around 15 players and bought around 15 players as well to suit the tactics and the pressing style that I was going to try.Before this season the best position I could get in a proper save was 7th . Few things that I tried for the first time in this season . 1) Let my assistant took full control of the training(general and individual).Pick someone who's tactical style matches yours if possible and who is good in tactical .Here is mine . 2) I used the attached tactics as my base tactics and made few changes to it like changing the striker to PF.Changed the mentality to balanced .Updated the set pieces.Changed wing backs to fullbacks .Changed wingers to support . 3) For the first time I used OI's in hard matches .I would go to team analyst report and see what players were making most of the key passes ,usually its the midfielders.I would use OI's on them like the screenshot posted.I know some will argue that OIs pull players out of there positions and the tactics shape isn't the same and it leaves gaps.But I know my weaker team is no match for the big clubs if i play like normal MM there deeper player.So far I have completely shut down city united arsenal and Chelsea using them . 4) Few other changes I make during game are .Change width of defending if I am playing teams like liverpool who loves using there DL DR a lot in attacking to counter some of there crossing.Take away p[lay from back and work ball into box if losing .Take away pass into space ,run at defenders if winning in the last 20 min along with drop LOE and DL to one notch down in last 20 min if winning. This is how my table looks like in December. FM20.4.1FireandWaterVOL24321OXP103EC_1.fmf 41221 tweak.fmf
  4. this tactics is so wired...working well for me as well BUT with max wide def and attacking width it looks scary ...what do people do to stop teams exploiting the middle ...I wins most of them but the other team gets more CC through the middle.If i change the width to counter that does that have an effect on the tactics performance ? and also the WB marking the other teams WB ....is it important
  5. There is no such thing .tff have been teasing about this since last tactic of fm19
  6. can u guys upload that swtup. I am just focusing on set[ices right now
  7. As I mentioned earlier that it worked but i noticed that the picture is missing from this screen can it be because of the above
  8. I have the same issue with my skin(from another author ) what do you do to fix it ?
  9. I have the champions league skin for 2020.Since yesterday I am having an issue with the skin ,the screen is moving down and than goes back up . I have tried everything Clear cache reloading skin reinstalling It dosnt happen with FM skin only with this skin Anyone know what it can be and where should I look to fix it 20200221_091953.mp4
  10. I downloaded the latest 12.0 to 12.05 cutouts from sortoutsi website and copied them over my old 2018 (11.01 to 11.14) downloads but even after clear caching some players pictures not showing . can anyone point out why is it happening
  11. just to let everyone know,this is not a free skin.Its the best and makes fm enjoyable.I would pay and get this anyday .
  12. Hello ,I had the enhanced version of fm 19 for your skin .Are you planning to make one for fm 20 ? Thank you
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