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  1. Great work ....is it possible to make the match timeline disappear and move all those ...pitch ...tactics..analysis....that horizontal line up .
  2. It's very similar to Neub Skin and what I have been using .would u be able to post this
  3. I am trying to modify this panel from a skin to suit my liking but for some reason my screen is all blank under the kits .i mean no pitch and player faces in there .can u point where I should be looking
  4. Thank God ....I really had enough of this
  5. What do I have to do in order to make inbox messages boxes messages transparent .right now I have that grayish box that cover the screen ans is not transparent at all ..or is there a way I can increase the transparency of those
  6. Thanks you and I will wait for your message
  7. To be honest this is all pulled way out if proportion. I have donated him and I have got the enhanced version .weather anyone like it or not. I don't know nothing about skinning .so this 3 £ are well worth it . Life is a b***h...smart people makes money . By raising a issue here and than mods getting involved can't di nothing. You will block him from here but there are tons of ways to publish the skin and whoever wanted the enhanced version have got it by now. Such a shame that you grown adults are dropping this low .hands down this is the best skin our there . Coming back to skin .....a1234.....I have a modified version of this skin ( mixed few parts of other skins to this ..just because I play at higher zoom ) I tried copying copying match folder from panels and the paper xml from graphics ...but I am still having that issue similar to ....Deyroldmackie Whenever u have time can u please try to tell us precisely what files we need to copy from panels and graphics to make this scoreboard working Thank you
  8. Is there a way to incorporate this into any other skin that's not flut.....I am using champions League skin 2019. 2d kits in player screen
  9. Good work! But no england is a deal breaker for me .
  10. I tired copying but had no success with logos beside club names .not sure what's wrong and I can't take the timeline out . Any idea what I have to do to take timeline completely out
  11. http://www.mediafire.com/file/84bv9jae6v5j85k/player_picture1.xml/file You will need to download this and put it in panels >player ...overwrite it if needed. Reload skin This will give u logos of club and country behind player picture
  12. Can u post the title bar xml of that option #2 without timebar .what about team logos ?
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