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  1. alex1234

    [FM19] [Skin] Neub Skin FM19 v1.3

    Thanks man will try .and is there any file or steps that I can incorporate it into original 1.3
  2. alex1234

    [FM19] [Skin] Neub Skin FM19 v1.3

    I never tried your versions .do you have custom scoreboards on matchday?
  3. alex1234

    [FM19] [Skin] Neub Skin FM19 v1.3

    Understand....thank you
  4. alex1234

    [FM19] [Skin] Neub Skin FM19 v1.3

    Krysler ...are u planning to make a custom matchday scoreboard in future with future updates or anyone know kw how to do that ?
  5. Will tight marking on pi or ti do that for both defenders .I would thought one will go if they have pi of tight mark
  6. I got all the players either man mark or mark 6 yard ( all of them are back and defending )and I use 1 training def free kicks and 1 training session def corner kicks I lose the ability to have a chance to counter but it's always better to not concede Hardly conceded
  7. I would say all the good creators weather it is tactics ..for ég jassar .from fm 12,13,14,15 .....skin creators had ran away because of s**t like this thread ....they are doing something for the community .When we start pushing them too much they all stop it . End result a lot of frustrating threads starts .you don't want to see knaps tactics don't open threads started by him ....he have done so much stuff on this website condensing his work will make people who loves his work take so much time to find the right info about the right tactics they looking for And btw if it wasn't clear ...I am fully in support of what knap is doing
  8. alex1234

    FM19: Managers Background Pack

    Good work sir
  9. Started a save with hull city ...sold some players and have 20 mil $.....east to buy some real good players that can be good for some years to come Eg xadas ...around 1 mil A Marin...around 2 mil Playing as 442 so if anyone knows any good cheap young players that have pa around 150+ please list them Thanks
  10. alex1234

    press conference background

    Thank you .will do
  11. alex1234

    press conference background

    I am using regular notepad .does that makes the difference ?
  12. alex1234

    press conference background

    I must be missing a fine detail ...would u be able to paste your config file .than I know if the issue is its just the picture in graphics
  13. alex1234

    press conference background

    Have to give it a try again I guess .must be doing something wrong .
  14. alex1234

    Change background main menù

    Please do that and steps to get this working Thanks
  15. alex1234

    press conference background

    Thanks .tried it and replaced the old press conference lines with these new ones and also made a folder backgrounds and put a jpg in there .still didn't work .reloaded the skin still not working