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  1. I downloaded the latest 12.0 to 12.05 cutouts from sortoutsi website and copied them over my old 2018 (11.01 to 11.14) downloads but even after clear caching some players pictures not showing . can anyone point out why is it happening
  2. just to let everyone know,this is not a free skin.Its the best and makes fm enjoyable.I would pay and get this anyday .
  3. Hello ,I had the enhanced version of fm 19 for your skin .Are you planning to make one for fm 20 ? Thank you
  4. used knaps tactics as a base and created this ....first game of the season lol jass tweak.fmf
  5. I also noticed the drop in tactics efficiency on 3.6....SI is notorious for this .Knap I did read somewhere you wrote basic tactics is same but u did some modifications for 3.6
  6. do you have a working ss of the tactics and is it made on 3.6
  7. Sorry if its been asked before ...is there any way to change the background of this press conference screen to any of my liking Thank you
  8. yes thats what i am looking for .want to know there roles so i can adjust tactics accordingly
  9. Sorry if it have been asked before But is there a way to see opposition player roles on scouting reports or on matchday
  10. Great work ....is it possible to make the match timeline disappear and move all those ...pitch ...tactics..analysis....that horizontal line up .
  11. It's very similar to Neub Skin and what I have been using .would u be able to post this
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