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  1. You should think about balance in your team. 8 of 11 players are attacking and you have very aggressive team instructions. Nobody can support your forwards. I recommend to read this topic:
  2. Wow, heavy games in the first 3 league games... Yes, watching matches really helps, but sometimes it upsets. Watching a match, know what you want to do but can't realize it in terms of game tweaking. Also wanted to say that I explored pretty well combination for possession style play in 4123DM: Winger Support, Mezzala Attack, IWB Defence. I think it can also work with Inverted winger. It looked perfect in terms of balance: IWBde supports passing options in the DM strata when your tean is attacking and also a good cover for Mezzala as players in this position usually have lack in defense. So, if your players fit for this roles I highly recommend to try it.
  3. Yes, BMWde position looks great against any team I play. You know, I thought that if he goes hunting - I will switch back to Anchor or Half Back. But when I started to watch matches I didn't see him loosing position or too much pressing. I can say that it looked like anchor man... How are you getting on?
  4. Yes, thank you for information. I never used shadow striker. I preferred AMat. But will give it a try - Oyarzabal looks great, so if something goes wrong I can try to use another role for my 4 forward players. Yes, thank you. I hope for the best - but always ready to use 4123 DM =)
  5. As for me, I just decided to try 4231, because my last 4231 was in FM15-16 I think..And I want to explore new role for me - shadow striker. And in terms of roles and duties, what do you think? Are there any obvious mistakes?
  6. Hey, managers! I decided to start new game - Real Sociedad and want to try 4231 formation. Need your help and advice with my setup. Maybe I'm totally wrong with roles and duties or TI. Or maybe this formation, tactic, style is not suitable for the team. How I want to play: I want to play attacking football, dominate the game. Ideally, mix of possession and intensive attacking football. I don't want slow possession over 60%, I want to be more aggressive. Snapshot of my the team: Media prediction: 7 My setup: Also I use Split block with my 4 forward players My idea was to try combo DLFsu and SS with my two key players: So, what do you think? Did I make rough mistakes? What I need to think about?
  7. Wow! And what is your idea to play with 3 playmakers in the middle? In fact, I'm sure you need to change a lot, especially in terms of roles and duties. I believe that @Experienced Defender will help you, but you have a lot of work to be done!
  8. Yes, I'm really happy because when I started the game I wanted my team to play attacking football, but try to avoid high possession style. My idea was to have a balance. Be ready to dominate and be ready to defense against Arsenal, Chelsea, Bayern and etc. I do not like to much possession and prefer more direct style,but I think it is really hard to play for Benfica with more direct approach. All my opponents play with low block, reduce the space, so I think this is maximum direct style for my team. The only thing I can't understand is why BMWde is playing much better than Anchor Man for my tactic.
  9. This is my tactic for home league. I use split block: DLF, IW, IF, DLP, CM DLPse - more direct passing, CMat - roam from position, BMWde - mark tigher (occasionally). When I play away game with Porto or sporting I tend to avoid Counter press and play counter, but it depends on how the match is going. In Champions Cup games I usually change roles, IWat to IWs, Left WBsu to FBat, with top teams I play counter, small split block - DLFsu to DLFat. And I don't play Overlap left/overlap right. Sometimes without work ball into box and be more expressive. I watch matches at full and try to see what I need to do - for example Play into space. And PI: cross from deep to FBat (occasionally) and etc. All depends on my opponent and how match goes My results this season are very good: 31 match without loosing (from the end of my first season) in Premier league (only 3 draws) . I feel myself much better in Champions Cup: tough group + Arsenal, Napoli, Lille - and I have first place, only one away draw with Arsenal. So, I can say I dominate in the premier league and dream about champions cup. In my first season I played with High Def Line and Standard LOE + split block, but after loosing Bayer 0-3 I decided that I need some changes. I changed to Higher line of engagement, began to use counter press and changed one role: Luis in DM position played as Anchor man and I changed it to BMWde. And it really began to work.
  10. And in terms of tactics? Because for me it't really hard to stop with upgrading, testing something new. I know that sometimes my team struggle with my experiments, but I need to learn. And the best way to learn for is try smth myself. Now I can say - much better than 2-3 weeks ago =) I manage Benfica (it is very interesting to me, because in league, 98% of matches I need to break down defensive teams - so I need to be attacking, aggressive team. And I need to adapt my tactics to play in Champions cup, because the level of competitors is much higher. I played only two seasons: first season I won premier league, two domestic cups, but failed in Champions cup and played in Euro cup. And I lost it to Lazio: 3-0. Now is my second season and I have very, very good results, both in premier league and in Champions cup. But it's only December...
  11. Looking pretty good =) And what you can say about games with Norwich, West Ham, Leeds, Valencia? You were closer to win the game or avoided defeat? You need a home win against Everton =) As I see you played quite a lot of matches with your new tactic? Do you see the areas to upgrade? What do you think does not work good?
  12. Yes, I noticed that Mezzala is often to close to IWs. When I set up roles and duties I believed it could be great pair, but CMa is much better for my team. I'm sure that the problem is with my style of play (I want to play more direct, fast, progressive football) or with my Mezzala player. So, all we can say, that every team is unique and it's really interesting thing that in one case it can work and in other it fails. Yes, in my case learning takes near 50% of the time I play FM.
  13. @danbanbury What you can say about your attacking movement? What do you think about playing MezAt and IWs? Several weeks ago I tried this combination, but failed. You can see the screenshot: IWs, MezAt, WBs are in the same position =)
  14. Sorry, I tried my best to express my thoughts properly, but my English is still on double intensity training =) So, I asked about "stay wider" PI to a WB on support - my idea was that it can help to lure opposition defender and open space for Mezzala or Box to box player. I fully agree that this thread is much more about learning how to create tactic than just ready made solution. Waiting for your first results =)
  15. Great thread, mates! Thank you! Does it make sense to give PI Stay wider to fullbacks? Just a small question, What do you think of Anchor man for DM position in this setup? Of course, if player's attributes fully fit for playing as Anchor man. I hope you will share the analysis with us =) Do you have a plan how to analyze it? Are you going to compare your old setup with new one?
  16. @Experienced Defender, just wanted to say thank you again. I played a half of a season using your recommendations. What I can say... No, I don't =) The results are pretty well. In matches with big clubs your tactics looks awesome. In matches with mid table and underdogs - you can hear voices of your players to play attacking, progressive football But it was a good experience for me how to adapt counter attacking football and I opened new role for me - WM. thanks for that =)
  17. Yes, it's rather risky, but my idea was to use it in matches with underdogs, when it is hard to strike a goal. Now I need to think, what can I do in matches, where my opponent is playing defensive football and my counter attacks are rather useless. His passing is 10 and loss in the middle of the pitch can be dangerous.
  18. Thank you! That's interesting and rather logical: overall train is lower and focusing on individual can give much more impact on the focus. I think it's our turn to research it =)
  19. In this case, for example: I want to improve crossing of my left Wing back. Am I right that the most effective training is to put him on training the position - defender left and add additional focus on crossing, than train him as wing back support with additional focus on crossing? Or it's the same in terms of crossing training?
  20. Yes, I thought about it. May be it can make the structure more compact. Already done it =) And I decided to add one more option of your 442. I think I can try to exploit Bailey power on the right wing. Set up Bailey as a Wsu and try to play Wan-Bissaka as IWBsu (though he can be rather bad in this role). But his tackling can help in the middle...
  21. It's really good idea to have one more approach...but to be honest I'm afraid of the wide 442 diamond because of it's gap in the middle. But =) I tried to create it. But, to be honest, I don't understand how it could work with counter attacking style of football with 3 players (2 strikers and 1 under them) above the pitch. I tried to use wingers Left IWs - Rashford/Martial and right Bailey/Jones/Chong And to strengthen the middle of a pitch by IWB. and still positive mentality, shorter passing, Higher tempo, counter, quickly distribution to FB and CB and decided to try much lower LOE. But to be honest, I'm not sure about this... maybe I need to think about it more time...
  22. Yes, when I watched matches I saw that attacking movement is pretty similar. =) My plan was to play with Haaland as poacher or AF with Martial/Rashford as DPFs (tell him to close down more). I thought that was good idea in terms of pressure on opposition (+lower LOE) - like one more player in midfield. But after your help and advice I realize that if I want to play counter attacks i need to strikers with space to attack. The most frustrating thing is that my idea was to create space for my strikers, that's why I decided to play with lower LOE, but I forgot to think about basic, very logical idea that I need 2 players in Att duty... I think my best option is Grealish. And for the future buy Ward-Prowse - I suppose he can be great in this position. Lingard is on a loan in Villareal Now, after looking at my situation I should think, may be it's better to start new game or try to find save after the end of my first season (winning EPL was cool). Thank you for your help, now I believe that I progressed well in terms of counter-attack football =)
  23. Am I right that this system is unbalanced because on the left flank we have MEZsu (Mostly attacking role), FBat and IWsu, who will exploit the same territory as the MEZsu?
  24. My idea was to play for TOP club and play counter attacking football. It was interesting how sometimes ugly, sometimes boring football can be played by Man Utd players. First half of the season I used Attacking mentality in most of the matches. I had 20 matches without loosing and only one draw. Problems started in February and I set mentality to positive and made some personal instructions and as the result - champion of EPL, Carabao cub winner, Semi Final loss to Liverpool in FA Cup, Semi final loss by penalties to København in Euro Cup. Now I will try to play really counter attack =)
  25. James attributes: vision , decisions and pass are rather low. And to be honest, excluding emotions + I believe that in real match James should act as on screenshots =) And you are totally right that "players play roles differently from each other". Thank you for your feedback.
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