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  1. Ahhh! And I though i was doing something wrong. Good job! My 106 teams UEFA Cup does not need a Real Madrid SI ahah
  2. Hello, I made my own version of the EC, UC and CWC, it's all working just fine, except, I want the past EC winner to play in the next year's EC, that means, we will have FC Barcelona and Real Madrid playing in the European Cup, BUT Real Madrid is also appearing in the UEFA Cup. Is there a way to prevent FM from grabbing the past EC winner in the UEFA Cup?
  3. Nevermind, I think i got it to work. When I was changing the squad registration rules it screwed up the shirt number reguistrations, every player had pre-season shirt numbers during the regular season
  4. So I got around this on FM 2018 and I managed to get it to work but it changed the squad registration windows in many leagues just like players are now using pre-season numbers on their shirts 1 to 11. Is there a way to stop this from changing?
  5. Where can I find the squad rules for each competition? Ex: I want to limit or simply ban foreign players from a specific competition, where do I find this?
  6. I have a doubt, so, the files are ok, there's no aparent corrupt stuff BUT I do have UEFA CL, UEFA CUP and UEFA CWC but no Intertoto, I mean, a cup I don't recognize appears named Pre-Euro Cup with a red logo. It has teams like Porto and Leverkusen wich do not make sense since Porto was third in Portugal and finalist in the cup so they should ne in the UEFA Cup, no this "Pre-Euro cup" and Braga should be in the UEFA CWC since they won the portuguese cup. Sporting is in the UEFA CWC but they didn't even played the Portuguese cup final, they finished second though, so they should be in the UEFA Cup in Braga's Spot. To sum it up: - Pre-Euro Cup appears out of nowhere ( I believe it's the Intertoto but with a wrong name ) - Teams not places correctly in the competitions
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