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  1. More or less a week ago the game started to lag really bad, i play other games that are really more powerful on my PC. 4,20ghz CPU. 16GB RAM, Nvidea 1060gtx 6gb graphics card. I really shouldn't be experiencing this kind of lag. To give more details on my problem. So when i start playing, i notice it's a bit slower than usual but nothing really troubling, but with it starts to lag really bad on the menus and the matches even in 2D are unwatchable, always freezing, i even had a crash dump if you want to see it. I normally only have Firefox open and or Spotify, but mostly just my web browser. But for example today i tried using a game recording tool i always used with no problem and it lagged FM really bad, even when i exited the program FM still lagged. FM 2019 v19.3.5.1225655 (2019.09.11 03.16.20).dmp
  2. Time to party, i fixed it! On the team index thing, i told the editor to grab the UCL winner first, then UCL teams, UC etc.. Instead of grabbing the former UCL winner on the competition phases tab I then created restrictions on the main competition tabs, blocking UEFA Cup and CWC from grabbing UCL teams. Do not put restrictions in the UCL competition tab because it will cause to ignore 2nd places, i made this mistake and when the UCL winner also wins it's league, the second place should go on its place right? well no, the restrictions blocked the 2nd place and brought the 3rd place to the competition for some reason.
  3. I fixed everything i had wrong, simulated to the next season, it's doing everything as intented, BUT repeated teams again! So. In the first season the game did prevent the former UCL winner Real Madrid to play both UCL and UEFA Cup In the second season... PSG as the UCL winner and French Champ did qualifie to the UCL (of course) but instead of adding another french team to the competition, it added......Real Madrid... oh boy. I guess it's because it's the number 1 team on the ranking, that seems to the default. Oh and Real Madrid is also in the UEFA Cup
  4. No, it's on my version, I don't have teams dropping from CL to UEFA Cup. I probaly messed up somewhere, just gotta check the CWC tab and compare because that is working fine
  5. Fixed and fixed! In the main competition tab, I changed the ignore teams qualified for UCL to ignore last UCL winner and no more Real Madrid in the UEFA Cup and UCL simultaneously
  6. Wow, now my FM won't load the edited competitions files. Not mine or yours. I mean...I activate it when starting the save, it loads fine, i select the nations fine, the save loads fine, but the regular competitions stand.
  7. Kinda had to make the Supercup UCL winner vs CWC winner due to the duplicated participants in UCL and UEFA Cup (when the winner of the UCL didn't win it's domestic league) Please SI, fix the darn thing ahah
  8. ahhh 1988. My team Benfica reached the final of the European Cup vs. PSV Eindhoven, another wonderful team at the time, with Ronald Koeman breaking out to superstardom
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