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  1. How do you normally deal with teams who play 4-2-3-1 geggenOPpressing, especially away games, its almost impossible to beat
  2. I'm conceding a lot of goals from crosses lately, different saves, different tactics (anyone experiencing this?) How would you avoid this?
  3. I was simulating until 2023, and there's a problem when the European Cup winner is the same winner from his nation, so instead of grabbing the runner up from league aka the highest indexed team from that nation, he grabs the runner up from the European Cup, so we end up with the runner up nation having 2 teams next season.
  4. Last year this wasn't an issue, the editor correctly indexed the past winner to the custom cup, which would allow that winner's nation to have 2 clubs in the competition, so if the custom winner is also his league's champion, then the 2nd place of the league joins the custom cup, this was going well in the 2020 Editor, but not this year. This year, instead of grabbing the 2nd place from the league it grabs a 2nd club from the custom cup runner up's nation, i don't even know how the editor managed to skip the index order, makes no sense Also, i used to have the Cup Winners
  5. Also, have you noticed any problems indexing past winners? after the 2nd season instead of indexing the European Cup winner for some reason he gets the runner up instead Update: Fixed most, but i found an editor bug So, the cup winners cup does pick up the winner, but if the winner also qualified for the European Cup, the runner up should go to the Cup Winners Cup (yes i changed the order of index, relagating the UEFA Cup to a third tier spot), problem is, instead of picking up the runner up from the cup, he picks the runner up from the league, i'm bafled, this didnt happen last year
  6. Thanks, never too much an extra pair of eyes, still going to check for myself, just have a bunch other stuff to do, was working on that db until 5am ahah so i admit my tired brain could've missed a couple things
  7. yep, first season is ok, apart from Germany, for some reason the Cup Winners Cup isnt picking the correct runner ups of the Pokal (Leverkusen) but is picking Leipzig UEFA Revival MP 2.fmf
  8. Thing is, the game picks up the file, idk how i managed to do that. But its doing weird things, in the second season i'm getting like 3 or 4 teams from nations like Albania playing the Euorpean Cup.
  9. Like always i made my own version using your version as a base, but i cant verify the files so i can run them ingame
  10. This has actually helped me quite a bit but what im going for in my save is a 3421 closer to what Frankfurt is doing. When i see their real life average positions, both attacking mids are almost on top of eachother very very close to the striker but in fm im not getting it quite right. Tried using shadow strikers even but they drop deeper when i go see the average positions.
  11. How do you normally go to away games? in this FM away games are 50x harder than normal even against same level opposition, my teams just seem afraid to pass the ball around and the defensive sector is very passive with odd marking and heading decisions leaving the AI striker 1v1 with the GK even with lower DL
  12. How do you stop fast strikers (and inside forwards) in this game engine? I'm very picky with my CBs, fast, strong, good composure, concentration, positioning, all that, I try to set my defensive line lower when I see them getting beat, I try to drop the offside trap, it just seems nothing works, they just run past between CBs with ease
  13. 2 questions 1- What roles would you give to recreate Brandt and Havertz central midfield partnership in Leverkusen? 2- In Frankfurt, what are the most suited roles for Kamada and Younes to recreate their real roles playing with Andre Silva up front?
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