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  1. I wouldn’t dare question a FM legend like O-zil, but the JJ I know from years and years here in Portugal deploys a structured rigid system. The same principles as he mentioned apply. The thing is, off the ball he demands very specific positioning, extremely disciplined, and on the ball his game principles (team instructions) derive from that defensive discipline altogether). I think that can be achieved by choosing the correct roles. He did enjoy playmakers, but his attacking play is anything but slow and controlled. Doesn’t shy away from playing out of the back and using shorter passing, but
  2. very interesting to see how the roles quickly change how you intend to see out your attacks Would you employ any player instructions to change the movement pattern of the front 3? What about the BBM and the Advanced Playmaker?
  3. Your GK could also be a Sweeper on support for added compactness, mentality increase and more risky passing
  4. Could you, by chance, share the Heynckes setup here? It would be quite enriching to the overall theme, I suspect! cheers
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