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  1. Lorenz7

    Can I determine the draw?

    I try to recreate the existing world cup. I'm using the editor. I can select the date, host nation, all the countries, ... But I also have to select a draw date. Okay, I can do that, but I want to replicate the existing groups (England with Belgium, Morocco and Panama). Is there a way how I can influence the draw to have the exactly same result? I couldn't find that in the in game editor now.
  2. Can I start a game with the real world cup draw in football manager 2018. I tried with some random team in january 2018 (after the draw) but the draw was not like in real life (not the same countries in same groups). I own the in game editor too but it seems not to be possible with that. (The real editor seems to advanced to edit the teams / groups in the existing world cup)
  3. Hi, I try to recreate the real world cup using the editor. I select the world cup but I can not see any nation (or add a nation) to the competition. Only teams? How can I add nations and how can I edit their groups? Thanks
  4. Strange, I really saw the fix when I simulated the rest of my season (goal: mid table). But now I played the second part, There were many players leaving at the end of the season (prognosis 15th of 16) and now I did not have a season goal.
  5. @Alex Hall @Ant Farley Well, bad news. After the fix was implemented I simulated my game (from january till june to check and yes, I had a goal in the league to choose). So I went back to January. I played everything instead of simulating and now I've only the cup as goal (again)? When I join another team (eupen) in my save game they also don't have a league goal. But when I start a new game I get a league goal with Eupen.
  6. Lorenz7

    Anyone else celebrate?

    When I concede a goal I try to stay calm and I look to my right side, to my fictional assistant and ask him with my eyes if he has any idea left.. All from my desk.
  7. Thanks, is there any hope we can save our 'save game' or do we have to start a new game when a fix is found?
  8. Lorenz7

    AC Milan transfer budget

    Of course they've spend a lot the previous season. As you can see the balance reached -80m. Maybe it has also to do with the financial fair play rules. I believe qualifying for the CL is just enough to not be punished but this does not mean you can invest so much money again. Or the Chinese owner wants his investments back. I don't think it's a real bug.
  9. This was also in previous FM's. It's an option you can check during the loan transfer. In my case it became clear when I had a striker on loan of a better team and the striker was tired on weird occasions. When I checked I saw he was playing for me and for the U23 of he's real team.
  10. @Dylanh I read somewhere they are able to include 'quick' fixes now. It's not with patching anymore so let's hope they can fix this soon. But it's a huge bug for a released game. 65% of the Belgian teams aren't 'playable'. Hope a dev or mod will read this soon. It's easy to reproduce. Just start a game with Antwerp, Eupen, ... and check the board expectations for the regular competition.
  11. @Dylanh Yep that's also one of the teams with that issue. (I tried a couple). Indeed it's terrible. My season is probably useless now because I don't expect a fix what will fix this in an existing save game.
  12. Just checked with 2 friend who are also playing FM18. Just new game with Eupen (first division of Belgium) and the board expectations only contain the Cofidis cup. No league expectation. Also not after a month holiday..
  13. Lorenz7

    [Belgium] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Someone experiencing the same issue as me in Belgium? I'm playing with Hamme and the board has only expectations for the Cofidis Cup and not for the regular competition. The same seems to be for Eupen, Chatelen, Oostende, Aalst, ... in my save but not for Club Brugge, Deinze, .. Now I'm playing a very good season but my job status is just stable because the board was not very happy with the Confidis cup. They aren't telling anything about the competition. It seems to me I can become champions but if I loose in the first cup round I'm fired.