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  1. I try to recreate the existing world cup. I'm using the editor. I can select the date, host nation, all the countries, ... But I also have to select a draw date. Okay, I can do that, but I want to replicate the existing groups (England with Belgium, Morocco and Panama). Is there a way how I can influence the draw to have the exactly same result? I couldn't find that in the in game editor now.
  2. Can I start a game with the real world cup draw in football manager 2018. I tried with some random team in january 2018 (after the draw) but the draw was not like in real life (not the same countries in same groups). I own the in game editor too but it seems not to be possible with that. (The real editor seems to advanced to edit the teams / groups in the existing world cup)
  3. Hi, I try to recreate the real world cup using the editor. I select the world cup but I can not see any nation (or add a nation) to the competition. Only teams? How can I add nations and how can I edit their groups? Thanks
  4. When I concede a goal I try to stay calm and I look to my right side, to my fictional assistant and ask him with my eyes if he has any idea left.. All from my desk.
  5. Not a bug probably. But a question. I play on Macbook Pro with retina support. I have to put on 200% zoom to have a good view. The problem is my steam screen. I use it often to talk with another football manager player. But the screen is to small now. Someone else with this issue and how to fix/solve it? In the screen you see my game and the steam window is only opened in the left corner. I didn't had this issue with the beta (till there was full retina display support)
  6. Aren't you losing the real FM experience with this? Isn't it one of the charmes of FM to face everyday problems? You can go on holiday till a next game but the players won't be happy if you do this of course. I'm not sure but isn't there a 'fast / basic' option of the career mode to play with?
  7. I understand that the 'Video Referee' isn't added. It's in full exploration now and only used in some leagues and some matches. I'm talking about the Review commission which isn't making decisions during the game but after it. (Only for red cards I think?). But I have to be honnest I don't know if it's used in every country. I know it's used in England and Belgium but only in top divisons probably.
  8. A feature which improves the reality of the game but it has maybe not a real added value. Add a 'Review commission' which can suspend a player because of an arbitrary error. Nothing to improved or complex for users. Just a message that a certain player need to appear for the review commission (day after the arbitrary mistake)? A day later you get the message with the verdict and possibility to appeal. (like it's now after a red card).
  9. As described in this topic: Only data bugs will not be fixed when you start a save game in the beta. UI / UX / resolution bugs will be fixed during your saved game. https://community.sigames.com/topic/413525-do-i-have-to-start-a-new-save-game-after-the-official-release/
  10. You can add leagues by downloading the files and dropping them in the right folder (I used this for example for the thai league in fm17: But maybe this works only for the official release. Not sure
  11. Corners and free kicks were so frustrating the previous FM but I have to admit it's great in FM18. The players are really picking up the instructions.
  12. I've started one. Only the retina bug (for mac) and translation errors + some UI stuff which isn't on point. But those things can be fixed in an existing game. Only for data updates you have to start a new game but it isn't bothering me that a data analyst of Rochdale has a wrong date of birth
  13. Now seeing this post: So I suspect I can start my long save? . Or does this only mean: yes you can go further with your save game but not all bug fixes won't be included.
  14. I like to play long save games. I'm not the type of player which can start a career to explore one season and after that start with a new team. Now I'm in a difficult situation. I own the FM18 beta and I really can't wait to start my save game. (I've already started it but I'm only one official match far). I really like the match engine, it's really improved. I also like the set pieces which seem to follow the instructions more than in previous releases. The game is still in beta mode. So there are a lot of small bugs. I'm playing on Mac so I'm also facing the expected retina bug (blurry text), the regens do not have faces, a lot of language stuff is not translated (I'm playing in Dutch). Some UI things aren't on point (financial graphs, yellow cards showed twice, youth interlands showed twice, ...). I know it's a beta so I'm not here to blame the creators. I'm confident that most of it will be fixed when the official release will take place. The only questions I've left: - Can Football manager (the creators) guarantee that I don't have to start a new save game or not to have the fixes? - For the readers & creators: Are there already bugs reported which can not be fixed in an existing saved game which is started in the beta? (some wrong birthday for a player isn't an issue for me, only issues which are really game specific). Thanks
  15. It's playable but after a while it it starts to bother me. Screen is in Dutch (I think it looks a bit more blurry than it seems on the screen). You can read everything but it's just tiring. Its also macbook pro (but 2015 edition) with retina.
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