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  1. You can add the "selling team wage contribution" to the offer when you are offering a player to clubs, and just lock it to the amount you consider acceptable (which can be £1 if you don't want to pay any). The reason clubs respond with non-negotiable wage percentages is because they can't afford the full wage of the player, which is realistic, this happens a lot in real life. Players will often reject contracts from clubs if you remove this though because the club buying your player won't offer them as high wages as the player would want due to their financial limitations, so sometimes accepting that you have to pay some wages is the best way to get the player out of the team. (See United: Sanchez)
  2. I once got the entire team agreeing with me when I said we should play defensive against a big team, because they all thought it favoured us as the underdog. That's the only reaction I've had in 3 seasons though, so I've stopped bothering with it, just skip every meeting now.
  3. When searching for staff, why can you no longer filter by first team/under23/under18 realistic appointments from the main screen? Since this latest update it's been moved into the "New Search" popup, and it doesn't make any sense as to why. Just makes it more difficult to change it.
  4. Haha, I offered him out to clubs in my first week at Everton and Marseille gave me £7.5mil. I was delighted
  5. Why don't released players show up automatically on the transfer history screen anymore? You have to go to a separate dropdown to be able to see them. Is this deliberate?
  6. Robert Gumny from Lech Poznan (RB/LB) looks like he could be decent. Paid £5.5mil for him in January (he refused to sign for me in the summer but would have been cheaper), has performed well so far and has a lot of potential.
  7. Same for me. League tables during games are very slow to update when goals are scored in my game
  8. My apologies, it's sometimes hard to tell what's a bug and what's deliberate.
  9. The match UI is awful. People have mentioned most things already, but when you want to minimise widgets that you have put on the screen, they don't automatically go to the top/bottom of the page anymore, and are just stuck floating and in the way. See Images. It worked perfectly fine on FM17, and for some reason doesn't work on this version. So many backwards steps have been taken, the interface is so much worse than it was. FM18 FM17 On FM18 when you maximise the widget, it just opens below the screen, it's a complete mess.
  10. When you are viewing a player from another team, you can't select one of the drop down boxes to show his fitness/injuries, so you have to do another click to another screen to be able to view it. That surely should be something you should be able to choose from on the profile screen? There are currently only 8 options for me and so you see the same boxes repeated on the same screen, and yet there are things that ought to be there that aren't.
  11. Why are there fewer zooming options than last year? On last year's game you could choose to zoom in and out on a big range of %s, and it meant I was able to fit loads of information on a small screen. This year the options are much more limited, and on screens like the tactics screen, I just want things to be smaller. I should surely be allowed to zoom out further or change the resolution to fit my monitor? Makes it much harder to play the game fluidly this year.
  12. Only problem I have found so far is when watching matches on 2D Classic view, which is the view I most prefer, the nets don't appear, so you just have a pitch with no goals. This makes it impossible to watch on this view.
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