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  1. On top of this, the good newgen Loan Managers that become available want ridiculous wages compared to what coaches/scouts want. This doesn't make much sense. All the 2* reputation Loan Managers with good JPA/JPP want nearly £20k/w?
  2. I can confirm that this works for FM21 - but it used to just work properly in-game last year (and all previous years), and it seems odd that I have to change the resolution of my entire computer just for the in-game zoom to be reasonable on FM. A real faff. Edit: Plus it hinders Macbook performance significantly to use scaled displays. Having a 75% (or similar) option for scaling would be infinitely better.
  3. Yeah half of the season was played on the beta build (good point!), good to see that it's been fixed for the full release.
  4. Into the third season on my West Brom save and I've noticed that most of the favoured personnel have just recently vanished? There's only Darren Moore left. I can't remember all the names that were in there before, but people like Mulumbu and Megson have just disappeared from the list. Is this a bug or is this on purpose?
  5. My performance analyst sent me it at the end of the season (I think), along with some other stats.
  6. Anybody elses xG table looking like this at the end of the season? Every team in the league is outscoring the xG, and nearly every team is out conceding the xG. Surely this means the xG is being underestimated? Maybe it's just a fluke season.
  7. Not that I've seen. It would be useful if there was a way you could get a scout notification when a player you want becomes eligible though, surprised that that's not already a feature.
  8. If you look on the Premier League rules within in the game there is an entire section dedicated to Work Permit rules. When you offer someone a contract it will tell you specifically what rules that they haven't passed making them unlikely to get a WP. IE international appearances, league appearances, league reputation, european competition appearances.
  9. I personally don't think there's anything major that needs changing with it (certainly not in the saves I've run). People seem to be reluctant to change the way they sign players and build squads, because it's making the game slightly harder. Wonderkid hunting as a Prem team has always been ridiculously easy in previous games so I'm personally happy with the Brexit changes in game and the challenges it will bring to long-term saves. I've not seen anyone posting screenshots of players who fulfil all the criteria who aren't getting work permits, unless I'm missing something. (And I'm n
  10. Oleg Reabciuk, Joaquin, Sebastian Walukiewicz, Nedim Bajrami, Lovro Majer, Neta Lavi, and Jerome Onguene. They are all <24 years old, <£10mil (only 2 of them cost more than £5mil), and they all got work permits. On top of that I've signed Perry Ng, Lewis Ferguson, and Keane Lewis-Potter who are British and cheap, and a few older players (Oussama Haddadi, Kwadwo Asamoha, Filip Krovinovic). Sure there's no 18 year old wonderkids in there, but every single one of the players I've signed is improving and worth more than what I paid for them. I'm currently 4th, 27 games into
  11. Have they toned down how much interest your players get from other teams? My star striker has 50 goals in 2 seasons in the Prem and there's not even been a hint of interest from bigger teams. I haven't really received any serious interest in any of my top players. I know I'll probably regret asking because I don't want to lose my better players - but it seems a little unrealistic and wasn't the case in previous games. Anyone else noticing the same?
  12. I'm doing a West Brom save (second season) and whilst there have been plenty of targets I haven't been able to get, there's still plenty of options out there. It's just a lot harder to get WPs for uncapped teenagers. Try looking at younger (21-24yo) players from middling nations (I've signed players from Poland, Croatia, Moldova, Israel, Austria etc) who are actually capped internationally, as they will be able to get work permits, and will be cheap. If a player doesn't get a WP I rarely waste money signing them unless they are that good. It's no surprise the players you listed didn't get
  13. I'm enjoying the challenge this year in the PL because of the Brexit rules. From the sounds of it people are just annoyed that they can't sign every South American 18 year old and put zero effort in scouting or squad building. It's much harder to sign high potential teenagers with no experience, but I've signed plenty of 21-24 year olds with limited international caps for low money who improve my team. I'm also enjoying signing young English players from the EFL (there's value if you look hard enough), which is something I hadn't done much of in previous years. People just need to e
  14. As seen in the screenshot, the player has been shown to have played 120(!) times in the last season. I haven't seen this on any other players in the game, so I'm not sure what's causing it.
  15. Don't suppose you can help - when I try to play in the San Marino league as linked in the opening post, nearly every team gives me board expectations as below, even for the teams with the lowest reputation + media prediction. Did the same happen to you? I don't know how to fix it in the editor.
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