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  1. [Holland] (Official) Data Issues

    Nathan Aké has Ivory Coast as a second nationality. http://www.nu.nl/voetbal/4655901/jeugdinternational-ake-heeft-aanbod-ivoriaanse-bond-in-beraad.html
  2. [Holland] (Official) Data Issues

    So I need to post this in the Belgium topic?
  3. [Holland] (Official) Data Issues

    I've found a small error, probably a typo and nothing gamebreaking. Under manager hall of fame I saw Ernst Happel that won the Jupiler League with Club Brugge, that should be the Jupiler Pro League instead.
  4. create a club with sign local players only rule

    I have adressed this many times. It would bring a lot of fun in the game. I hope to see it in the editor one day.
  5. GKs are way too low indeed. I once had a goalie who stopped two attempts keeping a clean sheet only got a 7 even though he stopped a penalty. I won 1-0 and the goalie surely was MotM except for the in-game rating.
  6. I'd love to be able to start out as a reserve manager and actually edit our past too. It just looks weird that someone with 0 experience and 0 football background would be able to land a pro club let alone a top club. Playing the reserves, developing players and eventually wait untill the manager leaves the club so the board will interview you to decide if you can take his place is one of the things that is still missing in the franchise.
  7. I know that it would be a pain to add for every club in the world, but I believe that the nation transfer preferences aren't exactly what I'm after. I mostly play Dutch leagues and I often notice thar a club like FC Eindhoven, who buy and use a lot of Belgian players irl because they're near the Belgian border, will eventually get a team as 'dull' like a club located in the of Holland. Completely losing the most if not all Belgian players in a couple of years and not buying any in return. The only way I can influence a club is to add a feeder club that shares scouting knowledge with for example FC Eindhoven but it is not ideal. I'd like to have more direct influence in a club transfer preference to add a bit more realism to the game and I think club transfer preferences would help.
  8. I agree that your wage as a manager does not seem to have any relevance in the game but I don't know what feature they could give it. But I'd like to be able to chose an agent. More rep = better agent = more connections and it could influence what kind of clubs are interested.
  9. [Holland] (Official) Data Issues

    I simply used this link https://www.transfermarkt.nl/eredivisie/startseite/wettbewerb/NL1 and looked at the line-ups (based on the Eredivisie '16/'17). Managers in bold have the wrong favourite formation set. You also have to explain attacking and defending formation for me, I've seen van Bronkchorst his formations in the editor and he really only uses 4-2-3-1 wide and if he has no other choice he would use 4-1-2-3 DM wide. 4-2-3-1 Wide (4-3-3 with AMC) Feyenoord (van Bronckhorst) - 4-2-3-1wide AZ (van den Brom) - 4-2-3-1wide Vitesse (Fraser) - 4-2-3-1wide FC Twente (Hake) - 4-2-3-1wide Willem 2 (van de Looi) - 4-2-3-1 wide ADO Den Haag (Groenendijk) - 4-2-3-1wide Excelsior (van der Gaag) - 4-2-3-1wide Roda JC (Plum) - 4-2-3-1 / 4-3-3 wide N.E.C. (de Groot) - 4-2-3-1wide Sparta (Faber) - 4-2-3-1wide Go Ahead Eagles (Maaskant) - 4-2-3-1wide 4-1-2-3 DM Wide (4-3-3 with DM) Ajax (Keizer/Bosz) - 4-1-2-3 DM wide PSV (Cocu) - 4-1-2-3 DM wide Heerenveen (Streppel) - 4-1-2-3 DM wide Heracles (Stegeman) - 4-1-2-3 DM wide Other PEC Zwolle (Jans) - 4-2-4 wide FC Groningen (Faber) - 4-2-4 wide FC Utrecht (ten Hag) - 4-3-1-2 Narrow
  10. [Holland] (Official) Data Issues

    I'll check some more tonight. But Giovanni van Bronckhorst normally uses an 4-3-3 AMC (4-2-3-1 ingame) and the second formation is with a DM (4-1-2-3 DM wide ingame) but he rarely uses it. The only time I can recall is when Tapia was subbed in against Willem II last season. Feyenoord played regularely with a DM when Clasie was still at the club but that's quite some time ago. I've also seen the formations in the editor, first, second, defend and attack formations but I don't understand how the latter two work.
  11. [Holland] (Official) Data Issues

    Whenever I'm playing the Eredivisie I notice that only a few clubs use the traditional 4-3-3 with an attacking midfielder (or the 4-2-3-1 ingame) but they use one with a DM instead. I think there should be more managers using a 4-3-3 with an AM in-game.
  12. Ok it does not matter, hopefully it will be fixed at least in future versions. I was thinking of the following work around: set a hidden stage 1. Stage 0 -> draw al teams qualify them for stage 1, link results to stage 1. Stage 1-> ignore Team A, draw teams from stage 0, use this stage to hand out promotion places and set other league fates back to stage 0.
  13. Thanks for your reply, hopefully it will be fixed since it is a great addition to the editor. But I can't find the option that you're suggesting and I have checked multiple times.
  14. amateur clubs

    Keep scouting even after contract end day, keep poaching the players even if they said no in the beginning. They tend to reconsider after 3 months.
  15. amateur clubs

    Yes I really hit the jackpot with that one but it wasn't an easy task to let him reach his potential. He was my best player at age 18 but he kept getting injured so that was frustrating. What I also did was stealing youth players from other clubs. I kept scouting everyone's u19s manually and also raided some pro clubs of their youth products. Also in LLM a simple straightforward striker can net many goals. Just scout for strength, jumping reach and heading. Also don't sign players that are too old, 38 year olds don't really add much despite of their experience.