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  1. The Addition of Spanish Lower Leagues (HELP thread)

    Nice, so no errors anymore?
  2. The Addition of Spanish Lower Leagues (HELP thread)

    Could you show detailed qualification rules from stage 0 and stage 1 -> teams?
  3. The Addition of Spanish Lower Leagues (HELP thread)

    Very easy, in "stage x"-> "team pool" use "get best teams from division", select the division, and then use "maximum number of teams" set to 2/3/4 whatever (so it draws only a couple of top teams). Do this for each country/division. Then in "stage x" -> "teams" use "get random teams from team pool". Now it'll draw the teams from team pool. Here you also can use "maximum number of teams" and "continent" combined to draw a certain number of teams from a specific continent. Haha, graag gedaan!
  4. The Addition of Spanish Lower Leagues (HELP thread)

    Dynamic relegation thread is also a possibility, but that's also from krlenjushka. Reserves/u19s, custom xml, B-teams etc is where I know the most about. If you @TH3 K1LL3R and @Florian von Saltes need help to create u19s divisions/tournaments etc just tell me what you want and I'll help.
  5. The Addition of Spanish Lower Leagues (HELP thread)

    It shouldn't be impossible but it would be difficult to figure it out. @krlenjushka is certainly better than me at this stuff. Basically what you want is: - create another (league) stage - draw the winner from one stage in "stage x" -> "teams" using "get league stage teams (in final positions)" - then draw all other divisions there are in Spain in the game (parent competitions are enough) using "get teams from division" and add the specific divisions except the division it is promoting to and. Tick "ignore teams" on these divisions and tick the second box. - Next draw all the teams from the local regions, because all other divisions are ignored and the winner of stage that could get promoted is in top position it is drawed now the teams from Ceuta and Melilla can be drawed. Then in "stage x" -> "general": - You need to use "minimum teams - 2" and "maximum teams - ?"(don't know how much, basically it does not really matter, probably just how many a normal division would draw) and then add " - and then tick both boxes of "don't add stage if not enough teams" Now it will only draw the stage if there are at least 2 teams, one already is from the lower division that is promoting, the other is from the division above if there are any teams from those local regions. After this, create league fate actions in "stage x" -> "league settings" and tick "league fate actions" - now add "set other league fate" - fill it in, use "no fate" and "no fate" (and in the end make it hidden using "stage x" tick "hidden stage" and tick the second box so it won't show up in the game). This should be a good start I suppose, but I reckon you also want to consider that there might be a spot when that team from those regions is promoting outside of the league so next year there would be a spot open. Same goes for if there is none this year but a team relegates and takes the spot eventually.
  6. The Addition of Spanish Lower Leagues (HELP thread)

    We can't give promoted or relegated teams a specific child competition or group. I wish it was otherwise. The parent competition as a whole draws all the teams from the entire child competitions, then sorts them using regional divisions etc into each child competition. Then in the child competition itself it gets sorted out in groups using the group rules.
  7. The Addition of Spanish Lower Leagues (HELP thread)

    In your case "regionalise groups" won't make a difference because all teams are from same region. North/south split should be enough. Btw, "group name" is just the way the groups are named and does not do anything else so it's only aesthetical.
  8. The Addition of Spanish Lower Leagues (HELP thread)

    I understand but what you're looking at that's a step above groups because it's for competitions whenever you have a parent competition with multiple child competitions. The group sorting I posted about is about different groups within one of these competitions.
  9. The Addition of Spanish Lower Leagues (HELP thread)

    This should do the trick: 1. Go to "Stage x" -> "Group settings" and from the dropdown menu "Rules" choose/tick "Regionalise Groups" (you can untick the other one). 2. Next in the same settings, tick "Group regions (New system)" and fill it in accordingly. You can use either 1 of 3 (but not combined). In your case "Local region" would be the best. This should do the trick. But you should test this in-game because I have never used this before myself so I can't verify it for you.
  10. The Addition of Spanish Lower Leagues (HELP thread)

    I have never really looked into splitting groups by local regions so I have no experience with that. But I'll take a look and see what I can come up with.
  11. The Addition of Spanish Lower Leagues (HELP thread)

    @Florian von Saltes is right. You also need to add individual group rules otherwise the game will just give each group equal teams. 1. Go to "stage x" (wherever you have the group) -> "Group Settings". Make sure that the box "number of teams per group" is unticked. 2. Go to "stage x" -> "Individual Group Rules" -> press add to add individual group rules, in your case 3 times. 3. Go to those individual group rules and add, "group index" is 0 for first group, "number of teams per group" is 3 (in your case, in my example 4). Now you can give another group custom number of teams. The second group will need "Group index - 1" and "Number of teams per group - 3". Your last group needs "Group index - 2" and "number of teams per group - 6" .
  12. Yeah still busy with adding the clubs. Tiresome work. But I have figured out everything else though although I haven't created it yet. After I added the clubs then I'll do as much as I can in the basic editor and then I'll go to the advanced editor. I reckon I'll get the least amount of trouble though.
  13. The Addition of Spanish Lower Leagues (HELP thread)

    Did it verify from top to bottom? And it's finished now?
  14. The Addition of Spanish Lower Leagues (HELP thread)

    @Florian von Saltes No problem mate. And don't forget that drawing teams is as important as qualifying them. I can't remember how many times I got those teams in limbo giving the everlasting "Season update day" error. Especially irritating because you've put so much work into your file, it's a shame if it would go to waste. Btw, that is one hell of a file. I've never made so many competitions in one file.
  15. The Addition of Spanish Lower Leagues (HELP thread)

    Nice, I fixed it for you. All you need to do now is add those teams to the stages. You left a space open for them but they won't draw the teams unless you tell them to. Go to "stage 1" -> "teams" and add "Get qualified teams from stage" "stage 0". And go to "stage 3" -> "teams" and add "Get qualified teams from stage" "stage 2" This should fix it for you. The division verified in my file so it also should in yours.