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  1. Ok it does not matter, hopefully it will be fixed at least in future versions. I was thinking of the following work around: set a hidden stage 1. Stage 0 -> draw al teams qualify them for stage 1, link results to stage 1. Stage 1-> ignore Team A, draw teams from stage 0, use this stage to hand out promotion places and set other league fates back to stage 0.
  2. Thanks for your reply, hopefully it will be fixed since it is a great addition to the editor. But I can't find the option that you're suggesting and I have checked multiple times.
  3. Keep scouting even after contract end day, keep poaching the players even if they said no in the beginning. They tend to reconsider after 3 months.
  4. Yes I really hit the jackpot with that one but it wasn't an easy task to let him reach his potential. He was my best player at age 18 but he kept getting injured so that was frustrating. What I also did was stealing youth players from other clubs. I kept scouting everyone's u19s manually and also raided some pro clubs of their youth products. Also in LLM a simple straightforward striker can net many goals. Just scout for strength, jumping reach and heading. Also don't sign players that are too old, 38 year olds don't really add much despite of their experience.
  5. Lower league management is really different from normal gameplay. You'll want to sign players but they probably don't want to come to your club. So make sure you load a lot of players even foreign players. Look at pro clubs etc that will release players, contact them after their contract is expired. Keep these players in a list and they might want to sign after a couple of months if they're still free agents. The first year is probably not so fun but it gets better after you fixed your team, but that might take a while. Winning in general will generate more attendance and money you need for converting to semi pro, winning prizes will give you rep which will make it easier to sign players. I once had a great save where I had a player named Jan Janssen or something really corny. He was a youth product and actually pretty good, 1,84m and he was an AMC. I retrained him to a ST and he ended up bing 1,89m with good strenght and he was technical. The only downside was that he was really, REALLY, injury prone. He couldn't finish a 90 minute match. So I got sick of him when he was 18 and I sold him for 3 million to a Russian club. I used the money for semi-pro contracts and promoted myself to the 2nd highest league. It was 3 years after and thanks to his injuries he barely played anything. So I signed him back as a free agent and I put him off training for a year, his attributes decreased but he didn't have any injuries that year. The next year his fitness etc increased I think because he became less and less injury prone. I was in the top division that year and he became a regular sub at ~22 or something. I finished the league in top 10 and the year after that he became a first team player. I ended up selling him to my real life favourite club (Feyenoord) for 6 million plus a transfer percentage of 40%. He eventually became a fantastic player who played for the Dutch national team and he went to Liverpool for ~16 million (so more money for me) and in the end I signed him again as a free agent, I kept him in staff when he retired at age 35. True legend.
  6. I have downloaded and edited Knap's 4-2-3-1 and I'm running rampant now. 15 official matches 13w-1d-1l and I was down 1 man when I lost. 39 goals for and 5 against, 10 clean sheets. I changed the inverted backs into full backs on support. I changed the AM into a shadow striker, the MC support into MC defend and the MC attack into MC support. I'm going to test an entire season this week and report back with the results.
  7. It isn't possible. Drawing teams for a league is quite sensitive as it is now. You can't change a lot about the way teams are drawn. It should've been a possibility but it's technically impossible for now. Unfortunately
  8. Its my post where I quote Reddiablo somewhere at the bottom of the page.
  9. But still we should get more squads because B-squads aren't the same as u17s
  10. I use normal CDs, no BPLs because of risky passes. WB on support because they're gone too much on attack. One CM on defending so he stays linked between the defenders and attackers.
  11. That B-team is an affiliated club is it not? Not a squad,
  12. 2 is the maximum. You are right. And I also have tried many times (even editing the editor itself). I've opted for more club squads earlier and I hope they give us more squads. I need an u17 for all those regens as my u19 has to hold over 5 generations of players.
  13. You could always DL a file. My file is in the Dutch Lower Leagues thread and goes down to eerste klasse.
  14. I made some changes because I wasn't getting the results I wanted. I changed a few things - first "retain possesion" is back because I didn't have 55+ posession rates. It does not get in the way of the counters as long as I don't tick short passing so I have mixed passing. But I gave players individual instructions for short passing. All except for the CBs, MCs and AMC. This way they still mix tiki taka with through balls. - I used stevenvdijk's settings for closing down. I always close down on the opponents defenders and defensive midfielders to keep early pressure on the opponent. - I added personal man mark settings by going to player tactics in a game. Set my AML to mark their AMR and vice versa. Save it during the game and load it when the game is over. This way my wingers keep the pressure on my opponent all the time. Edit: The football I'm seeing with this tactic is what I want. But a lot of goals I get against are stupid. The most annoying one was a cross that someone could head in the goal even though he was surrounded by 2cbs, a goalie, a wingback and a midfielder.
  15. With Achilles 29's relegation from the professional leagues to the amateurs comes the fact that they'll have to remove their Jong Achilles 29 team from the pyramid. How in the world can I add this rule in my game files?