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  1. The small update of the 3.4 version will be uploaded tonight. It will work in combination with @Etzella's lower league kits and it will have a small adjustment to the league fixtures as I added sunday as the day for Europa League teams to play (the 3.3 file did not create great fixtures for teams active in the Europa League). But since Wolf_pd posted about the error I also decided to start over again for an 4.0 version. This time I will add some changes throughout the seasons too including the KNVB's new plans, I'll add more changes when the clubs have voted for the changes in may. Since I now know how to make leagues smaller throughout the seasons as I posted in the other thread in the Editors Hideaway means that I can add this in the game if they decided to shrink the Eredivisie and/or Jupiler League. But for now I'll add these changes: Eredivisie - The European playoffs are most likely to be removed next year so I'll add them for 2016-2017 and remove them again for 2017-2018. Jupiler League - Will basically stay the same but I might add a playoff between the Jupiler League and Tweede Divisie like they want to add in the future where the last team will be relegated automatically and two other teams will qualify for a relegation playoff). Tweede Divisie - Depending on the relegation playoff of the JL I will add Dutch Period playoffs for this division. - This division will start later in the 2017-2018 season and onwards. Derde Divisie - This division will start later in the 2017-2018 season and onwards. Hoofdklasse - This division will start later in the 2017-2018 season and onwards. Eerste Klasse - Same as above, this division will start later in the 2017-2018 season. KNVB-Beker - The new rule of 3 out of 12 subs +1 extra time sub will be implemented for 2017-2018 and onwards. - The first two preliminairies will have a regional draw for 2017-2018 and onwards. Johan Cruijff Schaal - They will change the stadium from the Amsterdam ArenA to either the winner of the cup or the league in the season starting in 2018-2019, I don't know which one yet. I'm leaning towards the cup winner personally but we could all decide together.
  2. Thanks to @Etzella who pointed out the Kampong error to me and I went to correct the leagues so I found the following errors SV Kampong (Eerste Klasse Zaterdag A) -> Lower Divisions Zwaluwen '30 (Hoofdklasse Zaterdag A) -> Eerste Klasse Zaterdag A VV Zwaluwen (Lower Divisions) -> Hoofdklasse Zaterdag A
  3. I'm going to add the new rules in future updates. I just figured out how to change the number of teams throughout the seasons and will explain down here (plus an example fmf file). So in my file I used the following set ups: - In the first season 2016-2017 I had a normal season with 18 teams in the Eredivisie and a simple relegation rule that 1 team relegates to the Jupiler League - The second season 2017-2018 is also a season with 18 teams but it is the season before the league gets smaller so instead of 1 relegated team I created 3 relegated teams - The third season of 2018-2019 is the season where the changes are having affect and the league has 16 teams instead of 18. - The Jupiler League will keep its 20 teams throughout the seasons so in 2017-2018 two extra teams will be relegated to the inactive division below (Tweede Divisie) So you create the rules like you normally would and convert to advanced rules. Now copy each league (except the inactive one ofcourse) so that you have 3x the same league in the Editor, one will be for the first season, one for the second season (the season before the change) and one will be the third season that will be the new ongoing league system. First season (2016-2017) In the first season of 2016-2017 you go to your original league (in my case Eredivisie): Eredivisie -> Competition -> "base year" 2016, "start year" 2016 and "end year" 2016. The end year is the year where the start of that season begins, so in my case 2016 because the 2016-2017 league starts in 2016. Then in the normal stage I have the same number of teams relegated like always (1 in my case). Do the same for the division below. Second season (2017-2018), the year before the change Go to your first copy of your league: Eredivisie -> Competition -> "base year" 2017, "start year" 2017 and "end year" 2017. Just the same like you would do in the original first season. (Also do this for the division below) In this league you already set the league up for next year, so in order to do that you need to insert a number at: Eredivisie -> Competition -> (tick the box) "Number of extra teams to be promoted" (it's halfway down the page) and give it the number of teams that you want the league to change next season. In my case I wanted the league to go from 18 to 16 teams the next year, so that gives us the number -2. Now you don't have to add this to the league below the Eredivisie, it's only about the promoted teams for some reason and I don't know why. If you do get some "number of promoted/relegated rules" error then you'll have to go to this option and mess around with it. Because I want to change the number of teams from 18 to 16 that means that I want to relegate 3 teams instead of 1 (and the JL still has one promotion place for the champion so the math adds up), so I go to: Eredivisie -> Stages -> Stage 0 -> League Settings -> (tick the box) "relegation rules" -> "Number Of Relegation Places" is 3 like I mentioned above and they relegate to the division below. (I also did this for the division below so that division will keep the same teams in the league which is 20 in my files) And thats it for this season, now you made sure that more teams than usual will relegate because of this, ofcourse you can also set up a specific playoff for this league like you normally would want for this to happen. Third season (2018-2019 and after that), the year where the number of teams change Go to your third and last copy of your league: Eredivisie -> Competition -> "base year" 2018, "start year" 2018 and "end year" you leave this blank. (also do this for the division below) Now in this league you change the number teams, you don't have to have more promotion places and you can change the relegation rules back to how you want. Eredivisie -> Stages -> Stage 0 -> General -> "number of teams" 16. Now for the last part you need to go to your nation rules, in my case Holland Holland -> Required Teams -> set the minimum (16) and maximum (18) for Eredivisie, set 20 for Jupiler League and set an nice window for your last inactive division (2-200 always works for me but it depends on how much teams you think that it will have). So I hope you all understand it a bit, I'll post this in the editor file examples topic too tomorrow. I know that I'm going to have a blast with this for sure. League with different number of teams throughout the seasons.fmf
  4. Did you get this to work? I have the same problem. Future Dutch lower league matches will be played from september until june and then the playoffs are also played afterwarda but the highest didivision plays from august to may. It might not be a big difference but the game does not like that the season update day lies beginning of july so I really need different update days.
  5. Ok, you could always upload it at the bugs section as I have little influence on that this happened, simply because it is a bug. The only way for me to fix this is to delete all nation rules and start all over again. The final editor version is released in march most of the times so that's when it is completely bug-free. But if you upload it for SI then it might get fixed in future updates. The fastest way for me to do this is to import the file in an older FM and have the current and older editor running at the same time.
  6. Are there still some matches not played? With fixture schedule that looks like "team A or team B or team C versus team D" for example?
  7. One competition will probably not get a season update while the others will still run for a year and eventually don't update as well after that year. Can you look which competition it is that stops 1 year prior to the rest?
  8. That's weird. The game uses some cycles and those only take a couple of years. It should be able to go further. Could you upload or pm me your savefile so I can search for what's causing it?
  9. Is there anything to set or change the value of the youth contract income? I can never really change it ingame and they always cost a couple of thousand euro's and I would like to change this. Youth contracts shouldn't cost any money imo and I want to set it to 0 euro a year.
  10. What do you mean? It also does not work good when you load them seperately?
  11. You're right. But merging the files does not work that perfect so I guess the best way to do this is just to add your files seperately to this topic. So just post them here.
  12. I did merge them so far as I can remember (up to hoofdklasse?) but I had to revert to an older file at some point. Maybe that was before the merge?
  13. You can find it in the competition (Tweede Divisie for example) -> rules in-game. In the editor you can find it in Holland -> Transfer rules -> Loan rules. I also changed the loan rules from 2 to 3 in Tweede Divisie and from 0 to 1 in Derde Divisie.
  14. Sorry for the double post but here it is, specifics are on the previous page. Dutch Pyramid v3.1.fmf