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  1. I appreciate your help but we are creating 2 files now and that's a problem. I don't have the time to add the reserve rules and all cup rules again. I created the 2.0 version to add those reserve rules so otherwise that would all be a waste. But I do agree with your method and the reserves should end sooner than they do now. Plus I still have to create the custom u19 cup because that will help with the holiday dates. I also know that there are some gaps. But that's mostly because of all the Dutch holidays and I haven't set those yet in-game (which I should). And I'm thinking of adding the Rijnmond Cup (South Holland cup that is not officialy part of the Dutch leagues).
  2. Thanks for your help, I will use this file to compare with my own.;) The Dutch leagues are indeed weird. I managed the 8 relegated / 11 promoted through basic rules. And then write down the Advanced Rules outcome. But the extra 3 relegation spots are located in the playoffs. Where 8 teams qualify from Hoofdklasse (and 33 from Eerste Klasse) but they compete for 5 spots. The other 3 spots are from excess of Eerste Klasse champions. It was quite the puzzle.
  3. Its actually not a bad idea. I'll create a new league in normal mode, then I'll go to advanced rules and compare that file with my own. This way I can compare.
  4. Thanks for your feedback @BMNJohn, I really appreciate it and I will look into those problems. Player holidays are one of my main issues that I can't seem to get a grip on. I'm also still learning while I'm creating the files. There's hardly any help because it is really complicated. But it is correct that nobody relegates from the Eerste Klasse because I haven't created the Tweede Klasse yet. My file was originally until the Hoofdklasse and the Eerste Klasse was actually not active but some people asked for it and I just added it as a bonus so to speak.
  5. I haven't released the file yet. It's not ready because I've had other things to do. Don't worry since I haven't forgotten it.;)
  6. Thanks, I will start to work on it tomorrow and I'll have it ready in the weekend. Your file is called 3.0 but you did use my 3.1 (new) file right? Just to be sure.
  7. Nice, post it in the other topic or pm it does not really matter.;) If you could also post a summary of what you added then I can add that to the description.
  8. It shouldn't give any problems but you'll never know for sure. I've tested 4 years in but my full test goes to 2025 and I haven't done that yet. But I'm glad you like the file!
  9. The one you want is the 3.1 new version in the other topic. That's going to be the 3.2 version. But I didn't run a long holiday test though. I'm saving that for when Reddiablo's edits are done.
  10. @Reddiablo is working on the database since last weekend and then it will be done. I don't know how long it'll take but it won't be too long.
  11. You can upload it here again, then I'll verify it, test it and upload it as the 3.2 version.
  12. The 3.2 version is almost done. Sorry for the mix up in previous posts, I was already changing some stuff and named the versions differently. But the latest version was the 3.1 version and this one will be 3.2. There is a file posted in the other topic but Reddiabo has to edit it and then it is done. Compared to the 3.1 version there are the following changes: - @Etzella's kit files will work in combination with the 3.2 files and I will add them to this post eventually. - @Holland98 found and adressed an error regarding European playoffs and I managed to fix it in this file. - Prize, TV and final ranking money is edited for every division, in the old version each club got double money for some reason. - The KNVB Beker is adjusted so that the 3 out of 12 + 1 extra time sub rule will be applied in 2017/2018 and onwards. - Johan Cruijf Schaal stadium will be the winner of the cup in 2018 and onwards.
  13. @Reddiablo Here is the file you can edit. Dutch Pyramid v3.1 (new).fmf