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  1. Thanks, I will start to work on it tomorrow and I'll have it ready in the weekend. Your file is called 3.0 but you did use my 3.1 (new) file right? Just to be sure.
  2. Nice, post it in the other topic or pm it does not really matter.;) If you could also post a summary of what you added then I can add that to the description.
  3. It shouldn't give any problems but you'll never know for sure. I've tested 4 years in but my full test goes to 2025 and I haven't done that yet. But I'm glad you like the file!
  4. The one you want is the 3.1 new version in the other topic. That's going to be the 3.2 version. But I didn't run a long holiday test though. I'm saving that for when Reddiablo's edits are done.
  5. @Reddiablo is working on the database since last weekend and then it will be done. I don't know how long it'll take but it won't be too long.
  6. You can upload it here again, then I'll verify it, test it and upload it as the 3.2 version.
  7. The 3.2 version is almost done. Sorry for the mix up in previous posts, I was already changing some stuff and named the versions differently. But the latest version was the 3.1 version and this one will be 3.2. There is a file posted in the other topic but Reddiabo has to edit it and then it is done. Compared to the 3.1 version there are the following changes: - @Etzella's kit files will work in combination with the 3.2 files and I will add them to this post eventually. - @Holland98 found and adressed an error regarding European playoffs and I managed to fix it in this file. - Prize, TV and final ranking money is edited for every division, in the old version each club got double money for some reason. - The KNVB Beker is adjusted so that the 3 out of 12 + 1 extra time sub rule will be applied in 2017/2018 and onwards. - Johan Cruijf Schaal stadium will be the winner of the cup in 2018 and onwards.
  8. @Reddiablo Here is the file you can edit. Dutch Pyramid v3.1 (new).fmf
  9. - Found in the Advanced Rules -> List -> Country of your choice (Holland in my case) -> Reserve Rules -> Reserve Leagues - And then chose "Regional Divisions" - next tick the box of "Local Regions" Now you can add local regions and if you add one then South-East gets added automatically but if you change it to the local region you want then it becomes blank. So the only way to work around this problem is to export the file as XML and start editing in notepad but that takes some time and I hope that this bug can be fixed.
  10. We still dont know the exact plans since there are two versions and the KNVB hasn't released anything official other then that they are going to talk about it this month, but I also saw it and that is going to be a pain. Krljenjushka's thread is going to help us with this problem and otherwise we can ask him ourselves since he is way better then me anyways and he's helped me so much and open for questions etc. This thread will help us: I haven't tackled the problem yet but it is possible because we can sort B-teams easily when selecting teams and thus create an hidden stage, we have to give every league an hidden B-team stage and then we need to use "other league fate" which can let us relegate teams even if they finished 10th or something. same goes for promotion. make those hidden stages with 4 teams, if one relegates normally then that league will have 3 teams and we tick the box "don't add stage if not enough teams" which will make the normal rules apply and another team can promote freely. The difficult part lies in the situation when two B-teams from the Derde Divisie promote through playoffs and then we have to schedule an extra playoff match to decide which team gets promoted. This can also give those annoying season update problems. Let's hope they decide otherwise. Btw, the 3.0 update did not mess up may nation rules so that's a plus.
  11. The file is already done and I'm playtesting it now but the rules give a good signal. KNVB Beker gives Europa League qualification, the rest of the spots are allocated through the Eredivisie . I also added the changes for the KNVB Beker for 2017-2018 (3 out of 12 and 1 extra time sub that they are going to add and the qualifying rounds for amateurs are drawn regionally) and the 2018 changes to the Johan Cruijf Schaal that will be played in the stadium of either the division or cup winner. I chose cup winner because league winners are generally stronger than cup winners so the home advantage evens it out a little. But thats my interpretation, if you want to see it differently then I'm open for discussion. I'm trying to get the Dutchies more active on this matter because now this topic is just my mémoire where I post my ramblings. @Wolf_pd Did you btw file your competition in the bugs section of the forum? I don't know if you already did but if you didn't then I'll probably holiday to 2050. If you could post it then it would help me out to get things sorted for other users of the file.
  12. Which database do you want? The original one or the new one?
  13. Setting league money should be a little bit easier then it is now. You can set prize money in Stage -> League Settings -> Prize Money (and then have to change each prize money position manually, plus you can't copy these settings individually to other competitions!!). But you can also set Initial TV Money in the normal league rules (Competition, Average Points, Qualified Teams etc.) and then next to the Initial TV Money is the Final Ranking Money. I'd rather have them grouped together but still a bit seperate so I can copy and paste all these rules for various competitions so it speeds up the process. Especially the prize money in the stages are a real pain if you have multiple child divisions.
  14. I'm sorry for the inconvinience, I was aware of the problem before where random teams were receiving European spots and was under the impression that I fixed it but apparently I didn't as I can see now. The thing is that I create, adjust and test each single division myself incl holidaying for ~8 in-game years as I have no playtesters so errors like this are inevitable. I will look into the problem tonight and hopefully it will be fixed for the 3.1 version.