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  1. Mate you are an absolute legend, i followed your instructions and its worked prefect and looks amazing. Thank you very much...
  2. That looks amazing, would I be able to download it for my game please...I use the fan made rensie skin and your tactics pitch would be perfect... I have no idea how to do things like that so if you let me download it could you please explain how I add it to my game... Thank you....
  3. Hi, Every year when the new game is released, I wish and hope that the tactics pitch has been improved by having the shirts on the pitch with the players name and number on the back, but every year I'm left disappointed. I can never find any fan made skin that has it. The last time I came across one was on FM17 when someone used the original skin but changed the tactics pitch so the shirts had the players name and number on it. Has anyone managed to do it or is there anywhere I can download it from for FM20?.. Thanks....
  4. Hi, where can I download the skin as shown in your post with the shirt with player name and number on it under the player picture?.. Thanks..
  5. That's absolutely brilliant, Will you be releasing this version any time soon? I want to start a new game but with this new skin.. I'll never understand why the maker's of FM don't look at fan made skins like yours when they are designing the new game. It's so obvious most people who play the game don't like the skin they come up with. Thanks..
  6. Yeah that's brilliant, I'm not criticising your amazing work but is there no way you could do it so the players picture doesn't cover part of the shirt.?.. Thanks.
  7. It would be massively appreciated if you did release the skin with the shirt with name and number on the player profile like your FM19 skin. Sounds daft but it makes the game more enjoyable and seeing what certain player name looks like with a certain number. It's on FM Touch, I don't understand why they dont have it for the full version. Every one I know who plays the game says the same as me, and one of my mates plays the touch version only because of that small detail.. Thanks...
  8. I tried using the fm19 skin for fm20 but it did not show up in preference where you pick which skin you want.. I copied and pasted the file from fm19 skins to fm20 skins file but like I said it did not work, Is there anything i can do to make it work?.. I really like the shirt name and number on the player profile, I just wish I knew how to do it Haha... Thanks...
  9. I used this skin for FM19, I would like to use it again but is there anyway to have the players shirt with name and number on the players profile like with the previous skin for FM19.
  10. Has anyone got a skin where the players shirts with there name and number on it is on the players profile?. Thanks......
  11. every time I try and download the facepack it stops and says I've gone over my limit with mega and to open an account with them. Any advise would be more than grateful. thanks..
  12. I can't download any graphics for fm18 like kits or logo the program I use keep saying I've gone over my download limit. Can anyone tell me what best free download program I could get?...
  13. Has anyone done a skin for the tactics page so them horrible squares go back to shirts?. The one i used for fm 16 wont work on fm 17.
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