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  1. Quick Question - which xml controls the Team Selection Panel on your way to the match screen. https://i.gyazo.com/974c1d0c9116471bd56ca2549eaed82d.jpg
  2. Sorted Thank You very much. Looks way better now.
  3. Afternoon All, Novice skinner looking for some assistance with alterations to the OZP Base skin with some of my own and Andromeda Tweaks. I have altered the Team News Page before the match starts as per screenshot but I am struggling with the Todays Fixtures Panel. The List is cut off part way down the panel, I know the scroll bar works but wanted the list of fixtures to fill the panel. Any help appreciated, I think its in the code below from the "match team news pane.xml" file, but could be wrong. Any pointers greatly appreciated
  4. When you go into the staff summary for the 1st team you can click on a link for the coaching, recruitment and medical teams to see a list of the staff in each section. There doesn't seem to be such a link for the reserve and junior teams? There is no way to see a summary of the staff covering these roles? Unless you view a list of all staff?
  5. Hi, Found a skin I really like but has just one minor niggle. The news Items in the inbox have a solid background where as teh rest of the skin has transparency controlled via a background selector. Can anyone tell me what to edit to achieve the same variable level of transparency?
  6. Just noticed the same issue - also with second teams coaching. Can see the staff members listed in the All staff section, but no way of getting to see them from the U19 or 2nd Team staff page.
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