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  1. League specific bugs have always been a problem, especially in the south american leagues which i play in and load. Qual spots for Copa America, in Brazilain leagues have not been formatted right for the last couple of versions.
  2. yeah i did report the bugs i encountered and still some of them remained and some carried over to the next version. Personally playing a Demo wont make me decide whether to buy the game or not as having played FM for so long the concept of it isn't unfamiliar to me. I wanted to see from people if this version has any really bad bugs that remain, and how the ME is, as that can be a weak spot in the series.
  3. But the trend in this thread has continued throughout, i havent stopped reading them after 5 replies. I like people's opinions, especially here as most are avid players of the game and will give me a true response. I have played this game since Champ Man 95/96, and over the last few years/versions bugs have always stopped me from getting into a serious save. So this is why i waited till the final patch and then i wanted to gauge opinions here before i bought it.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, looks like i'll give this one a miss then
  5. I've been a big follower of the series for years now, and so far haven't purchased FM18 and thought with the 18.3 winter update now out i may get it. However i wanted to gauge people opinions on here first, having seen the mixed reviews on steam (i know not the best to go off) i am a bit unsure if its worth it this year. Is there any big glaring bugs in this version that still haven't been fixed after all the updates?
  6. As the title suggests, do you get a inbox notification once any staff complete a language intensive course?
  7. Ignore me, its because they have a new stadium being built
  8. Managing Brentford in the Championship and I've just noticed that their is no Board Request option to expand/build new stadium. I can request to improve training facilities etc but the stadium options are not there. Anyone know why? They have a 12,000 seater stadium which was built in the early 1900's so there is no reason why the options shouldn't be there.
  9. Out of interest what star rating is your game speed been given? Just that i want to start a game similar in size
  10. What is the actual Brazilian Cup bug that people are referring to?
  11. Has the issue that's arisen since 17.3 with some clubs players randomly going holiday in December been addressed do you know Neil?
  12. I've seen this issue briefly mentioned on the forums over the last couple of weeks, but im not 100% sure what the bug is in the game, could anyone enlighten me please?
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