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  1. I have this same problem on my West Ham save 4th in the league yet the team are outraged I am not playing chicharito despite him missing buckets of chances every time I give him a chance. I think SI do this because they like to screw you over when you start overachieving too early in the game.
  2. Cheers mate good advice, only thing is the tactic is doing exactly what I want it to do its dominating the ball I am having lots of possession,creating chances so it was working in that regard. Just find the shooting problem a bit frustrating as I never play a striker with anything less than 13 finishing so would expect a few more goals. But I shall tweak a few things and see what happens.
  3. Bought FM few months back and the biggest issue with the new game is that players just shoot from anywhere I have a retain possession and work into box team instructions and have even set every payer bar my Striker to PI shoot less often yet still the same problems.
  4. Griezmann would work best as Trequartista. Griezmann is always floating around looking space his off the ball is 19 perfect for the role.
  5. This is a tactic inspired by the great Sir Alex Ferguson you will play fast attacking football and score plenty of goals. Stretch teams with width while also retaining good possession of the football. Your Wingers will get plenty of goals. It uses plenty of elements Fergie used between 2008 and 2012. Fergie re invented United in this time with Arsenal and Chelsea taking over English football for a few years. Won the Double with United first season and then tested it with Derby and won the Championship first season. GK PI Disrupt to Flanks WBR (Auto) PI Stay Wider WBL (Attack) PI Stay Wider CB (Stopper) PI Mark tight, Tackle Harder BPD (Defend) PI Close Down Less DLP (Defend) PI Pass Short,Dribble Less AP (Support) PI More Direct Passes W (Attack) . PI None ISF (Support) PI None SS PI Mark Tight CF or F9 PI None Tactical tips · Throw a Ball Winning Midfielder for the Shadow Striker in tough away games Fergie would often use Darren Fletcher or Park in big games especially away in Europe. · Take work into box off if losing and go more direct Fergie would throw the kitchen sink at teams when behind · Be More Disciplined when in front and change full back settings to help hold a lead.
  6. BOCA would be my choice would say they have the best academy in World Football.
  7. Know a few people that have that problem and its usually off the back of a run of clean sheets hence why the game can be random and unrealistic usually a solid team loses its unbeaten run in closer fashion
  8. Improve made a few tactics that have got the better of the match engine. Just find you get far too many 5-4 thriller type games and plenty of missed penalty's and red cards a season plus find your team no matter how good the mental stats are will bottle games few little frustrations. You are quite sensitive to constructive criticism. Overall the game is good
  9. Its unrealistic get the most stupid results you basically get done with a ball over the top or a long range screamer if the AI decides your winning too many games
  10. Think the biggest problem is they are trying so hard to make the game more realistic its gone the other way and become unrealistic it is harder to be a bigger club on this years version.
  11. I had a system that was top of Serie A beating the likes of Lazio,Roma and Milan was solid at the back all season then found myself on the end of a 5-1 defeat to Sampodoria drew with Bologna who are bottom of the league lost in europe suddenly the AI had found a way of beating me . The game can be very random mate you have to admit that? But it is a lot better than 16 which was the worst FM to date.
  12. Agree that Spurs have a lot of potential but its Inter Milan still a giant of european football and I sort of disagree with the silveware comment Inter have a hugely talanted squad guys like Mario,Icardi, Benega etc! Just haven't been able to get it right with the managment part of the reason I wanted to do this save. Think they could push for a league title in th next few years I think if Potch leaves spurs they a top 6 side at best he is getting the most out that squad but player for player I still take inter squad over spurs . But agree premier league is a huge draw.
  13. Not sure if this topic has been done before, but I am currently managing Inter and got a lot of the squad wanting to leave it seems very strange I know both Milan clubs have underachieved in recent seasons but it is still a massive club. One player wants to join Tottenham a club who hasnt won a league title since the 60s! Surely Inter have a bigger rep than spurs in the game.
  14. The love for FM 17 is back really enjoying this years game,the match engine is the best I have ever seen and just think its a lot more polished game this year. Nice work SI was starting to lose faith in FM 16 but this years game is really good so far. Stil think a few players have been overrated in the game but guess that is why we all love football its a game of opinions.
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