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  1. And it happens no worse than in FIFA imo. Not weekend league, but PC Draft is still riddled with instaquit glitchers. Or at least it was ~3 months ago when I last played the fifa shitshow
  2. Yeah I agree, although it might have been lost in my overall criticism, I also meant I'm at a stage now where I can't even think of a specific feature I want in. I just want the game to actually be decent, although I know it won't be, at least not to my subjective tastes.
  3. Don't think I've ever been leess interested in awaiting news about the new game. Although Fm19 did have some improvement additions I have absolutely zero faith in the direction the game is going, even if its almost guaranteed to be another commercial success. I can't even think of a potential feature, feasible or otherwise, that could rope me back in, and don't expect to be surprised by a dev team that's made many aspects of the game worse year on year (primarily cosmetically to be fair). Will be an interesting year for the series anyway.
  4. I enjoyed the face of the franchise thing but now I'm about 97 ovr season two. I get there are difficulty sliders I can change, but it feels pretty unrealistic that I'm a 97 ovr playing in pro bowl yet throwing three or four ints and five sacks per game. Also my guy is now so rapid that every other time I try a qb rush I warp right into my line backers and run up and down stuck against them until tackled. Frustrating
  5. Cant wait for the new one. Best football game by miles
  6. Just in the unlikely event anyone from SI is reading this, the replica shirts in the crowd remain an absolute joke.
  7. My experience exactly, think mine was a papadopolous too, up front with the Max
  8. Will FM2020 fix newgen in-match hair not matching their profile image? Don't get me wrong FM19 has much bigger issues but, this is a gripe
  9. I think we might be talk about different things. My news feed in FM is littered "Club X in swoop for player Y" headlines, then when you click on it they've just made a bid, even a loan bid. I think the wording of that news item should only be used for completed deals, not mere submitted offers. Unlike some of my other views on fm, this is a bit subjective though, especially with the increasing social media feed in fm.
  10. Anyone been playing Hell Let Loose? Still clearly in BETA but it's excellent.
  11. I was enjoying it then it just ended. Felt like a very short game. I enjoyed some of the Mad-Max parts but all in all the weakest in the series for me. Nothing like what I thought it would be from the pre-release news and teases (that I was broadly trying to avoid)
  12. I think we can all just be grateful that it was Mark Field that got her and not one of the Tories turned into BRITISHANDPROUD lean-mean-killing-machines by the odd weekend holiday in the TA like Francois or Davis. Imagine the damage they'd have done to the poor woman. Were they even there? Elite-level threat detection is just one of their many skills trained into them., so evidently if they were there and yet one of them didn't jump up and eviscerate her, she wasn't an actual threat.
  13. Not touched FIFA since the beginning of TOTS and the advent of arcade-megasquads. Roll on the first fortnight of FIFA 20
  14. Been playing a lot recently. Finding the ME a bit of a joke in the sense of how all my goals are one of 2 variants, but expect that someone will say it's my tactics. I have a few questions / issues though. 1) Is there a minimum time a chairman will keep a club for? I've had my newgen Chairman for 7 years and he still "will never leave of his own volition". I want him gone, and fully accept it must be random and not manager-influenced, but wonder if there is a set minimum. 2) Club X in swoop for Player Y - for me this should only be used for completed deals. 3) Managing Fra
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