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  1. If my club's record 'sale' wasn't a direct sale but the 50% received as a sell-on fee would the game store this information anywhere? (Should it?)
  2. Bit confused by this one, do managers ever get to just decide a reschedule a game? The game already has games moved if international call ups in Lowe r leagues etc does it not? Miles' comment about method of news release yet further evidence of his absolute disconnect with the game's main loyal playerbase. I went back to fm17 for a bit, but returning to 18 after that did highlight how much better 18 was. Made it all the more frustrating that it could have been much better than it was with only a handful of superficial design decisions (even outwith of complicated coding like transfers or Me).
  3. I haven't seen exactly that before, but in FMs17 and before Queen's Park in Scotland, who can only offer Amateur contracts, used to be able to hoover up players released from the SPL, no matter what division they were in. The games were clearly set up so that players viewed an Amateur contract as preferable to a FT/PT contract marginally below their SPL-level wage demands, Queen's Park would therefore nearly always end up in SPL, or at least promoted into it before their players got pinched again. I had actually thought FM18 had fixed the Queen's Park issue as they have only achieved at realistic levels in my Scottish files to date, but assuming your pics above are FM18 the issue has returned - of Amateur only clubs being broken.
  4. Per Annum

    Serbia v Switzerland / Friday / 1900 BST

    Despite the fact mitrovic should have had a pen, and the two players should (under the existing, unwanted, laws) be punished for the celebration, the Serbian camp's comments are even worse and deserve a more severe ban. Get them to the proverbial.
  5. Per Annum

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    I think there is an extent to which the people coming on, like RLC, were only stand-outs by virtue of having come on. I'm sure if RLC had started and someone like Alli came on for him with 20 to go, Alli would have looked great too. England were poor after the first 20, the referee was terrible, and even my strong desire to see England lose was completely outdone by Tunisia's horrible approach to the match. England will rediscover their form from the first 20 and go through, and probably win the first knockout round as well. I thought Young was the worst performer.
  6. Is this also the way in which I would stop myself from getting all the Europa League fixtures and results throughout the entire season despite being knocked out by minnows from Armenia in the first qual round? It's always been a small bugbear of mine, and unfollowing the competition didn't work. I expect screenflow is the answer but couldn't figure it out on first visit, will revisit if someone can confirm that would work.
  7. Per Annum

    Football Manager 2018 OTF - Nov 10th Release

    As if the entire stadium wearing kits wasn't bad enough, I just played an away game knock-out game at Roma as part of my lowly club's first season in Europe for over 8 (in-game) years. The in-match display said only 56 of my fans were there. This alone is insanely unrealistic, and further, there was an entire section of fans wearing my kit. I stopped counting once I got to 56 and presume there were at least twice that again. Didn't know Roma fans were so embracing of visiting fans. Yet another one for the reported in beta but still entirely untouched pile. After months of hating FM18 I've got back into playing it obsessively in the last two weeks. Other than the horrorshow of the ME (which I just ignore and is at least better than earlier patches), it's actually quite good. Save for the legion of visual and UI issues that I genuinely fail to see how anyone with a genuine interest in the game wouldn't flag and seriously attempt to fix during stage one of the development. None of them are game-breaking, or even significant, but I remain perplexed by the sheer volume of them and how few of them have been addressed 9 months later.
  8. ISS 2000 on N64 was the pinnacle of this. As far as I remember you controlled the entire team when playing matches, but otherwise had to take your guy to training, on dates, and try and get him into his nations world cup squad along with your childhood friend turned rival (I hope EA paid them royalties for the journey). The N64 controller was an absolute nightmare for controlling football games as it was hard to reach the c buttons when needed, but boy what a game that was. I've never found a working emulator copy, and have never figured out how to plug an N64 into a modern tv (despite trying all the logical options) , so its locked as nostalgia.
  9. Per Annum

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    They've already announced they won't have ptb in fifa 19. For me the big difference between pre patch (which was absolutely great btw) is that it wasn't so exploitable, or at least that people hadn't yet learned the exploits. Otherwise wc mode is reasonably similar. The players feel more like physical beings than before, which is good, but the game is set up so that there are game breaking tactics and game styles to play, and no matter how much you hate them, if you don't join in then you are disadvantaged. For me for 19 they need to make play styles more like rock paper scissors but in a way that allows talent to shine through. Just now it's like primary school variant rock paper ssicossors and fire, which beats all.
  10. Per Annum

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    World cup mode is terrible, due to the icon teams, and I say that having broken under the prisoner's dilemma and got 5 myself. The game play also feels different, slower but not in a good way, and my Pele can score with nearly every shot. I only ever lose to people who have 3 up front tactic exploits, especially if Luis Hernandez is one. Even with the plentiful flaws of Fifa 18, I cannot believe they've got it so so so wrong.
  11. Per Annum

    Football Manager 2018 OTF - Nov 10th Release

    Each time it fails to renew one of my existing player's contracts the news item says I have to wait 120 days before lodging another application, yet I can offer him a new contract the same day (and the 120 number never goes down).
  12. Per Annum

    Football Manager 2018 OTF - Nov 10th Release

    Currently in a completely broken brexit scenario (in Scotland). The news item mentioned a 17 limit on foreigners, but I have never been asked to register a squad a number of years later. Now I can't renew the contracts of my existing non-UK players who aren't in top int'l squads, which is fine as the news item said this would happen, but I can sign any player I want and they can play even if they fail the work permit application. The deal just goes ahead and they are instantly available for selection in league matches. If incoming players don't actually need work permits, why can't I renew any contracts? Pre-Brexit I'm sure you can renew contracts even if players fail work permits, they just can't play. Did the 17 limit on foreigners in the news item only apply to England? Although this is the first save I've played where Brexit has been this badly implemented, I've always thought the impact on the Scottish leagues has been under tested. Hope this is fixed for next year's game.
  13. Per Annum

    3 up front

    Admittedly, my use of 'any criticism of the game' was inaccurate, apologies about that specific word.
  14. Per Annum

    3 up front

    The question of whether using one of these tactics in FM 18 being cheating is indeed subjective. However, the bandying around of the 'who cares' questions are dangerous, as we should all care. Each year we are told by SI how the ME gets more realistic, you have to use real tactical knowledge to succeed, and plug and play tactics don't work in this stellar new annual edition. Each year exploit tactics are discovered. In my opinion, the existence of objectively evidenced exploit tactics, as there clearly is this year, render the ME, and thereby the game, a failure. I'm quite open minded to the fact that it might be near impossible to make an exploitless ME, that SI are doing as well as can be expected even with the huge resources that sales give them, etc, etc. What I can't do is reconcile that failure with the tone adopted by SI and moderators in the face of any criticism of the game. If your ME is a failure, as it is year after year, then this needs to be acknowledged, and it never is.
  15. Is there any way to stop pl ayers getting a year and blank entry on their career history after spending even a day without a club? I've been reporting it since beta, so its persistence makes me think its deliberate. If so it's an awful awful choice.