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  1. Just in the unlikely event anyone from SI is reading this, the replica shirts in the crowd remain an absolute joke.
  2. Will FM2020 fix newgen in-match hair not matching their profile image? Don't get me wrong FM19 has much bigger issues but, this is a gripe
  3. I think we might be talk about different things. My news feed in FM is littered "Club X in swoop for player Y" headlines, then when you click on it they've just made a bid, even a loan bid. I think the wording of that news item should only be used for completed deals, not mere submitted offers. Unlike some of my other views on fm, this is a bit subjective though, especially with the increasing social media feed in fm.
  4. Been playing a lot recently. Finding the ME a bit of a joke in the sense of how all my goals are one of 2 variants, but expect that someone will say it's my tactics. I have a few questions / issues though. 1) Is there a minimum time a chairman will keep a club for? I've had my newgen Chairman for 7 years and he still "will never leave of his own volition". I want him gone, and fully accept it must be random and not manager-influenced, but wonder if there is a set minimum. 2) Club X in swoop for Player Y - for me this should only be used for completed deals. 3) Managing France far into the future and nearly every day there is a long list of news items about dual nationality newgen teenagers thinking what they should do, or end of career Ligue 2 journeymen. I think its very realistic national team staff should keep track of this, but maybe collate it into a single monthly message highlighting the few high-profile ones, only having individual news items if a sufficiently high profile does something drastic that day. $) In journalist questions about item 3 - there is no response along the lines of "Well he is 31 and playing in Ligue 2, so maybe he should consider playing for Madagascar and not France".
  5. For me its easy. Sunday League start as Dulwich Hamlet. Promoted to League one by playoffs. National League only proper trophy, all others playoffs. Take job at Leeds, sacked within months for arguing with board. Take job at Sheff Wed, sacked within months for arguing with board. Take job at Villa, promoted to EPL. Offered Real Madrid job. Game's bust. Or, any Sunday league start game, get offered jobs by teams not in the bottom division of their nation. What's the point?
  6. Would be worried if tactics or training could affect height. You told someone in May 2017 that players could grow, is this new gens or real too? It is something SI should be able to answer in seconds.
  7. Can anyone confirm about real-preixisting teenagers? How about for newgen teens?
  8. will real players in game grow in height if they are 16 at game start?
  9. Sunday league rep is pointless. "Career" saves are a total myth. Sacked from Leeds and Sheff Wed for annoying the board and let go by Villa after never renewing contract, with relegation inevitable. Then Real Madrid. What is the point of playing that type of FM save? There isn't one as things stand with the in-game reputation so broken.
  10. Got a newgen with a bald heid in the picture yet black hair in game, it's not beta any more. Get the game in the bin. My 33 year old CM captain thinks we are too weak in midfield. 11 points clear top of the table at xmas and he's only made about 3 sub appearances cos of how strong our midfield is. It's not beta any more. "We come into this game 1st in the form table, whereas opposition are 2nd, let's show them why."
  11. I have noticed a little more variety yes, but my 18 year old London born Sudanese international star striker has got rid of his iconic afro, so any objective benefits pale in subjective comparison. I also don't like the coloured boxes on the pre match formation screens or the bordered stars.
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