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  1. Nonetheless, both he and another 3.5 star don't play.
  2. Got a newgen with a bald heid in the picture yet black hair in game, it's not beta any more. Get the game in the bin. My 33 year old CM captain thinks we are too weak in midfield. 11 points clear top of the table at xmas and he's only made about 3 sub appearances cos of how strong our midfield is. It's not beta any more. "We come into this game 1st in the form table, whereas opposition are 2nd, let's show them why."
  3. I have noticed a little more variety yes, but my 18 year old London born Sudanese international star striker has got rid of his iconic afro, so any objective benefits pale in subjective comparison. I also don't like the coloured boxes on the pre match formation screens or the bordered stars.
  4. New update has switched all my newgen's hair around.
  5. I agree with being upset about most of this, but guardiola to juve is one of the more plausible. Juve have something weird going on in getting Ronaldo and then the likes of Marcelo etc wanting to follow. Who'd have thunk that before it happened, FM rarely surprises you more than real life can. Harder to see how klopp would go to city though, and man utd sign camacho and Adrien silva in pretty muchall my saves.
  6. Per Annum

    new caledonian manager?...what?

    I'm at a loss as to what is vaguely funny. Someone like Christian Karambeu could in theory be Marseille Manager, even if the game would show him as French
  7. The press question about whether you want to sign a loan player permanently is all well and good, but should probably be blocked for players you have sold to higher league clubs with a loan back clause only weeks previously. It isn't turned off for that at present.
  8. Per Annum

    Is FM too easy?

    This must be a super important opinion from an expert, seeing as its been made bold.
  9. Mate you're gonna be devastated when SI confirm on release they've logged and reviewed the injuries in detail following the bug reports and confirmed they are spot on.
  10. I can make a board request to go full-time. My board have been rejecting it, fair enough. I've just been offered a job elsewhere, and the board have come to me letting me make requests to try and get me to stay. Go full-time isn't there, and from what I can see is one of the few absentees. Is this a) correct b) intentional? They might still reject it anytway, but I would quite like to leverage. No idea if it would even be a good idea mind.
  11. Luke shaw got given best part of that IRL. Have you actually tried negotiating him down to at least south of Luke Shaw? Go on, bet you can.
  12. Per Annum

    Is FM too easy?

    I'm confused as to what the real life win percentage is, isn't everyone in real life a human manager?
  13. Per Annum

    Is FM too easy?

    I've spent most of this season riding high in my first season promoted into VNL thinking the game is too easy. Six games without a win through March and now hoping I'll stay in playoffs, having been planning my League 2 squad through December. Good old FM!