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  1. I only use balanced mentality and adjust team instructions and player roles to get what I want. I've never needed to touch mentality to be successful. By sticking to one mentality it was easier for me to know exactly what to expect from a team instruction or the behaviour I would get from a player role/duty.
  2. If you wanted to keep the false nine as a lone striker you would need to find some way to pull the opposition apart. I would start with a W(S) on right wing, WB(A) on the left. Change the CM(A) to a MEZ(A). DLP (S) to a Carrilero and the HB to DLP(D). Right WB as an IWB(S). Play wider. That would hopefully give you width and depth in attack, with players running both outside in and inside out causing the defence into difficult decisions and hopefully pulling them out of position, thus giving the False Nine space to operate. You could also give the false nine PI's such as move
  3. Winger on Support on the left, he'll still cut inside due to his PPM and because he is right footed. I used this in FM19 and it worked nicely. Alternatively if you play him as an inside forward on support you'll need to give him easy passing options. Overlapping full back and a defensive midfielder in easy passing reach. Pressing forward on attack in a counter attacking team where he can get beyond the defensive line, but I don't see him as a striker in a possession based team.
  4. If I wanted him heavily involved i would play him as an IW on Support. He'll carry the ball forward into attacking positions, get in the box to score and also track back.
  5. I did a quick 3 year run with Liverpool and saw improvements in Consistency up to 2 points in players under 24, but no player improved in Important Matches despite winning the Champions League, the Prem and several other cups. In fact, all the hidden attributes changed except for Important Matches and Dirtiness (although I believe dirtiness can be improved by issuing fines, something I did not do in the 3 years). Mentoring (when it worked) impacted: Adaptability, Ambition, Loyalty, Pressure, Professionalism, Sportsmanship, Temperament and Controversy. Mentoring had no imp
  6. What differences are you noticing? Obviously the DLP and STR aren't producing, but are they still playing the same way and just missing chances? or have the chances dried up?
  7. Going from memory, and unless it's changed from older versions, I believe the more you play in cup finals and high pressure games the more chance those hidden attributes have to improve. I believe this was true, it would be nice to have confirmation though. EDIT: Just did a search and Seb Wassell confirmed in one of the threads that the majority of hidden rating can change over time.
  8. The tactic is very one dimensional and too negative for a team defending the title. I would start by adjusting the line of engagement as teams will just be sitting back and killing the clock. Possibly try standard line of engagement and counter pressing. In addition, both strikers move into channels, try making the right sided one a poacher so he stays central. The other things you could try is playing at a higher tempo to catch teams in transition and getting the LFB to overlap, to pull the defense out of shape a bit.
  9. Do they have high aggression? This can have an effect on how keen they are to press.
  10. Inside forwards on attack can be quite single minded and selfish when looking for goal scoring opportunities, maybe consider playing him on support. You can use get further forward to increase his runs into the box.
  11. https://teaandbusquets.com/blog/footballs-kindgom-player-preferred-moves-ppms
  12. I have noticed this happen. I did some checking and it only happens in my save when the player is playing in another position and he improves his knowledge. E.G. Striker was playing as an IF and when he improved from competent to accomplished his training changed.
  13. His dribbling would be set at normal in this instance. Up one notch for PI and down 1 notch for TI. So back to normal.
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