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  1. https://teaandbusquets.com/blog/footballs-kindgom-player-preferred-moves-ppms
  2. I have noticed this happen. I did some checking and it only happens in my save when the player is playing in another position and he improves his knowledge. E.G. Striker was playing as an IF and when he improved from competent to accomplished his training changed.
  3. His dribbling would be set at normal in this instance. Up one notch for PI and down 1 notch for TI. So back to normal.
  4. It could be due to their hidden 'dirtiness' attributes? This makes them more likely to commit fouls. If they are happening late in games it could be due to their concentration attribute. Concentration fades later in games and mistakes creep in.
  5. I have played one fast defender with one slow defender with success. If the player has the attributes you mentioned, plus Anticipation and Decisions, they can cut out the danger. Plus if you have a game where the opposition have fast strikers you can always keep the fullback on his side back to help.
  6. Just a quick question, not the best place to ask, but I didn't want to start a major debate over it. FM 2017 is on offer at the moment, I never upgraded from 16. Is it worth upgrading as I'm only really interested in the match engine, So is FM17's match engine worth the upgrade over 16 or should I just wait for 18?
  7. Instead of a CMD you could try a CMS with hold position, he won't be as defensively minded as a CMD, but it will stop him from getting too far forward.
  8. I think you need to find a better balance in your front five. You have gone from one extreme where 4 out of 5 players were creators to having 4 out of 5 players as scorers. Also getting a poacher to work as a lone striker is hard, they generally need a supporting strike partner. Try and find a balance between your first tactic and your new one. Maybe change your left attacking midfielder to an AP or inside forward support, your striker to a DLF(S) or False Nine and then swap your central midfielders around so that the playmaker is on the right.
  9. Some of the TIs are confusing. E.g. Clear ball to flank but the look for the overlap seems a bit counter productive. Plus playing at a higher tempo but waiting for the overlap etc.. I would try using only retain possession and push higher up and see how that goes. You could also try making your LB a bit more attacking to add some width on that side and as you have 3 players already attacking the middle of the defence you could make the BBM a CMS or CMD to tighten up the midfield.
  10. If you deploy the two CMs as defend I wouldn't worry to much about compactness. The other benefit of moving to structured is the players will have a bit more space to work in. Have a read of Ozil's Wales tactic thread where he uses structured. For me a raumdeter works better in a possession tactic where players are moving around a lot. For direct tactics I prefer wingers and inside forwards or even an attacking Wide Midfielder. In my current save my WMA has 8 assists and 10 goals in 20 matches (no PIs).
  11. You could change team shape instead of mentality. A structured or highly structured team shape would make the defenders concentrate on defending being more risk averse while the attackers would be more attacking and risk taking, with the midfielders somewhere in between. Edit: Also pushing the team up into a high 4-2-3-1 (2xCM) should see you transition faster but you will need to watch the gap between your midfield and defence. In addition, you will be far less likely to trigger actual FM counter attacks (if that was one of your aims?).
  12. Playing structured/control you generally aren't going to see strikers drop back and defend. Structured tells strikers to stay up top and concentrate on attacking and attacking transitions, this is promoted further by control with is an attacking mentality. Going fluid with a less attacking mentality will see strikers more involved in defending. However, you will be completely changing your tactic by doing so.
  13. If the RM had stuck with his man you would have been ok. This could be down to either or both the RM's attributes (Marking, Anticipation, Concentration, Determination, Work Rate etc....) or that he is on attack and only paying minimum attention to his defensive duties. The questionable pressing in the centre could be down to the quality of players at the level you are playing. It may not be a tactical issue. You could drop the pressing individually for your CB's so the hold the line a bit better while the Mids press.
  14. Counter attacks are triggered in the match engine when certain criteria are met, but you still need to attack when you aren't counter attacking. If you play a team who don't commit men forward you may have zero opportunities to counter attack in a match. I suggest reading Cleon's The Art of Counter Attacking thread in the stickies for a better understanding.
  15. There is a few potential issues with the tactic. You have two wingers and a striker who drops off and roams, so there will be times when nobody is in the box to cross to. Also, you have nobody joining the striker from midfield as the AP will mainly sit in the hole.
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