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  1. Great work hope you win promotion this season..And always is Great to start a save with a team who means something for You..Keep the good work...
  2. I now Faroe made huge progress After 2 wins against Greece but you quilified so soon for a big tournament?I havent see something like this great work
  3. Great work my friend..I just start a save with Andorra fc in Spanish league system, so if you want players for loan just ask me... :-P One question did You have Capdevila in first season of you're save???
  4. Hi..I was wondering if SI made ever a list with the years someone needs to get Nationality in every European country...If anyone knows Please helps me.. Thanks!!
  5. Again this year they didnt fix it??Thats very very bad...All this effort we made and nothing hapened...
  6. Ofcourse you can add new manager take control Faroe then quit him and take the job..Well you know better...;-)Your european progres is great EL group stage so soon
  7. Very good until now..You Must manage national team to i thing..After their wins again At Greece they have more proffesional players in national squad....;-)
  8. Level 17???!!Well good luck you have Big journey and Great idea for a save..I manage Jamaica in last Fm and I won Carribean cup..I think Montserrat is one of the weakiest teams in Carribean....
  9. Well is up to you to bring european glory back in island then..
  10. Great results my friend..And selling so high is the key for me..Good luck il be watching this...
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