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  1. Two great league campaigns there. Can't wait to see if you make it a hat-trick.
  2. Loving the lay out and detailed information given, keep it going! Having a good season too!
  3. That looks an incredible title race - 1 point between the top 5! Where were Harrogate before the final day kickoff?!
  4. Another AI comeback, this one on FM15, although fortunately it wasn't a complete comeback! I was in the Europa League QF's with Swansea, against Ajax. Won the first leg 4-0 at home. Took an early lead in Holland to go 5-0 up on aggregate. Then Ajax proceeded to score 5 goals in the final hour of the game. They then had a goal disallowed in the 93rd minute, which would have seen them through. Never forgotten it!
  5. I don't recall seeing anybody have such rotten luck in the playoffs in consecutive seasons!
  6. Great progress though! Has the league form still taken a hit from the FA Cup exploits?
  7. Can only echo Jimbo. Fantastic journey - one of the best I've seen on this forum!
  8. Kits for English non-league sides - have they not been included on this one? I note a handful of teams have actual kit/kits but the majority don't. Just curious if this is something that will be changed ahead of release or whether it'd need to be a kit pack.
  9. Andre Villas Boas went from managing Portugal and Manchester United to...League 2 side Morecambe in one swift move. He was unemployed before he took the Morecambe job, but still a bit of a comedown
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