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  1. I like Portugal. A nice language and player names. A fight with Benfica, Porto, Sporting, Braga.
  2. Do you separate CDL/CDR and DML/DMR only by leading foot or by the subrole on the pitch like small and quick vs strong and big?
  3. @looping, try to add close down (much) less to CBs (because your CBR has lost a position before their striker broke into the penalty zone) and add press more in TI (+ maybe higher DL) (or go Control) and tackle harder.
  4. Yeap, as I'd like to hear about changes you made during season and tightened up instructions to supplement your squad players. Maybe you could portray templates of your players by every position and how to mould worthwhile youth from a dross as well. I like your deep 4-4-2 and the way you play it, notwithstanding I cannot crank it up.
  5. It's interesting to read you but give us more tactical analyzes and squad development. Good stuff.
  6. Please, post screenshots of your line-up, TI, PI. How do you adapt mentality, instructions, roles to weak and strong rivals? How do you train players?
  7. @roggiotis There are some questions about your tactics. Could you describe your thoughts that sometimes you place holding midfielder at the MCL near the playmaker (MCR). Above him is the F9 alongside the CF/SS. However, next time you swap the Holder - Playmaker pair or F9 - Scorer. What type of wingers are you keen on? The same foot as a side? Do you change CF to DLF/DF/etc if he doesn't fit this role? Also it would be perfect if you delve into describing how you adapt to an opponent and change your TI/PI/Roles and so on. Could you share you approach how to build a squad, the DNA of your team as well?
  8. Yeap, my CFa looks like an alien body in this structure. I don't know whether it is because of his two-bit quality or not.
  9. @rossi789 I've tried to play 4 games with your tactics and principles of the pressing/defensive line amendment: 3W/1D, 4 scored, 0 allowed. Not a big distance to make global decisions, but I struggled to get points with other different variations of 4-4-2. I can afford to play the same way with my team because nearly every player fits this scheme. Only one change I made is an alteration to the Highly Structured shape due to the poor level of decision making, anticipation, flair, stamina etc, since we are underdogs and stepped into the season with difficulty. Could you post some statistics and all pictures of your main squad in order to use your players as a mold?
  10. @rossi789 Post your line-up, please. How often do you score from pure counter-attacks? What are the best players (positions) in your scheme that make your tactic tick?
  11. I've found a discrepancy. If we look on your tactic, you use 4 specific roles (BBM, BWM, WP, F9) but your team shape is fluid. It's not according to 12 steps guide. I know that this guide is not a gospel, however, why have you chosen another type of the shape? I would like you to continue revealing information about adaption to opponents. Maybe you should create your own thread.
  12. @facman And what about team shape? When do you prefer to go structured/flexible or very fluid? And what events fire you up to change mentality?
  13. @Loversleaper Perfect input. How do you change Team Shape and TI/PI and player roles while adapting to the opponent?
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