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  1. Do you mean this looks like an unintentional rubberband caused by the ME playing defensive and narrow? For picky users: other people don't experience that because they play better the game than me. I'm not finding an explanation for my bad overall results (which is only me making mistakes) but for my extreme winning/losing streaks.
  2. All I said is: 1. I see WWWWWWWWWWW LLLLLLLLLLLL streaks. 2. This happens in real life too. 3. I felt in fm happens too often and too long (too easy to win when in a winning streak, too easy to lose when in a losing streak) 4. if that's the case, there is certainly something wrong 5. Even if there is something wrong, this is not the root cause of my bad results. 6. I even said the final picture was ok. If you want to understand, nice. Otherwise, feel free to carry on if it makes your day better.
  3. I agree success is always down to the user (even if there was a rubberband, which I deny). I didn't say my results are terrible because the AI or the ME are wrong. I just felt the game is too streaky but obviously, even if I'm right (and I admit I can certainly be mistaken) this is not the cause why anyone/me isn't successful
  4. No idea about the AI, sure I'm quite limited in my capabilities, but don't you think it's a bit exaggerated? I mean, I even got promoted so the final picture is ok (and I say ok because my team underpeformed overall and showed a terrible inconsistency) but, don't you see this a bit exaggerated? Even if my capabilities are severely limited... I have never seen a team that gets promoted after losing 10 of the last 14 matches (Girona last season 11 of last 33 points is the closest thing I remember, but that's the exception, not the rule). Sure are reasons for that, reasons that due to my quite/severely limited capabilities I don't understand but the overall result... is... a bit weird, don't you think? I may add in playoffs my team again played the same was doing before the collapse. I'm not asking for help, just stating this results are shocking assuming that the way I play the game is wrong because my capabilities are limited. On top of that, the same happens to the AI. Well, perhaps the AI is also limited, but to that extreme? If that happens regularly (and certainly happens in my experience with the game), isn't showing that there is something wrong? Teams don't behave like that (rare cases), but this consistenly happens in my experience with the game not only to me but to the AI. Runs are too good/bad, last too long and results are too much influenced by the trend of results. That's the point, even if my and AI's capabilities are limited.
  5. I agree. What I'm trying to say is, don't you think are too large (good or bad)? Don't you think something triggers a good/bad run and a snowball is created being very difficult to turn things out? Whem I'm on the winning streak I can play almost any tactic and any players and I'll win. I really think there is something wrong with this, I feel losing/winning streaks last too long and are too easy to mantain/difficult to turn around. It's not normal a promotion candidate loses 5 consecutives matches or wins 1 in 4 months and later becomes unbeatable. Neither is a relegation candidate to become unbeatable. I feel it's all too long, too often... I see teams too attached to the trend of results. I've watched matchesof the AI when it is on a losing streak and it experiences the same tan me (human). Strange goals, weird decisión by players... I feel it out of control too influenced by the trend of results.
  6. This is the AI: Again the AI And finally me: Ok. Then the conclusión is collapsing happens not only to humans. I have no understanding about coding and I totally suck as a fm, but.. I suspect there is something that triggers this and is out of control. Those snowballs of results (positive or negative) are not normal, even if they can happen IRL, not that usual (every single save in my case) and so extreme. This is not how I expect results to be (nor my team nor any team). I can totally suck and be a complete disaster as a manager, but it also happens to the AI. Don't you think is a bit strange?
  7. I don't understand what I can influence and what not. And most important,why. I don't have the touch, that's all. Close this, please.
  8. Question: If I can't make my wingers stay wide, how can I stretch the opposition? Only with fb/wb?
  9. Ok. Not going to discuss this. While ideally I'd like them to stay wide all time (except to get into opposition área to finish crosses) and already assuming that's not posible because they won't behave like that, the problem is it seems to me they stay wide when I don't want them to stay wide and they roam when i want them to stay wide. Is there any way I can influence this? The pattern is most of the times they stay wide and sometimes they move from that position. Can I influence when, in which specific situations, they'll stay/roam? Or it is just up to the players? I'd like them to stay wide until my fb comes there to créate an overload, and then roam from that position but if the fb stays back I want my winger to provide width.
  10. Would you mind to tell the videos you specifically watched?
  11. Di Gaudio is playing winger(at). The point is, why he is not staying wide? I'd like him to be almost where the linesman is. Can I do that? In case it is posible, how can I do that?
  12. I see lots of teams doing it regularly, weekend after weekend. Doing exactly what I described.
  13. No need to teleport, just to run 10 yards. This is exactly what I'm looking for. Contain+very fluid= everybody behind the ball. I have nothing else to add.
  14. I'll explain it one last time: - When my team has the ball I clearly want a TM-Poacher. I know what they both do and that's exactly how I want to attack. - When my team doesn't have the ball I want them to do the same they usually do but 10-15 yards deeper. That's simply not posible, even on contain very fluid. Look: This is the player I'd like to track back: I'm playing on contain very fluid. My tm doesn't drop to defend. Yes, a bit deeper tan my poacher, but not enough. he should be closing down the opponent that has the ball, in front of him (if I increase closing down he may tackle him from behind, but that's not what I want). If I drop him to AM strata he won't act as a TM on possession. He will drop Deep but will play with his face to the ball not with his back to the goal, which is what a TM does and what I want him to do.
  15. All i want is my striker to sit 10-15 yards deeper, so they face opponent's cb, and do it regularly. In possession, I want them to act according to his role (TM-Poacher). Now you will say poacher is a selfish role so he won't track back. That's the whole wrong point.