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  1. If anyone is interested, I'm not updating because all my attempts are a complete failure and I don't know what is specifically wrong (everything is wrong). If I make some progress I'll try to update.
  2. Well, it seems to me I need a really dominant player in the air if I want my tactic to be successful. It's not easy to find a good Target man, unless you are a top team, and if you are a top team, there are perhaps better tactical options (and easier to find). Obviously, this is the exact player I need: Perhaps he lacks a bit of First touch but anyway I can't sign him. I'll use Mandzukic as a guide to the player I'll sign, someone who looks like Mandzukic but I can afford. A B versión of Mandzukic. I need someone who has the desire to for the challenge, who wins aerial duels and who can hold up the ball under pressure. Specific attributes I'm looking for: Mentals: Off the ball, bravery, determination, aggression. I'll keep an eye on teamwork, anticipation, decisions and visión (after all, a TM is a creator). Physicals : strenght, balance, jumping reach Technical:, first touch, heading. Keep an eye on Technique and passing. Note despite I want an striker I have no interest on his finishing. These are my options: Petagna and Carrillo (specially the last one) are the best options, but I can't sign them. That leaves me with Onuachu, Perica, Cornelius and Weghorst. Onuachu looks a bit poor overall, despite his jumping reach. So, I have Cornelius, Perica and Weghorst... My decisión is Perica. In target man terms, he is Jack of all trades master of none. No crucial attribue below 14 and he is still Young so can develop (nothing dramatical, but who knows, just 1 number up in every attribute could still happen). Do you thing is a good decisión?
  3. A lot of things are written in this fórums, but I've never seen a complete and informative thread about how to properly use a TM. This is the purpose of this thread. To be more specific, I want to use the TM (s) role. I know you can use a TM in other roles (DLF or DF) but it's not the same, because the hoof the ball effect is lost (correct me if I'm wrong). So, the first question is: can I use the TM role in my base tactic or due to its specific mechanism and hoof the ball effect the tactic becomes too predictable, passing too direct, among other potential issues? Can my base tactic have a TM role without the need of tweaking it? I specifically want to channel my play through a TM. The only reason is this is how I want my team to play. Before I start this work (which I suspect is going to be hard), I want to know is it's realistically posible (in FM) to use the TM in the long term, building my squad arround this idea without masking it with other roles. I don't want a TM in disguise, I really want the hoof the ball effect and use it properly.
  4. Exactly. Thanks anyway.
  5. Good for you. Could you show and teach me how are you doing it?
  6. I can't FM anymore

    Obviously, I won't find the quote but it's stickied in my brain and I can tell you who precisely was and the context. I'm sure he is not talking trash, he is a highly (top 2) respected fmer and knows things under the Hood that probably you and for sure me ignore. I insist: translating football into fm, for a beginner or someone who is struggling, it's not the best idea if you are not used to the ME and its logic. I precisely told you. Specifically to you and recently too. I even told you where my idea comes from and why. Wouldn't be fair to the OP to hijack the thread so I won't post it here. If anyone is interested (which I certainly don't expect) I can explain it.
  7. I can't FM anymore

    This is not very true... Actually, this is misleading for a beginner, IMO. You don't need to know anything about football to play FM (not my words... more tan 1 mod here say so). FM is about following a certain logic of things which is totally alien to me. The most important things, in my opinión, of football are totally ignored. They don't exist. It seems to me like another sport. There are many things absolutely basic things that you can't control. And the opposite: many things IRL are totally imposible to control that are completely crucial to manage inF FM. In my humble opinión, the best anyone struggling can do is set something decent and then watch how it goes. If his/her logic matches with FM, he/she may gain knowledge and improve but don't think much about football, until you know the logic of the game and can follow it. Otherwise, it's hitting against a Wall.ç Well, this can be observed during a match. Stop at a random moment in the attacking phase and you'll see your attacking formation. If you don't like, change the role and look again. For instance, a fullback on attack duty becomes a winger during attacking phase: is that what you want? FM doesn't use positions, uses roles&duties. Every role draws an arrow where is going to move during the attacking phase. The duty makes the player follow the arrow sooner and quicker (attack duty) or later. The lenght of the arrow also depends on the role and duty For instance: Make your football formation with this11.com This is your defensive formation. But when attacking: Use this11.com for drawing your football tactics Basically, your players have followed the arrows the role draws. And they will do it sooner or later according to their duty.
  8. I can't FM anymore

    The fact is not a win button... Although I certainly achieved some results, honestly, my last save went wrong too and my current save in fm18 is a complete disaster (I'll be sacked in a couple of matches and I will show I'm not lying ). The point is the feeling the game is not under control. Ignoring why lose or win. It's press the button and pray. The oficial way to play the game is watch matches, spot issues and fix them. Ok, you don't need this to play with decent success, but at the cost of: a) Being sacked quite often b) Underpeforming most of the time c) Ignoring why you lose or win In the best scenario (ignoring why losing or winning), the same happens if you download a tactic, which is another way of cheating, or if you go assman. It's not you who plays the game. You can go self-deception but at some point you realize it's not you who is winning (or losing),you are not influencing the game. Press button and pray in any case. Then you have to descent to the ME, where most of the people struggle. And they (me) obviously struggle because it's very very hard to read the ME. Insanely difficult unless you have an special talent. And if you don't understand the ME, you don't understand the game. Results will come and go, you can even win trophies but that feeling of being alien to the game doesn't leave.
  9. I can't FM anymore

    Perhaps it's easy for you, for me is imposible to read the ME. I just request to be a bit commiserative with people struggling. Saying it's very easy to people struggling is not a very good call, I guess... I can say this is the most difficult game I have ever played, it's extremely hard to understand the logic of the ME. I'm sure I'll never be able to understand it and so other people. Don't be harsh with people failing, don't say, please, the game is easy, because it is certainly not.
  10. I can't FM anymore

    I've said it many times and I'll say it once again. The game is too difficult to play how it is officially expected to be played. Expect a regular player to watch a match, spot what's wrong and fix it is simply unrealistic. You have to understand the logics of the ME, which, after 2 years of constant trying and 15 years of fm experience, I can't do. But that doesn't mean you can't play the game. You can choose other ways to play the game: a) Lower your expectations, set a simple tactic with no obvious mistakes and play. Results will come and go, you'll feel the game is playing with you instead you playing the game but, after all, you can play it somehow. b) Download a tactic. c) Go on holiday during matches.
  11. Is it easier to make tactics this year?

    My experience after 1 week: All my tactics that worked in fm17 are now rubbish (4411,541) All my tactics that were rubbish in fm17 now work (particularly, any versión of 442) For me it's easier, basically because the only tactic I know how it is expected to work is 442.
  12. Well, perhaps a premature conclusión... When I loaded the game I said "new ME, my 442 is going to work". First couple of matches, meh... perhaps better, at least I don't see my wingers defending wider tan attacking. Later, lost 0-2 and lost 7-1... Frustration increases, I can never play 442 which is precisely the only thing I want. Didn't play during the weekend and today I loaded again. I applied the principles of my opening post and I can't find words to describe the catastrophical levels it reached. I seriously think something has changed. @Svenc have you played fm18? I particularly think the AI attacks much better... And not because I lost one match 7-1, but I struggle to achieve my usual defensive records (less tan 1 goal/match)..
  13. We've been here too many times already. My opening post worked for fm17. It took my 1 year. In fm18 not working. I don't want to start again from scratch.
  14. I've tried fm18 and I'm back to fm17. It's too difficult and I'd probably need another year to understand it, so back to something I already can play.