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  1. Fact is I feel very frustrated with the game and my performances. It's true I never put much thought into things because I never needed to. I've played Fm since 01-02, I can tell you about Aghahowa and Todorov scoring +40goals every season. Not that I want that nowadays. Far from it. All my previous experiences with FM were: Start a sabe, choose any team and struggle for a certain period of time. Struggle could mean 5 matches, 10 or a couple of seasons but if there was a clear pattern is thing getting progressively better. I remember perfectly one sabe with Napoli, Cavani was there.
  2. I have no understanding what JJ does and what happens in Portugal... So it's only reinforcing my point: it's very easy noticeable a manager who Works set pieces, fact is I don't remember myself watching a match where JJ was involved. The point in FM is the lack of variety and possibilities compared with open play: we have roles like Ramdeuter or inverted wingback as fancy and hyped as hardly ever used but I can't choose where I want my cb to be in an idf.
  3. I agree et piece preparation is neglected in football these days though. How much? A lot. But a lot means a lot. And the same happens in fm. Nowadays, it's quite obvious managers tend to ignore set pieces. They 'd rather focus in open play. That's a fact and nobody can deny it, at least the football I watch (Spain, and specially if you go to Liga 123 or 2B). Take for example, King's cup. Athletic Bilbao-Formentera, Real Sociedad-Lleida and Real Madrid-Fuenlabrada. There was a huge quality difference among these teams. In open play, Athletic, Real Sociedad and obviously Real Madrid, w
  4. I know what you mean... I'm doing the same, exactly, fact is I'm doing it wrong. All I see is constant missplaced passes, passing the ball the opposition, hoofing it, not tackling. It's like evertyhing is wrong at any level and my players are complete dummies. It's weird because they don't act like dummies for some matches and suddenly they do. MY cb has the ball. He has, at every least 3 easy passing options. He hoofs it. Ok it happened once, so I'd better wait to see if it's a pattern or just an isolated event. In 10 minutes has happened 4 times, so it seems a pattern. Both of my c
  5. I was almost banned and sure denigrated for saying and doing something similar... No, seriously, I can't believe this is true, there must be other reasons but I can certainly be mistaken. The problem some users have with Fm is the inherent logic behind the game and particularly the ME. For instance, if my players don't tackle must likely is because my defensive line is too Deep. For some other reasons, if 2 cb go for the same header it's because defensive line is too high. There is cause-effect logic that I simply don't understand. Following the analogy with the car, imagine if you a
  6. Yes, anything can happen. Including severly underachieving/sacked in every single sabe (but one). I've been testing last month with different teams and leagues and only once this produced positive results. Once. And probably caused by the superb quality of my players, despite what I was doing. What you wrote doesn't difer much from what I said. People who dominate the game go autopilot and don't even realize what you are doing. Your top striker doesn't score for 3 months. Any other player in his position scores, including a fb out of position. Sure there is a root cause of it and insistin
  7. It's not this versión, it's every fm. From winning almost every match and a rock solid defense to concede an average of 2 goals per game and losing against any opponent. I really can't understand how people don't see this as often as me. It happens in every single save, it's part of the game for me already. I know the save will take one direction at some point and whatever I do, the same happens. This needs adressment, it's completely wrong at any level and makes the game unplayable.
  8. I feel results are like a rollercoaster: from too easy to insanely difficult, no intermediate point. My teams rarely behave according to the quality of my players, they do much better or much worse. At some point, my saves: A option) My team simply crashes and I lose against almost ANY opponent. B option) My team beats easily almost ANY team, winning consecutive titles. In any case, results are disadjusted to the quality of my players. It really doesn't matter the players, tactic, team talks or whatever. It seems to me something clicks and the save takes one direction. Not
  9. You are completely missing the point. I don't want the game easier. What I'm trying to say is all my saves go: a) Unrealistically overachieving b) Dramatically underachieving My teams don't behave according to the quality of my players. They do much better or much worse for reasons I'll never reach to understand. If you think this is ok, then fine. but I really think something needs to be fixed.
  10. Yes, it's perfectly plausible. Then the game is too difficult for me, which is again perfectly plausible but conflicts with the idea the game is very easy, unless I have a severe mental illness, which is not the case or at least hasn't been diagnosed yet. Seriously, I find the game very easy until it becomes imposible. Most of the times. I admit I've had decent (a few) saves and successful saves (once in 2 years) but the pattern is: - Very easy - click - Unplayable I can't believe anyone else in the world is experiencing the same. I can't because is what constantly hap
  11. If I can't play long term saves, honestly, I don't find the game enjoyable. This is how I've always played fm and I don't want to play it in another way. The point is, why it was posible (for me) in fm15 and before and not now? What has changed in the game? If @Naor5563 is right, am I mentally handicapped? I was not 3 years ago? Otherwise, the game is substantily more difficult now? Something must have changed, I guess.. Is now more difficult to play long term saves?
  12. What I'd like is: a) Choose any team b) Fail sometimes c) Improve my team to a CL contender. I don't care if it takes me 10 years, I just don't want a total failure/sacked during the process. d) Win a trophy here and there, perhaps in a very good season win CL. What I get is: a) Choose any team b) Overachieve c) (No progress until) Total failure/(Rare case) win everthing. Look: This happened in my first complete season. I don't expect to do better (actually, those were not my expectations!) tan this in the following 1
  13. I'm going to approach it differently so I'm not missunderstood. I'm not moaning, I'm just exposing facts and I'd like to know if anyone else has experienced the same. Perhaps it's only me. Until fm16, all my saves were: a) Choose any team. b) Struggle at first c) Improve d) Win everything e) Game too easy, lose interest I can tell you how I won 5 consecutive CL with Catania keeping Alejandro Gomez and Bellusci in my squad. Sincé fm16, my saves are: a) Choose any team b) Overachieve c) Something clicks d) No progress/Total
  14. This is an easy request. For some people the game may be too easy but for me it's simply imposible to enjoy. 9 of 10 saves I start end in a complete disaster and when I'm successful I'm too successful, I win everything too easily (in the rare case my team don't collapse). I can't have an enjoyable long term save. Most of the times too difficult, in my lucky strike, too easy. Sure it's me not understanding what's going on and there is a reason but asking for help is part of the past already. I honestly think nobody can't help me with this. It's just this is the best I can do. And the
  15. I don't want this thread to be closed, so I want to know I'm talking 100% seriously and that has been my experience with FM. Most of people will know my struggles with FM. Recently, I though I finally found a way to play the game. Unfortunately, it was a mirage. But that's not the point of the thread. I just want to congratulate FM creators. This is really an extremely difficult game. I've decided to stop playing it because it seems to be intended for people more talented tan me, but I really think you've done a great job. Other games become too easy too fast. This is not the ca
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