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  1. Fact is I feel very frustrated with the game and my performances. It's true I never put much thought into things because I never needed to. I've played Fm since 01-02, I can tell you about Aghahowa and Todorov scoring +40goals every season. Not that I want that nowadays. Far from it. All my previous experiences with FM were: Start a sabe, choose any team and struggle for a certain period of time. Struggle could mean 5 matches, 10 or a couple of seasons but if there was a clear pattern is thing getting progressively better. I remember perfectly one sabe with Napoli, Cavani was there. Well, Cavani didn't score a single goal until january. Once he started to score, game became as easy as usual and I started winning consecutive CL. Another sabe with Bayern Múnich happened essentially the same. I signed Dzeko (Wolfsburg IIRC) and he didn't score for a long time until suddenly he started to score and you know the rest. Clear pattern was things getting better. Not necesseraly that extreme, but an obvious growth in terms of results, according to the new players signed. First time I saw the TC and I opened the TI screen I thought: "Wow, WTF is this. I don't give a ****, I won't use it". Excellent decisión seen with perspective. I kept playing the game the same way. I won uncountable trophies with almost any team. Never payed any attention to tactics. At most, mentality: I want to attack, switch to control. I want to defend, switch to counter. I had 2 tactics: 4123 and 442. Switching them according to players. Anything else. That sabe with Catania. Well, I even remember the day I started it, where I was and what I was doing minutes before... Won't tell you, this is not the place. I started the sabe and said, ok, this team is overall rubbish but has a couple of decent players (Belluci and Alejandro Gomez), let's build from here. I don't remember all the details, but first two seasons were somewhat difficult. IIRC, i ended up arround 8 and 6 position with excellent results according to the level of my team and terrible players I had. I remember an argentinian striker who has really infuriating. WHy I didn't frustrate and restart? Because there were clear signs of improvement. My team didn't have a good start and then crashed. Won here, lost there... But, certainly there was no WWDWWDDWWWWWDDLLLLDLLLD pattern. I had good defense, as always in any save in FM history. Conceding less tan 1 goal per game always, no matter the team or players. My problem was always to score, not to concede. I just kept playing until I signed a regen called Asanin, croatian striker TM type of player, perhaps the best player I've ever seen in FM. From that moment, I started winning more matches and finally completely dominating Serie A and CL, which is something I don't want to see. It's boring and anyone eventually loses interest. Now, we arrive to fm16. I start a save. I do surprisingly well, better tan expected for arround 20 matches and saw the sack. Mmmm... something may have changed? I started a save with Milan. The same. Provided the results, I googled a bit an saw that fórums you talk about and posted there. I asked and received the classic answer: it's your tactics. Something I've never been interested in, at least in FM. IRL, I have my own ideas about football, perhaps weird but they while controversial they are firm and sound. I know what I'm talking about, even if I'm wrong. Think about philosophical arguments in the history: who was right Heraclitus or Parménides? Sure you get the point. I eventually started another save with Milan and more or less happened the same. Only difference a few lucky results which resulted on ending up 2, which is what you claim greeat success. It was not. That season was a great start and then crying for the season to end for 3 months. Perhaps I won 2 matches in those 3 months. ANy save I started during that process (before I started posting out from here and during the posting) followed the exact same pattern: excellent start until something crashes and cryfor the season to end. Next season, nothing changed and I was just sacked or resigned due to terrible results. This point is important. I restart/resign if I think I deserve to be sacked, even if the board doesn't sack me. If I don't see some progress, some light at the end of the túnel, there is no point on keep playing. If I can't recognize my team (solid at back) and I can't make no progress I just feel completely dissattached to the save. It's not that a problem of winning. Is more a problem of recognizing my hand on my team. So I started reading about tactics because I was told that was my problem. I eventually posted here. And here we are now. My tactics are far better, I have an understanding of the game (in theoretical terms) much better tan any average user but the same keep happening: good start and then crash. Not that extreme, it's true. Not in every single save, sometimes my teams somehow manage to get out from the slump, but the pattern is basically the same. Good start and crash. THings getting worse or, at best, without any substantial progress, even signing better players. Believe me or not, that's true. That's why I say just using a tactic and signing better players doesn't provide me results. Just once it happened and probably was caused by my superb players or something very strange. I got eventually bored of that save and started a new one. I won everything with Milan, winning almost every game in Serie A. This is not what I want neither. I want to play a competitive game where I can win or lose. What I find now is something somewhat scripted (not strictly scripted, sure you get it) where I'll start very well and at some point will crash. The alternative is winning everything, which doesn't happen often, but is as frustrating as being sacked. I honestly admit I've learnt a lot and I even sometimes find myself analyzing RL matches the same I would do in FM. Identifying roles played by RL players. Sure you know what I mean. Surprisingly, I can do it IRL much better tan in the game. I know I understand the game theoretically. PRoblem comes once I watch a match and all kind of bells ring and alerts sound. Probably overreacting, it's true but I've been told so many times to watch matches and see what's wrong... That's what I do. People say here I don't take advice on board. I'd say the opposite. I highly respect you @Svenc among other users. If you say something, I firmly believe it, I trust on you. It's like "he said it, sure he is right and I'm wrong. I have to undestand why". I've strictly followed everything has been said and when I didn't (once, in my first thread) I realized how wrong I was and I apologized. That caused something in all honestly a couple of mods should explain because is the root cause of many things. Or before it, go to my first thread in this fórums and read the first page. Tell me if you see anything noticeable. I felt very very aggravated when people said I was ignoring advice. I was doing exactly the opposite, blindly following what I was told, and precisely that was the problem. On top of that, I'm terribly bad, in any paths of life, at taking sudden decisions and I experience some minor visual spatial problems (if average is 5, I'm 4, nothing particuarly important but doesn't help neither). If I tell you I'm not having comfortable results with that El Payaso Mcdonalds thing is because I'm not. Reading you say that reminds me from people saying I was ignroing advice. I'm not, mate, I'm not. I'd like the say otherwise but I'm not. I was sacked twice! I showed you. And I didn't show you other saves which I deserved more the sack (the save I showed, I felt somewhat betrayed by the board.. I was close to European football and previous season ended up 4). To sum up, if I don't see what's wrong in a match, I'm not doing it on purpose and I'm not lying. If I don't get comfortable results with that McDonald's thing, I'm not doing on purpose and I'm not lying. I even tried allowing my assman (previosly checking his stats) to do evertyhing except tactics, and the same happened. I'm doing the same I did on fm 9,10,11, 12, 13 or cm 01-02, using McDonald's tactic and my assman teamtalks and prss conferences. I only sign and sell players and press continue. I always sign better players, I'm not that dumb. I don't tweak anything, Mcdonalds tactics only. I'm not asking for help anymore, basically because I don't know how anyone could help me here, even if someone still wanted, I'm trying now a different way to play the game which certainly matches with my experience. I hope I can explain that next week, if I have some time.
  2. I have no understanding what JJ does and what happens in Portugal... So it's only reinforcing my point: it's very easy noticeable a manager who Works set pieces, fact is I don't remember myself watching a match where JJ was involved. The point in FM is the lack of variety and possibilities compared with open play: we have roles like Ramdeuter or inverted wingback as fancy and hyped as hardly ever used but I can't choose where I want my cb to be in an idf.
  3. I agree et piece preparation is neglected in football these days though. How much? A lot. But a lot means a lot. And the same happens in fm. Nowadays, it's quite obvious managers tend to ignore set pieces. They 'd rather focus in open play. That's a fact and nobody can deny it, at least the football I watch (Spain, and specially if you go to Liga 123 or 2B). Take for example, King's cup. Athletic Bilbao-Formentera, Real Sociedad-Lleida and Real Madrid-Fuenlabrada. There was a huge quality difference among these teams. In open play, Athletic, Real Sociedad and obviously Real Madrid, widely outplayed their opponents. Widely. It wasa obvious who was the best team, despite the lack of effort and concentración big sides showed (which finaly costed the loss for 2 or them and a quite humiliating situation for Real Madrid). Open play was a fact but what happened when we had a dead ball? Things turned around. Lleida was a constant threat with corners and free kicks. The same can be said about Fuenlabrada and, actually, Formentera won the round due to a goal after a corner. You can argue lack of concentration and effort influence a lot in these situations but can also be said Formentera scored min 90, so it's hard to believe Atheltic players were not concentrated at that momemnt. Anyway, what makes my point valid is a general pattern. I don't follow Fuenlabrada but I closely know how Lleida and Formentera play and they put a lot of time and effort in set pieces, the same most of the teams in Segunda B third group do. To some extent, most of the matches in 2B come to nothing in open play due to inherent equality among teams (with singular exceptions, Mallorca) who play basically the same football. Wons or losses are decided mostly by set pieces: a corner here, a dfk there, a counter after a defensive corner... That's why those teams showed superiority in dead ball situations against La Liga opponents. They work on it and they know what they do. You could easily see blocks, Deep runners inside the box, a lot of movement. The feeling of danger, every time any of them took a set piece was huge. There are other examples. For instance, Girona in La Liga. I don't have the stats here but it doesn't really matter to make my point. Girona is, in open play, a very limited team. They have some good players (Maffeo, Stuani) but overall they are not better tan the vast majority of teams. But they control set pieces. Lots of goals have been scored after corners or Ifk. For instance, 2 goals against Atlético (2-2) or the 3 points they took from Espanyol (0-1). Girona it's widely better tan other teams in that aspect. That doesn't mean they don't concede sometimes (Atlético scored after a idf, IIRC) but, overall, they make the difference there and that's because Pablo Machin and Girona played many seasons in Liga 123, where set pieces are also very important, almost the same tan Segunda B. I don't know the exact stats and they might contradict me but the feeling of immediate danger when Girona has a dead ball arround the box is huge, and other managers know it. They insist a lot: Girona is very dangerous in set pieices. And they certainly are: not only scoring (which finally, can be incidental) but the chances created and the sense of something is going to happen is constant. Atlético to some extent is a similar example. They won a league due to a good defense a lot of 1-0 wins exploiting set pieces. Even the decisive goal against Barcelona (1-1) was a header by Godin in a corner. Godin had a great season in that aspect. Another example could be Julio Alvarez. I ignore if you know who he is. He played many seasons for Numancia scoring a good number of goals for a central midfielder. IIRC, he has a weird record of not scoring a single goal in open playfor 3 seasons while still being the top scorer of the team. Julio Alvarez is known by their outstanding dead ball skills and he made the difference for many years in Numancia. Penalties, free kicks (direct and indirect) and specially corners. I'm sure Numancia would have been relegated if they didn't count with him. IIRC they almost got promoted (or even got) twice and perhaps 30% of goals involved Julio Alvarez. The most extreme case I've ever seen is my favourite team Llagostera. They got 7 promotions in 10 years due, essentially to set pieces. IIRC and statistic shown how in the last 5 years (profesional football) 40% of their goals come after a dead ball. Season 13-14 they scored 61 goals. 30 came from set pieces. I saw the stat somewhere I'll try to find it again (it as some years ago), but the pattern is clear (except season 15-16, where something strange happened). In the present season, Llagostera is struggling but again the same pattern: 12 goals scored (certainly a problema in 19 games) 9 of them directly related to free kicks, corners or penalties. What's my point, then? My point is dead ball situations are ignored by top managers. The variety and quality of the play I see in teams who pay attention to it is certainly miles away from what other teams do. Many times it seems to me they just hoof the ball there, somebody moves in the near post, someone in the far and let's call it a day. There is no real thinking behind, no real effort. They focus in open play which is nowadays completely overrated. In set pieces is where a manager can place his players where he exactly wants (very difficult to do it open play, due to its dinamic and constant movement) and make them move how exactly he wants. You can argue it's also easy to counteract but If you have a good taker and a variety of plays it's much harder tan stopping open play, at least IMO. Now, If FM tried to replicate real life, they certainly did. Limitations in set pieces are extreme. You can't even place your players where you want them to be. You can choose if they stay back or go upfront, but you can't place your players where you want them to be. Not even in the preestablished positions that the game allows, players swap. On top of that, this year takers don't follow instructions I feel. I specifically placed my tall stringer and both my cb in the near post for some reason, but my taker keeps randomly choosing what to do instead of strictly following my instructiosn (if I said near post, FFS near post). My approach to football massively involves set pieces and I fm is almost ignoring them. While it's following what nowadays happens in real life, I feel is a huge limitation if you want to make the difference (like RL examples I exposed) with set pieces. Despite that, I usually lead the table about goals scored in Dfk, ifk and corners in the game. Overall, I most of the times have a positive balance, scoring far more tan conceding, but that can also be related to the fact I always sign good takers (Gustavo Scarpa is top) and have tall players, which seems the most you can do in the game to exploit set pieces.
  4. I know what you mean... I'm doing the same, exactly, fact is I'm doing it wrong. All I see is constant missplaced passes, passing the ball the opposition, hoofing it, not tackling. It's like evertyhing is wrong at any level and my players are complete dummies. It's weird because they don't act like dummies for some matches and suddenly they do. MY cb has the ball. He has, at every least 3 easy passing options. He hoofs it. Ok it happened once, so I'd better wait to see if it's a pattern or just an isolated event. In 10 minutes has happened 4 times, so it seems a pattern. Both of my cb are hoofing the ball. I tell them to pass shorter. Still happens. I remove risky passes from them. Still happens. I use Play out the defense TI. Still happens. They are constantly hoofing the ball. I put a Deep lying playmaker in my midfield so fortunately my cb will look for him. Still hoofing the ball all the time. I try with a WP on one flank. Nothing. Attributes check: passing, visión, composure, decisions, technique, first touch. All of them arround 13, which is more tan fine for my level, even provided I'm facing a very weak team and they are cb not playmakers. Roles and duties around them check; fb(s) fb(a) cb(d) dlp/cm(de) dlp/cm/(su). These are the player who I want my cb to pass the ball. They keep hoofing the ball to nobody. I don't have a Tm which could make this happen (442 with False9-AF combo upfront). I'm not asking anything specifically demaning, just pass short to the free teammate. They don't. This is just an example. I can waste 4, 5, 6 matches trying just to fix it. Not paying attention to anything else. I just want to fix this. I can't so I just draw a line and move on to something else I don't like. But the same will happen again and again. It's obvious I didn't find the root cause so I was unable to fix it. Following the previous car analogy, I was checking the lock but I should have checked something else which I totally ignore. Even when I can spot something I don't like (which is not very usual, I tend to see everything wrong, nothing in particular) I can't determine the cause. I see the effect, not the cause. And I can't get to the cause because I don't see the relation between the effect and the cause. I'm lost there. The whole point is drawing a general principle and employ it to a variety of circumstances. I can't draw that general principle. I feel like driving a car with all kind of lights and alerts sounding without any idea of what to do. I turn left and the door opens. I accelerate and the radio turns on I brake and the car turns left. This leads to frustration, panic and sure I end up making things even worse. But who cares about it now, right?
  5. I was almost banned and sure denigrated for saying and doing something similar... No, seriously, I can't believe this is true, there must be other reasons but I can certainly be mistaken. The problem some users have with Fm is the inherent logic behind the game and particularly the ME. For instance, if my players don't tackle must likely is because my defensive line is too Deep. For some other reasons, if 2 cb go for the same header it's because defensive line is too high. There is cause-effect logic that I simply don't understand. Following the analogy with the car, imagine if you accelerate, turn left and put on the radio at the same time, the left door opens. For some reason, it happens. Well, if the left door of my car opened suddenly I would never imagine the reason was I accelerated, turned left and put on the radio, I'd rather examinate the lock or my keys. That's somewhat how I feel with FM: meticulously analyzing something that is perfectly right (lock) and not paying attention to what is actually wrong, not because I don't want, simply because I honestly can't figure out the link between the issue and its consequence. It's perfectly plausible that I'm stupid, btw, but that would be a very specific stupidity, related only to fm. Not that I'm Albert Einsein, I'm an absolutely average person, and that's precisely the reason why I should understand the logic behind the ME at this point, after 2 years of failings. Until this is sorted, I can't do better. However, I'm starting to suspect that, disregarding from a very few users, most of the people are examinating the lock too and doing tactical stuff they don't even understand. Problem here is they aren't aware of it (at least I am, and probably that's the problem!). I say that because, at least in my case, results don't change if I try to watch matches and fix things tactically or I just run matches without paying attention to it. Income is the same. So, I'm very suspicious people think they know what they are doing but they don't really. At the end, it doesn't matter, results are very much the same, except a very few who certainly mastered the ME. Anyway, I've decided to take FM differently, in a way I think I can enjoy it. If I'm allowed, I'll show it soon. Hope it can help others struggling too. @kandersson As for @Svenc I ignore if he hates me but I hope he doesn't. He is the one I've learnt something constructive about the game and I'm really thankful and honoured he dedicated some of his free time to answer my questions.
  6. Yes, anything can happen. Including severly underachieving/sacked in every single sabe (but one). I've been testing last month with different teams and leagues and only once this produced positive results. Once. And probably caused by the superb quality of my players, despite what I was doing. What you wrote doesn't difer much from what I said. People who dominate the game go autopilot and don't even realize what you are doing. Your top striker doesn't score for 3 months. Any other player in his position scores, including a fb out of position. Sure there is a root cause of it and insisting on playing him won't change facts: he won't score. He will keep missing chances. As an experienced player you would do something you wouldn't even realize to change it. What? Literally no idea. But that's the fact. it's like driving. Take someone who has never drived a car and tell him to drive. It's very easy: accelerate, brake, turn left and right, etc.. Well, first would happen is the car would stall. Did he/she do anything particularly different? No, he accelerated. He did what he was expected to do. But he did it at the wrong time and failed. The same applies to fm, with the difference fm is driving an aeroplane. Lots of buttons to press, vague information... And the plane finally crashes. You must understand the logic behind the game, what the game expects you to do (when to accelerate, when to brake), at the right moment. On top of that, until you don't understand the logic, asking anyone for help is the worst you can do. I've read here teamtalks and training are not important. Even i've read transfers don't fix your problems (previous iterations: sign better players=win, not anymore). And these are not my words, I can quote very renowned users. So it seems everything can be fixed tactically (standard answer: I'm losing----> it's your tactics). Finally, you have a tactic that should produce comfortable results and you don't get them. If training and teamtalks are not important. If transfers won't help me. If tactics are ok and I still lose, what can be done? Nothing particularly. It's just details, pressing the right buttons at the right time (accelerating at the right time). I'm doing things right, in general terms, it's just experienced players don't realize what they do because they go on autopilot. They press certain buttons under certain circumstances and are not able to explain how and why they do it. I've experienced it too on the other side: by no means I'm good at any videogame but I can beat any of my Friends in PES. They do the same exact things I do but I win. Why? Details. I've tried to explain them but it's just me going autopilot and failing to explain certain details. To some extent, it's the same here. Go autopilot and not explaining things you believe anyone can easily see/do which finally are the difference between a win and a defeat. The alternative is the game is bugged. I really think there is something wrong with the patterns of results but that doesn't explain everything. Results are too trendy, sometimes too easy to play, sometimes simply imposible to win. That should be addressed, but once addressed, I would probably only lose. The game is very very difficult and finding out why things happen is almost imposible (players not tackling= def line too dep, FFS) unless you know and understand the logic the game follows (when to press certain buttons). Until this, the game becomes a random sequence of results impredictably dictated by random events, unless you cheat (and that includes downloading P&P exploitative tactics) which is how I suspect most of the people play the game.
  7. It's not this versión, it's every fm. From winning almost every match and a rock solid defense to concede an average of 2 goals per game and losing against any opponent. I really can't understand how people don't see this as often as me. It happens in every single save, it's part of the game for me already. I know the save will take one direction at some point and whatever I do, the same happens. This needs adressment, it's completely wrong at any level and makes the game unplayable.
  8. I feel results are like a rollercoaster: from too easy to insanely difficult, no intermediate point. My teams rarely behave according to the quality of my players, they do much better or much worse. At some point, my saves: A option) My team simply crashes and I lose against almost ANY opponent. B option) My team beats easily almost ANY team, winning consecutive titles. In any case, results are disadjusted to the quality of my players. It really doesn't matter the players, tactic, team talks or whatever. It seems to me something clicks and the save takes one direction. Not only I try to win. I tried to lose too and I can't. The feature requested is teams behaving most of the time (not always, there are accidents and/or teams under/overperforming, but that's the exception, not the rule) according to the quality of their players. If my team is expected 4ht, most of the times my team should finish arround that position, unless terribly mismanaged or wonderfuly managed, which is not the case. Nor of the cases. No intermediate success/failure, it's all or nothing. This is what I think should be addressed because makes the game not enjoyable for me.
  9. You are completely missing the point. I don't want the game easier. What I'm trying to say is all my saves go: a) Unrealistically overachieving b) Dramatically underachieving My teams don't behave according to the quality of my players. They do much better or much worse for reasons I'll never reach to understand. If you think this is ok, then fine. but I really think something needs to be fixed.
  10. Yes, it's perfectly plausible. Then the game is too difficult for me, which is again perfectly plausible but conflicts with the idea the game is very easy, unless I have a severe mental illness, which is not the case or at least hasn't been diagnosed yet. Seriously, I find the game very easy until it becomes imposible. Most of the times. I admit I've had decent (a few) saves and successful saves (once in 2 years) but the pattern is: - Very easy - click - Unplayable I can't believe anyone else in the world is experiencing the same. I can't because is what constantly happens to me, it's like part of the game. When I start a save, I already know, at some point, most likely will crash. But crash means literally crash. I'm not saying my results will decline, no. Simply crash to unplayable. This is an already very know territory and I don't want to enter it again. Essentially, because it doesn't help me and I don't want this thread to be closed. I know the story about teams playing more defensive and I can tell you I easily beat them before the crash happens. I've beaten teams coming with a Defensive 541 both fb on defend. I mean, I know what I'm talking about... I'm not interested in analyzing why I lose anymore, I've thrown the towel and I actually think nobody and nothing can help me. That's why I lowered my expectations. I don't need to win lots of titles. I just want to have my team, develop my Young players, a signing here and there, something stable, predictable. A good run here, a bad season there, but not this crazyness of beating everyone to defetead by everybody, I don't need to do as good as i did with fm15 and previous. I just want to have my save, play some matches win, lose, but a bit of stability and rationality. It takes me 10 years to win CL? I don't care, even 20 is ok. I just want to have stable results, keep my job and develop the team. Nothing else.
  11. If I can't play long term saves, honestly, I don't find the game enjoyable. This is how I've always played fm and I don't want to play it in another way. The point is, why it was posible (for me) in fm15 and before and not now? What has changed in the game? If @Naor5563 is right, am I mentally handicapped? I was not 3 years ago? Otherwise, the game is substantily more difficult now? Something must have changed, I guess.. Is now more difficult to play long term saves?
  12. What I'd like is: a) Choose any team b) Fail sometimes c) Improve my team to a CL contender. I don't care if it takes me 10 years, I just don't want a total failure/sacked during the process. d) Win a trophy here and there, perhaps in a very good season win CL. What I get is: a) Choose any team b) Overachieve c) (No progress until) Total failure/(Rare case) win everthing. Look: This happened in my first complete season. I don't expect to do better (actually, those were not my expectations!) tan this in the following 10 seasons. I don't want to do better. I even expect to do a bit worse one year and perhaps a bit better (3th, or even win the league in a lucky season). Who knows. I want to have consistent results, stay in the position I reached. Next season 6th, 7th or 8th? That's fine and understandable. What actually happened is next season I was sacked with my team11th, 15 points to 7th place, inmersed in a downward spiral. I even lost against Lugo ( tier lower), among other terrible results. I know this can happen but I don't want it to happen in every save. Or even worse, the alternative is show an unrealistic dominance (rare case). I want to keep my results reasonable stable. This is the point. Is the game coded in a way that prevents from stable results? Does this happen to anyone else? It's just me?
  13. I'm going to approach it differently so I'm not missunderstood. I'm not moaning, I'm just exposing facts and I'd like to know if anyone else has experienced the same. Perhaps it's only me. Until fm16, all my saves were: a) Choose any team. b) Struggle at first c) Improve d) Win everything e) Game too easy, lose interest I can tell you how I won 5 consecutive CL with Catania keeping Alejandro Gomez and Bellusci in my squad. Sincé fm16, my saves are: a) Choose any team b) Overachieve c) Something clicks d) No progress/Total failure For the last 2 years I avoided the total failure not more tan 3 saves. Reached the win everything once. I don't want the game to be easier, I don't want to reach the win everything point. Actually, I don't want to win everything consistently never. It's unrealistic and I don't like it., I lose interest in the save. BUT, and this is a big but, I'd like to be able to progress in my saves. I'd like to see I have solid foundations and my team is improving. I'd like to see my team, for instance: 8th first season 4th next season 6th thid season 3th fourth Something like this. Some progress. Signing better players and improving but without reaching a total and unrealistic dominance, NOR A TOTAL FAILURE at some point that makes the save unplayable (if I'm not sacked). I'd like to know if anyone is experiencing the same or, even better, had experienced in the past.
  14. This is an easy request. For some people the game may be too easy but for me it's simply imposible to enjoy. 9 of 10 saves I start end in a complete disaster and when I'm successful I'm too successful, I win everything too easily (in the rare case my team don't collapse). I can't have an enjoyable long term save. Most of the times too difficult, in my lucky strike, too easy. Sure it's me not understanding what's going on and there is a reason but asking for help is part of the past already. I honestly think nobody can't help me with this. It's just this is the best I can do. And the best I can do doesn't allow me to enjoy the game. In all my failure saves I have a very good run, which can last even 2-3 seasons, it feels it's just time to win and it doesn't matter the players or the tactic I use. And when it's time to lose, the same. Whatever I do I win or lose, depending on what the dice said. It seems scripted (I know it is not). I suspect my succesful saves are successful because the turmoil didn't come yet, so it's just a matter of time. Not sure about that, perhaps perception bias. I'll say it again. I'm sure it's my fault because I can't identify what I'm doing right or wrong, but, again, this is the best I can do and I can't find the game enjoyable. What I'd like is not the game being easier, I don't want to win everything with an average team. I'm not saying that. But I don't want to be sacked 90% of my saves ad 10% become too easy. What I don't want is to have the feeling now it's time to lose/win and whatever I do won't change it. I don't want to win everything, I know there are good and bad runs. Nothing against it. It's just I'd like to have aceptable results, just aceptable most of the times. To illustrate: let's say I manage Arsenal. Good means win the league +20 points. Bad means out of european football. Yes I know this can happen (I stress the Word can) but when happens in every save, is the moment when I can't enjoy the game. I find it happens too often to me. Sure it's my fault, but I can't do it better but I still want to play the game. Another exemple. Let's say I manage Newcastle. Good means, top 4 in the first and second season. Third season, for some reason which I can't identify, my team drops to 14th position. Yes, I know this can happen, again, but I like to build long term saves and being sackd in the third season there is no long term. Before fm 16, all my saves were progressively better, starting with a midtable team and in some years becoming a CL contender. That's what I'd like to do and I can't anymore. I win too easy or I'm sacked before (most of the times). To sum up, I don't know what you did in the last iterations of the game that killed the way I want to play it and the only way I can enjoy it. I know there are people who find it too easy. That's ok, but, the same we have FMTouch, we could have versión to play the game like it was played 5 or 10 years ago. That's my point. How to do it, I have no specific idea and I hope you know better.
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