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  1. Yes and no. I expect Lasagna to struggle to score. He is just an average player. He is a replacement. Belotti is the star of the team. One of the top strikers in the game. He was stressing my finances and not scoring. The point is: - Chances are effectively being created. - Anyone playing the AF role but Belotti scores. - Belotti even misses 3 penalties - You can have a bad run, but half of the season is too much. - Belotti is expensive. Goodbye Belotti. I would sign a new striker and keep Lasagna as a replacement.
  2. No, no and 1000 times no. I didn't say that. I said he missed 3 penalties but that wasn't the cause why I sold him. The cause why I sold him is because he was constantly missing chances,INCLUDING, 3 penalties, 0/3. My dead ball specialist hasn't missed any penalty in 2 seasons. I just allowed Belotti to make him score a goal. But no. When I used anyone (literally, I used in complete desperation De Silvestri, a paced fb) instead him, anyone scored. In the previous season he scored 27. Next season 10. 0 goals in the last 13 matches he played. There was no way to make him score, his earnings were 5 milion € and I was constantly receiving 50 milion € offers. He is supposed to score goals, nothing else. I replaced him for Lasagna. Lasagna scored for fun, the same Belotti did in the first season. Sure there are reasons why anyone scored but him but as long as I ignore them, good bye Belotti.
  3. In depth: why? I said I follow 2 rules: a) Forget how I want to play and play how the ME is forcing me to play (adapt) b) The more attacking the opponent plays, the more attacking I play. I'd like to focus now on b). Why I go more defensive when the opponent plays defensive? Well, this comes from @Dr. Hook but let's think why. When attacking, defensive mentality means low risk,low tempo, narrow, Deep, short passing upfront, direct passing at back. What do real life teams when they face a defensive team? Well, there are different approaches but one that is commonly used is camp in their half and play high %passes, not allowing a relief and patiently moving the ball until the space appears/is created. Does this match with defensive mentality? - Low risk. Perfect, have no urgency to send the ball forward, we want low risk passes. - Low tempo. We don't want a rushed play, we want to be patient. - Narrow. Mmm... No, we don't want to play narrow. To counteract this, we can use the TI play wider. - Deep defending. No, we don't want to defend Deep, we want to camp on their half. To counteract this, we can push our defense higher. - short passing upfront. Yes, we want to be patient and play high % passes. - Direct passing at back. We don't want that. To counteract this, we can play out the defense. In my experience, you don't need to use play out the defense because direct passing at back on defensive mentality only applies if your players are under pressure. As long as you are facing defensive teams, your defenders won't be under pressure, so no need to use it. Play wider TI I can't give you an explanation. It doesn't produce good results for me and I can't read in the ME why so I leave it on default. When defending, is useful to use defensive mentality against a defensive team? A defensive teams most likely will use fb on defensive duty and not very adventurous wingers (if they use them), so most of the play will be focused in the middle (thanks @Svenc). To properly defend central áreas we need: - Overload the zone. We are already doing it due to the formation. - Defend narrow. As long as we don't have defensive width, we must obey a rule: the deeper, the narrower. The higher, the wider. Defensive mentality is Deep defending, but we are pushing higher. We must find the balance between camping in their half and defending narrow. If you have low possession numbers you are too Deep. If the opponent creates chances through the middle (short passing in front of your defense, your players not tackling) then you are too high. The whole idea behind going to defensive mentality is to attack patiently while you can camp in their half, without being too wide when defending.
  4. Exactly. I just offered a different approach... That worked for me. And everybody knows how much I've struggled.. Perhaps this can be an starting point to understand things better. For me or others.
  5. Adapting: most common tweaks What I did is follow two rules: a) Forget how I want to play and play how the ME is forcing me to play (adapt) b) The more attacking the opponent plays, the more attacking I play. I'm not saying is the only way to play. Not even the best. It's just how it worked for me. Perhaps what I'm going to say is completely wrong, but is the way I can play the game. You don't even need to watch matches, just follow this rules. This is not intended for advanced players, just for the ones who are struggling. This year, ME is specially biased favouring: - Overload central areas - Wide play focused on WB (exploit of half spaces), wingers are too high, fb too Deep. So, my tactic overloads central áreas and uses WB. When I see a team playing very defensive (look at the tactic widget "Defensive 4141" for instance, I immediately drop mentality to Defend and push my def line higher. If I'm still unable to dominate possession, I push my defense higher and higher, using offside trap if needed. Finally I'll dominate possession and don't allow them to get out of their own half. Sooner or later the goal comes. When I see a team playing attacking, I immediately push my def line higher. If they are still creating chances, I push it even higher. I use the offside trap or even go to control/attacking mentality. With this movement, I disrupt their play in their own half so the ball doesn't get to their strikers. If I see pressure down the flanks (AMR/AML on attack duty) I switch my WB to defend. If you need to score and the opponent doesn't switch to a defensive formation, go attacking mentality and put 3 strikers upfront. For instance, you are facing a 442 counter/standard/control (tactical widget doesn't show defensive or attacking). Your players will send the ball quickly to you strikers. You will have a lot of space. And nothing else. You don't need to watch matches, just the tactic widget and statistics. Go to extended highlights so you see a bit of action but don't get mad on what's going on. If they are creating chances follow the above rules. Do it step by step: don't push your mentality up until you've tried to push def line only. How I did it: Why now and not before? As I said in the previous post, I forgot how I want to play and strictly followed my rules. Nothing else. If you've read this thread, my team semi collapsed during the second season. My striker (Belotti) decided to miss any posible chance and my 3 cb scored and own goal/commited penalti 7 games in a row. I stopped following my rules, trying to innovate. I thought opponents playing more defensive was killing me and I needed to be more creative. Wrong. Just strictly follow the rules. Belotti not scoring was completely his fault because he was missing clamorous chances. He missed 3 penalties. I sold him. His replacement scored for fun. I'm talking about Kevin Lasagna, a much worse player who scored 15 goals in 17 matches. Fortunately , my cb stopped scoring own goals was also completely their fault. A finement and a couple of weeks playing with the reserve team it somewhat worked. It's very important to strictly follow the rules. You are doing what the ME is demanding you to do. If it doesn't work it's your players fault. I'm not saying I'm right, what I'm saying is doing this you have a methodical way to play the game and don't start chopping. Chopping is for sure worse tan using rules that previously worked. Final chapter In my second season I finally ended 2 in Serie A and won the CUP but I abandoned the sabe. I would have won Serie A if I had followed my rules from the first moment. My fault. Why I abandoned the sabe? a) I don't like what I'm doing. I don't like my tactic, this is not how I want to play and I find no reward on playing this. I find my tactic unrealistic and my tweaks are against any logic (at least, mine). b) I have an strange feeling I'm playing the ME. Sometimes I'm hesitant to use my rules because it feels almost like cheating. I'm doing something I would never do just because it Works against the ME. It seems too easy. What I'm going to try now, until Fm18 comes, is go back to my 442ish formations and see if I can find a methodical way to make them work. You can leave this open, so I can update it.
  6. Close this please. My team collapsed again.
  7. How I did it: Why now and not before?
  8. Everything started like my typical sabe with Torino. I decided to go back to one of my most successful tactics in fm (WWWWW+Midseason collapse) but I tried to rethink it. Roles and duties Goalie - Goalkeeper. Justa plain old fashioned 'keeper. No need for sweeper keepers as I don't plan on playing with a particularly high line. Centre Backs - Central Defender (defend) x 3. Nothing fancy here. They just need to defend and pass the ball to the keeper, fullbacks or midfield. No need for risk taking ball playing defenders or a stopper/cover combination. Right Wingback- Wingback (attack). A winger from deep. Run, dribble, cross. A really aggressive player who can provide width and crosses. Left Wingback - Wingback (support). The same than the right WB, but a litlle less aggressive Right Sided Central Midfielder - Box to box midfielder (support). Running besides the right wingback, I expect him to make aggressive forward runs inside the box and créate a bit of chaos due to his roaming. Central midfielder - Deep lying playmaker (defend). Holder and Deep creator. His main duty is to hold position, protecting my back but I'd like him to be the first player to créate and beco an easy option to recycle possession. Left Sided Central Midfielder - Central midfielder (attack). A shadow striker in the cm strata. Somebody who gets into opposition área and becomes a second striker in possession. Note the combination of support-attack duties in the flanks (wide attack-central support and viceversa). Attacking Midfielder- Attacking midfielder support. The creator in the last third of the pitch. While the DLP has to start the attacks, the AM is expected to effectively make that last pass that creates the chance. He should drop Deep while bbm and cm(at) run forward offering close support to him. Striker - Advanced Forward. This is the spearhead of the attack, and I want him to be primarily goal focussed. He pushes the defense Deep creating space for my AM, BBM and cm (at) to opérate in front of the box. Shape and mentality Shape - Flexible. Mentality - Standard. Completely situational so this is just an starting point. Team instructions No TI. Player instructions No PI.
  9. A cry for help

    This needs confirmation by more renowned users, but I think (and I can certainly be mistaken so it's just the opinión of somebody who struggles in everysave) this is related to the ME issue wingers defending wide. My idea: Draw your soccer tactics with this11.com FM's idea: Draw your tactical diagram with this11.com[/url I'm not saying 442 is unplayable because @herne79 among others have shown it is perfectly posible. The point is you can high press with a 442 but you can't créate that Deep and narrow formation with a 442 so the whole point of my idea fails and it's just beating a dead horse.
  10. A cry for help

    If I understand correctly (I needed the use of a translator because I was not sure, and I'm not even now, so correct me please), 442+defend Deep are not compatible. So drop 442 or drop defend Deep. I'm not clear why I can't play the way I've described. At this very moment, Éibar is doing it quite successfully despite their loss against Sevilla. Deep 442, direct passing to strikers, fast transitions wingers bombing forward. That's what they did for the most of the match (while 0-0). Anyway, as long as I have no understanding (and honestly I don't want neither) on how to play anything different tan sitting Deep and running, I'll change the formation. I'll use a 4141, with a DM who holds position there and prevents my cb from stepping up to often. I'll try some variety down the flanks with a fb on attack and somebody cutting inside combo instead of two conservative fullbacks. On the other hand, it's not a formation that I fully understand and I don't like it neither but I'll give it a try.
  11. A cry for help

    The problem is the 442 itself or the way I want to execute the 442?
  12. A cry for help

    I struggle fit this idea in my head because I see it every weekend but ok, I'll abandon it, sure is me who is mistaken. I'll need some time to think because I have no clear visión of any other style. I can describe something but I'll probably dislike it or I'll ignore what specifically want my players to do and I'll end up I just want to win so whatever they do is good if I win.
  13. A cry for help

    My style will never work? It's simply imposible to do?