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  1. This had me wondering if PSG's 6-5 loss on aggregate was factored into the game... They're so poor, and me as Celtic knocked them out of the CL at the Group Stage. Take into account that I'm not so good at FM. Basically I think you don't have to go all out defence against bigger sides... just exploit the space they leave behind when they try to hammer you.
  2. Calling it right now : Manchester United shock interview with 7th tier manager
  3. Hey, what happened to your last status update? I hope my suggestions didn't suck...

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    2. oriole01


      Ok cool, which ones?

    3. -Ironhide-


      FC United and USA, possibly Rangers. I've starting a Career Update thread called "Here comes the Yankees"

    4. oriole01


      Glad I could help, cheers.

  4. You get to make three changes because of your answer in my thread

  5. This is great! I just read this in one whole sitting. Well done!
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