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  1. I was just wondering how the ranks work? Is there a specific number of posts you have to do before you get another rank?
  2. Looks magnificent - lucky you to go there will be following in the background...
  3. Okay... this all seems fair and I totally understand. It's just intriguing how the quality of writing is oh so high on this forum and so I wanted to see if there was a specific gimmick or whatever. I may not seem it but I actually can write... but this whole premise is interesting.
  4. What FMCU threads do you guys like to read? As in what interests you?
  5. Have you spread your coaches out so thinly? Because if you have a one, two or three coaches, yet spread out over everything, players will feel as if they're not getting enough attention.
  6. I've just done this and won the Third Place Playoff with Spain, and Colombia beat Argentina in the final 4-0!
  7. I'm following, I just have to balance this with school and seeing as I recently have finished my Scholarship Exams and my results are on Thursday I will hopefully become more active.
  8. That was breathtaking.... great idea and the way you presented it was fabulous.
  9. Bermuda Cuba draw Fiji Sweden Hong Kong Papua New Guinea Argentina Draw Draw Suriname Eq. Guinea Iran draw draw India
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