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  1. 11 minutes ago, EnterUsernameHere said:

    Tell me a team that has won it with such a poor defensive base or lack of tactical plan. I'll concede if you can. 

    We conceded 6 goals in 8 qualifying games and none so far in the tournament, it really isn’t that bad. Pickford and our centre halves are a mistake waiting to happen but our record isn’t actually that bad.

  2. 17 minutes ago, EnterUsernameHere said:

    I'm nearly banging my head on the wall here...

    You can't just disregard performances. Did you play well? No. Did you concede a lot of chances? Yes.

    It's absolutely stunning that England think they can both stop whoever they get in the knockouts from having a chance* AND get enough changes to score themselves.

    *Could ********* it.

    There’s way too much bed wetting from England fans over one mediocre performance (and we were hardly played off the park and had a couple of presentable chances ourselves). This is what tournament football is like and everyone here was good enough and organised enough to get results. Nobody is going to roll over and England is a second tier team lacking in world class creative talent. We have an outside chance and are advantaged by playing at home but we just aren’t a side capable of blowing teams away. It wasn’t the greatest performance and we were below par , but every tournament winner has games like this and throwing our hands up and despairing over one poor performance in a game we didn’t even lose is an over reaction.

  3. @Rob1981 is spot on in this thread. The group stages are always like this and the tournaments where England have done well have often seen poor performances at the start. If you think today was bad it has nothing on the 1-1 draw with Ireland in 1990, which is quite possibly the worst game of football I have ever seen. All that matters right now is getting through and teams with slow starts tend to grow in international tournaments. Quite honestly I will take another turgid draw against the Czech Republic if that sees us play the group E runner up , rather than the runner up from the much tougher group F, all day long.

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