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  1. KF1990

    Job hunting/interview thread

    Had a recruiter find a CV of mine that I uploaded to a recruitment site about 2 years ago so it is out of date. She was employing for a job in the same industry im currently in. At the time didn’t really fancy it so told her it wasn’t the best time. 2 months later she calls me again as another position has become available with the rival company, decide to give it a go alothiugh it wasn’t really a job role I was excited about. 3 interviews later I got offered a job with them doing a role I actually really want to do and offerered more money for it. The company is employee owned also which has really interested me. Handed my notice in and was put on 4 weeks gardening leave so will be starting my new job tomorrow as my gardening leave is up. only real pointers I can offer is to turn it into a conversation rather than this formal interview. Ask them what they like about the company and their job and what they’re challenges are etc. I also always ask towards the end of the interview if they have any doubts about me fulfilling this role. This will give you a chance to see what they think about you and if they do have any doubts it’s an opportunity to give an answer back and try alleviate the doubts.
  2. KF1990

    OTF 50 TV Show Challenge 2018

    Completed: Ultimate Beast Master S2 (6/10) The Punisher S1 - (7/10) Inside number 9 S4 - (8/10) Black Mirror S4 - (8/10) Gomorrah S1 - (10/10) Man like Mobeen - - 5/10 End of the F******* World - 6/10. Friday Night Dinners - S1-S4 - Really enjoy this just so easy to watch and have a little giggle to. - 8/10 Flint Town - Quite an interesting documentary series, thought it was consistently solid. 7/10. Joel & Nish Verses the World - Was ok to pass the time wouldn't re watch or anything - 5/10. Money Heist - S1 - Really enjoyed this, was told to watch the dubbed version but really can't allow myself to watch a dubbed version so opted for the Spanish speaking version with subtitles. Good to see the 2nd series is available so will look to watch that. - 9/10. Gomorrah S2 - This program just gets better and better. - 10/10.
  3. KF1990

    notorious crimes close to you?

    Mary Bale didn't live too far away from me. She committed one of the most serious of crimes by putting a cat in a bin. At the time i was quite surprised at how much press the whole story was getting.
  4. KF1990

    The most famous person from your school

    Only one that was there when i was, was James Patterson (Current Bristol City Player). Others that have gone are: Marlon Devonish, James Maddison (Norwich Player), Ian Evatt (Journeyman cb played for Blackpool in prem league. Was seeing his sister too for a little bit.) and Bobby Gould. Also an Olympian went there by the name of Rachel Smith think she was a gymnast. Quite an athletic bunch really.
  5. Any rumbles as to who he is fighting? Obviously going to be a no 1 contender fight i imagine. Maybe Dillian Whyte if Wilder is signed up to fight Joshua next? Could we see him fight Shannon Briggs or Antonia Tarver as a tune up? If the Wilder v Joshua fight does go ahead where does this leave Povotkin? Could Fury be lined to take him on?
  6. KF1990

    Podcast Recommendations

    5 Star Potential - Thought i would add as a recommendation as it is a Football Manager podcast. Hosted by people that stream fm content (usually about 4 people involved), can't say i watch any of their streams but they just recently had Dr Benji on and i've seen some of his videos before. Some good content on this, have some good discussions about the game, quizzes and updates on their own save games.
  7. KF1990

    FM18: France

    Keep Aktas whatever you do!
  8. KF1990

    Podcast Recommendations

    Have regularly listened to this when it has been on. The last series of it though really done my head in. The show has essentially turned into a lads gathering and who can shout the loudest over each other. i like the feel of podcasts where they're not too formal and just be themselves but this was becoming a bit of a joke with the magic sponge.
  9. KF1990

    Conor McGregor is in serious trouble

    Considering what Khabib done to Lobov, then you'd expect some sort of reaction from Lobov and his friends. Connor has only hurt his own pocket though as apparently it was someone from his own media company that opened the fire door to let them all in. No more media access for that company now. Still think he'll be booked to fight in the UFC though. Dana has had feuds and disagreements with many stars that have been in UFC and he's always allowed them to fight. Top of my head the only one he has not allowed back yet is Paul Daley.
  10. KF1990

    FM18: France

    Second the comment about Bosetti. Scored against me many times. Won top scorer in Ligue 2 and was like 3rd overall top scorer in Ligue 1.
  11. KF1990

    The Masters 2018

    Money is going on Fleetwood, might put some on Jimmy Walker (150/1) and Zack Johnson (125/1) EW as very good odds on them.
  12. KF1990

    FM18: France

    Aktas stats for me halfway through my 7th Season. As I said doesn't contribute a lot but as is spells and decent averages. Youth intake player that could replace him soon. Probably my favourite and best youth intake player I've had come through for me on all fm's
  13. KF1990

    Netflix thread.

    Really enjoying Money Heist, think i'm on episode 8 so will have to hurry to get ready for part 2.
  14. KF1990

    FM18: France

    Aksel is probably the best one to develop. Fuchs was a great player for me but had to sell him 2 seasons in as got offered 7m from Nice and couldnt pass on the money. He then went to Newcastle but went a bit downhill from there and has played out in Mexico for the last few seasons. Prevot was decent for me but let him go in my 4th season as got a better keeper in. Had a spell at Real Sociedad and is no 1st choice at St Etienne. Jean Ruiz is a player i like was nothing more than a rotational option after the first 2 seasons. Only just let him go at the beginning of the 7th season as was no longer needed. Theres 2 other youngsters in the team that seem to have carved a career out in ligue 1. The cb Mathys Kunts is a regular starter for a mid table team and Lacroix (Can't remember how it's spelt). He left me in the 1st season to go Sporting Lisbon and is now a regular starter at a ligue 1 team battling relegation.
  15. KF1990

    FM18: France

    Tactics haven't varied at all really. I play a 4-2-3-1(Control & Flexible) but one of my cm is actually a DM (anchorman) on the right hand side. Issue i have is finding players that can actually play that role, especially french players. Sometimes i've switched it to have 2 central midfielders but that's only when form is dipping. Tbh only really used that formation at the start as defense was not strong at all so tried to offer more cover and worked really well. Only major changes i've made tactically throughout the save is with team instructions and player instructions. It does seem to be solely down to finances, quite odd really as they did have some good expensive players in their team when they went down such as Depay, Kenny Tete, Anthony Lopes, Jordan Ferri, Sergi Darder & Diego Bendetto (probably the biggest signing they made and was such a prolific goalscorer for them). Off the top of my head i'm not sure who they managed to keep in their team once they were in Ligue 2, think it was only 2 or 3 players out of them. Aktas is just solid, has really good all around stats. Only issue is that he's never like the main guy for the assists or goals, will pop up here and there but every season he's just been average in his contributions to goals and assists. I'll try get a screenshot up later of his stats. I'll also try get one up of the regen/youth academy player i've got to replace him with. Possibly the best regen i've had come through a club i manage on any FM series.