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  1. FM18: France

    Keep Aktas whatever you do!
  2. FM18: France

    Second the comment about Bosetti. Scored against me many times. Won top scorer in Ligue 2 and was like 3rd overall top scorer in Ligue 1.
  3. FM18: France

    Aktas stats for me halfway through my 7th Season. As I said doesn't contribute a lot but as is spells and decent averages. Youth intake player that could replace him soon. Probably my favourite and best youth intake player I've had come through for me on all fm's
  4. FM18: France

    Aksel is probably the best one to develop. Fuchs was a great player for me but had to sell him 2 seasons in as got offered 7m from Nice and couldnt pass on the money. He then went to Newcastle but went a bit downhill from there and has played out in Mexico for the last few seasons. Prevot was decent for me but let him go in my 4th season as got a better keeper in. Had a spell at Real Sociedad and is no 1st choice at St Etienne. Jean Ruiz is a player i like was nothing more than a rotational option after the first 2 seasons. Only just let him go at the beginning of the 7th season as was no longer needed. Theres 2 other youngsters in the team that seem to have carved a career out in ligue 1. The cb Mathys Kunts is a regular starter for a mid table team and Lacroix (Can't remember how it's spelt). He left me in the 1st season to go Sporting Lisbon and is now a regular starter at a ligue 1 team battling relegation.
  5. FM18: France

    Tactics haven't varied at all really. I play a 4-2-3-1(Control & Flexible) but one of my cm is actually a DM (anchorman) on the right hand side. Issue i have is finding players that can actually play that role, especially french players. Sometimes i've switched it to have 2 central midfielders but that's only when form is dipping. Tbh only really used that formation at the start as defense was not strong at all so tried to offer more cover and worked really well. Only major changes i've made tactically throughout the save is with team instructions and player instructions. It does seem to be solely down to finances, quite odd really as they did have some good expensive players in their team when they went down such as Depay, Kenny Tete, Anthony Lopes, Jordan Ferri, Sergi Darder & Diego Bendetto (probably the biggest signing they made and was such a prolific goalscorer for them). Off the top of my head i'm not sure who they managed to keep in their team once they were in Ligue 2, think it was only 2 or 3 players out of them. Aktas is just solid, has really good all around stats. Only issue is that he's never like the main guy for the assists or goals, will pop up here and there but every season he's just been average in his contributions to goals and assists. I'll try get a screenshot up later of his stats. I'll also try get one up of the regen/youth academy player i've got to replace him with. Possibly the best regen i've had come through a club i manage on any FM series.
  6. FM18: Hidden Gems

    FC Liefering have some very good youngsters in the game. Patson Daka is the most recent one to make the move to Salzburg. Looks like a decent striker both in real life and FM.
  7. FM18: France

    Pretty Lyon heavy in this thread so i'll switch it up. Currently in my 7th season with Sochaux. They have a great youth set up and i've had some fantastic youngsters coming through,. Currently have 6 of them hovering around my 1st team squad as rotational players. Mainly down to their ages so with time this will change. Bullet points as to how my save has gone: 1st season - Finished 3rd and lost playoff final. 2nd season - Finished 2nd (Promotion) 3rd Season - 5th Place finish and Lost in Coupe de Ligue final. 4th Season - Finished 8th (Actually qualified for Europa League due to Lyon failing the financial targets) 5th Season - Finished 4th qualified for Champions League. 6th Season - Finished 5th. Won Coupe de Ligue and Europa League (Qualified for champs League). Took the France job also as it was the 4th time they offered me the job. Lost in QF of Euro's and thought the squad really lacked depth in cm position so decided to resign. 7th Seasons - Currently at winter break and sitting in 1st place 6 points ahead of PSG and Monaco. Just qualified out of my champions league group in 1st place without losing. Had Barca, Man City and Galatasary in my group. Something Amazing did happen during my 5th season though and that is that Lyon got relegated!!. Managed to buy their best young player which was a 19 year old CB regen. They did come straight back up though and are currently a mid table team. Really enjoying this save and seeing how some of my youth players pan out. Sold quite a lot of good youth players also to very big teams so the anticipation of seeing how they develop and if i get a return on my 50% of next sale keeps me going too. I usually get bored of saves if things dont go my way and this one has taken me 6 seasons to win some silverware and was soo satisfying. Players i have that are not regens are: Achraf (Real Madrid RB), De Ligt, Kik Pierie, Andrea Cubas, Caral Eiting, Aksal Aktas (Originally in the team from the very start and still very much my 1st option for AMC although i have a regen who is close to replacing him), Marcus Coco, Francisco Trincao (My favorite player, sold him to Man City at start of season for £55m after buying him at the start for 100k, 1.5 seasons at Man City and he wasn't really playing. Brought him back for £15m and still one of the best players in the league). Rest of the squad is regens. Other notable players i've had at the team are Sergio Diaz (Got for 4m from Real Madrid, sold to Man City for 66M), Lucas Tousart (Brought in on a free, sold after 1 season to Arsenal for 38M), Marco Cuccarella (Brought in for 10m, sold to PSG for 44M), Ben Chilwell (Came in on a free, sold to Newcastle for 20m). I'd highly recommend start with FSCM, especially if you wanted to do a youth only save.
  8. Why not search through the leagues below you and look for the best youth prospects. Reality is that you'll be over paying for them anyways as they would probably be English. Also spreads the wealth around teams that could use the money plus gives you some youth players to try improve and make something of.
  9. Was just about to create a thread about this but seen this post. I'm at Sochaux in France. Been there for 7 seasons. First 6 seasons didn't win any silverware but got them a promotion, reached final of the french cup and qualified for Europa league 3 times and champions league once. At this point i was not even on the favored personnel, no where to be seen on the list which i thought was quite strange but perhaps i needed to win something to show on there. 7th season i won the French League Cup and Europa League. I'm only showing now as a favored personnel. Surely i'd warrant an icon status at least?

    Wow, didn't think that could even be possible. If this did happen could not you take control of U21 and have all your players available for reserves?

    May have missed this on a previous post but if you were to lose against your U21s would you still qualify for Europe or would your U21s take the place?
  12. best of the rest in european lesser league

    Dinamo Brest in Belarus. Have a good budget and decent squad but think their best finish in like the last 10 years or so is 4th Place. Plus they're in Europa due to a recent cup win.
  13. Long term saves

    Feel i was in the same boat until the latest save i'm in. Think my previous longest save was 5 seasons or something before i got bored and wanted to start a new one. Current save i'm 7 seasons deep and feel like i can just keep going with it. Although i haven't actually won a cup or league in 7 seasons (1 promotion by finishing 2nd and made it to the national cup final) i'm thinking the challenge of trying to win something is part of what keeps me continuing with it. My laptop is slow and i have matches on 2d camera extended highlights so matches are taking 10-15min each so is a slow process. Also the youth development aspect is really keeping me in it as i have had some great youth intakes and want to see how they develop. Currently in my first team squad i have 6 players from my youth academy with even more in my reserve and youth looking like they can make the breakthrough. Also sold a lot of youth talent to big clubs with a lot of future clauses so the anticipation of seeing if that pays off for the club keeps me interested also.
  14. Lucas Tousart

    Picked him up on a free transfer with Sochaux, played him as a box to box central mid. Thought he'd take my team to the next level but think he was just average really. Sold him to Arsenal after 1 season for 35mil.
  15. Central Midfielders

    Carles Alena & Andres Cubas are worth looking into.