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  1. I brought Pavon for 3m and sold him in January 2020 for 63m to Liverpool. Absolute beast of a player. Other youngsters i'd recommend but may not get a permit is Dramy (ST for Copenhagen) and Markovic (CB at Partizan)
  2. Morosini from Brescia is a good youngster to look at. May take 3-4 seasons before you see his full potential but is good at the role.
  3. Funnily enough I sold him 1st season to Watford for 2m with a loan back but after being 7 seasons in, he really didn't improve much and ended up in the Albainian Leagues. Ibrahimi just didn't develop and got released. He's in the Albainian leagues too.
  4. It's highly possible that could be the case. I think i'll have to load up both Spanish and Brazilian leagues to take a deeper look. His stats didn't look too bad though either.
  5. Seem to remember on last years FM there was a wonderkid Brazilian called Paulo Victor, was starting a new save and actually seen him playing for a 3rd division Spanish side. Think it was Ibiza or Marbella or something. What the hell happened there?
  6. When you go to make a bid on someone it does usually highlight if you have a vacant spot or not. Will help with future transfers.
  7. All this talk of Serie A being too easy for a surprise team winning it is bewildering to me. I've just finished my 6th season with Brescia and had my best finish with them and that's a 7th place. Such a competitive league, the title has also been changing hands between Juve, AC Milan and Napoli.
  8. I had 10 seasons with Sochaux on last years FM. Have great youth facilities and produce some good re-gens.
  9. His stats are really good I mean probably one of the best midfielders on the game. You won't get much in terms of goals and assists but I played him as a DM (DLP) and he just constantly controlled the game and started the attacks off with great passing.
  10. Finished my 3rd season with Brescia and finished 12th in Serie A. I always seem to have one of the best defences in the league but usually always the worst attacking record. For both my seasons in Serie A my top goal scorer has scored 7 league goals and that's not even from a striker. Start of season 4 given a budget of 10m. Wasn't great as had to buy a new RB, CB and in desperate need of a goal scorer. Really didn't want to rely on the loan market as want to try build my own team. Sandro Tonali had interest in him from Juventus and Liverpool, I managed to stop him from wanting to leave for the past 3 seasons but this time I just couldn't talk him around. He wanted champions league football and I couldn't offer that. Juve bided and we negotiated a deal of 53m up from with 10m in instalments and 30% of profit on next deal. Just like that he was gone and I now had a 50m budget with 300k spare wages. As much as I wanted to keep Tonali I knew it was the right decision to cash in and start building a better rounded squad. Some notable signings I got were Claud Adjapong, Antonio Marin, Gil Diaz & Borja Mayoral. Played the first 3 games of the season and can already see that there is more goal scoring potential in the team.
  11. Just managed to buy Marin at the start of season 4 with Brescia. He's not got the stats I thought he would have but still looks a very useful player for the Serie A. Cost me 15m straight cash.
  12. Started a new save with Brescia with this winter update. Was hoping to be a challenging team but try and build something for a real push for promotion next season. 1st season signed Nabil Jaadi on a free and Marco Perrotta from Spal. Sold Ndoj to Watford for 2m and future clauses plus loaned him back for the season. Ended up having a very good season and won the title by 6 points. Got Tonali and Viviani tied down to new deals for the next 4 years and they look to be content with staying thank god. In terms of improving the team it was mostly done with loans due to a 4m transfer budget and 60k spare in wages for Serie A. Got Matt Miazaga, Ola Aina, Cheik Keita, Rolando Aarons, Diogo Goncalves & Moises Kean on loan. Signed Rivaldo Coetzee and and a CM from Sporting Lisbon who looks great and only cost me 34k. Can't remember his name though. Also purchased a Portugese RB for 200k called Costinho and he looks and is playing incredibly. First 5 games of Serie A: Perugia (a) - Won 2-0. Spal (H) - Won 1-0. Palermo (A) - Draw 0-0. Frosinone (A) - Draw 0-0. Parma (H) - Won 1-0. As you can see probably the best first 5 fixtures we can get and on a good run with an unbeaten streak and not conceded. Next 5 games are going to be very difficult though as we go against Juventus, Inter, Atalanta, Roma & Lazio. Will really see what we're made off in them games.
  13. No screenshots now as it's a save I deleted. I started with Coventry as one of my first saves. They did have new ownership in my 2nd season but it wasn't a tycoon or anything. They just came in a restructured the debts. If it wasn't for getting premier league football I don't think I would have been able to cope. Upon getting promoted in the first season to the championship, they actually lowered my wage budget. I would say you probably have a window of 3-4 seasons to try get to the premier league and bolster the finances or be very savy in the transfer market and make a lot on player sales. No easy task though either way.
  14. Into my 3rd season now with Ebsjerg. Had some really good youth prospects come through that i'm trying to develop. 1st season finished 10th and lost in the European place qualifier. 2 season ended up finishing 6th on the last game of the season so made the championship group where I climbed to 5th and won the European place qualifier. Quite strange but in the 3rd season the league goes back to a 12 team league which splits into a bottom 6 and top 6 grouping. Pretty much operating the same as SPL. I have actually bent my own rules and it is not a fully HG only challenge as I did buy Kristian Riis following his loan spell for 750K. I seen no way of us being able to stay up without him and felt like he was one of our own after 1 season. I also purchased an 18 year old Senegalese AMC for 60k. I wanted to have a new system but needed an AMC so said I would allow myself to buy one as long as it's now more than 100k and they are 18 or younger. Still waiting on that superstar youth player to come through at the moment. Have a GK and ST that are both 16 and look like they could be something special so keeping my fingers crossed that they pan out.
  15. Just started a Youth only save in Denmark with Ejsberg. Got to start of January and already 2 young players has gone as offers were too good. One was not home grown from the club and was 20 year old Romanian Striker Adrian Petre. Started off really well but didn't really play much after my first 8 games due to poor form. Sold him to Hambury in a deal worth 2.5m. Also had to let go of a young DM/CM Sorenson (think that's his name). Lots of bids coming in and he was kicking off that I wasn't accepting. He went to Stoke in the end for a 2.8m deal with us loaning him for the remaining of this season and the whole of next season. Shame he had to go as he is HG. Some really good home grown talent in this team and i'm looking forward to the intake. Like the league structure as it gives every one a chance to qualify for Europe. I'm currently 9th halfway through the season.
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