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  1. FM17: Everton - Nil Satis Nisi Optimum

    Started a new one with Everton not too long ago and has been fun. Lost Lukaku in January of 1st season which shown how valuable he was as he finished badly. Finished 12th 1st season but won FA Cup which pretty much kepy my job. 2nd season finished 7th, semi's of FA Cup and got to the final of the Europa League only to lose 6-2, just to add salt to the wound i lost that final to Liverpool. Best bits of business i done was to bring in Sigurdsson for £11.5m, Also signed Iker Munian on a free and sold him back to Bilbao in January for £28m whilst getting sterling in on loan as replacement. Loving Tom Davies, Adeloma Lookman and Marcus Holgate, great young players to have around.
  2. Left back required

    Ruben Duarte
  3. Dream FM squad

    Sounds good. Just started my 6th season, think ive had 4 league wins, 3 cups, won europa league and furthest i made it in CL is the quarter finals. Every season i'm having to offload my best players and find the next gem, it's keeping the save very interesting.
  4. Dream FM squad

    Played a bit with Ajax too i'm guessing? Reidwald is amazing in the game but only got to use him for a season same with Klaasen and Veltman. I'm pretty sure when you use De Ligt more he'd be in your 11. How's your time with Ajax going or gone?
  5. Dream FM squad

    Just going by players that have excelled for me on this years FM. GK - Begovic RB - Zappacosta LB - Ruben Duarte CB - Mattijas De Ligt (Probably the best CB i've managed on any version) , Niklas Sule MC - Leandro Paredes , Naby Keita AMR - Oliver Burke AML - Ezequiel Barco ST - Timo Werner, Latauro Martinez All these players have come from 2 separate long term saves i've had with Ajax and RB Leipzig so may not be world class players but had so much fun developing them and seeing them turn quality.
  6. I try loads of different clubs based on different factors, sometimes i have an idea to bring a club from the bottom to the top or take a decent team in top league and try make them great. Generally just try different teams until i get a save that really grips me. Currently managing Ajax, picked them as i know they sold some of their best players in January and have some great youth players. Currently into my 5th season with them and loving it. Bringing in some successful youth players and selling them on for a very tidy profit while trying to keep a competitive squad is proving a good challenge.
  7. Grimsby Town on Champions, help needed

    Lucas Romero if he's on your database is worth looking at. In the same year as yourself in my save and play him as a btb midfielder and he's brilliant. Currently got Barcelona and Real Madrid making inquiries about him.
  8. Hello, Looking to start a new save in a smaller European league with the view of building reputation to manage the bigger teams. Couple of leagues/teams that spring to mind are: Switzerland - Young Boys / Zurich Slovenia - Maribor / Olimpija LJubljana Slovakia - Zilina / Slovan Bratislava Belarus - BATE Bulgaria - Ludogorets Please let me know of any experiences you have had with these clubs or suggest other teams to possibly be. Don't have much experience managing outside the top 5 nations so any advice is appreciated.
  9. Odds were given before the season started.
  10. FM17 - French Football Thread

    Haroldo Preciado would be my 1st signing. Costs less than a million and will get you a lot of goals in ligue 1. Bought him with toulous and he was on 10 goals in 8 games for me as a lone target man.
  11. Yeah, Ng develops really well so worth keeping him in the team just for the development. Defensively he wasn't always the best but he contributed with about 6 goals, very good in the box for corners. Nugent may be worth selling, Rea and Davis are more than capable replacements.
  12. New CR7 needed. LW young potential

    Goncalo Guedes
  13. Update: Target man role for 2 games - 4 goals in the first match, hat trick in the 2nd match. I think i've found his best role. What i found funny also, im playing as Toulous. In the Ligue 1 odds for top goalscorer he was favourite for it at 1/6 and 2nd place was Cavani at 9/1. Found it strange that a striker that has not played in Europe, let alone Ligue 1 is the out and out favorite for top goalscorer.
  14. I found success with Nugent and Ng as my starting 2 and then using Ray as the main back up if one of them didn't perform well or got injured/suspended. I didnt really use Guthrie as CB, favored him more as a LB but even then he was fairly poor.
  15. What's his best role when being a lone forward? Dont seem to perform as a Complete Forward. I'm going to change him to target man to see if that gets him going.