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  1. FM18: Hidden Gems

    i'M Sochaux Montbeliard, i'm pretty sure if you offered him rotational or first team in his contract then you'd have no issue getting gim. Sochaux are only classed as a mid table team in the same league as Paris so i'm sure you'll have no problem.
  2. FM18: Hidden Gems

    Just had to sell Trincao after 3 seasons 5th Place in French League and a lost cup final was not enough to show him we could challenge for the league and cups next season. After buying him for 100k he went to Man City for a deal of 44m up front, potentially rising to 57m. Had a quick look around for a replacement and can't see anyone intiially that looks as good. Thinking maybe looking more at Dennis Man. Anyone know how he turns out?
  3. FM18: Hidden Gems

    Francisco Trincao is someone being mentioned a lot. He's my favorite player on this game. Signed with a French Ligue 2 Team. 3 seasons in a he's just won the European Golden Boy ahead of Kylian Mbappe. That is without even taking part in a European Competition and having only 1 Portugal U21 cap. Brought for 100k and now valued at 12m with interest from all the top teams reporting to make bids of 46m according to my news items.
  4. No i didnt have to pay anything in the 2 seasons i had him.
  5. I second the vote for Callum Gribbin, was great for me in League 2. Also try get Martin Samuelson from West Ham on loan. Was my top goal scorer and assist leader whilst playing AMR.
  6. Good team for a youth challenge?

    Sochaux fit this description perfectly. Managed to get promotion in my 2nd season after losing in playoff final 1st season. Soo many great youth players, some you can call on right away and develope some need a bit more time. 1st year of intakes i had 6 players that had potential to go into my 1st team after a bit of developent, 3 of them have now been sold to Inter, Southampton and Marseille. 2nd year of intakes i had 6 players again with the potential to be first teamers. Really is a fun save and lot of great young talent that can get you far. May need to sell some of them to improve finances but you also have a good back up ready in the youth team.
  7. What new league to try?

    I''d say Belarus. Dinamo Brest have a massive wage budget which gives you a lot of room to get a bit of transfer money. National Team have a few strong players but a lot of them are in their 30s so gives a good opportunity to give youth a chance.
  8. New challenge !

    Not sure if it'll be something you'll enjoy but it's a challenge im currently enjoying. I'm managing Dinamo Brest in Belarus and the Belarus National team. Dinamo Brest are interesting as they have never finished higher than 4th in the league i believe but they have some good players and also have a massive wage budget for that league that you can convert to transfer funds and still have a huge wage budget available. I've got 8 games left of the league and sitting in 1st with a 2pt lead. Big challenge is also trying to make the national team any good, proving a bit difficult at the moment but i think over time if you can get good youth intakes then you can challenge with them.
  9. In FM17 i signed Iker Munian on a free with Everton and sold him back to Bilbao in January for 28mil
  10. If you go to staff-responsibilities. You can have your staff take over things you might not feel comfortable doing. To get your assistant to take control of your friendlies you'll have to go to the responsibilities then select personal assistant and it'll give you the option there. Just concentrate on the things you enjoy about the game for now and read up on as much info as you can regarding tactics etc. Experience is what most of us rely on to have a good save. The game is literally just trial and error, learn from things that don't work and learn how you'll best enjoy the game and set up yours and the staffs responsibilities from that. Good Luck.
  11. Is the club and country save no longer a challenge? Take a club from a low ranked nation and be the national team boss and just try and improve the rank of nation and league. It's something i'm doing at the moment in Belarus so just wanted to see if anyone else is and how they're finding it.
  12. Halfway through 1st season with Nuneaton and doing alright in 4th place. Players i'd recommend are Sofianne El Bekri (Plays very well as an advanced playmaker in CM) and Curtis Langton (22 yr old CB, he's constantly improving for me). Both are on free transfers at the start. Oh yeah with El Bekri he's got good penalty taking stats probably be the best in your team, just dont let him take the penalties though think he's score like 2 out of 6 attempts for me.
  13. Good thread so far! Managed Solihull myself after starting unemployed. Bad start with 1 draw and 8 losses. Changed to a 4-4-2 and won 3 drawn 1 and was creeping out the relegation zone. All of a sudden fm 18 crashed and my good form wasn't saved haven't had the heart to reload it as i know it would not get better than it was. Do like the team though got a couple of players that used to be decent like Sean St Ledger and Darren Carter. Plus my mate runs their community coaching and disability football teams and he gives me a bit of insight into the team.
  14. The beauty of this 'game' is that it's a simulation and you can literally make it what you want it to be. Don't want to do the training or tactics then you dont have to, dont want to bother with transfers and just want to do training and tactics then you have that option etc etc, You even have an database editor to further customize things. I don't think i've ever come across anyone saying it's too easy. There's always a challenge depending on how challenging you want to make things for yourself. Someone may consider winning the world cup or champions league the pinnacle of the game but others may consider just surviving relegation in the lowest possible division as their pinnacle. The objective of the game is determined by you and information you deem important and needed is determined by you. I honestly think you need to try the demo and maybe assess what you like doing in the game and what you dont like doing and tailor the way you play to that preference.