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  1. Good thread so far! Managed Solihull myself after starting unemployed. Bad start with 1 draw and 8 losses. Changed to a 4-4-2 and won 3 drawn 1 and was creeping out the relegation zone. All of a sudden fm 18 crashed and my good form wasn't saved haven't had the heart to reload it as i know it would not get better than it was. Do like the team though got a couple of players that used to be decent like Sean St Ledger and Darren Carter. Plus my mate runs their community coaching and disability football teams and he gives me a bit of insight into the team.
  2. The beauty of this 'game' is that it's a simulation and you can literally make it what you want it to be. Don't want to do the training or tactics then you dont have to, dont want to bother with transfers and just want to do training and tactics then you have that option etc etc, You even have an database editor to further customize things. I don't think i've ever come across anyone saying it's too easy. There's always a challenge depending on how challenging you want to make things for yourself. Someone may consider winning the world cup or champions league the pinnacle of the game but others may consider just surviving relegation in the lowest possible division as their pinnacle. The objective of the game is determined by you and information you deem important and needed is determined by you. I honestly think you need to try the demo and maybe assess what you like doing in the game and what you dont like doing and tailor the way you play to that preference.
  3. I'm finding it a bit surprising on how many mistakes lower league players are making, i mean they'll have time and space on the ball and just hit it long to an area where none of the players are occupying. Just bewildering sometimes.
  4. Yeah think this is where I've messed up. I leave training and opposition instructions to my assistant and think i might need to fully take control of all this. On the dynamics it says the team cohesion is abysmal. Not sure how to get this up though.
  5. So i started unemployed with all home nations added and no badges or experience. First job i have is with Solihull Moors in the Vanarama National. They have a really poor team and lack wingers. I managed to bring around 7 extra players in loans and free transfers and really thought i'd improved the team and was quite optimistic about the season ahead. I initially set 2 formations up and 4-3-3 (Flat 3 midfield and 2 attacking wingers) and and 4-4-1-1. Creating chances is just not working with these formations and plus was conceding quite a bit so changed my formation to 5-3-1-1 (the AM is actually an AMR. Mainly because one of my top players can only play this position and felt i had to accommodate his quality). Lost my 3 games with this formation. I'm 9 games into the league, 1 draw and 8 losses. I'm tweaking tactics and trying to make us better but it's getting to the point when i'm thinking is it really the tactic or the players ability? I know they're are plenty of fm stories of people taking the worst team in the league and going on to dominant everything but just wanted to see what peoples thoughts are on this subject? I'll be having a look through the tactics thread today to get some ideas but how much depends on ability over tactics? Find it frustrating but quite enjoyable at the same time.
  6. Not sure if this is a bug or anything hope someone can direct me. On the player profile screen usually in the top right it will have the coach report and show the CA and PA. On this version it is just showing CA for both. Only version i've ever had where this is happening and is becoming annoying as i can't have the players attributes CA and PA all on one page, i have to keep going into the coach report to find out the PA. Is this a bug or a UI setting that i need to change?
  7. You get the team report then you have to go to your scouting meeting and you'e scout will basically tell you who's available. I found just going into the u23s and making loan offers easier though as the scout only recommended 3 players and none of which i wanted but managed to loan 4 other players the scout didnt suggest.
  8. First FM Team

    Back on CM 00/01 first team was Newcastle, really can't remember much about who i brought or how my season went as i only got to play CM a couple of hours every other weekend when i went my Dads. Do remember my old man showing me the Swedish duo of Marcus Allback and Ibrahimovic who you could buy very cheap and would score loads. Think my favorite team on this one was Fiorentina with Rui Costa as the AMC and DiLivio in the midfield, I'm sure they had Nuno Gomes up front too. First FM i got when i could play all i wanted was i think CM 02/03 when it was on the original Xbox. Had sooo many hours on that game. 1st time playing it was with Coventry City and remember they used to have a young striker called Mark Goodman who i can only describe as a goal machine.
  9. FM17 Pol Lirola and Ruben Duarte

    Ruben Duarte is good. Had him with Ajax for 2 seasons and was the best LB i had before he moved to Liverpool for around 25mil. Currently got him with my Everton team. Been my starting LB for 2 seasons as Baines replacement. Played alright for me avrg around 7 for each season.
  10. FM17: Everton - Nil Satis Nisi Optimum

    Started a new one with Everton not too long ago and has been fun. Lost Lukaku in January of 1st season which shown how valuable he was as he finished badly. Finished 12th 1st season but won FA Cup which pretty much kepy my job. 2nd season finished 7th, semi's of FA Cup and got to the final of the Europa League only to lose 6-2, just to add salt to the wound i lost that final to Liverpool. Best bits of business i done was to bring in Sigurdsson for £11.5m, Also signed Iker Munian on a free and sold him back to Bilbao in January for £28m whilst getting sterling in on loan as replacement. Loving Tom Davies, Adeloma Lookman and Marcus Holgate, great young players to have around.
  11. Left back required

    Ruben Duarte
  12. Dream FM squad

    Sounds good. Just started my 6th season, think ive had 4 league wins, 3 cups, won europa league and furthest i made it in CL is the quarter finals. Every season i'm having to offload my best players and find the next gem, it's keeping the save very interesting.
  13. Dream FM squad

    Played a bit with Ajax too i'm guessing? Reidwald is amazing in the game but only got to use him for a season same with Klaasen and Veltman. I'm pretty sure when you use De Ligt more he'd be in your 11. How's your time with Ajax going or gone?
  14. Dream FM squad

    Just going by players that have excelled for me on this years FM. GK - Begovic RB - Zappacosta LB - Ruben Duarte CB - Mattijas De Ligt (Probably the best CB i've managed on any version) , Niklas Sule MC - Leandro Paredes , Naby Keita AMR - Oliver Burke AML - Ezequiel Barco ST - Timo Werner, Latauro Martinez All these players have come from 2 separate long term saves i've had with Ajax and RB Leipzig so may not be world class players but had so much fun developing them and seeing them turn quality.