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  1. No need now. Finished 5th, had Brentofrd playoff semi's and beat them 6-4 on aggregate then had Cardiff in the Final. 2 down at half time but came back to win 3-2. Managed to sign Galloway on a free. Wage budget went from 90k to 350k with a 36mil budget. Only have 4 or 5 players in the squad that might be able to make the step up to the Prem so just squad rebuilding at the moment.
  2. Having some fun with Coventry City at the moment. Was hoping to just stay in league one in the first season with them being in a very rocky financial position and a large amount of debt to pay off. Affiliate partnership with Arsenal and some of their youngsters on loan helped me finish 2nd and win promotion. Going into the first season in Championship I was just hoping we didn't get embarrassed due to having no money to spend still and the lowest wage budget in the league with 80k a week, above us in the table was Luton who has 120K. That extra 40k would have been contracts for around 8-10 players in my squad. Currently 37 games into the league and we're doing really well sitting in 6th place. Can't imagine us getting a playoff place as last 9 games are against all the top teams in the league so would be difficult, earlier in the season when I had this run of fixtures it turned into 10 games without a win. Managed to keep hold of my top players but don't know how long for they have been: Brendan Galloway - Had on loan in league one and this season. He's wanted by Fulham now so can't see me having him for next year. Jordan Willis - Steadily improving player and captain of the side. Had no bids for him as yet so hope it stays that way. Brandon Mason - Great young LB can see clubs coming in for him soon enough. Gedion Zelium - Signed on a free after a loan spell in League One from Arsenal. Real good DLP for the championship. Jody Jones - This kid will be a Premier League footballer in my save weather that be with me or another team. 10 goals & 10 assists in league one now in championship as 11 goals & 13 assists. Great Inside forward on the right side. Connor Chaplin - Only player to have money spent on in my time here and that's because it was pre-arranged. Great shadow striker and can score some spectacular goals. Jordi Hiwula - Really didn't think he'd amount to much but was my top goalscorer of league one with 20 league goals and currently our top goalscorer in the Championship with 16 goals. Had interviews with West Ham and Everton but declined both roles and used them as leverage to get a new contract and a bit more wage budget. Hoping to get the team more financially stable and plough on to the Prem.
  3. KF1990

    FM19: KRC Genk

    I did a season with them on the Beta. I'd say try your best to keep Aidoo, Screciu, Malinovskyi & Trossard. I know the finances are pretty bleak for them so may have to be case of selling up and rebuilding. I'd recommend trying to buy Mlakar from Maribor. Cheap and can put the ball in the back of the net.
  4. Started an Udinese save over the weekend. Thought I would take advantage of the Watford partnership and buy some of their players for £0. Turns out the wages on offer at Udinese are not very high and ended up not signing anyone. Signings in first window were Assane Gnoukouri (Free), Mihai Balasa (FCSB), Bart Nieuwkoop (Feyenoord). Not very good signings in the end, Assane looks to be the one i'll probably keep around. Needed some depth in my defence so had to go for the cheaper options. First season started pretty bad was hovering around relegation places up until January. No signings made in January and went on a good run from then on going 11 matches unbeaten. Finished quote strong and came in 9th place which I though was great. Rodrigo De Paul went at the end of the season unfortunately to Schalke for 22.5m. Couldn't turn that type of money down. Brought Dominik Prokop for 10m to replace him. Was looking to take advantage of the Watford relationship but then all of a sudden a news article come in to say the partnership has changed due to Watford increasing in size and they are now the parent company. Meaning they can take my players from now on for nothing(they haven't taken advantage of this yet). Team going into the 2nd season: GK - Scuffet/Musso DR - Ter Avest/ Nieuwkoop DL - Samir/ Pezzella DC - Issa Diop (On Loan) / Vicari (6m buy from Spal) / Balasa / Ekong-Troest MC- Mondragora / Fofona / Giulio Maggiore (Brought for 3m from Spezia) / Balic / Gnoukouri AMR - Pussetto / Lombardi (5m from Lazio) AMC - Prokop / Leonardo Morosini (4m from Brescia) AML - Machis / Nicola Sansone (3.5m from Villereal) ST - Lasagna / Vizeu / Gabriel Barbosa (On Loan) Still think my defence needs big improvements. Pussetto is a player i'd recommend for anyone being a top team to buy. Played as an AMR Winger (Support) last season and scored 11 and assisted 11.
  5. KF1990

    Teams to Manage - FM19

    Just started a save with Edinburgh City. Yes you are in the bottom Scottish division where the standard is poor but they are actually a good team to start with. Finances are decent with around 400k bank balance (Are predicted to lose money over the years but player sales and better sponsorship could stop that). A club that are only in their 2nd season of the Scottish football league after playing in the Highland Leagues so the history of the club is pretty much a blank canvas. One downside is that they are semi pro at the moment.
  6. KF1990

    Who to Manage?

    For a European adventure may be worth looking at Fredrikstad in Norwegian 3rd division, former top league team that has fallen down the leagues. Got a good stadium and facilities and also got finnish international Sakari Matilla there who is way too good for that level aswel as a few more players too good for that level.
  7. I hope so because I can't imagine De Ligt staying much longer.
  8. I think with the injuries it makes them look a little thin on the ground. Long term injuries to Veltman, Sinkgraven & Bande at the start. Plus only 2 natural strikers in Dolberg and Huntelar. Also only 1 out and out left back unless you use Wober or Blind as cover. I did have injuries occur to Neres and Dolberg in my save so does make the squad look even thinner. Managed to bring in a LB Mads Pedersen and Koopimuen (Not sure on the spelling but young CM/CB from AZ). and Antonia Marin. Still searching for a young striker to bring in as want Sierhuis to get more games in for Jong Ajax. Think youre right with using the Jong players if needed would help a lot but i'm looking to give them all a bit more experience elsewhere this season with a view to calling upon most of them next season. The only one I called up straight away was Per Shuurs.
  9. Started my save off last night. De Ligt had a bid from Bayern rejected then he kicked off. Agreed I would transfer list him. Now I've got the likes of Watford and Huddersfield making £5m bids for him when I've set his asking price as £40m. Just don't get it. The bigger clubs have made a bid but it's usually a non negotiable deal worth up to £7m. Didn't realise how much the squad lacks depth, yes they're are some good youngsters in the B Team to call upon but I prefer to send them out on loan to be playing more regularly.
  10. KF1990


    Advanced Forward is what I used for him too. Did have a little mess around with trying to get him as a pressing forward but wasn't as effective.
  11. KF1990


    Mlakar is a brilliant striker in this game. Was a prolific scorer for me with Genk so can imagine he'll do great in the Bulgarian league.
  12. I don't know if this is a known thing or a bug I should report. Some of nations lowest available leagues can be selected on game start up but are greyed out when selecting your team. Are they not playable and won't be playable? Is it just greyed out during beta? Is it a bug? Nations I've noticed is the French lowest league and Norwegian Lowest league.
  13. KF1990

    Teams to Manage - FM19

    Anyone else having big issues with the finances at Genk?
  14. Did briefly start as Billericay and managed to sign Aaron Kuhl on a free who is good. Also Cody McDonald is on a free and a very good striker for lower league. Might also be worth having a look at Nile Ranger although he does request 5k a week wages so may only be able to sign with someone like Salford.
  15. Bit of feedback from the couple of hours I've played: Positive: Never used to bother with training, now I love it and feels like a whole new world to me. so much to do and loving the training player ratings. Feels like you have more of a hand in the developments of your players Tactics is so impressive now, I mean it is such an improvement from previous and think a great job has been done here. I only play on 2D but to see the ball curl on that is amazing. No more straight taking corners at last. Press conference changes look really good. May be mostly same questions but presentation of it gives it the feel of a real press conference. UI isn't as bad as first expecting. Mentoring groups is a great idea. Negative: Removal of 3rd division German league On the scout report of a player, it feels like the information is a little bit squashed together, think it may be better to go back to the format of general scout report then opening the full report for that detail. As you can see mainly positive on the whole. Couple of little bug fixes require but know this is not the place for that. Think this really will be the best FM so far and a great foundation to develop from.