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  1. I didn't like Ozil as a Treq. He doesn't have the physicals to get around the pitch, and doesn't have the finishing to make the most of the goal scoring nature of the treq role. In my save, he was most productive as an attacking AP.
  2. I created a thread documenting my experience trying to get the most out of Ozil here: I have been a little sidetracked/busy to play through the FM21 season though. The busted stats and analytical side of the game has put a dent on providing any sort of feedback and information.
  3. Sold Lacazette and signed Brenner to replace him for my Arsenal save first season. Banged out 25 goals in the league, with majority of those coming off the bench before replacing Auba as my main striker after December.
  4. Another example. Opposition report for liverpool. we all know they don't play 442.
  5. Hi guys, I am managing Arsenal with a pretty upgraded analyst team, however, I am constantly getting 442 as the opposition tactic, no matter who I am playing. Is this happening for anyone else?
  6. Mini-season Update Long-time no update. Have been busy with being an adult and also distracted with other saves and experimenting with tactics to fully dive into this series. I have now played 10 league games, and thought I'd provide a mini update. First, the league table. As you can we, we have gone undefeated after the first 10 games, playing primarily our 4231 formation. With only 17 goals scored, we are not over performing or putting up huge numbers. However, our defense is the best in the lague with only 4 goals conceded so far. We are about average in t
  7. A ball playing defender with a stopper duty will come forward more often. Otherwise you could try a Libero.
  8. First League Game So in our first league game, we came up against Burnley, who lined up in a 4411 with 2 DMs. From the above match ratings, it was a game that our forwards struggled with, up against a dense and packed central zone. Know that the middle was going to be packed, I opted to play with focus down the flanks. With the way that the match engine works in FM21 (from what I have learnt), the central players will also drift towards the flanks to support the play. You can also see from the match ratings, that our central players were rated quite high, however, our at
  9. I was just trying to get a natural overload down the left without forcing play down that side. Still experimenting with the setup. I'm quite happy with the front half of the setup, but still tinkering with the back half.
  10. Ode to Ozil FM21 Edition So after having spent some time with the FM21 Beta, I was very encouraged by the improved ME and the way that central play seems to be a viable option now. Combined with the improved focus down flanks, it was possible to shift play depending on how the opponents were set up. Keeping that in mind, I have decided to revert back to a 4231 shape for the retail version of FM21, with Mesut Ozil once again occupying the No.10 role. Below is the tactic that I have used for the friendlies during preseason. Although the friendlies were setup to gain
  11. We are back for FM21! The central play in the friendlies is already looking promising!
  12. For anyone that wants to try this, i have attached all 3 versions of the tactics here. I will try replicate this on FM21 now that I have got a copy. Will be interested to see how it plays out with the new match engine and the ability to focus play properly! Ode to Ozil v2.fmfOde to Ozil 4411.fmfOde to Ozil .fmf
  13. I purposely assigned other players (pepe, willian etc) to take corners and freekicks to not skew Ozil's numbers.
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