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  1. @04texaghow has your number 10 been performing? what are his stats like?
  2. Out of curiousity, how does one extract all that data? I have never looked to be honest....
  3. How do you make Maguire man mark his own team mate? :P
  4. @JEinchy second goal was beautiful! Mind posting your TIs?
  5. Guido has done a pretty good interpretation with his strikerless version! https://strikerless.com/2020/03/30/fight-club-football-a-bordalas-inspired-tactic/
  6. Hi Guys, I've tried to search for the answer, and not sure if this is the right place to post this. But I've finished the first season with Ajax with the new winter database, and have lost De Jong to Barca, but realised that Ajax don't actually receive any of the transfer fee, despite the game recognising the record fee etc. This kinda makes playing as Ajax a bit of a let down. Is it supposed to happen this way? Is the only way to get this cash with an in game editor?
  7. The amount of crosses (blocked or otherwise) is absurd! Been trying to emulate Pep's city, with dribble less, cross less often where ever i can. even accounting for the 21 corners, that's still 100 crosses!!! See stats below. 29 shots, 11 on target for the 1 goal from a set piece too. Can't say I've enjoyed this version of FM very much unfortunately.
  8. I have found the same issue. Made regen day a total nightmare.
  9. Yep 13.1.3. Balanced/Counter Zonal Marking Press More Default Tackling/Creative Freedom Roam More Drill crosses. GK = Sweeper Keeper (Szczesny) WB's on attack (Alaba/Jenkinson) CD's are Stopper and Cover (Zouma/Hummels) DM = DM on defend (M'Vila/Frimmpong/Coquelin) DLP = support (in line with the cover CD) (Arteta/Ramsey) ADP = attack (Wilshire/Carzola) IFL = attack (Griesmann/Wilshire/Carzola) IFR = support (Oxlade/Wilshire/Carzola/Ramirez) CF = Treqartista (Falcao/Ademilson) With how i have it set up, my left flank is the more attacking side (IFA and AdvPM is on left). I get
  10. So i decided to give this a go with my 1st season Arsenal squad. I'm in towards the end of December and i have been playing ok. im undefeated in the league, but lots of 2-2/3-3 draws, often conceding rather late. i changed my tactic to counter/balanced for home games and defensive/balanced for tough away games, and its made a huge difference!! i am able to keep possession and "attack" rather well even with "defensive" strategies matched with attacking full backs. I am defensively a lot more solid and my longest run without conceding was 12 games. I've beat Utd, City and Chelsea with 3-0, 3-1
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