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  1. Hello!

    First apologize to the English-speaking users, for my horrible English.

    I am working on making the complete pyramid of the Spanish leagues, it would be up to 9th level.
    At the moment the database is created with the clubs, more than 4000 :idiot:, and their respective regional competitions.
    This is how easy.
    Now I am editing the rules so that the system can work.
    And I'm have problems.


    In some competitions they are divided into groups. My question is: How to make the composition of these groups with certain teams for a specific year?

    For example. That in the year 2017 Group 1 are the teams A, C, H, K, ..., in Group 2 the teams B, S, T, ... and in Group 3 the teams E, I, J , ...

    2º In Spain, there are two leagues in level 5 (Ceuta and Melilla) where the winner of the league promotes only if there are no teams from that city (Ceuta or Melilla) in that level. Is ist possible to create this rule?


    Thanks for your help and your participation.


  2. Hello!

    Happy new year!

    One question:
    In Spain, there are two leagues in level 5 (Ceuta and Melilla) where the winner of the league promotes only if there are no teams from that city (Ceuta or Melilla) in that level.
    Is ist possible to create this rule?
    Thanks a lot.

  3. I have a question, what would be the way to activate the following classification in the advanced rules:
    Competition of five groups the first ones are classified for the superior division, the second ones are classified more the third best classified for playoff eliminatory of three squares to ascend.
    It would be like implementing the question: the third best of the five groups.
    It will be done if the competition is designed as generic groups, but this case the leagues are simultaneous competitions since they depend on a higher competition with more number of leagues.
    Thank you very much.

  4. Version: Primavera.

    State: Definitive.

    The Third Division is included in the Spanish league system. This is the activation of the rules of the Third Division, so this version is compatible with modified or extended databases. Comments and contributions are appreciated.

    Install in:

    C: \ Documents \ Sports Interactive \ Football Manager 2018 \ editor data

    Spanish soccer leagues:

    1.- First Division.

    2.- Second Division.

    3.- Third Division.

    Youth Leagues:

    1.- Division of Youth Honor of Spain.

    - - - 000 - - -





    Follow me!


    - - - 000 - - -

    Versión: Primavera.

    Estado: Definitiva.

    Se incluye en el sistema de ligas española la Tercera División. Se trata de activación de las reglas de la Tercera División por lo que esta versión es compatible con bases de datos modificadas o ampliadas. Se agradecen comentarios y aportaciones.

    Instalar en:

    C:\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\editor data

    Ligas de fútbol de España:

    1.- Primera División.

    2.- Segunda División.

    3.- Tercera División.

    Ligas Juveniles:

    1.- División de Honor Juvenil de España.

    - - - 000 - - -

  5. Hi!

    I am setting up the rules for youth competitions for the Spanish League using the "Custom xml" option and when performing the ruler test proceed with:
    Error in nation rules
    Found more than one set of rules for competition Spanish u19 Division 1
    I have been reviewing and I have not observed where this error could come from.
    Does anyone know of any possible solution?
    Thank you so much.

  6. Base de datos con los equipos de la Regional Preferente española en su primer y segundo nivel al igual que sus ligas

    Se incluye límites geográfico para tercera divisón. Además se ha incluído la raíz para los ascensos en los equipos en sus niveles de competiciones.

    Revisados estadios y localidades de los equipos españoles.

    Se debería poder jugar hasta la Tercera División y Regional Preferente. Necesita testear.


    To activate the 6th level (Primera Autonómica) we have included new teams, new stadiums, new medias, new derbis, etc.

    Database with teams Regional Preferred Spanish in their first and second level as their leagues

    Geographical limits for third divison is included. Also included is the root for promotion on the computers in their levels of competitions.

    Revised stadiums and locations of the Spanish teams .

    You should be able to play up to the Third Division and Regional Preferred. You need test .


    Ligas de fúbtol de España:

    1.- Liga BBVA

    2.- Liga Adelante

    3.- Segunda División B (4 grupos)

    4.- Tercera División (18 grupos)

    5.- Regional Preferente (Primera Autonómica) (39 grupos)

    6.- Segunda Autonómica (68 grupos)

    7.- Tercera Autonómica


    Ligas Juveniles:

    1.- División de Honor Juvenil de España

    2.- Liga Nacional Juvenil de España

    3.- Liga Regional Juvenil de España

    4.- Liga Autonómica Juvenil de España

    * Copa de Campeones de División de Honor Juvenil

    * Copa del Rey Juvenil de Fútbol

    Torneos de verano (pretemporada):

    Torneig d'Històrics del Futbol Català

    Trofeo Villa de Gijón

    Trofeo Villa de Bilbao*

    Trofeo Vallecas

    Trofeo Teresa Herrera

    Trofeo Teide

    Trofeo Santiago Bernabéu

    Trofeo Reyno de Navarra

    Trofeo Ramón de Carranza

    Trofeo Playa y Sol

    Trofeo Naranja

    Trofeo Memorial Quinocho

    Trofeo Luis Otero

    Trofeo Los Cármenes

    Trofeo Lasesarre

    Trofeo Joan Gamper

    Trofeo Festa d'Elx

    Trofeo del Olivo

    Trofeo de la Vendimia

    Trofeo Costa del Sol

    Trofeo Emma Cuervo

    Trofeo Costa Brava

    Trofeo Concepción Arenal

    Trofeo Colombino

    Trofeo Ciutat de Barcelona

    Trofeo Ciudad de Zaragoza

    Trofeo Ciudad de Zamora

    Trofeo Ciudad de Vigo

    Trofeo Ciudad de Valladolid

    Trofeo Ciudad de Santa Cruz

    Trofeo Ciudad de Palma

    Trofeo Ciudad de La Línea

    Trofeo Ciudad de Alicante

    Trofeo Cervantes

    Trofeo Carabela de Plata

    Trofeo Antonio Puerta

    Trofeo Against Modern Football

    Memorial Jesús Gil y Gil

    Copa de la Hispanidad*

    Torneos de clubes (temporada):

    Copa Ibérica de Fútbol - Taça Ibérica

    (Campeón Liga BBVA y 1ª División Portugal)

    Copa Heliodoro Rodríguez López

    Campió de Catalunya d'Aficionats

    Copa Catalunya Absoluta

    Copa Catalunya Amateur

    Trofeo Diputación de Valladolid

    Copa de la Diputación de Jaén

    Copa de la Diputación de Soria











    ... y a toda la comunidad de FMSite.net


    Enlace de descarga:


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