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  1. hace 1 hora, Slabbekoorn dijo:

    This should do the trick:

    1. Go to "Stage x" -> "Group settings" and from the dropdown menu "Rules" choose/tick "Regionalise Groups" (you can untick the other one).

    2. Next in the same settings, tick "Group regions (New system)" and fill it in accordingly. You can use either 1 of 3 (but not combined). In your case "Local region" would be the best.

    This should do the trick. But you should test this in-game because I have never used this before myself so I can't verify it for you.

    @Slabbekoorn This is what worries me the most since the disordered teams usually finish out of the local competition, I hope that what you said before will work:D

  2. @TH3 K1LL3R The league system in Spain is different from Portugal, for example in Andalusia there are two groups one for Western Andalusia and another for Eastern Andalusia (18 teams each, total 32) after that level would come provincial (in Portugal districts) Huelva, Seville, Cádiz, Córdoba, Jaén, Málaga, Granada and Almería, and depending on the province can have a single group or several, for the number of teams involved.

  3. It was verified before, but I had to change it because the teams did not fit into their respective regional groups. For that reason I am changing the "unique" competitions for group competitions that contain several groups, and thus avoid the dispersion of the teams and that decompensen the number of teams of said "groups". In reality there are competitions that do not have a clear criterion of composition and vary from one year to the next.


  4. En 11/1/2018 a las 16:38, Slabbekoorn dijo:

    Did it work?

    By the way, if group draw is supposed to be random then for the following years you have to change something in your "Stage 0 -> Teams". Because the game works in a way that it draws the team with highest reputation first, lowest reputation last. So if you have 4 groups for example then the first group will be filled with the best teams and the fourth group with the worst teams.

    To get around this problem is fairly easy because of the new "team pool" SI added.
    - In "Stage 0 -> Team Pool" you only tick the upper box and add "get all teams from division".
    - From "stage 0 -> teams" you remove "get all teams from division" and replace it with "get random teams from Team Pool".

    That is the best way to make sure the game draws random teams into each group.

    This was what I told you to order the groups in the following seasons:


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